tagIncest/TabooHot for Daughter's Friend

Hot for Daughter's Friend


My daughter Kendall (aka Kenny) had been at her job a little over three months when she had called me ahead of time and said that she was going to bring home one of her co-workers for some Friday after work relaxation.

I had to admit I was a bit pissed at first; even though we'd already had great sex the night before and again that morning before Kenny went to work, I was looking forward to a nice spicy dinner with her, followed by a few hours of more even hotter, spicier sex.

What I would both observe early that evening and then what would happen between me and the co-worker later that week, however, made me feel guilty that I had even been annoyed in the first place.

The first incident had been when I had come home early and I hadn't seen either Kenny or her friend anywhere; it was a hot day and I presumed the girls were out at the pool.

Nevertheless, I at least wanted to be a good host even if this woman ruined my evening plans--at least at first.

I went out onto the deck, but I didn't see Kenny nor her guest anywhere, but there were some voices coming from the pool cabana, so I checked there after recognizing Kenny's voice.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhh....yes, baby, right there! Lick me...oh God, yes! More! Don't stop now!" my daughter was crying out.

Curious now, I discreetly peeked in. Boy, did I get an eyeful when I did!

Kenny was on her back, totally naked with her legs spread wide. An equally curvy blonde, clad in a pink bikini, had her face buried between Kenny's sexy thighs, eating out my daughter's cunt as Kenny came over and over.

In addition to our own sexual relationship, Kenny had also had sex in the recent past with other men (letting me watch, of course)in exchange for them doing special favors for me, plus having a steady boyfriend of her own.

But I never thought she would also be into fucking women, or that I would be wild with lust watching her with one!

When Kenny had cum one final time from the blonde eating her out, she then pulled away and stood up, taking off the other woman's bikini and returning the favor.

"Oh, God, Kendall!" the blonde cried out, "Fuck me...I'm so fucking horny....God, baby, don't stop! Put that tongue in my cunt deeper! Fuck me!"

As I watched my daughter work on her friend's snatch, I felt my own cock growing hard seeing these two hot young women going at it.

Kenny moved herself until both women were into the 69 position, then planted her mouth back on the blonde's hot box, licking and eating away at it.

Their cries of orgasms were now muffled by their faces buried in the pussy of the other; as I continued to jerk off watching them, I saw the blonde slide two fingers into Kenny's bald snatch as she nibbled on my daughter's clit.

It hadn't taken long for Kenny's body to tighten and let go one of her intense orgasms, not missing a stroke of her own finger fucking both the blonde's ass and cunt.

Once Kenny had come down from her climax, she slid off the girl and went back to finger fucking and eating her. Within minutes, the blonde too called out.

"Kennnnnnnnnnnndallllllll!! I'm CUMMMMMMMMMMMMING!"

I knew then it would be only minutes before I shot off from watching them get it on.

The blonde had finished her own cumming and both laid back on the large cot they had just had sex on, fondling each other's sexy bodies and their tongues entwined around each other's as they kissed.

Once I knew they were finished and saw they had put their bathing suits back on, I hurried back into the house and shut myself in the bathroom, grabbing a wad of toilet paper to catch the gobs of cum I knew would shoot out of my dick very shortly.

And it was a hard cum; I had sat there on the toilet reliving the sight of two hot, horny women getting each other off, and it hadn't taken long for my cock to explode at the memory.

When I had finally finished cumming, I put the jism soaked tissue into the toilet, flushed and washed up as I composed myself.

Then I went out to say hello to the girls, who were now in the house as well.

But it was all I could do not to stare too long at Kenny's friend, whose name was Torrie. Just like my daughter, she had a round ass, full breasts, and a great smile.

And she was incredibly edible in her string bikini, which did little to hide those great tits and ass.

I found myself at one point wondering what it would be like to have Torrie on her knees, her lovely mouth sucking my cock....and my tool buried deep inside that cunt of hers.

I caught myself and shook my head wildly to snap out of the thought of being sucked by and fucking my daughter's friend.

Jesus! Kenny was a red-hot bitch in the sack and gave me more than my share of wild sex; why on earth would I be thinking about getting her girlfriend into bed?

That night in bed hours after Torrie had gone home, Kenny and I had some of the wildest sex we'd had in weeks; the only difference being that night I had fantasized I was fucking Torrie instead.

I had to be careful not to cry out Torrie's name when I was cumming in Kenny.

But getting to later in the week.....

Somehow, Kenny had found out that Torrie had been a big turn on for me.

"You were thinking about her when we had sex the other night, weren't you?" she asked me one day.

Busted, I thought. I had to confess that I was. It didn't mean Kenny had gotten lousy in bed, I explained. On the contrary.

As it would turn out, Kenny wasn't jealous at all, but in her own way, encouraged me to get together with her lovely friend.

"If you want to fuck her, why not? She digs men, too. And that nice cock of yours would certainly more than satisfy her."

Plus we were related, after all, my daughter added; I needed another woman to keep me happy sexually once Kenny herself had gotten married and moved away someday.

"And Daddy, I've been with all those guys I put out for to get you some favors and my boyfriend. Why can't you have another woman besides me, especially someone as hot as Torrie? She's pretty good too."

I didn't know it then, but she had set it up that she would be out on a date with Kevin, her boyfriend, and would have Torrie deliver some things from work when Kenny knew I would be alone.

Torrie looked as incredibly sexy the day she came over as the day she had had her face in my daughter's snatch.

She had a cut off T shirt with no bra underneath and short shorts that barely hid her curvaceous ass. She had her blonde mane hanging loose and her tanned, hard body made her look even hotter.

It was a good thing I had worn loose shorts that hid my erection well that day, as my cock grew instantly hard at the sight of her. She would have thought I was a dirty old man otherwise.

Torrie was only a year or two older than my own daughter, after all.

I invited her in and offered her a glass of tea.

"Thanks, I'd like that," she smiled. "Let me put this stuff right here for Kendall first."

"Sure, Torrie; I'll be out in the kitchen for a sec."

From my angle in the kitchen, I could spot her putting some stuff away for Kenny to work on when she got around to it. As she bent over to put something in a drawer (I presume Kenny told her where), her already short shorts slid up, revealing some of her tanned ass cheeks.

Then as Torrie stretched up to put something on a shelf, the bottom half of her naked breasts peeked out from under her cut off T shirt.

I couldn't help but stare and it took a lot to keep me from drooling into the tea pitcher..or my hard on to rip from my shorts even if they were loose.

It was all I could do not to drop my shorts and go in there to tear her clothes off and fuck the hell out of her right then and there.

How I kept a conversation with her going after that was anyone's guess; I wanted to see more of the nakedness I had seen in the pool cabana earlier that week when Torrie had done 69 with my daughter.

Things finally took a turn when I remembered that Kenny has previously told me earlier that week that Torrie's boyfriend was in the military and overseas.

I could only think right then that Torrie had to be horny constantly from the lack of sex. No wonder she needed my daughter to eat her pussy!

"It's got to be lonely for you, Torrie," I finally said.

"It is," she pouted. "He wants to get married, and the Army is good security, but these long stints are hard to get used to."

"I'm sure," I agreed. "But have you ever played around? A lovely woman such as yourself must get a lot of attention from men."

"No...not really. Dave is really the only guy I've been with the last three years. I mean, I had offers from guys to do me, but frankly, I haven't been with anyone else but Dave."

"I guess I just didn't want dick from other guys," she shrugged.

Great, I thought. Between the bikini earlier that week and the cut off outfit now, I was beginning to wonder if she was one of those women that have been described as a "cock tease."

All talk and sexy clothes, and no passing out pussy.

If that were the case, I would not only be pissed at this cock teasing bitch, but Kenny would also have an earful.

But I decided to bust Torrie anyway for her mentioning she'd never been with anyone else. She may not have fucked any other guy but her boyfriend, but I knew Torrie had gotten my daughter off with some great lesbian sex.

"You don't consider eating out another girl, having your own pussy eaten and being finger fucked by another woman as being with anyone else?"

She blushed, somehow knowing she'd been caught.

"Torrie, I saw you and my daughter doing 69 on each other out in the cabana the other day," I confessed.

"Oh my God," she gasped, blushing more.

I slid over and took her hand. "Torrie, it's okay. You're a woman; you have needs just as much as I do as a man."

"Besides," I grinned in reassurance. "That was one hot show you girls put on."

"You're not mad now that you know I'm bi and I slept with Kendall?" Torrie asked.

I grinned wider and said they should do it more often.

She then lowered her head and spoke softer.

"Kendall and I have been fucking for about a month now. It started when she had another fight with Kevin."

"Kendall and I were both really horny, my boyfriend was overseas and there weren't any men she was into to pick up for sex at the club we were at."

"So we left, rented a porn movie and ended up doing each other after seeing a lesbian scene. She loved it."

"But Kendall also let me know it didn't change that she is straight and told me I'm still the only girl she'll have sex with when she doesn't have a guy around and needs to fuck."

"No wonder my little girl has been in a good mood lately," I grinned, both teasing Torrie and letting her know I approved of her relationship with Kenny--sexual and otherwise.

She only grinned back at me.

"Are you sure you wouldn't also consider a cock in addition to another woman's pussy on the side, though? A pretty thing like you should have one now and again."

"Are you offering?" she asked kiddingly.

I responded by spreading my legs until the crotch of my shorts outlined my still-hard cock and one of my balls peeked out of the leg hole of the shorts.

"What do you think, baby?" I teased back. "You like that?"

My crotch no doubt grabbed her interest now. Torrie then came closer and rubbed her hand over it.

"My God," she gasped. "You must be bigger than my boyfriend!"

"Eight inches hard," I answered while my dick swelled even more as she rubbed my crotch. "All for you."

"Mmmmmmmm," she smiled. "May I have a better look?"

"Never thought you'd ask, baby."

I got up and peeled off my shorts, totally naked now.

I then stood in front of her, my full erection sticking straight out.

"So what do you think, sexy? You still like that?"

Torrie's response was to take my manhood into her mouth and start sucking me as I groaned with pleasure above her.

I never thought I would say it, but Torrie's oral sex skills put even both Kenny's and her late mother's to shame. And those two were first-class cock suckers!

Torrie then took her mouth off my cock, dipping down to lick my balls before running her tongue under my shaft and flicking it over my dick head.

Next, she gulped my tool back down and sucked me as if I would be the last cock she'd see in her lifetime.

Within minutes, my pole was practically in Torrie's throat, but she didn't gag. Rather, she performed deep throat that blew even Kenny's expert performances out of the water.

"Ohhhh...Torrie..." I groaned. "You keep this up, baby, I'm going to cum before I want to. You are so fucking good at sucking my cock!"

With that, she took her mouth off my still-hard cock, then stood up and peeled off her clothes.

"Where's the bedroom?" she purred as she displayed her nakedness for me. "I could show you some more fun, but I want to be comfortable first."

"Never hesistate to ask, do you baby?" I asked, then I grabbed her hand and nearly dragged her back to my bedroom.

In the bedroom, I put Torrie onto the bed, placing her face down and her marvelous ass in the air.

I then buried my face in her cunt from behind, tongue fucking her until she started to shiver.

"Pauuuuuuuuuuuul," she moaned. "Oh baby, please don't stop....fuccccccccccck....."

Whenever I sensed she was about to cum, I would tease her by licking her from the crack of her sensational ass all the way back to her clit, stop for a few seconds, then lick her from ass to clit again.

I did that a few times just to hold off her cumming before delving my tongue back into her pussy as far as it would go as I rubbed her clit hard.

When I finally let her cum, it was a hard orgasm that spilled on the bottom half of my face as I continued eating her sweet, hot slit.

I knew she had finished cumming when she softly panted.

"Jesus, Paul, now I know where Kendall gets her pussy eating skills from! You can really make a woman cum!"

"I got something else that will really make you cum too," I leered, getting up and giving my cock a few strokes. I then pressed my raging hard-on near the opening of her willing cunt.

"Mmmmm," she teased. "You want my pussy? Say please."

"Oh please, baby, let me have that hot pussy," I groaned before sliding my manhood slowly into her.

"Yes!" she cried as she felt her opening fill with my cock. "Oh, Paul, fuck me!"

I teased her a little more, this time putting only the head of my dick inside her and moving back and forth a few times before pulling it out of her.

As I continued doing this, Torrie begged me to fuck her, to fuck her deeper.

"Dammit, Paul, fuck me NOW, you son of a bitch!"

"Thought you didn't want dick from other guys," I teased her.

"Forget that shit! Fuck me now!"

Grabbing her ass cheeks, I then plunged my cock into her, fucking Torrie's snatch like a shore-hungry sailor.

"Oh fuck!" she screeched. "Fuck!"

God, did she have a tight pussy! I would have liked to guess it had been from the lack of sex lately.

Well, I'd more than make up for what she hadn't had in three years outside her boyfriend, I thought. And she wouldn't be getting it every three to six months like she did with her Army man now.

More like three to six DAYS if I had my way!

I sped up the assault on her snatch, pushing my cock deeper into her and speeding up the tempo, showing her exactly what she had been missing.

"Fuck...fuck...fuck...oh shit, give it to me!" she cried as I pounded her pussy harder. "Fuck me!"

"You like getting this strange cock? I am bigger than your boyfriend, huh? You like feeling this in your tight little cunt, baby? I could fuck you for a week straight!"

"God, I love this...I haven't been fucked for over three years....just with Dave's pathetic five inches every three months if that...shit, Paul, fuck the hell out of me! Fuck me with that big hard cock! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yes! FUCK!"

"You are one hot little bitch," I panted as I went even deeper into her sex cavity.

"Paul!" she screamed out. "Fuck me harder! I'm going to cum!"

"Oh yeah, baby," I panted, honoring her request. "Give me a real hard cum. Show me how much you like this!"

As I continued fucking her, Torrie's body convulsed as she went into another hard orgasm.

"Oh God, baby!" I cried. "Keep that nice orgasm coming for me! I love fucking your hot little cunt!"

"Fuck me, fuck me, fuck meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" she called mid-climax.

It seemed to take Torrie an eternity to come down from her orgasm. When she did, she collapsed under me, my cock popping out of her slit in the process.

Damn, did this girl get tired when she only had sex halfway through? I thought.

"What's the matter, baby?" I asked, still horny but yet concerned.

She rolled over. "Nothing. Let's do something different."

"Mmmmmmmmm," I groaned. "How about you riding my cock?"

"You like a woman on top?" she asked, surprised.

"Hell yeah! You like riding dick?"

"Dave only likes doggy or missionary," Torrie sighed.

"Dave doesn't know what the fuck he's missing," I responded, giving her a light slap on the ass.

"Ride me, baby. Let me feel that tight little pussy ride my cock."

It didn't take long for her to get on top of me and enthusiastically bounce up and down on my cock as I played with her full tits.

"Oh God, Torrie!" I hissed, bucking up my hips to meet hers. "Fuck my cock!"

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh...it is so good to have a guy to let me fuck him like this....fuck me good, Paul....fuck me, baby...oh yes!"

Torrie was cumming again; it wasn't as hard as the orgasm she'd had when I fucked her doggy, but she came all over my cock and balls nevertheless and rode me right through her orgasm until she came down from it.

My cock still inside her, I then flipped Torrie over onto her back, putting her legs on my shoulders and fucking her deeper. Her moans grew louder with each stroke I had slamming in and out of her now saturated cunt.

"You horny little bitch," I panted. "You sure are liking this cock, aren't you? You like getting fucked, baby? Your pussy is so wet and so hot!"

"Yes!" she cried. "Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck meeeeeeeeeeee!!!"

"Oh, I'll fuck you real good, baby. I'll fuck you so good, you won't forget it!"

"Fuck me!" she cried. She was ready to cum yet again. "Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck!"

I drilled her cunt deeper, speeding up the pace even more, with giving Torrie the fuck of her life my main goal.

"Fuck me harder, Paul," she ordered. "Come on, fuck me deeper. I'm cummmmmmmmmmmmming! FUCK ME DAMMIT!"

By this time, I felt my own cum rising in my cock, ready to shoot into her at any given moment.

"I'm going to cum soon too, baby," I said, speeding up the strokes in and out of her as I hard as I could while I grasped her ankles tighter.

Within minutes, once I had felt the beginning of Torrie's final climax, I exploded inside her.

"Here it comes, baby!" I called. "I'm going to cum in that tight little cunt!"

I then shot stream after stream of white hot, creamy seed deep into her vault until my cock was completly drained and we were both spent from all of the intense sex.

"God, Paul," she panted when we finished. "That was totally great! I have been with Dave for three years and I don't think he's ever fucked me that good!"

"Glad to be of service," I grinned. "There's more where that came from, baby. Call me anytime."

Shortly after my and Torrie's sexual tryst, she got in touch with her boyfriend and ended their relationship.

Of course, I kept my promise of keeping my new lover sexually happy at least three times a week. We get funny looks from people when we go out--I can be her father after all--but neither of us care, because Torrie is the happiest she's been in three years.

I'm even considering making her my third wife. But I'm still thinking on that issue. In the meanwhile, we'll still be having some great sex.

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