tagLoving WivesHot Florida Night

Hot Florida Night


It was about 9:30pm when we left the upscale bar after spending several hours in the cocktail lounge. You looked so sexy wearing those tight fitting black pants and the low cut top. During the evening I had run my hand up over your breast and nipple and you had pushed my hand away. I knew no one was watching but liked the feeling of caressing your tits in public.

Two nights earlier you had worn a short black dress without any panties and asked me if I liked the idea that you had your cunt exposed under the table. You said you wished I could finger you under the table in the restaurant.

When we got back to the hotel, we went to our room and dropped off your purse and then went to see if the bar was open. The beach was beautiful and we could hear the noises of the convention people near the bar. We continued to the wooden walkway leading to the beach and stood there admiring the moon and the water on this warm April night. I looked at you and pulled you close as we kissed.

No one was anywhere in sight and the kisses were heated and urgent. My hands were on your ass, pulling you into me as my tongue explored your mouth. After some minutes of deep needy kissing, I turned you around and began to kiss the sensitive back of your neck. My hands went under your top and immediately were on your braless tits. My fingers pulled out your nipples and you responded by pushing your ass into me and grinding it with a sexy rhythm.

I turned you around again and you asked if anyone was around to see us. Instead of answering, my hand went down the front of your pants. You spread your legs for me and I felt the wetness of your cunt with my probing finger. I pushed a finger into you as we kissed there on the walkway. You were highly aroused as I pushed deep and began to finger your cunt.

You asked if there was a spot on the beach where I could fuck you. I did not answer but kept you standing there as I pushed two fingers in. The sound of your fuck juice was very loud as I kept the fingers moving in and out of you. Looking around, I told you to come with me and we quickly took off our shoes and walked out to where the chairs were stored overnight.

I turned you around to face the shed and you braced your hands against the rough wood. I pulled down your pants to expose your ass and wet cunt. I pulled your hips back to get you positioned and pulled your soaked thong to the side. Your wet cunt lips were visible as you pointed your hot ass at me. My pants dropped, then my underwear. My cock was hard and ready as I felt your wet pussy lips touch my cock head. I pushed all the way into you with the first hard thrust. You gasped and clutched the rough wooden building.

Your head dropped as I fucked your cunt from behind. You asked me to fuck you hard. I reached back and slapped you once then twice and then again. Your hot ass moved urgently on my cock. The idea of fucking my beautiful sexy wife right there in a public place and spanking her for anyone to hear was incredible. I knew I had to cum. My balls were so full as your hot ass moved on my cock like a stripper. I exploded deep in your cunt. I kept savagely pounding into you as shot after shot of fuck cream filled you to overflowing. When I was done, I pulled out my handkerchief and wiped the dripping cum off your pussy lips. We pulled up our pants and then headed to our room.

When we got back, you told me that I needed to get hard so I could fuck you again. I took off my clothes and sat on the couch as you went into the next room and changed.

You put on a black low-cut teddy, lace thigh high stockings and high heels. As you were doing this you asked me to jerk off and get hard again. You looked so sexy and hot in that outfit that I couldn't take my eyes off you. You asked me to take your big vibrator and place it sticking up on the coffee table in front of you. I watched you move to the table and position yourself over the tip, then spread yourself, lowering your wet cunt onto it. You took the speed control in your hand and turned it up while you fucked down onto the fat cock with your cum soaked pussy. I could see cum on your pussy lips as the vibrator buried itself into you. You pulled your tits free of the low cut top as your fingers started to massage their fullness and pinched your nipples. As you were performing this sex show for me, my cock was getting hard again.

Turning away from me, you told me to watch the cock enter you from behind while your sexy ass went down on it. You were watched me over your shoulder as I was mesmerized by your wanton lust. Your eyes were looking at my hard cock as I continued to jerk off.

After some time, you pulled yourself off the dildo and went over to the bed. Lying on your back, and spreading your legs, you began to work your wide-open cunt with the vibrator. First up and down the full length of your wet slit, then into your tight cunt, then over your swollen clit and back into you again. I wanted to touch you but you wanted me to only watch for now. I stroked my cock as you fucked yourself on the bed. Your sexy high heels dug into the sheets as the fuck toy excited your exposed cunt. You moved the vibe into your wetness as I watched and jerked off. After some time, I saw you get up from the bed. You walked to the door and asked me to place the vibrator there at the height of your pussy. You said you wanted it fucking you from behind while you sucked my cock. You backed your wet pussy lips onto the cock and began to fuck it. I watched your ass drive back and ride it as it went deep into you. You seemed in a sexual frenzy as your hand reached out and pulled my cock into your mouth. You began blowing me and I pulled your hair into my hand and fucked your mouth. I watched you pump your hips onto the humming vibrator, buried so deep inside you. You were moaning as you worked your ass onto the big vibrator. You sucked me frantically as the toy tore into you.

After some time, you had trouble standing. Grabbing your hair, I pulled you to the bed. You continued to suck me as I took control of the vibrator. You went down on me forcing my entire dick down your throat. You got so wildly turned on from blowing me and wanting my cock in your mouth and rubbed all over your face and lips. I kept your cunt so well stimulated that you kept moaning loudly onto my cock.

You needed release and kept moaning, "Make me cum," you begged.

I worked the vibrator into you, and turned it on high. It was driving you crazy as I watched your hips fuck it so hard and fast. I then pulled the vibe out and bending down I sucked your clit and licked your juicy cunt while your moaning filled the room. I couldn't take it any more and got between your legs and pushed my cock into you. Your legs spread to allow me deep penetration as I began to fuck you with long hard strokes. I grabbed your sexy stocking covered legs and pushed them back. I felt the hardness of your high heels on my waist, pulling me deeper into your cunt. Then I pulled my cock out of you, moved up toward your head and shoved it back into your mouth. You loved the taste of your cunt and my leftover cum from the beach. I shoved the vibrator back in you and you started to cum immediately. The orgasm took control of your writhing body as you began moaning.

"Oh my cunt, oh my cunt," you screamed over and over again. Then as the orgasm was easing, I got between your legs and shoved my cock into you, pushed deep and began to pound you hard. You were still moaning very loudly as you kept urging me on.

"Fuck me, fuck my cunt," you kept repeating as I fucked you.

You started to cum again and I had your arms pinned above your head as your pussy spasmed and your hips went crazy on my cock. Your orgasm and grinding hips sent me over the edge and I began to fill you again with more hot jets of white sperm. As our orgasms continued I kept fucking more cum into you. It seemed as if it wouldn't ever end.

When it was finally over, we collapsed onto each other. I rolled to the side and watched you touch your cunt in the afterglow of this amazing sex. Then you had the vibrator in your hand and you rubbed it on your cum filled pussy again. You told me to watch because you were about to climax again. I reach over and pinched your nipples as I watched with total wonder as you came with the vibrator pressed tightly to your extended, swollen clit.

It was an incredible night of sex. I leaned over to whisper hotly into your ear, "You are such a hot CUNT."

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