Hot Girl Leaves The Trailerpark Ch. 02


As Earl held onto my black size 10 pump and thrust me up and down his huge bulging shaft I was moaning deliriously saying, " Oh baby… show me how much you love fucking this hot 18 year old pussy… Oh yeah baby… I can feel that great big cock throbbing inside my young teenage pussy baby, just waiting to explode."

Earl was right on the edge of cumming and was fucking me like a mad jackhammer while he was groaning and mumbling about my sexy young pussy taking his big cock so deep.

I looked back and snarled with a crazed lust saying, "You got another big load in there baby…Another big fucking load…Ohhh yeah baby, I bet you do…. Give my naughty pussy that big stored up load baby!"

Earl was grunting like wild almost under his breath saying, "Your so fucking hot bitch…I've never had a pussy as sexy as yours baby….Your tight 18 year old pussy…Your huge nipples on those sexy round tits…. those fucking sexy stockings and high heels on those long thin legs….Oh fuck, for such a young girl you know just how to fuck baby ….Not many men gets a pussy as sexy as yours baby."

I knew he was right on the edge and laughed slyly, "Oh yeah baby you know your getting this sexy pussy cause of your huge fucking cock…..Oh fuck yeah, I know your real fucking close baby….What's the matter baby is my sexy young pussy to much action for your great big cock Earl? … You can't hold it back can you baby? .... Oh yeah I know you want to fuck more , but my pussy is to good for that great big cock…Oh fuck yeah….its just to much action for that great big sexy cock."

Suddenly Earl's huge cock began to pulse causing him to sneer angrily, "Ahhhh fuck your right baby, that pussy is to good …You're an amazing fuck baby….Ahhhhh here it comes baby—here it fucking cums---UGGGGGGGG."

For the next two minutes Earls monster cock shot burst after burst of scorching hot cum inside my tight teenage pussy which caused me to explode again and again. It was so sexy knowing that my cum was mixing with his. When Earl's big monster exploded in me I never really felt anything so exciting. Because of his massive size and the enormous amounts of cum that he produced, I could feel each powerful jet hitting every side of my fuck walls. When those steroid jocks came the only thing I felt was their hulk like bodies with there smallish cocks shudder a few times then cum then there tiny dicks would fall out of me and shrivel up. I never felt them explode in me. With Earl's having such a huge cock I felt every inch of my body quiver from the enormous amounts of cum that that exploded inside of me!

Those hulking jocks all thought that they were really amazing studs too but, what they really were was pathetic. Earl was a man, an older man who possessed a huge tireless cock and knew every possible way to use it for his own pleasure. Every woman accepted his selfish need to fuck, because they themselves craved to get fucked by a man with a cock so gigantic! As Earl continued to pump into me with his enormous cock shooting rope after rope of the hottest cum into my 18 year old pussy, I thought my head was going to burst. His hot cum hit places no boy I fucked ever reached. I knew then that this was something only a guy with a really big cock could do to women. Guys with average cocks could never get a pussy off like a guy with a really big cock.

As my horny 18 year old pussy continued to convulse and explode all over Earls huge cock , mixing his hot redneck cum with mine, he gave me the best compliment when he said I was the best and sexiest fuck he's ever had.

We fucked and played with each other for eight hours straight. Earl may have been 55 years old and a scrawny thing at 90 pounds, but that great big twelve inch cock fucked longer and harder then all the other boys I had combined, not to mention the buckets of scorching hot cum he could produce!

For the next half hour we just kissed naughtily, and teased each other. This wasn't a moment of warmth that romantic lovers have after making love. This was a naughty kiss between an 18 year old girl dressed sexily in her mother's stockings and my high heel pumps and her 55 year old step-daddy. This kiss was just to remind each other that they were going to continue this illicit fuck every day while her mother was slaving away at work.

When the dogs started barking we knew my mother was home. We ignored it and kept kissing until she walked up the porch. I broke our kiss and said, "Ill see you tomorrow baby," then went into my room and began undressing. As I slowly took off my black high heel pumps and my mothers black thigh high stockings then her white lace bra, I heard her start yelling at Earl for not even doing the dishes or cooking something while she was slaving at work.

As I rolled down my mothers black thigh high stockings then unclasped her white lacy see through bra, I smiled slyly as I heard Earl say, "Why don't you go fuck yourself bitch….. I'm goin down to the bar." I then heard the door slam and his old truck tear out of the trailer park.

I came out of my room dressed in a very proper sundress. I pretended to be a caring and understanding daughter to my mother. I told her she should get rid of Earl and that he was a no good looser, but I knew she could never give him up because of that huge cock that was always ready to fuck.

As my mother gave me a hug for being so considerate she went on to say thanks, but that I was too young to understand these adult issues. I had the biggest laugh to myself and thought, 'You stupid bitch, your husband and I just fucked all day, and I cant wait until tomorrow when you get your fat ass off to work so that I could climb into your bed and kiss every inch of that great big cock then fuck and suck it all day.'

Earl went to the local bar and got drunk and the next day and when my mother left for the truck stop I woke my 55 year old step daddy dressed in a pair of my mothers white thigh high stockings and my black high heel pumps. I began a two hour cock sucking feast on his huge inch cock kissing every inch and playing with it until he came all over my mothers' bed.

Although I continued to fuck the sports jocks from school I would always be there to fuck Earl. Their tiny cocks could never satisfy me like Earls huge twelve inch could.

Things between Earl and my mother were getting real bad. Because he and I were fucking so much he lost all interest in fucking my mother. She was fighting with him constantly about him lying around all day and not doing a fucking thing except drink beer and watch TV all day. What she didn't know was that Earl wasn't watching any TV while she was gone, but that he was fucking and eating her not so innocent 18 year old daughter every second while she was at work.

To Be Continued!

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