Hot Girl Leaves The Trailerpark


Betsy said Earl was going crazy sucking and pulling her small hard nipples and at one point he snarled and said,

"Oh fuck baby I love suckin on these tiny little tits....Ummmm... I love your sexy little girl tits baby...I'm gonna suck these hard nipples right off these tiny sexy tits of yours, until you cum again real hard baby."

Betsy continued going wild from the way Earl's mouth was pulling on her hard turned on little pink nipples between the spaces of his missing teeth and after a few minutes more of this hot torture she began to shudder and cum again. As she continued to moan through a sequence of wild, naughty orgasms Earl kept up his careless physical attack on her overly sensitive tiny tits and hard little nipples.

After almost half an hour of this he decided he wanted something different. Earl then pulled up her short pleated mini skirt and ripped off her sheer see thru panties like a wild animal. This caused Betsey to shudder with lust at his sexual rage caused her to moan, "Ohhhhhh." She said Earl began rubbing her stocking covered legs from the bottom of her high heels up to the top of her sexy lace tops of the stockings and said in a deep throaty dark voice,

"Yeah... these high heels and stockings look real sexy on you baby...Umm they make you look real grown up baby..... Ummmm! They make your sexy school girl legs look nice and hot baby....nice and hot."

Sensing that Betsy wanted what every girl he fucked did, he said arrogantly,

"Don't worry baby you'll get to suck my big cock real soon but, right now I gots to taste this wild ass and pussy I've been thinking about every time I come around and fuck your mama and grandma."

She just moaned and said crazily,

"Ummmm....anything you want baby...anything you want....Just as long as I get that huge cock of yours in this hot 18 year old pussy of mine baby."

She said Earl began fucking her ass and pussy with his fingers and tongue. Betsy said that Earl was hitting her ass and pussy like a man who was locked up in prison for twenty years. She came instantly from all the weeks of build up and planning to fuck him.

She said that as Earl was fucking her pussy and ass with his fingers like a wild animal he wouldn't let her stop cumming. The more and harder she came, the harder and more demanding he got. He then buried his long tongue into her pussy as he kept finger fucking her ass even hardener as he groaned telling her she tasted so sweet. He demanded that she keep cumming. He fucked her wild like this for over fifteen minutes before he mercifully stopped and they kissed hotly.

After he felt Betsy had cum enough, he knew it was his turn. This was the almost sadistic part he really liked. Showing off his great big cock, and his tireless ability to fuck. He conceitedly knew that this was the reason all girls wanted him. This was a fact that he prided himself in. He knew that it surely wasn't because of his grimy- toothless- red neck looks, or his welfare checks. It was all because he was blessed with an enormous cock; A cock so huge that every women was curious about and craved to fuck and suck.

Earl threw down some old blankets he had in the truck, which were there for the very reason of fucking. They were moaning like crazy as they went into the back up the pick up. To anyone watching, the scene looked so twisted and depraved- so perverse. Here was a sexy young teenage high school senior, wearing nothing but sheer tan thigh high stockings and sexy brown high heels, getting into the back of a rusty old pick-up truck with a middle aged man who was much shorter then her who looked like he had just gotten out of jail! It was the ultimate white trash combination!

Once Earl was on his back she kissed him crazily while she unzipped his pants, telling him how bad she needed to suck on his great big cock. Betsy said once she uncoiled it from his pants she couldn't believe the size of it and moaned in a deep voice even she didn't recognize,

"Ohhhhh fuck.... you're cock is so fucking huge!"

She told me Earls huge cock looked so out of proportion on his small scrawny body. She said it towered and swung in the air way above his body like a big tree trunk! Betsy said at that point both fear and wild lust shot through her turned on body. She just steered at it in disbelief marveling its enormous size and the thick maze or veins that weaved along its tremendous length and width. She said that Earl had a knowing, sly grin on his face and was sadistically enjoying this moment, as Betsy just steered in awe, moaning repeatedly over and over about his enormous cock. She couldn't believe it but said that her pussy was cumming like crazy just from looking at his great big cock as it swung violently in the air. Finally after about five minutes of staring at it as if in a trance she took his giant cock in her hands. She said that as soon as she put both hands around his huge cock she surprised herself by moaning through a small orgasm. Betsy told me for the next hour she worshiped Earl's giant cock with her mouth and hands and said he was going crazy moaning about how fucking sexy she was. Betsy said that after all this time wondering what it would be like to blow Earls huge cock, she wanted to take her time teasing and playing with it.

She wasn't in a hurry to bring him off, and neither was he. They just wanted to play. Betsy said once she put her hot tongue against his huge shaft and felt the big veins against the tip of her tongue she shuddered and came again. Her pussy was on fire already. The sheer size of Earls 12 inch cock was making her crazier then all of her boyfriends combined! She said that his great big cock was making her body react like no other guy or boyfriend ever had. She was convinced that fucking a guy with a huge cock could make any girl fuck insanely. Betsy said she had sucked all of her boyfriends and that she could swallow every one of them whole, but said she couldn't even get her mouth past the crown of Earl's huge shaft. This fact alone made her delirious to the point of making her cum over and over.

She said for the first half hour she didn't even put her hands on his huge cock, all she did was kiss it lovingly then tease it with the tip of her tongue as she looked up at him with a sly grin. As his huge cock towered straight up in the air like a giant column Betsy ran her tongue up one side, flicking it wildly as she worked her way up to his huge cock head. She then began wildly flicking her tongue into his big cum slit. When she reached the crown she pursed her lips and kissed it affectionately saying between kisses,

"So fucking big baby...ohhhh baby... it's so huge."

She then began her teasing journey down the other side of his endless shaft as her tongue flicked uncontrollably, slowly and teasingly, causing her to moan out loud over and over,

"Oh god... it's so fucking huge."

As Betsy went insane with lust, blowing the biggest cock she knew she would ever have in her life, she moaned lustfully, "Oh baby my ass is on fire from just blowing your great big cock baby."

That was what she said as her hot tongue flicked along the sides of his huge cock, causing Earl to moan and say,

"Oh yeah baby, you're such a sexy young teaser...Oh yeah play with that big cock baby... use that sexy teenage mouth of yours and get that big cock all wet and ready to fuck that sexy young pussy of yours baby."

As Betsy flicked her wild tongue over his huge shaft she kept looking up at him and saying repeatedly, "Oh fuck baby I've been going crazy for the last two weeks just thinking about blowing this huge cock and making it cum .....Ummmm....its so fucking big....I can't wait to see your big load baby."

After a while this hot teasing was getting to Earl and she could feel his huge cock begin to throb and pulse. Betsy said she was delirious from the feeling of his huge pulsing shaft against her burning tongue. She moaned and said wickedly,

"Oh fuck yeah, you like the way my naughty tongue is fucking your huge shaft .... Don't you Earl .....ohhh fuck yeah....I know your liking this naughty 18 year old tongue fuck on your huge cock baby....Oh fuck yeah, I know you do baby."

After over an hour of driving each other wild Betsy taunted him by saying, I saw how much this big cock can cum baby and now I got a front row seat to watch it shoot for me." She continued saying,

"Oh yeah baby, I think its time to start pumping your great big cock again and getting it nice and ready to pop off."

As Earl was moaning for her to stroke it, Betsy began spiting all over his huge shaft and covered it with her hot saliva. As she took her hands and placed them on his huge shaft she was startled that her hands could only reach half way around the wide shaft. As she spit at his giant tower she said,

"Ohhhh yeah.... I'm getting this great big cock nice and wet, so that I can pump the fuck out of it baby... Pump it until it cums real fucking hard and crazy lover."

Earl began moaning and commanded her to jack his big cock. Betsy began to pump him slowly and deliberately at first as she thrilled from the feeling of having such an enormous cock slide through her outstretched hands. His moaning was telling her how fucking good her hands felt, and this in turn was thrilling her, which caused her pussy to reach the boiling point. She said that just stroking his giant cock and feeling the power of it and thinking that his monster was going to be fucking inside her tight pussy real soon caused her to moan and shudder into an explosive orgasm. After a while she picked up the pace and said it was so sexy to stroke up and down his huge saliva coated shaft while as it made wet slurping sounds with each stroke. As she pumped his raging hard on she said, "Oh yeah baby I can't wait to see this monster pop off. I watched this huge cock shoot off five times that day while you were fucking my grandma, and I've never seen so much cum fly out of one guys cock before."

Betsy said she was getting so turned on while she played with Earl's great big cock, as he continued to moan how good she was at pumping him. This turned her on even more knowing that she was pleasing him. She never cared about making her boyfriends happy, but the only thing that mattered in the world to her now was pleasing this scrawny redneck with the giant 12 inch cock! After an hour of stroking and licking his giant cock Earl needed his release.

Earl couldn't take the sexy pumping from the hot 18 year old teenager any longer. The sight of her young freckled body, with those tiny tits, dressed in those sexy tan thigh high stockings, with those naughty open toed high heel pumps brought him way over the edge. His voice dropped and he began to moan incoherently as long ropes of hot cum began flying out of his enormous cock, exploding everywhere! It was so startling and powerful, that Betsey said she could hardly hold his pulsating shaft with both hands! She said cum just kept spurting out of his huge cock as if it would never stop while she kept sinfully pumping it. Even though she saw his huge cock erupt when he fucked her grandma, she couldn't believe her eyes as she watched amazed as rope after rope shot out of his pulsing cock head. Betsy had no idea so much cum could launch out of one man's cock, even one as huge and turned on as Earls. She went wild and came herself when he shot his powerful load as blast after blast flew out of his pulsing cock head out over the side of the pick up.

After what seemed like minutes had passed he finally stopped. Betsy's ultimate shock came after Earl came. She was so used to all her boyfriends going limp and shrinking to the size of a pea after they came, and then rolling over and going to sleep. But not Earl! She couldn't believe that his tremendous 12 inch cock that had just shot what seemed like a gallon of cum for so long and stayed as hard as a rock! She said that right after he came he flipped her on her back and said it was time to get into that young schoolgirl pussy.

Betsy's body was going delirious with both fear and excitement with thoughts running through her that she was finally going to fuck this enormous cock she had lusted for, and thought about constantly over the last two weeks. Earl then took hold of his enormous shaft in his hand; which was cumbersome for him to hold. He then teasingly began rubbing the enormous cock head against Betsy's tight fuck lips. He was enjoying taunting Betsy as he listened to her moans about wanting his giant cock in her pussy so bad, and that she was going crazy to have it.

After 10 minutes of teasing her young pussy and spreading those young fuck lips 10 times wider then they have ever been before, he began lining up the giant cock then slowly and deliberately began sending it into her smoking pussy. As soon as Earls giant cock head managed to get an inch inside the sexy high school teenagers pussy he became a man processed! From that moment on Betsy's pussy could not stop cumming!

Earl began fucking Betsey slow at first, because he wanted her to remember every inch of his great big cock. Betsy said that after the first two inches of his huge cock were inside her it felt like a huge tree trunk compared to all her boyfriends. She said that her pussy kept pulsating and cumming as Earl continued to inch his way into her. She had never had anything this big inside of her ever and was nearly blacking out from the enormity of it. The sides of her pussy were being stretched beyond its limits as Earl continued to send his giant 12 inch cock deep into her wet burning teenage pussy.

Although Betsy's pussy tried to resist Earl's tremendous cock, she craved every inch and wanted to feel its entire staggering length and width even if it tore her apart. That was the kind of animal lust his 12 inch monster brought out in all the girls and women he fucked.


Betsey cried out again and again telling him that her pussy so over-stuffed, and that he was so huge as Earl pushed deeper and deeper into the tightest snatch he had ever felt. After nine massive inches were wedged deep in Betsey's pussy, fear overcame her and she desperately tried to resist his tremendous cock, but by the evil look on Earl's face told her that he wasn't going to stop fucking until he felt like it!

As she moaned crazily, Earl was taking his time and enjoying branding this new young pussy with his 12 inch cock. As he listened to her groans about loving his giant cock he looked over and scanned her entire body which caused him to fuck a little harder. The sight of this sexy, tight as a glove, freckled, high school teenager, dressed to tease in those tan thigh high stockings and sexy high heels was making him crazy. Determined to fuck every inch of his massive 12 inch cock into her, Earl began rubbing Betsy's hard clit. He did this to temporally divert her attention from the massive cock that was continuing to burrow its way deep beyond the limits of her stretched out pussy. The combined stimulation of his hands rubbing her hard clit and that monster cock impaling her caused her to erupt like a volcano. Betsey said the almost evil look in his eyes told her that he was just getting started and was going to get all 12 inches of that monster cock crammed up into her hot tight pussy, even if took him all day!

With every new inch he fed into her, Betsy's pussy convulsed and exploded as it continued to be stretched beyond recognition from Earl's massive cock! Finally after an hour her defenseless pussy was rewarded with the entire 12 inch monster that had haunted her for two weeks! Now the fun was about to begin! As Earl began getting into the rhythm he wanted, Betsy's pussy began cumming with every stroke. When Earl would pull out to take a little break in the action, her 18 year old pussy desperately clung to it as if it needed his giant cock to live. They had been fucking for almost an hour before her pussy was able to relax a little and really get into this naughty fuck. She said Earl was hitting her in places that none of her boyfriends ever had, and this alone added to the tremendous consecutive orgasms she was experiencing.

She said that once he had bottomed out in her pussy he went even crazier, pounding her tight as a glove pussy like a wild man for half an hour straight. Betsy said that she was delirious form the non stop pounding of Earl's huge cock and the amazing amount of stamina he had. She said that she must have cum over twenty times from being fucked by that huge non- stop monster cock. Finally, when Earl couldn't hold his load back another second he pulled out which caused a loud popping sound and made Betsy suck him off.

She said that she immediately obeyed his demand and couldn't believe the freakish site as his huge cock swayed angrily in the air like a huge wet column, waiting with irritation for her to put her mouth and hands back on it again and start playing with it. Betsy said, as Earls giant cock waved in the air arrogantly she began to teasingly stab her long hot tongue along the sides of his huge shaft which caused him to groan and say,

"Catch it baby....Catch that big fuckin' cock and make it cum you sexy teasing teenage bitch."

Betsy was so hot and so eager to please Earl's giant cock and do exactly what he wanted her to do. After a few minutes of sinfully playing with his huge cock she caught the big head with her wide open mouth and began sucking on it while her outstretched hands pumped vigorously and lovingly on the huge hard throbbing shaft.

Earl was going wild and after a few tortuous minutes from Betsy's skilled mouth and hands he began to release a clear fluid that ran through her horny teenage hands for almost a minute. This pre cum helped coat his already wet saliva coated cock. Betsy said she was so desperate to please his huge cock and make it cum. She repeated over and over while she looked at him with wild lust, "Oh baby...I want to taste every drop of cum out of your great big cock." That did it! She said that when he exploded, cum shot out so powerfully that it filled her mouth in a few seconds before spilling out from the sides running down her chin and covering her tiny tits. This was so hot for her; pumping such an enormous tireless cock that could shoot so much hot cum it caused her to cum too. She told me that his gigantic cock made her cum like crazy. She said just looking at it could make you cum, because it was so freakishly huge. She said that all she could think about was pleasing Earl's huge tireless cock, and doing anything he wanted-anything.

After he came they lay side by side as Earls hands ran up and down Betsey's long thin stocking covered legs. Betsy was still in a trance from the shock of fucking such an enormous cock and cumming so hard and so many times. She teasingly stroked Earls huge rubbery cock through her turned on hands determined to give him another great big angry hard on. As Betsy continued to play with his giant cock slowly and deliberately she would kiss it and say how big and sexy it was.

She began to imagine what people would think if they could see this perverted picture. Here was a sexy young high school senior, naughtily dressed in pair of sexy tan thigh high stockings and a pair of classic open toed brown high heel pumps with a white pearl necklace on, lying next to a 54 year old skinny short red neck guy with nothing on in the back of an old rusted pick-up truck. They would see the sexy, freckled high school senior, lovingly pumping the older red necks enormous hard on with both outstretched hands, and then kissing it all over lovingly, then looking up at the man 36 years her senior with a naughty sinful smile on her face. They would then see an immoral kiss between the two using just the tips of their tongues, flicking in a taboo kiss as she continued pumping his massive 12 inch cock

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