tagExhibitionist & VoyeurHot Fake Mom Escapades Ch. 02

Hot Fake Mom Escapades Ch. 02


Part 9:

Raising a teenager is hard work. Pretending to raise a teenager is even harder. When you raise your own teenager, you usually don't fear that she will steal your clothes and leave you naked in public. You also normally don't worry that she will parade around in the nude when you are entertaining guests in your own home. Unfortunately, my exhibitionist roommate and her friends make a game out of placing themselves and/or others in situations involving public nudity. The worst part is not knowing that you are an active participant in the game until it's too late!

Angel is my roommate and she is also my co-worker. She is eighteen and I am thirty. Since Angel resembles me and she looks more like fifteen than eighteen, we began pretending to be mother and daughter, but sometimes the relationship gets out of hand. Especially when Angel teams up with her friend, Tina. Angel and Tina have a history of losing their clothes in public. It is a concern because when the girls travel down the road to public nudity, they often take me along for the ride. Once I'm on that ride, it doesn't slow down until it reaches the City of Stripped Naked!

For example, an old friend from high school found out that I was recently divorced. He offered to stop by and share a bottle of wine with me so I began preparing for the evening with a hot bath. I normally don't fill the tub. I just sit in the empty tub and use the hand held shower head to get wet.

First I shaved my legs, shaved under my arms, and then I made sure that my auburn pussy hair was neatly trimmed before lathering my hair with shampoo. My eyes were closed so I didn't know that Angel had entered the bathroom, but suddenly I felt a pair of soft soapy hands massaging my breasts, which instantly alerted me of her presence. Instead of using the shower head to give myself an orgasm like I normally do, I used it to rinse my hair while Angel scrubbed my back and gave me a nice backrub.

Angel was leaning over the side of the tub and all she had on was a white T-shirt and a pair of pink panties. I accidentally sprayed the front of her T-shirt causing her pretty pink nipples to show through the saturated white material. Unfazed by her wet T-shirt, Angel's soapy hands returned to my breasts and she started working on my nipples while I began washing myself between my legs. With my hand on my pussy and Angel's hands on my breasts, I started drifting into my pleasure zone.

Angel knows exactly what I like as she gently squeezed my firm tits while pinching and pulling on my nipples. I was now rinsing my hairy triangle and the sensation of the steady spray of water on my little clitty combined with the attention Angel was giving to my round rosy nipples almost pushed me over the edge, but I finally snapped back to reality and stood up to rinse off.

I was standing in the tub and using the detachable shower head to rinse the soap from my body when Angel asked, "Do you mind if Tina hangs out here with me tonight?"

As I stood in the nude with my back to Angel, I let the water cascade over my bare skin while I explained that it wasn't a good idea for Tina to come over. I was expecting company and having both Angel and Tina to contend with would be a little overwhelming, to say the least.

However, my objection fell on deaf ears because Angel said, "Too late...Tina's already here!"

I turned around and I found Tina standing there with her cell phone pointed right at me, and I was stark naked!

I yelped, "Tina, have you been there the whole time?"

Tina zoomed in on my bare breasts, and then she panned down to my wet hairy beaver as she replied, "Yep. I thought I was going to capture a lesbian orgasm on my phone, but you quit too soon."

I turned around to avoid the camera, but that only gave Tina an opportunity to get a close-up of my smooth firm ass. Angel and Tina have so much footage of me in the nude that I should just quit fighting with them. However, as usual I immediately tried to cover my boobs and bush, and then I ordered Tina to turn off her phone. I asked my roommate/fake daughter Angel and her deviant friend Tina to be on their best behavior. Unfortunately, they don't know what 'best behavior' even means.

The two girls laid on my bed as I was getting ready. I selected a plain white bra and slipped my arms into the straps. Then I moved the cups into positon and fastened the clasp in back. It isn't the sexiest bra I own, but it pushes my boobs up creating better cleavage and it makes me look bigger that I really am.

I bent over to retrieve a pair of panties and with my bare ass pointed up in the air I heard a clicking noise. Then I turned around and stepped into the little white undies. As I slid the underpants up my legs, I heard the click again. I looked up and Tina was at it again. She was taking still photos of my reddish-brown bush until I was able to pull my panties up and hide my pussy from the camera. Tina snapped a few pictures of me in my underwear, but at that point I didn't care anymore.

Angel asked, "Why are you wearing that plain white underwear?"

Tina added, "Why are you wearing any underwear at all? I thought you have a date."

I replied, "First, it is not a date. It is just two old friends getting together. Second, I'm wearing underwear because I'm not a total slut. Third, this underwear is fine. He's not that type of guy."

Tina said, "They're all that type of guy," and I said, "No, I went out with him once in high school and he didn't even believe in kissing on the first date."

Angel asked, "So why are you going out with him again?"

I answered, "Because he has what every girl wants."

Tina said, "A big dick?"

I said, "No, well actually I don't know if he has a big dick or not."

Angel asked, "Do you want us to find out?"

I said, "No! He has money...that's what every girl wants. He's also a nice guy."

Tina said, "I can agree with that. If you've got a nice guy with a lot of money taking care of you, then you can always do some big boner bouncing while he's at work," and that made the girls laugh.

I said, "The truth is that I dropped the nice guy to marry the wild guy and the wild guy left me with nothing except debt and regret so I am going to give the nice guy another chance."

I ended up wearing the white bra and panty set that offered some semblance of coverage. Then I put on a tasteful red dress that buttoned down the front. The dress was short, but not too short, and it showed off cleavage, but not too much cleavage.

Angel said, "That dress isn't going to get the guy out of the closet. It will send him into the closet and he'll lock the door behind him."

I said, "Listen girls, if we're meant to end up in bed, then we'll end up in bed and there's nothing you girls can do to make that happen."

Tina countered, "I beg to differ."

I questioned, "Oh really? And what do you mean by that?"

Tina replied, "If you look inviting, then you might spark some interest in the guy. If you put up a wall, then he may not bother to climb over it."

I asked, "Then what do you suggest I wear?"

Angel jumped up and grabbed a sun dress out of my closet. It is a classy dress with patterns filled with different shades of dark green. The dress is backless and ties around the neck like a halter top so it must be worn braless. The material crosses loosely over my breasts in front and the hem only reaches down to above mid-thigh. The dress offers some coverage, but also leaves a lot of flesh exposed.

I asked, "How does it look?"

Angel said, "Great, except you can see your white panties showing through the green material."

I looked in the mirror and realized that Angel was right, my panties were plainly visible under the dress, so I asked, "I don't have a half-slip that would work with this dress. What should I do?"

Without asking, Angel merely reached up under my dress and yanked my panties down.

Tina said, "Good call, Angel. That looks much better."

I looked in the mirror and everything appeared to be covered, but then I said, "I can't spend the evening without underwear," and Angel asked, "Why not?"

I replied, "Because that's not what good girls do," and Tina said, "So again we ask, why can't YOU spend the evening without underwear," and then the girls laughed.

I answered, "I need panties because one pull on the strap around my neck and this dress will fall right off."

Tina said, "That's a pro, not a con."

I continued, "I'll also have to keep adjusting the top to keep my boobs covered, and if my nipples get hard, they'll poke right though the silky material."

Tina said, "I'm still hearing positives, not negatives."

I was about to continue my argument, but then doorbell rang and I was stuck. I was forced to wear what I had on, and what I didn't have on...underwear! It was clear that I would need to keep my guard up tonight. Otherwise, Angel and Tina might end up naked in front of my friend. Even worse, I might end up naked in front of my friend!

My first reaction when my friend Dan arrived was that he actually looked better now than he did in high school. Dan owns a vineyard and a few successful restaurants so he's done quite well for himself. He opened a bottle of his finest wine and it was actually quite good. Dan brought several bottles of wine, probably intending to leave some for me to enjoy later, but when he saw how fast I downed the first bottle, he was probably wondering if he had enough to make it through the evening.

Dan and I went through the first bottle rather quickly, although I drank three-fourths of the bottle myself. I am not a big drinker and I tend to get drunk rather quickly, but I still felt that I was in control. I may have let my top shift a little, which left more cleavage exposed than originally intended, but I was careful not to let my nipples pop out. I also may have allowed the hem of my dress to ride up a little too high, but I was pretty sure Dan was not privy to my lack of panties.

As we sat on the couch together, Dan gave a lengthy lecture on the history of grapes. I pretended to be interested, but the girls started making snoring sounds.

Dan said, "I know I'm dry and dull, just like in high school," but I countered, "No the girls are being rude so I will speak to my daughter and her friend right now."

With a surprised look on his face, Dan said, "I didn't know you had a daughter."

I said, "Well, she's really not my daughter...she's more like a stray cat I fed once and now she won't leave!"

I went into Angel's bedroom and said, "Quit acting so obnoxious. Dan is nice and I feel an attraction to him."

Tina joked, "If I drank a whole bottle of wine, I'd feel an attraction to him, too!"

Then I looked at the girls and asked, "Why are you both naked?"

Tina replied, "We're putting on bikinis so we can sit by the pool, unless you need us to come in there and liven things up," but I countered, "No, we're doing just fine."

Angel said, "At least let us sample a glass of wine," so I said, "Okay, you can have one glass of wine."

The girls jumped up and charged for the door, but I stopped them and sternly said, "You're not going out there in the nude! First you have to put on your bikinis, and then you can meet Dan."

Tina responded, "You're no fun," but the girls began slipping into their swimming suits so I returned to the living room.

Part 10:

I hadn't been with a man in a while and I was already on my second bottle of wine so I was ready for action. However, Dan seemed very up-tight and formal although he did appear to enjoy watching me fight with my dress to keep my boobs and bush covered. I was anxious for the girls to leave so I could be alone with Dan and possibly get him to liven up, but when the girls walked in, Dan perked up considerable. Suddenly my dress didn't seem so revealing anymore.

I said, "This is my, um, daughter, Angel," and Dan said, "It's nice to meet you. I see the family resemblance."

Angel said, "That's probably because I'm wearing mom's bikini."

I gasped and said, "Dan, she's kidding. I could never get into that thing."

Tina sarcastically added, "I'll bet Dan wishes you'd try!"

Angel was wearing her naughtiest bikini. It was just a collection of small red triangles that barely covered her boobs and bush. Even though Angel has smallish breasts, she was showing plenty of under-boob. There was a strip of material that went up the back of her bikini bottoms and it was all connected by a series of small strings that were tied together. Everything was covered, albeit barely, and even though her butt crack was concealed, her butt cheeks were almost completed exposed.

Tina's white bikini offered even less coverage. It had a strapless top that looked more like a rubber band stretched around her. Tina's boobs were about to fall out of the top and probably two inches of her butt crack was showing in back. Her butt cheeks were hanging out, but only because the bikini bottoms were too small for her, and if Tina didn't shave, probably an inch or more of her pussy hair would be showing in front, too.

I said, "You girls really shouldn't parade around in those tiny bikinis."

Angel asked, "Do you want us to take them off?"

Dan gave me a hopeful look as if I should give the girls the green light to get naked, but I said, "No, of course not. You should put on some decent clothes."

Dan added, "But if you're comfortable the way you are then you should stay in your swimming suits. You should be comfortable in your own home," and then he put his arm around me for the first time.

When Dan put his arm around me, his hand brushed the side of my breast, which was attempting to escape from the top of my dress. Seeing the girls in their state of undress was having a desirable effect on Dan, so I was now hoping that the girls would stick around until Dam was really fired up. Dan seemed to enjoy gazing at Angel in her bikini, which barely covered anything.

Angel sat down on the love seat next to us while Tina moved in front of the entertainment center and said, "You need some mood music."

As Tina bent over to pick up the remote I asked, "Tina, where did you get that swimming suit? Is that the bikini you wore when you were in the third grade?"

Tina said, "Ha ha...no! I didn't bring a swimming suit so I borrowed one of Angel's bikinis. Why do you ask?"

I replied, "I'm asking because you're taller than Angel, you have bigger breasts than Angel and you have a bigger butt than Angel."

Tina sarcastically said, "What's your point?"

I replied, "Angel's bikini is too small for Angel, so it's much too small for you!"

Tina said, "I disagree, I mean sure the guys like to watch when I jump on the diving board, but the top keeps me covered...see?"

Tina began bouncing up and down on the living room floor. With each bounce, her strapless bikini top slid down and little by little Tina's nipples came into view above the edge of the tiny top.

Dan gripped my thigh and said, "Oh no, she's about to fall out of her top...and she doesn't even know it!"

I said, "Trust me, she knows it!"

I said, "Okay Tina, you can stop bouncing now."

She said, "Why? I trying to prove a point."

I said, "No, you're trying to show a point...or two!"

Tina was well aware that her top was sliding down, but she enjoyed watching Dan stare so intensely at her chest that she refused to stop bouncing. With each bounce, Tina's top dropped down a little more and her nipples were slowly coming into view. Eventually her top reached the point where it could no longer contain her breasts and everyone knew it, including Dan.

I demanded, "Tina, stop bouncing! You're about to fall out of your...", but I was too late as Tina's big boobs tumbled right out of her top!

Tina looked down and said, "Hmm, that usually doesn't happen," but she made no effort to cover her breasts.

Tina continued, "Well I guess it's better that it happened in here instead of out at the pool. Could you imagine me standing on the diving board with my tits hanging out like this?"

Tina looked down at her bare tits and said, "Wow, if I kept bouncing, my breasts would be out of control," and then she started bouncing up and down again in front of Dan.

Angel laughed as she watched Tina's ripe melons bobble up and down, and wobble back and forth, but I suggested, "Maybe you should think about pulling your top up. We do have a man in the house."

Tina giggled, turned to Dan and said, "Oh, okay...sorry about that," and then, after giving Dan a nice long look at her full firm breasts and round rosy nipples, Tina finally tucked her boobs back into the tiny top.

Dan was a little disappointed that Tina didn't remain topless, but if he knew Tina the way I do, he would know that the show was not over yet!

At this point I couldn't imagine what Dan was thinking. In high school, Dan was the nice guy that was painfully awkward around girls. He was also the guy that was at home studying while everyone else was out partying. When Dan came over, I'm sure he thought he'd be spending a quiet evening catching up with a woman he hadn't seen since high school. However, Dan ended up being bombarded by a houseful of nearly naked girls.

After purposely falling out of her tiny bikini top to let Dan see her bare tits, Tina bent over in front of us to pick up the remote from the entertainment center. With her back to us, Dan got a good look at Tina's fine ass. Then Tina stood up and her bikini bottoms had drifted down a bit so even more of her butt crack was on display than before. More of her butt cheeks were hanging out, too.

The skimpy bikini bottoms were now wedged deeply into the crack of Tina's ass, and she did nothing to correct the situation. After giving everyone a view of her firm buns and exposed butt crack, Tina finally selected some music, and then she walked over in front of Angel. Dan and I were on the couch and Angel was in the love seat next to us, so Tina was now standing right beside Dan. Tina intended to sit down, but Angel reached between Tina's legs from behind and put her finger inside Tina's bikini bottoms.

Tina yelled, "Angel, why are you touching my vagina?'

Angel giggled and said, "I'm not trying to touch your vagina. Your suit is stuck up your ass and I'm trying to pull it down for you," and then Angel yanked down on Tina's bikini bottoms.

Angel pulled so hard that Tina's suit slid all the way down to the middle of her thighs. Her smooth shaved snatch was completely exposed and she was standing right by Dan.

Tina moved in front of me and said, "Look what your daughter did," as she pointed between her legs, thus drawing even more attention to her bald beaver.

I was going to confess that Angel wasn't really my daughter. However, Tina acted like she had no intention of fixing her swimming suit so I felt obligated to slide Tina's bikini panties up her legs to conceal her young tight pussy from Dan's view. Then Tina sat on the love seat next to Angel.

As the girls sipped their wine, they continually leaned forward and pushed their breasts together with their arms. Their breasts threatened to fall out in front of Dan, but nothing actually happened. That is until the clasp on the back of Tina's super tight strapless top broke apart. Tina's top shot off like a sling-shot. Everyone laughed, but Tina made no effort to run for cover.

Angel examined Tina's top and said, "The clasp is broken. You're won't be able to put this top back on."

Tina nonchalantly said, "Oh well, it doesn't matter. Everyone's already seen my boobs."

Tina sat back and apparently planned to finish her wine topless.

I didn't want Tina to get all of Dan's attention so I suggested, "Tina, it's not nice to sit there while your bare tits are exposed right in front of Dan. Maybe you could try putting on another one of Angel's bikini tops."

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