tagIncest/TabooHot-hot Sister-in-Law

Hot-hot Sister-in-Law


Sharon Maynard returned to England to attend her oldest sister's wedding, taking a break from post-graduate time-out in Hong Kong where she worked seven days a week at a high-class brothel on a 6-hour shift each day, with shifts advancing six hours every three weeks.

She once told herself that her work was such a grind but the work sometimes was enjoyable.

The 23-year old didn't get on particularly well with her aggressive and 9-year older sister. Arriving in Sheffield only hours before the wedding, she'd spent little time with the panicking Gabriel and the first time she saw the bridegroom was at the church.

Gabriel the bitch hadn't even invited her to be a bridesmaid.

At the church, she saw her mom, who earlier had little time to talk to her either, with hair and nails taking greater priority, being practically all over a blond-headed hunk and assumed he was her mom Margo's latest toy-boy. Her widowed Aunt Elsie, sitting next to Sharon said, "That's Adam Clinton, your imminent brother-in-law, talking to your mother. You won't have had time to meet him if you only arrived a little over four hours ago."

"True and he looks quite a pin-up. How did Gabriel manage to snare him?"

"He's the manager at Everett's Boarding Stables & Riding School where your sister is head instructor. They were the only staff who lived on-site and perhaps not unexpectedly they drifted into a relationship."

"Is she pregnant?"

"Your mother thinks she is but she would. I wouldn't think so. They are both too smart to let mistakes like that happen. But if he wouldn't marry her until she was pregnant, I guess your mother could be right."

"Well thanks for making that perfectly clear."

Aunt Elsie smiled and patted Sharon's shoulder and said, "You being the youngest in your family have long stood out as the cleverest and most loveable of the family."

"Why are Ruth and Alice not here for the wedding? Mum refused to tell me."

"Alice is on a yacht going down the west coast of Africa and Ruth and Gabriel fell out seriously after Ruth banged up Gabriel's car and faced a drunk-driving charge that she got off but the insurance company refused to pay out. Gabriel went to Ruth with her hand out for money to cover all costs but was told to get lost."

"Oh dear."

"Those two have always scrapped. Why aren't you're a bridesmaid?"

"I wasn't asked."

"Oh dear. There are times when I think Gabriel can be quite a bitch for no reason at all. I suppose when Alice chose her sailing cruise over being at her sister's wedding, Gabriel said stuff the lot of you."

"Yeah, I can buy that Auntie."

"Careful darling, continue to be nice to me like this and I'll leave you all your money."

"Stuff your money. Just remain well, alive and enjoy attending weddings and funerals. I'll return home in perhaps six months and will resume going out with you once a month and getting pissed. We've had some great times doing that at top shelf social events."

"Yes dear, and I never fail to feel safe when I'm with you and alcohol begins to take my senses. You're a rare youngster dear; most that I know of don't care a weasel's fart about not associating with their older close relatives and you even respect your mother despite the fact she gives you a hard time."

"Yes, well that's because I became decidedly independent when I was young and defied her attempts to make me show allegiance to the immediately family clan but now it seems Alice is becoming independent at last as well. But the one thing I'll never forget about mum was she made dad fork out for my university education which made him delay the rebuild of his precious hunting lodge in Scotland for those four years and possibly a fifth year."

After the wedding ceremony at the church, guests went to the Maynard's splendid home at Long Line, South-West Sheffield where the wedding breakfast was held in a marquee on an expansive lawn.

The bride's father, a commercial property investor, was busy welcoming guests but moments before half-choked on a piece of finger-food that left him hoarse. As he was called to make the welcome, he began coughing again. His wife pulled him down to his seat and said to the MC to call their daughter Sharon to welcome guests.

Sharon was spinning her aunt a yarn about the type of work she was doing in Hong Kong, alleging she was working for the Hong Kong Tourist Association helping to welcome dignitaries to the city.

"God that sounds something like prestige prostitution."

Sharon said hastily, "Oh no, not at all but I must admit a couple of times I've been lucky and was given a real night out and ended up in bed with that guy."

Then the call came and she scuttled away, relieved to have the diversion.

She stepped up to the rostrum and began, "On behalf of my parents, my sister who is one of the most beautiful brides I've ever seen, my new brother-in-law whom I'm yet to meet as I only arrived in from Hong Kong a few hours ago but can see he's very dishy, I welcome everyone here who have come to witness the wedding of my sweet sister Gabriel and her prince charming err Alec..."

"Adam," her mum shouted.

"Oopsie, blame it on jetlag. As I was saying, to witness the marriage of Gabriel and her prince charming Adam Clinton and I have to admit something rare for me; I felt close to tears because it was so emotional and heart-stretching and Rev. Charles took them through their marriage vows of marriage so splendidly. My mother and father as hosts invite you all to eat and drink in warm conviviality and men take your Ladies to admire Gabriel's dress and expensive make-up that must have cost more than I earn in a couple of years. Thank you."

Sharon glanced at her mum who was staring at her, mouth open, as if Sharon represented the Second Coming. And then Gabriel screamed "Sharon!"

Sharon trotted over and Gabriel stood and hugged her speechmaking sister and almost swamped her in wet kisses.

People stood and an ovation was underway.

Sharon took some time to get back to her seat because people, most of whom she didn't know, stood to hug and kissed her while burbling congratulations on her eloquence.

"God you have the makings of a superstar orator providing you learn your lines," said her aunt, who stood and hugged and kissed her youngest niece.

Half an hour later the bride and groom arrive at the table where Elspeth and Sharon were seated and a guy in a deep voice said, "Stand and allow me to kiss you Sharon you sweet darling."

She stood and Adam kissed her until Gabriel said nervously, "That's enough Adam."

"I'm pleased to have you as my brother-in-law and please treat my sister kindly," Sharon said and turned and kissed Gabriel sweetly and the bride burst into tears.

Adam asked nervously, "What wrong Gabby?"

Biting back the urge to say it's guilt, Sharon said kindly, "Take her out in the cool and feel her up Adam; that will relax her. This is a stressful although happy day for my sister."

"We'll be back in a minute," Adam said walking off to the nearest exit, Gabriel dabbing her eyes with the handkerchief he'd handed her.

"You wicked vixen saying all those nice things about your hard-arse sister," Elspeth whispered. "But it's her wedding day and I admire you for doing that."

"Now cut out that kind of talk otherwise you'll be in danger of becoming my favourite aunt."

"Sorry but it's too late to prevent that," Elspeth smirked. "I love you Sharon."

Four days later Sharon was back in Hong Kong only to find she'd lost her

room at the brothel.

"You weren't here and this newcomer asked for a room and yours was the only one unoccupied," the brothel manager said coldly.

Sharon replied hotly, "But you gave me permission to be away for a week and that's exactly the time I've been away... seven days."

"Business is business and you know that," said the manager. "I have pressure on me to sustain cash-flow at highly profitable levels."

Her face hardened and said she, "Do you wish to collect your stored possessions and leave quietly or do you wish to deal for security? A couple of those guys would really like to give you a full sexual workout before tossing you into the street."

Sharon sighed and threw up her hands in capitulation.

She arrived back home in England and her mother greeted her warmly but said sadly, "Darling I regret you can't stay here. I have eight couples arriving this evening to stay for the duration of the Festival of Arts. Also, I'm sorry to inform you Elspeth is visiting her friend in Ireland at the moment but is due back in about five days. Why not call Gabriel as ask if you can stay with them? They only had two days away and will go on a real honeymoon next month. You two seem to have buried your hatchet following your amazing speech at the wedding. Daddy and I were ever so proud of you and you looked so amazing in that gorgeous little white dress with everything just under cover."

"Thanks mum and the outlay on your designer green and blue silk creation was money well spent. You look the best I'd seen you in a decade."

"Oh darling, obviously that high-class hosting you were doing in Hong Kong suited you to the hilt and it has soften you and made you more gracious. It must have been devastating for you to return and find severe staffing cuts meant yours was one of the heads to roll. But never mind, give me your bank account number and I'll deposit ten thousand to tide you over. Let me know if need more if you have difficulty finding new employment. The work you were doing was pretty specialist work I guess."

* * *

Gabriel heard the distinctive sound of the classic Porsche Boxster S zooming up the long driveway to the riding school beyond the boarding stables and came out to greet her sister. When Sharon climbed out of the vehicle she was greeted by an aggressive, "Has mum given you this sports car she rarely uses?"

"No, it's on loan until I settle."

"Oh," Gabriel said sounding relieved. "That's good news and I'm now glad you are here to stay for a few days. Aren't you going to kiss me?"

The kiss was fulsome but the damage had been done, with Sharon deciding her sister the jealous cow was really not a nice person. Perhaps she should fuck the new husband in revenge for years of being put down by her bitch of a sister.

Sharon was horrified at the reaction and thought it was not very nice and had no wish to be like Gabriel.

After coffee, Gabriel said, "I have to catch up with bookkeeping and get those files off to our accountant. Go back on the track a bit and take the right fork to the boarding stables where Adam is making his fortnightly inspection of horses as they are being ridden around by staff. Take my light motorbike outside the backdoor."

As a teenager Sharon had been big into equestrian riding and she had collected cups and ribbons by the bucketful although Gabriel was considered to be the family's top rider. Later Sharon, being a bit of a tom-boy, had branched out into motor-cross riding to escape Gabriel's spiteful putdowns about pony club riding not being real horse riding.

Sharon rode down the sealed track on the 125 cc Japanese bike sedately but once out of Gabriel's sight and hearing, she left the track and gunned the motor and had a great time barrelling around the summer-dried pastureland. She went flying down the last hill to the stables, skidding around drinking troughs and old tree stumps just for the hell of it, unaware Adam and the others had stopped work and watching.

Sharon completed her hijinks by leaping the bike across the bed of a stream that was about eight-foot wide. She then returned to the track and rode in quietly and by then everyone was back working.

Adam kissed her and said it was lovely seeing her again and without thinking Sharon whispered boldly, "God, you are so handsome."

He blinked hard but ignored that. Instead he said, "Why are you perspiring?"

"Oh. it's hot on the bike I suppose," she said vaguely.

Sharon couldn't believe she'd just told him in that sexy voice he was handsome. She gritted to herself to back off and stop being a slut. She was aware that low-life tendency came naturally to her.

Adam introduced his sister-in-law to the three stable-hands, all females.

"We saw you riding the ride down the hill," Adam said quietly. "Can you ride a horse?"

"Yes, a bit and I've been riding in Hong Long but only on crowded pathways reserved for horse-riding."

"Jenny let Sharon take that mare around the exercise area. You may have to raise the jumps for her."

"No leave them as they are; I'm no exhibitionist."

Sharon checked out the mare and saddle and Jenny instructed her on the exercise routine.

Sharon warmed up Sierra and then pushed her through her paces on the flat and then they hit the jumps at speed and horse and rider, confident in one another by then, completed the figure-eight jumping routine very smoothly.

Everyone was watching and standing with Adam, Jenny said, "I'd never say this in front of Gabriel but I know which sister the most stylish rider is. Sharon's seat, balance and control are awesome and probably that has been enhanced by the skills she learned in motor-bike riding."

"Well I suggest none of us mentions anything about this to Gabriel," Adam said diplomatically.

Sharon dismounted and immediately picked up Sierra's rear left leg and examined inside the hoof.

"She's getting over a stone bruise," Jenny called.

Sharon said good. "Sierra's a lovely ride, so smooth and so interested in what's she's doing."

"And she knows a good rider," Jenny called and then said quietly to the group, "Gee you would think Sierra was Sharon's horse. She already knows her like a book."

"Both sides of her family have been into horse-riding for generations," Adam said. "Besides owning this property, her parents have a horse stud in Buckinghamshire and own two boarding stables in the north. Sharon and Gabriel's aunt Elspeth Haylock as she was then, rode in equestrian for England. Oh, and their parents have a trophy room containing family photographs of their favourite horses and riding successes; a huge number of trophies are on display."

After Sharon had walked Sierra. she handed her back to Jenny and said quietly, "I hope she has the quality of rider she deserves."

"She has," Jenny smiled. "It's a woman solicitor in her forties who just adores Sierra."

"Thanks for telling me that; it makes me feel so happy."

As Sharon walked into the stables Jenny said to another stable-hand, "No one would think in terms of temperament that she and Gabriel were sisters."

* * *

Adam acted as if Sharon was just someone living in the house with him and Gabriel, a shadowy figure of no consequence at all. But that was not so.

He was aware how closely his wife watched him whenever her sister was in close proximity to him and she hung on to his conversations with Sharon as if searching for some sort of... of, well any clue to an indiscretion. Yes, his wife was acting very suspiciously and perhaps jealously.

The second thing was his ballooning awareness that his sister-in-law was one hot woman; she seemed to radiate an image of intense sexuality although he had to admit there was no evidence of any sexual fragrances, any 'come-on' gesture, not even a sneaky light touch, nor had any accidental bump against him occurred. And he'd not seen any licking of lips or smouldering glances.

Adam scratched his nuts, puzzled.

In fact, there was such an absence of sexuality that he suspected she must have shut-down her natural behaviour in fear she might cast enticement that could compel him to seduce her, not under Gabriel's nose of course, but at the first opportunity they thought they might get away with it.

The more that theory was considered the more Adam disbelieved it until he concluded he must have made the whole thing up because of his slow building desire to bang Sharon.

He wanted to bang Sharon?

Adam thought that must have been suppressed because he'd not been aware of possessing any such thought apart from that moment when she ran up to the rostrum at the wedding with her tits bouncing in that tight and revealing white dress. Admittedly, at his wedding he'd had the thunderbolt=thought she be a great fuck. But hey. he often had similar fleeting thoughts to that about women, probably since he was twelve or, err, perhaps a little older.

Adam decided to push the whole thing out of his mind and to keep his mind on work and if he began thinking about sex he'd be safe thinking Gabriel would be more than interested.

Ah, that was better, back thinking purists thoughts of a man yet to commence his honeymoon.

But an hour later the cone of purity he'd idealistically imagined he erected over himself for self-protection also meaning self-preservation, cracked when he entered the sunroom and saw his hot sister-in-law, err sweet Sharon, intently reading a magazine and then...


Presumably blissfully unaware she was being observed, Sharon lifted a finger and slowly the pink tip of her tongue emerged and wet the end pad of that finger. It was probably the finger she used frequently to relief her various tensions. Adam felt a hot flush sweep through him and wondered if there was a male version of a fluttering female orgasm.

Adam's docile cock leapt to full sexual readiness with the speed of lightning... well almost.

The cone had been penetrated and once again he felt vulnerable.

Sharon then turned the page of her magazine, using that finger.

Dismayed and also relieved, Adam quietly withdraw unseen and sweating.

God, just as well she hadn't uncovered a nipple and touched that with a wet finger, as he would have required a change of underwear. As he backed out of the doorway at least he retained the memory of that precious moment of intimacy, albeit mistaken intimacy, to cogitate on.

And then:

"Good morning Adam, are you not staying to chat with me?"

Adam hurried away, swaying in the passageway like a drunk.

He went to the kitchen where Gabriel, cooking their breakfast, kissed him and asked, "Are you okay; you're virtually panting?"

"I err just choked on a mouth-fresh mint."

"Oh, it's okay darling, I really don't mind smelling my pussy juices on your breath."

Adam reeled away and sat.

Gabriel turned over sausages in the pan and asked brightly, "You're not over-indulging in sex, are you?"

"Nope," he said manfully.

"Good because you'll know horsewoman can never get enough."


"Oh darling, it's because of the massaging their clitoris gets from the saddle You know basic arithmetic: one and one equals two, or one (saddle) and two (clitoris) equals sex please."

She whinnied like a horse.

It was Saturday and after breakfast they took Sharon to Market Day at a nearby village and came home for late lunch after enjoying several drinks sitting outside one of the pubs while watching life go by.

Gabriel made gorgeous Spanish omelettes (Sharon was a self-proclaimed 'useless cook') and after the meal she sloped off, presumable to have a kip. Gabriel disappeared into the sunroom, leaving Adam sighing as he looked at the kitchen that had the vague appearance of a bomb site as he began clearing away before doing the dishes muttering ungratefully, "All this fucking mess for an omelette - oh and breakfast dishes I see."

He later ambled off to watch porn on his laptop and midway called into the bathroom of the small house for a pee. He opened the door and strolled in and stopped if shot.

Jesus what was Sharon doing having a bath at almost 3:00 in the afternoon?

He eyed the cute tits but could see anything else because the water was soapy.

As if reading his thought, Sharon lifted her waist up totally out of the water and Adam boggled as she continued working two upturned fingers deep into her hairless cunt.

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