Hot for Teacher


Jack was enjoying his going away celebration, as he prepared to move from teaching high school to college. He had spoken with many of his former students, and found it endearing that so many of them cared enough to show up at the party. By the end of the evening, though, there was still one young woman he hadn't spoken with. At first, Jack figured she was a spouse of a former student, but after watching her reject several advances, he realized that she was alone.

When the party finally ended, Jack did not see the beautiful woman around anymore. He finished his beer, set it on the bar and turned to leave.

"Oh, excuse me!" the young woman said in surprise as Jack had turned around quickly.

"Oh, sorry to startle you", replied Jack. He began staring at this woman who was even more of a stunner up close. Light olive skin, long black hair, green eyes and several inches shorter than he was. She might have been Latin or Native American.

"Umm, no problem. I just wanted to say goodbye and congratulations to you Mr Thompson since I didn't get the chance to speak with you earlier."

"Well thank you, but first you have to call me Jack. And second, you have to refresh an old man's memory. I'm generally good with names and faces but I don't recall yours. Were you a student of mine?"

"Yes, I was in your calculus class a few years back. I'm Trish."

"Really! That's strange because my calc classes were rather small and I think I remember all my former calc students but I still can't place your face or name."

"Hmmm, I guess I didn't make much of an impression back then," she said, arching her sexy eyebrow.

"I'm sure you've been making impressions all your life, hun. Perhaps you're mixing me up with that other Mr Thompson who taught calculus."

She let loose with a seductive laugh and said, "Oh, no. There was only one Mr Thompson and it was you. Don't worry about it though, Jack. There's probably a good reason why you don't remember me. We'll leave it as a mystery. One of those unsolvable calculus equations due to too few known variables."

"So you're not even going to give me a last name?"


"How about an update on what you've been doing since high school."

"Me? I'm about to start my 3rd year of med school."

"Wow! Great for you! It's nice to see some former students do well despite my shoddy teaching."

She laughed again, "Oh no. Your classes were great. I still remember your cute and funny rock climbing metaphors when talking about solving various equations. You made the class very entertaining."

Jack blushed.

"Well, Jack, I have to go. Best of luck on the new position."

"Thanks Trish. Good luck to you on finishing med school."

Jack saw Trish's eyes light up and then she moved in closer and kissed him on the cheek. She whispered in his ear, "Thanks."

Jack rushed home and looked through old high school yearbooks but could not find Trish. He was a little crestfallen that he didn't think to ask her for her number. Then again, what would a hot mid-20's med student want with an aging mid-30's math geek.


Jack enjoyed his university life and career. He also liked getting around the campus when he wasn't in class or had office hours. On this occasion he brought a stack of exams to grade to the undergrad library.

"Guess who?" he heard behind him as a pair of hands covered his eyes.

"Umm... I have no clue."

When he turned around he looked right into the beautiful smiling face of Trish. She laughed and said, "If you could see your face now. Wish I had a camera."

"Uhh... what? How? Uhh... do you attend this university? The med school here?"


"And you knew I'd be teaching here when you saw me at the beginning of summer?"

"Sure, of course. I figured we'd run into each other at some point."

"Wow! Well I'm sure happy to see you!" Jack said, hoping he didn't sound too eager.

"Really? You're happy? That's cool."

"Well yeah - I mean, I never could discover who you were and I forgot to ask for your number at the party." Again, after he said it, Jack realized he was being a bit forward talking about her phone number.

But Trish merely bent down and wrote her phone number in the corner of the essay that Jack was grading. "Better call me quick," she said as she glanced at the top of the paper, "or, this Jon Sanderson kid might beat you to it. Ciao!"

With that she turned and walked away. He didn't get a kiss this time, but at least Jack had her number now. He didn't wait long to call her. He called her the very next night. She invited him to dinner and he showed up in his best tweed jacket, a pair of jeans, with an expensive bottle of wine.

Trish greeted him at the door in one of those little red dresses that highlighted every facet of her body while leaving much of it bare including her legs, shoulders and midriff. "Welcome," said Trish as she gave him a peck on the cheek, took his hand, and led him into her small apartment. "I hope you like Thai food. I'm not much of a cook so I ordered takeout."

After a great meal and some great conversation about university life, the 2 of them retired to Trish's couch to finish off the wine. At this point Jack was getting rather antsy.

"Okay Trish, I have enjoyed our little game of hunt and seek on your identity but can you please end this little game and tell me who you are?"

"Well Jack, I will but first I need to know... do you really like me? I mean, is this just a flirtation for you or are you having some positive feelings for me? Some positive feelings which might counterbalance any negative ones after my revelation?"

Jack quickly replied, "Of course! I really like you and am curious if something could happen between us. If the negative thing is having lied to me about being in my calc class... well, I don't care about that."

Trish arched her sexy eyebrows, replying, "Oh Jack. It's not that. I was definitely in your calculus class. What I'm referring to is much more significant."

With that she closed the distance between them and kissed him on the lips. Jack was ready this time and pulled her into a tight embrace. Her lips barely parted and the tips of their tongues danced as they kissed passionately. As his arms closed about her, Trish moved directly onto Jack's lap. Jack was tall and she fit quite nicely onto his lap. The two of them could not stop kissing. Neither would break it off. She had lusted for this teacher for many years. He had been swept by desire for her since he'd spoken with her at his going away party. After roaming his hands up and down over her back and down around her smooth round bottom, Jack eventually grew bolder and cupped one of her breasts in his hand. Trish responded positively and kept grinding her butt into Jack's quickly hardening bulge. After many fevered minutes of passionate kissing, it was broke off by a large "meow" from a cat.

Jack and Trish broke off from one another to look at her cat on the couch staring at them very curiously. They burst into uproarious laughter as the cat scampered away. Trish fell off Jack's lap in the process, but once their laughter ended, Trish became serious.

"Listen, the thing I mentioned earlier is something you might have a serious problem with."

"Try me."

"Well, okay. Trish is a variation of my name from my high school years. Back then I was Rico... short for Federico."

Jack's eyes widened, "Rico Hernandez? But your breas-" he stopped short.

"Yup, boob job, hormones, and a little facial surgery."

"And your voice..."

"Years of practice."

"So you're a..."

"Transsexual. Pre-op if you're familiar with the term."

Jack sat in stunned silence. Trish gently reached out for his hand for a moment. "Listen, hun, I know this is a lot to take in. I've had the hots for you for what seems like forever. On top of everything, the admissions officer from my undergrad university once told me that your letter of recommendation was very instrumental in getting me into the university. Anyway, I owe you a lot, I like you a lot, and I don't want to embarrass you about this."

With that, Trish rose from the couch as if to end the evening.

Jack reached for her arm and pulled her back down, muttering ... "Rico... Trish..."

He was lost in thought. Trish steadily held his gaze, but her eyes started tearing up at the thought that he might end up being one of a long line of guys she was hot for who couldn't handle her gender transition."

"Heyyyyy... why the tears Trish," Jack asked as he gently put his hand to her face and wiped a drop that had fallen from her eye.

Trish began to cry a little more as she replied, "Ahh Jack, it's just that I haven't had the best of luck with men, and I was really hoping things might be different with you."

That was the trigger Jack needed. A woman's tears were all that was needed for his romantic side to come barrelling out into the open. He took her face in his hands and started kissing away her tears. Trish immediately melted into his arms. Their first set of kisses had been heated and frantic, but these were sweet and romantic. Finally Jack broke off the kiss.

"Can I see her?" he asked.

"Her? Who?" she replied bewildered.

"Your little girl."

Trish blushed. "You want to see my uhh... penis?"


"Wait a minute. Did I have you pegged wrong? Are you really a flamboyant man chaser on the side who can't get enough of seeing cock?"

Jack laughed. "Nope. If you were thinking I'm straight, you were right. I just want to see all of you. C'mon... I didn't jump up and go screaming from your apartment so you owe me."

Trish's wide smile lit up the room. "Well yes, you can see her. But I want to see your little boy at some point, too."

"Deal," Jack replied.

Trish rose from the couch, put on some music and started to do a slow strip tease for Jack. Her large latin ass swayed with the music and at one point she came near Jack and rubbed her bottom directly on Jack's lap. Jack's hands went wild groping all over her body. But Trish gently took his wrists and pushed them down to his side. "Be a good boy, Jack," she said with a wink.

As she danced she slowly let the spaghetti straps on her dress fall off her shoulders. The tops of her aereolas were in plain view and her nipples were hardening against the red fabric of her dress. As her hips swayed to the music Jack's hardon trapped in his jeans was making him very uncomfortable. He tried to make a sly adjustment but Trish caught it. She feigned surprise and then winked and blew him a kiss. She then turned around and wriggled her hips as she pulled the hem of her dress up to her waist. It was like revealing a masterpiece at an auction house. Perfectly round with a bright red thong covering the incredible crack of her ass. As she bent down Jack got his first thrilling look at her balls bulging out from the sides of the thong. Jack had no idea why her balls and cock were exciting him so much. He had seen some TS porn on the internet and found it interesting. But the real turn on seemed to be this lovely person's transformation, from inquisitive boy in his mathematics class to hot sexy female med student.

Jack was lost in these thoughts when Trish knelt in front of him and pulled the top of her dress down to her waist. Her beautiful bare breasts were now right in front of his face.

"What ya thinking about, Jack?" she asked.

"Wow," he said as he reached out for her perfect C-cup titties.

"Huh uh uhhhh," she said as she pushed Jack's hands back down again. "No touchie feelies yet."

Jack blushed and recovered himself. "You are soooooo beautiful. Your breasts are perfect. You say you got implants?"

Trish shook her bare breasts at Jack. "Yup, the hormones gave me some pretty decent b-cups so the surgeon recommended half implants to sort of supplement what I got naturally."


Trish laughed, "Jack, your vocabulary is getting worse. Only 1 syllable words now?"

"Hun, words are insufficient to describe what I'm seeing."

With that, Trish bounded to her feet again and laughed some more. At this point she faked a great effort in pushing her dress down across her widened hips and then let it fall to the floor. She kicked her sandals from her cute sexy feet and continued to wriggle her thong covered ass in his face. She slapped one ass cheek, crying, "Ooh that hurts! I hope my teacher doesn't use spanking for disciplining bad students."

She was obviously hamming it up and too close to Jack at this point. He whacked her other cheek a bit harder than she was expecting. She jumped away and shrieked. "Owww! I'm gonna tell my mommy!"

After some more dancing she slowly turned to reveal the front of her thong. Jack now saw it. He saw the outlines of her hardening cock beneath the front of her panties. His own cock jerked uncontrollably in his jeans.

Trish was looking at his face intently as she danced. Jack looked up into her eyes and motioned her to come closer. As Trish moved close to him she giggled, "Why don't you say hello to her, Jack." She was clearly having much fun using the feminine pronoun after Jack first referred to her cock as a little girl.

Jack's hands reached for the back of Trish's sexy full legs which caused her bulging full panties to come within inches of his face. Jack looked up and locked eyes with Trish for a moment. Then it was his turn to wink as he turned back and planted a gentle kiss against the outside of her panties. "Hello there," he whispered. Trish started playing with his hair as he planted more kisses on her panties across the length of her cock and down across her balls.

It was Trish's turn to get lost in thought. She could hardly believe it. All the romantic fantasies that she had had for this man... and here they were embarking on what she hoped would be a night of incredible passion. She could remember every jacket he wore to school. The sloppy way he tied his ties. The unmatched socks he wore one day. His long and lean build.

"Hun, may I pull them down?" Jack asked, preparing to pull down her panties.

"Of course, my love."

Jack's eyes widened at the comment. Trish suddenly became hugely embarrassed and knelt down on the floor and covered her face with her hands. "I'm sorry Jack. I - I don - I don't know why I said that."

It was Jack's turn to gently take Trish's arms and pull them down as he knelt in front of her. "Don't worry about it sweety." As he said this he pulled her into his arms and gave her the most passionate kiss, yet. She melted in his arms. They collapsed to the carpeted floor and never looked back.

Jack slowly pulled down the strings of her thong. Trish raised her hips off the floor as he pulled them past her legs. He stared at her almost fully erect cock lying across her stomach. "Wow, she's a beauty," Jack commented as he slowly took the 2nd cock of his life into his hand. Trish's cock eventually grew to 6 inches. He loved pulling back her foreskin as he slowly stroked her.

"Ahh Jack, she isn't very big, but she's all yours."

"Nonsense, she's perfect," Jack replied as he bent his face closer to her erect prong.

"Kiss her for me, baby."

Jack smiled and said, "But she's been crying a little bit. Look at the tip."

At the end of her cock was a little bit of precum. Trish was unsure if this was a line that Jack was willing to cross. Her doubts were quickly erased as he bent down and kissed the tip of her cock, then swept the drops of precum into his mouth with his tongue.

"Hello, you little cutie," Jack cracked as he kissed more about the head of her penis. He kept pushing the foreskin on and off the mushroom shaped head as he drove her wild by kissing the glans. "I don't have one of these little hoodies. This is fun for me." Jack kept at it kissing up and down the length. Kissing her balls. Tonguing them. Then slipping his mouth over her cock and pulling her further down his throat. After a few strokes in his mouth, Jack became very intent and caught the hang of relaxing his throat enough to allow her to go all the way in.

Trish was in heaven. "Oh god you're good. You're not a first time cocksucker, Jack. I don't believe you."

Jack paused during his ministrations... "I am hun. Trust me." He then attacked her cock and balls with his lips and tongue and wet mouth. He alternated between deep throating and external kissing and licking. He sucked her cock in every way he could think that he wanted his own cock sucked. After 20 minutes of it he was soon to discover how that felt in return.

Trish was about to cum but didn't want to cum yet, so she got aggressive in pushing Jack's head away from her cock. She grabbed his shirt and yanked it off his torso. She was literally growling as she undid his belt and pulled down his jeans and underwear in one continuous movement. Just as this wildcat was about to pounce she let out a gasp as she saw his half erect cock lying across his hip. Trish pushed her fist to her mouth.

"What's wrong, babe?"

As Trish wrapped her fingers around Jack's cock, she replied, "Oooh baby, you got a big one. It just surprised me. It looks so different and so much bgger than mine" As she said this, she was stroking her fist up and down the length of his shaft. As it hardened it grew another 2 inches. She was now speaking with a little hint of latina-espanol accent. Jack had not heard that in her voice earlier but it was turning him on now.

"Wow! This beautiful boy has to be at least 8 inches long and I can't reach my fingers all the way around it."

Jack chuckled, "Well I don't know... I've never measured it. But I think you have pretty small hands so that's why you're not getting all the way around it." Jack waited until her eyes looked up from his cock to look into his eyes. "Baby, you made that. I have very little to do with it. That boner was manufactured by your sexy self."

Trish looked very surprised and then burst into tears as she bent down and kissed Jack some more. "Ahh Jack, you're better than any fantasy I ever imagined." She then went straight down onto his cock. As good as Jack had tried to be in his cocksucking, he was an amateur next to Trish. She squeezed the base of his cock between her index finger and thumb as if they were a cock ring. Jack's long length of manhood jutted ludely up from his body. Trish made quick work of the pre-cum that had formed at the tip, sucking it into her mouth with a little vacuum cleaner effect.

She paused, and said, "I guess this big boy is going to test all of my practice, to date. Here goes." With that she pushed her mouth and throat down onto his cock in one continuous motion. About halfway down the length she paused to relax her throat and then pushed down further until her nose was buried in his pubes.

Jack gasped. He had not expected this. He knew he didn't have a 10 or 12 inch porn sized cock but he was also aware that no former girlfriend had ever swallowed it whole. None of them quite got the hang of giving him head to the degree he had wanted.

Trish never stopped. She went on and off of his dick like a girl possessed. Jack watched her play with it. She would pull off of it for a bit allowing her mouth to stay connected via one long string of saliva. Then slurp it up and go right back down. Her tongue would snake out from her lips and lick the side of his dick and sometimes even his balls as she went down on it. Much of the time she made eye contact and he marveled at her beautiful green eyes. He wondered if this color was common with latinas. She moved down to his balls and was able to teabag both at the same time. Eventually she started licking his taint furiously then went down further and reamed his ass. This was way new for Jack. He never thought his ass would be sensitive sexually but here he was getting off on this girl's tongue in his ass. She was pushing it way up into him and it felt wonderful. After 5 minutes of analingus she came back up to his cock, but Jack interrupted her and pulled her up for a kiss. She hesitated not knowing if Jack would want to kiss her after licking his ass but he grabbed her and kissed her passionately, tongue kissing furiously.

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