Hot Girl Leaves The Trailerpark Ch. 05


He then groaned saying, "Oh yes baby keep worshiping that big cock….Now you know what its like to fuck a big German cock…Don't you baby."

As I continued playing and sucking his big swollen cock, affectionately worshiping it, I looked up and smirked with lust on my face that suggested that I knew all the girls loved his big cock and whether they had boyfriends, fiancés, or husbands, they needed to please and fuck his enormous 13 inch without a care about any of them or their feelings.

After an hour of kneeling on my high heels and moaning lustfully as I licked and kissed all over his great big cock, I stood and leaned over and we kissed again, as we began to cool down from this amazing two hours of hot fucking.

We knew we were just getting started and decided to go back to his hotel room. In his Mercedes I crossed my long legs teasingly and his eyes would glance at them approvingly as I ran my manicured finger nail over the prominent bulge in his pants. We kissed at every traffic light and at one point my cell phone rang. I told the 64year old German ad agent that it was my fiancé and that I needed to tell him that I was going to bed early tonight.

When I answered the call we talked for a few minutes. As I was talking to my fiancé my hands were still lovingly running up and down the huge swollen cock of the 64 year old ad agent. I pretended to be interested in what my fiancé was saying and even put on an act and told him how much I missed him. As I put on my loyal devoted bride to be act, I was playfully running my finger nails up and down the German ad agents' huge cock which grew to another huge hard on. I told my fiancé that I was really tired from shooting all day and that I would call him tomorrow. What I didn't tell him was that his faithful and innocent 18 year soon to be bride had just fucked and blown an enormous cock of a 64 year old guy and was now going back to his hotel room to keep this nasty fuck going all night!

When we pulled up to the front of the hotel we began kissing without a care who was walking by. When the attendants came to park the car we continued kissing for a few seconds and made them wait. They were both older, and looked to be in their early forties and dressed in geeky parking attendants uniforms. One opened my door for me and he couldn't help but steer at my long slim legs with my black high heels on. I thought to myself, 'You two old losers enjoy the show, because while you're parking cars for ten dollars an hour, I'll be up in an elegant penthouse sucking and fucking on the biggest cock of a man that makes more in an hour then both of youloosers do all year.'

I saw the German ad agent give the attendant a hundred dollar bill and just walked away without even addressing him. It was as if the attendants were invisible to the wealthy German ad agent. This was the sign of a man who wouldn't acknowledge anyone this far beneath his status. I'm sure it was embarrassing to the attendants, especially since they were almost as old as the German ad agent. This was the kind of power that made me so fucking hot to turn him on and to fuck him.

We walked into the lobby arm in arm which suggested we were not father and daughter, but an older man and a sexy 18 year old teenage girl who were there to fuck and play with each other. I could see the look of detest on the faces of the older people, especially the woman with children and could only imagine what they were thinking or saying as we walked into the five star hotel lobby. Here was an 18 girl dressed in a transparent white blouse without a bra on, which clearly showed her hard dark brown inch long nipples. She was dressed in the tightest pair of almost transparent white shorts that barley covered her ass cheeks as she walked in a pair of classic black high heel pumps. Although she was much taller she was walking arm in arm with a distinguished older man old enough to be her grand father.

When we walked to the main desk the older German ad agent told the attractive young black girl that he did not want to be disturbed for any reason and to hold all his calls. The girl was about my age. She was black and was quite sexy. The way she was looking at us told me that she knew we were there to fuck and seemed a little jealous to me. The way she looked at him gave me the impression that she would like to be in the room with him instead of being behind that desk working.

I found out later that the older German ad agent had fucked her the night before. He invited her to his room for a drink. She was very willing to please him because she was turned on by powerful attractive men. Once they started kissing and playing with each other she called her husband to tell him that she had to cancel her plans with him because she had to stay at the hotel to help plan a big up coming event. It was another example that women were attracted to his power and once they saw his huge cock and found out the way he fucked, they were even more turned on by him, almost like being addicted to him.

We were kissing in the elevator and once we entered his magnificent hotel room we immediately resumed our open mouthed tongue fuck while our hands impatiently played with each others bodies. We kissed heatedly for about fifteen minutes then we began to undress. I was quite impressed with his tight body. Although he was 64 he was in better shape then most 20 year olds today.

Even though I had just spent two hours blowing and fucking his great big cock I moaned in disbelief when he took his pants off, "Ohhhhhh fuck…. I can't believe how big it is baby," Because of his height being only 5 ft. 6in. tall made that 13 inch cock look freakishly out of proportion to his slender frame and height. I t was like a huge baseball bat coming off a small stick figure.

I removed my transparent white blouse then my ultra tight shorts and thong and bent at the waist to lick his big angry cock as he stroked it while he leered at me lustfully. I remained in just my pair of black high heel pumps. With just the black high heels on highlighting my long sexy thin legs and drawing attention to my pail white skin made me look even more nude. Standing in my high heels six inches taller then the older ad agent and being 46 years younger then him was so sexy and thrilling, and soooo very naughty.

We began kissing again as I lustfully pumped his huge 13 inch cock in the palm of my outstretched hand. As we kissed I moaned, "Oh baby I love jerking your big fucking cock… I can pump this big sexy cock all night baby."

I ran my palm teasingly underneath his long fat shaft to the end of his cock head. I then traced the tips of my fingers over this big cock head then twisted my palm and ran it over the top of his huge shaft. I did this over and over as we kissed open mouthed for the next hour.

The feeling of pumping such a massive cock was driving me crazy. I began to think of how sexy it felt to be stroking the huge cock of a man that was in his sixties. It didn't feel silky, like all the of cocks guys my age had or like my fiancés. This was a menacing, almost grotesque cock with huge protruding angry veins running up and down the bumpy sides of his fat shaft.

It made me feel so sexy to be 18 and turning on and stroking such an older cock. I was truly loving pumping this 64 year old cock! I began moaning louder saying, "Oh fuck baby, your great big cock feels sooooo fucking good in my hands… I love stroking on this big fucking sexy cock of yours baby."

The ad agent was visibly enjoying the way my hands were fucking up and down his big wide shaft and moaned, "Oh yessssss baby, play with my big cock…Play with it baby."

In response I teased, "Oh yeah baby you like having a sexy 18 year old pumping your big fat German cock... Oh fuck yeah, I know you do baby."

As I continued to adoringly stroke his huge 13 inch cock he remarked when he noticed my diamond ring and teased, already knowing the answer to his question saying, "So does your husband have a cock this big baby?"

I replied seductively, "Ohhhhh fuck… not even close baby…. Not even close."

He added mischievously as he played with my mind again, and began making suggestions about my soon to be father in law. He was pushing all of my buttons and wanted to bring me to a higher sex level, and he was doing exactly that.

He taunted me by saying, "maybe your father-in-law has a cock this big… Wouldn't you like to fuck his big cock baby…. Oh I bet you would… Oh I bet you would….Why don't you think about father-in-laws big cock baby."

Oh fuck this got to me and I bent at the waist and began licking his huge cock all over deliriously from end to end. My mouth was so wet my saliva was dripping all over his huge 13 inch cock. It was so wet with my saliva that it began running off his huge shaft and splattered to the ground, forming a small puddle.

The ad agent was thoroughly enjoying the fact that he had total power and control over me and the ability to get into my head. I was moaning with lust as I began to imagine sucking my future father in laws cock and began imagining it was his cock I was pumping off and worshiping.

The ad agent sensed what I was thinking and began slapping my burning ass saying in a demanding tone, "Go ahead baby, suck your father in laws big cock….. Suck him good……Show him how sexy and naughty you are….Oh yes, you are a good naughty daughter in law."

I began pumping him and licking him with a depraved lust. I licked his huge cock with a fervor and lust that I have never experienced before.

I then felt him pull me by my hair which was tied in a pony tail. When he pulled me away from his big cock I moaned disappointedly, "Oh baby please let keep blowing your great big cock….. I need to keep sucking it baby…It's so fucking big and sexy I need to blow it for you baby….I just want to please your great big cock baby, just like all of your other fucks ."

He then pulled me to him and said hotly, "Kiss me baby." I immediately met his tongue and we traced our tongues hotly across each others for a few minutes. His hands were all over my ass rubbing it then slapping it. My ass began to sting form his aggressive slaps. This was getting me so fucking worked up, that I could feel myself getting ready to cum. The older German ad agent sensed this from my lust filled moans.

As he continued to spank my now tender ass I was going wild saying, "Oh fuck yeah baby, I've been a naughty girl thinking of fucking your great big cock and my father in laws too."

He continued to talk nasty while slapping my ass and said, "Yeah that's right baby, think of my 13 inch cock and your father in laws both fucking you like crazy."

Oh fuck that did it I began to shudder uncontrollably. My black high heels began clicking against the hard floor indicating how turned on I was and I exploded saying, "Ohhhhhhh fuck you big cocked bastard… I'm cuuuuuuuuming."

And cum did I ever! For the next two minutes I exploded in a wave that would not stop. The older German ad agent was a master at making a girl cum hard and long on command.

As I came the German ad agent kept saying, "That's it you sexy baby…. let that wet hot ass of yours explode…. give your father in law and me a nice big cum baby…. Make it nice and wet baby."

As I finally came down from the shattering orgasm the older German ad agent went to his knees and began kissing and messaging my burning red sore ass. I began to moan, "Oh baby that feels soooooo fucking nice," as I felt his exquisite sexy kisses and the point of his long tongue all over my tight round ass.

After half an hour of kissing and licking all over my ass he stood and our tongues resumed that sexy, depraved kissing. As I hotly kissed the 64 year old ad agent my hands were lustfully pumping up and down and twisting all over and around his massive 13 inch shaft. His shaft was so huge that my long fingers barely reached around half of it! My thoughts came back from fucking my father in law to pleasing the older ad agent.

We remained in this naughty kiss for almost an hour. I was so turned to by him. I actually came twice during this sinful kiss as I pumped all over his giant cock. It felt so naughty to be kissing and jacking off such a successful and powerful man that was 46 years older then me and had such a huge cock.

After a while the ad agent demanded that I suck his big cock. He pushed me down on my shoulders and said in an angered tone, "Suck it baby…SUCK THAT BIG COCK NOW!"

I was so eager to please him that I went down and squatted on my black high heel pumps and began licking all over his massive cock feverously. As his monster cock jettisoned out from his body I frantically licked all over and under it. I was crazed with lust for his huge cock and all I could think about was pleasing it and giving him exactly the way he wanted.

I was just barley able to insert his huge cock head into my mouth. Once my jaw was stretched wide I began desperately sucking on his head. Because of his massive girth all that I could manage getting into my mouth was his cock head! As I continued to moan all over his huge cock while I sucked it, I thought to myself, 'Fuck, not only is his cock 12 inches long, but it must be at least 10 inches around!' As I vigorously sucked on his cock head I looked up at him and saw his deranged look on his face. I was moaning like crazy as I thought about the select group of men that the 64 year old German ad agent was in.

Not only was he successful, but to be successful and have such a massive cock was a real sign of power. As I looked up at him my moans and the look of lust I had in my eyes told him that I loved his huge cock.

He even laughed knowingly saying, "Yes baby, enjoy my big cock….Oh yes, suck it with that sexy young teenage mouth baby."

As I continued squatting on my high heels I began pumping his massive shaft in both hands while I continued to suck his huge cock head. His moans told me that he was really enjoying having a sexy 18 year old bikini model pleasing his giant cock. Oh god I felt so hot knowing that this was a man who could have any girl he wanted at any time and on his terms. Even though I was getting married in a few weeks, the only thing I could think about was pleasing the 64 year old ad agents' huge cock.

I was so consumed with pleasing it that I released the huge cock head from my mouth and began running the tip of my tongue up along the right side of his long shaft then flicked wildly over tip for a few minutes as I looked up at him with a sly smile on my face.

I moaned and said throatily, "Oh god, it's so fucking big." I then ran my darting tongue down the left side until I came to his huge dangling balls. I then took one of his huge balls in my mouth and began teasingly pulling down on it while I pumped his huge shaft. I then released his sack then flicked my hot tongue over it. As he moaned approvingly I sucked on the other hanging ball and sucked it while pulling on it. I was moaning like crazy as I continued to think how hot it was to be blowing and fucking this huge cock of a successful and powerful older German ad agent.

I went crazy sucking and spitting all over his enormous cock. I went wild pumping the huge shaft between my saliva coated hands, as the sloppy wet sounds of my salvia coated hands wrapped around his giant cock, filling the hotel room with sounds of lust. I was going crazy and desperately needed to watch that great big German cock shoot a hot load of come again for me. I wanted to watch him cum all over his hotel room.

I began to encourage him to cum for me. I said heatedly, "Oh baby let me drain your great big cock…let me pump a big load out for you baby…Oh fuck, I bet you've got a barrel of hot cum stored in those huge balls of yours baby."

I could tell the 64 year old ad agent was going crazy at the feverous way I was pumping his giant shaft. He was moaning and telling me that I was so fucking sexy as I squatted on my high heel pumps.

He was going crazy thinking to himself, 'Fuck I have had so many young sexy girls, but none of them have been as hot as this sexy 18 year old. She has such big tits on such a skinny body, and those nipples are so huge for someone so young. And her pussy was designed to fuck a really big cock. Yes there have been hundreds, but this young girl Kelly is the absolute best fuck I have ever had!'

As I continued to look up at him with lust telling him that his cock was so fucking big and that I loved playing with it and fucking it, I pumped and jacked it through my salvia coated hands. I knew he was close to cumming because of the way his huge shaft was throbbing in my outstretched hands and by his low guttural moans. I knew he was real close so I pumped it even faster and with more lust in and out of my hands.

I said lustfully, "Come on baby, let me jack your huge cock all over this fucking room…Let me see how much cum is stored up for me baby….Let me see your big shoot lover. Pop it for me baby."

Suddenly a long burst of cum leapt out of his huge pulsing cock head and splattered against the mirror on the opposite side of the room. It was followed by 10 more powerful blasts. As cum was leaping from his giant cock at a rapid rate I reached down and rubbed my aching clit and shuttered and came myself as I watch the amazing spectacle in disbelief. Here was a 64 year old man that could fuck longer and cum harder then any guy my age. He was even more depraved then that toothless trailer trash red neck Earl. This guy was a few years older then Earl and had a bigger cock too.

When he finally finished shooting, about 30 long ropes of hot cum had landed and coated every thing in its path. We immediately began a wild and hot kiss, as the 64 year old German ad agent pulled my hair then pushed his fingers into my mouth and made me suck on them.

As I greedily sucked his fingers he said in a menacing tone, "Now we will fuck all night, and you will learn what its like to be fucked by an angry 13 inch cock you young sexy bitch you."

As he said this I could feel his huge cock rub against my leg and was amazed that the 64 year old ad agent had another raging hard on. I was moaning wildly at the thought of fucking this older ad agent and his 13 inch cock all night. I began stroking his huge shaft again and moaned, "Oh fuck baby, I want your great big cock inside my pussy so fucking bad ….So fucking bad."

We fucked in every position through the night and were like two animals in heat. We each had a desperate need to please each other and a bizarre need to out fuck each other. At one point while we were standing and kissing he flipped me over and held me in an upright 69 position. While I was suspended he ate my wet pussy and ass while I eagerly pumped and licked all over his great big hard on. We both enjoyed this amazing oral fuck position for half an hour. God, I couldn't believe that he was actually 64 years old. As he held me upside down this way all I could think about was how strong this guy was in addition to having a giant cock.

After this hot oral tongue fucking both my turned on pussy and his huge German cock needed to fuck again. He spun me off and I immediately walked towards the wall. The naughty sounds of my high heels clicking as my turned on ass rose up and down in a seductive rhythm as my long thin legs walked towards the wall had his complete attention.

I then said in a devilish way, "Oh baby come and fuck me with that great big fucking cock of yours…Come and fuck my horny 18 year old pussy with that big angry German cock baby."

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