tagSci-Fi & FantasyHot House Crustacea Ch. 01.6

Hot House Crustacea Ch. 01.6


Hot House Crustacea: Conclusion

(Inspired by Seduced On The Bridge by Little White Mouse)

Epilogue One

"And this is how you found it?" asked the Chief Executive of Shipping and Transport, scanning the report.

"Yes Ma'am," replied 4230, the first respondent.

"Interesting," S&T said, "Continue for the record please."

"Right. 4782 experienced an accidental collision which adversely affected its cognitive and mnemonic functions; furthermore, there was damage to its environmental controls and stasis fields. Some of the cargo escaped. I'm sorry to report there are financial losses; some of the cargo ate the others...and there was a complication."

"Ah yes, the sentient primates," Shipping and Transport remarked.

The Chief Executive for Legal Affairs spoke, "My staff has determined that 4782's malfunction has made it non-culpable for its actions. It is my recommendation that no sanctions be imposed."

"So noted," said S&T.

"It is ironic that the environmental malfunction made it possible for 4782's rescue," the Chief Executive of Engineering remarked. "If the moisture from the ship's bridge hadn't caused the short circuit, the distress signal might not have activated. 4782 might have drifted for years without anyone ever finding out."

"It would have been bad for the primates," said the Chief Executive of Xenobiological Affairs.

"And the condition of the principals?" asked S&T.

"4782 is under repair and upgrades. It is very remorseful over its mistake. An A.I. psychoanalyst will issue a report soon," said Engineering.

"The sentient primates are being housed in a residential cubical until their legal and medical situation is resolved," said Legal.

"In other words, until we figure out our liability," snickered Xenobiology.

"The sentients were extremely agitated when the investigatory party entered the bridge," 4230 remarked. "The party was forced to use tranquilizers."

"They're primitives, they've never seen sentients of our species before," said Xenobiology.

"Didn't stop them from 'engaging in carnalities' with the crustazoids," snarked Engineering.

"They had no choice in the matter. A confined space, crustazoids at peak mating cycle, a malfunctioning A.I., dangerous creatures running loose..." replied Xenobiology.

"How many times did they...um?" S&T asked.

"Approximately three birthings, according to the debrief," Legal replied.

"The ship was crawling with crustazoids," Xenobiology said. "It'll be months before we can clear them out."

"Make sure you ship them to processing. The profits from the chemicals might offset the losses from the accident," S&T said.

"So noted," replied Xenobiology.

"And the sentients were not pregnant?" asked S&T.

"Not at the moment. They were engaged in some sort of primitive ritual when the investigators arrived. Difficult to describe without the Translator, but it involves trying to physically assume the shape of a certain numeral, unique only to their species. Strange habits, these sentients," remarked Xenobiology.

"So now, what is their present condition?" S&T asked.

"Under medical quarantine; the extended contact with the crustazoids has caused complications."

"Such as?" asked S&T.

"A viral infection, unique to the crustazoids homeworld, combined with their exuded sexual stimulants has altered the sentients' physiology. Their libido has, apparently, undergone an almost exponential increase. It seems to have affected their stamina as well," replied Xenobiology.

"Hmmm," hmmmed S&T. "Abduction, viral infection, nonconsensual sexual stimulation; I see legal trouble."

"Big trouble," said Legal. "The Health and Sentient Services representative assigned to their case is a major primitive sentient rights advocate. He informed them of their civil case before I could get to them. I might have something however; he seemed extremely reluctant to leave his clients and I noticed his coverings were somewhat undone. There are possibilities for extortional coercion."

"It won't work," said Xenobiology. "Any relations with nonprimates can be easily attributed to the infection. The investigators had to use tranquilizers because the sentients tried to, uh, 'engage in carnalities' with them. They were very persistent."

"Well, the blackmail option is out. Can we um...?" asked S&T.

"Disappear them? No, I'm afraid it's impossible. News has gotten out. People will ask questions," answered Legal.

"I have an idea," said Xenobiology.

"Go on."

"Settlement and resettlement. Pay them off and put them somewhere out of the way," said Xenobiology.

"Brilliant!" remarked Legal.

"Why not send them home?" asked S&T.

"The viral infection; it might spread through their species," answered Xenobiology. "It would cause trouble for us; I'm referring to Legal Sanction No....'Unlawful Biological Contamination of Non-Member Sentients'. May I add the suggestion that the proposed settlement include genetic enhancements? I've done some research on Xenopedia and have uncovered certain cosmetic practices, unique to their species. If the enhancements are done to their unique tastes it might placate them."

The Chief Executive looked at Legal, who nodded. "Good! Do you have any suggestions for resettlement?"

"I know just the place," replied Xenobiology.

Epilogue Two

Tandy and Sue were on the beach. Well, it was a beach; just not the beach. It was a beautiful beach actually; snow white sands, beautiful azure sky. If not for the three moons (the fourth would rise soon), the two suns, and the giant mushroom shaped rocks off the shore, the place could have passed for Tahiti.

There weren't any leering boys. The things that stared did so out of curiosity; not that the girls minded. Tandy and Sue were currently engaged in such activities as would have leerers creaming in their speedos. Their neighbors, however, saw the sixty-nine position as just another peculiar alien custom.

The girls, as usual, were slick and sweaty, more from sex than humidity. Suntan oil was a thing of the past. The SEXES financed cosmetic enhancement included a permanent tan; light, the way they preferred.

Thanks to SEXES, Tandy and Sue were very much the same as when they left Earth; hair back to their original lengths; bodies back to their original measurements; Sue's pussy bald, Tandy's lightly bushed. The representative gave them the option of altering their physical appearance, warning that the changes would be more or less irreversible (something to do with the nanotech and genetics program [the representative fibbed a little; the girls could have been installed with a shifter program, allowing them to change appearance at will, but it was expensive and SEXES was cheap]).

Tandy and Sue's bodies were locked in a permanent early 20's physicality (by the girls' personal estimate, they were approaching forty). SEXES also paid for the luxury mansion that served as their primary residence.

It was a modern thing, by galactic standards: automated food and clothing processors, self repair, climate control; the women had everything.

The women had a highly active decade and a half; eating, sleeping, fucking; occasionally travelling to other planets. They were even employed of a sort. SEXES listed them as entertainers. The entertainment they provided was a certain kind for certain clientele (S&T was even a client from time to time). It helped that they had a supercharged libido and an endless reservoir of stamina, considering the varied species. SEXES was even good enough to give them their own ship. Tandy and Sue were well aware that they could return home any time but, between the luxury and the sex, they barely missed Earth.

Tandy and Sue slurped each other's pussies; tongues slid in and out of their buds, licking their swollen clits, drinking each other's cum. Their breasts moved over their opposite's bellies, nipples brushing across their flat tummies. As they slurped, the former BFF's turned lovers talked of old friends.

"Slurp! Tandy? Slurp! Is it 'slurp!' mating cycle?"

"Yesslurp! Yes Sue 'slurp!', but I think 'slurp!'...I think they'll give us 'slurp!' a pass 'slurp!' this time. We popped out a bunch of 'slurp!' females last time, remember 'slurp!'?"

"Oh! Slurp! Forgot! Slurp!"

And so as they went down on each other, on a hot, two sunny day, on a white sandy beach by an alien sea, Tandy and Sue agreed, sex and shrimp are never boring.

The End

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