tagLoving WivesHot Housewife Cucks Her Happy Hubby

Hot Housewife Cucks Her Happy Hubby


Marci was a typical, beautiful housewife who worked part time out of her house and her husband Jake worked about 45 minutes away as the manager of high producing corporation.

Marci kept herself in wonderful shape by exercising 4 days a week and eating healthy. She was a beautiful Latina, with long, flowing, jet black hair that came about 3 inches below her shoulders.

She was not fat, she was not thin, she was just right! She stood a mere 5'2" tall, and she had a body that was made for fucking! On her chest, she proudly displayed a nice pair of big brown sexy boobs. She truly had an hourglass figure! She weighed 131 lbs and she had curves in all of the right places!

Her brown boobs were a nicely sized 36D cup, a 27" waist, 36" hips, and yes she had a full, round, smooth, Latina ass on her! To go along with her nice shape, she had pretty smile and full sexy lips. Jake was no slouch himself, keeping himself in decent shape and loving his beautiful wife as much as he could!

Since they had kids at an early age, they were now "empty nesters" their two sons were all grown up and out on their own, so they decided to sell their house and purchase a smaller cozy house in a nice suburban neighborhood. This left the voluptuous housewife sometimes bored when she was alone in the house when Jake was working.

Sure she was 43 years old, but everyone who met her thought she looked more like she was in her mid 30's, she was very sexy! It seemed that ever since she reached the age of 40, her hormones were really kicking in; making her pussy wet almost all the time.

She didn't mind that her pretty shaved cunt was constantly moist with excitement and since she was home alone a lot, she often visited adult websites where she could view pictures of naked men and women and watch them fucking. She would get naked at home and play with her pussy as she watched the big cocks sliding in and out of those sexy women's wet pussy holes in the movies.

Jake loved seeing his wife in the tight outfits that she would wear, but he really wanted to see her more in the pretty bikini's that she had, and he would let her know. They had a spa in their backyard and she really enjoyed taking a dip or two during the day, but she was also good about coming back inside and not allowing the sun to damage her beautiful brown skin.

Like many married men, Jake had often told Marci how much he enjoyed seeing men look at her, but she didn't like hearing that. Oh he would tell her anyways and sometimes in bed he mentioned that he wished she would find a lover, a man to fuck her as he watched!

The first time he told her that she was shocked, but she was curious as to why her husband's 5" dick was so hard! She loved it when he was so hard, so she reluctantly played along, just so her pussy would get a nice good stiff dicking!

Since Jake had a pool table in his garage, it was easy for him to spend time out there, with the door open, and that's how he and his next door neighbor became good friends, or so Jake thought. Oh sure, Tom enjoyed shooting pool with Jake, having a couple of beers with him on the weekend etc, but Tom also enjoyed eyeballing Jake's sexy wife Marci.

It seemed that every time he was over, she would always come out to the garage, in her tight little shorts and tops, her boobs outlined in the tight titty shirts would wear all the time. You know tight fitting tops that really accent a woman's boobs. Not to mention the tight jeans or shorts that she would wear too! They really accented her full, shapely, round, beautiful, Latina ass!

Oh sure, Jake noticed the way his neighbor stared at his wife and that would secretly make his dick hard in his pants, the way Tom looked at Marci. Him checking out his wife's curves and features, it just made him so proud that she was his wife!

Jake would often try and get Marci to parade around in skimpier things too, like the tiny red bikini he had purchased for her at one of those tanning solons. Even though she wore tight nice fitting clothes, and she loved Jake very much, like many women, she just wasn't 100% comfortable with being in just a bikini, even around her own house.

So, one day, Jake was pleasantly surprised. You see when he go home from work, after long day, Marci, came out and greeted him in just her skimpy little red bikini and some high heeled sandals, as he came thru the door from the garage and into the house. She looked radiant as she pranced toward Jake with her big boobs bouncing in that small top that barely covered her luscious mounds of tit flesh!

He smiled, as he was not used to seeing her in just a bikini when he got home, but he was very happy that she was! As he looked at his hot wife up and down, he even noticed that she had a damp spot on the front of her bikini bottoms, and that gave him a sly grin on his face. She said to her loving husband, "So how was your day honey?"

He replied, "Great, but even better now. Say, when did you all of sudden decide to parade around here in just a bikini babe?"

"Well, Jake, a couple of hours ago, I decided that the weather was so nice, I wanted to put on this bikini, and well one thing led to another and I just decided to keep it on, until you came home from work babe!" she said

"Hmm nice, well I can't say that I mind, man you look sexy!" He said to his wife as he reached down to squeeze his hardening cock thru his pants as he looked at her.

She looked at him with a sly grin and said, "Oh I love you so much babe, I'll tell you all about my day honey," as she handed him a cold beer.

As she did, she also reached out and gave her husband's cock a nice squeeze, feeling how hard he was getting in his pants!

You see, Marci, loved to tease her husband, and she knew how much good old Jake loved for his sexy wife to show off!

She kept massaging his cock thru his pants as he took a drink of his beer and she proceeded to tell him about her amazing day!

"So after cleaning up a bit, I decided that my car needed to be washed, so I pulled it out of our garage and parked in out driveway honey. I found your bucket and sponges and I started to put soap and water into the bucket, when I noticed that Tom, our next door neighbor was out mowing his lawn babe, he waived at me though with a big smile on his face!"

What she didn't mention was that she actually heard Tom's lawn mower running for about a half an hour, as she debated as whether or not to actually go out front in just her skimpy bikini. They had only lived in their new house for about a month and they had met Tom on the day they moved in.

They met Tom and his wife Sally, when those two came over to their place and introduced themselves, brining an apple pie, as a kind neighborly gesture. Tom had watched as they moved things from their truck into the house, and he couldn't keep his eyes off of his sexy new neighbor's wife, Marci. She was wearing a pair of tight fitting jean cutoff shorts, along with a tight blue tank top, with her tennis shoes and small socks. Her body was fucking amazing he thought to himself as he watched her moving boxes into their garage and house.

He was a fireman, 47 years old, and he often had 3 days off or so, during the week. His wife Sally worked during the day, and he wanted to get to know his neighbors as much as possible, especially his new sexy housewife neighbor, Marci.

That day, as his wife at work, he decided to mow the lawn in the afternoon, knowing that Marci might be home and maybe he might be able to talk to her, if she came outside for any reason. When she appeared in the driveway in just that small tight red bikini and heeled sandals, not only did his eyes almost pop out of his head, but his big dick actually jumped in his shorts, as he was not wearing any underwear underneath, on purpose.

Jake then told Marci, "oh and you were in just your bikini honey"

"Yes silly, I told you that I wanted to put it on, so I went out into the driveway and started to wash my car, with this same red bikini on babe" she said, as she twirled around, letting Jake see her as she modeled it for him.

The bottoms were quite small, barely covering the sexy housewife's shaved little snatch in front and the small, tight fitting, bikini bottoms back weren't large enough to cover all of her full round smooth Latina ass. Jake loved his wife's full sexy ass, and he knew other men enjoyed looking at her ass also.

Her red bikini top was a size medium, so there was no way that they could completely hide or contain her beautiful big brown tits. As he looked up, he could see her tits slightly coming out if the bottom of her top, and the material only covered the center of big boobs, thus leaving the sides exposed along with her nice full sexy cleavage in the middle.

Just looking at his wife in that bikini, along with her high platform sandals, made his own cock twitch and move in his pants, even after all these years of marriage!

"OK, honey, so Tom looked at you, as you started to wash your car in the driveway in that bikini, huh? Well, I can't blame him one bit, your look fabulous and any man would have loved to see you dressed in that." He told her with a smile.

"Oh that's so nice to say honey, well he waived, then he walked right and asked if I needed help washing my car, wasn't that just so nice him, babe?" she asked.

"Sure I mean that's being neighborly," Jake said, knowing why Tom wanted to help, but feeling pride in that, and feeling his own dick getting hard as his sexy wife told him.

Yes, he wanted to wash the wheels, honey, as I soaped the top part, seems he likes doing that, he stayed down there as I washed the top." She said to her husband.

Jake new exactly why too! Tom was admiring her full ass in those tiny bikini bottoms and the way they formed around the sexy wife's shaved snatch in front. He knew that his neighbors face was just inches from her ass and pussy like that.

By the same token, Marci, actually felt sexy having her neighbor help her wash her car, and she could feel his breath on her ass, as she made sure she washed the hood for a long time as he washed her rims and tires. She even sort of pushed her ass back, so it was against his face a couple of times, and he didn't seem to mind at all!

She could feel her snatch getting wet as she did so, but she acted like no big deal. Soon they were drying off the car with some towels and at one point he was so close to her, she thought she could feel his bulge in his shorts against her ass as she leaned in to dry her car.

She could definitely see his bulge, Tom did nothing to hide the fact that his huge cock was rock hard in his shorts and it made a nice sized tent in front, he actually was hoping the hot housewife noticed too!

By the time they finished, Marci's married pussy was all wet, so she invited Tom in, knowing his wife Sally was off at work, and her own husband Jake, was too.

"So I invited Tom inside babe, you know, it was hot and he looked like he could use a nice cold glass of lemon aid, I wanted to be a nice hostess honey, right?" she said to Jake

"Oh sure honey, I know you are great hostess and you wanted to be nice," he told his wife as he kept squeezing his hard cock thru his pants. "Please go on...."

"Well are you sure you won't get mad me babe, huh, please don't" she said with those puppy dog eyes and her tits inches from her husband's chest.

"Oh Marc, I love you so much babe, I would not get mad, how could I get angry with you for being as sexy as you are!" Jake told her, as he reached out to fondle his wife's huge tits. Looking down at her boobs, he thought that he saw what appeared to be a suck mark on her right tit too, but he didn't say anything about it, he just felt his dick get even harder.

"As I was saying honey, Tom, came inside and well I sort of noticed that he had a big tent in the front of his shorts, I didn't say anything to him about it, but I did notice it. He then told me what a lucky man you are Jake, to have me as a wife, wasn't that so nice of him to say that?"

"Uh, yea, nice," Jake replied thinking about it.

"Yea, he said to me, you know Marci, I heard that Latina women love to dance, is that true, do you enjoy dancing around, oh say for Jake? Do you dance for your husband Marci?"

"I told him that I did honey, how much you love seeing me dancing around, babe" she said

"Then he said, oh I bet he loves seeing you dancing in your bikini, doesn't he? Oh I know he must, boy I wish I could see you dancing in your bikini that would be so hot!"

"So what could I do honey, I mean he did help me wash my car right, oh I couldn't be rude to our neighbor, so I told him, sure Tom, if you like, I can dance for you!" she said with a smile.

Marci then went on turned on her I pad, and started to seductively move her hips, saying to her husband, "like this babe, this is how I danced, and well he really seemed to enjoy it honey, he was giving me that same you look you have right now honey, oh it felt good to dance for him babe, please don't be mad at me, but I enjoyed dancing in my bikini for Tom too"

Jake felt his dick so hard in his pants as he watched his sexy little wife moving her hips and dancing, "oh baby, I love you so much, please go on, I am not mad...not at all, you are sexy!" He told her.

She smiled, and went on, "so as I danced, oh I closed my eyes, and I began to move my hips, like this," as she put her hands over her head. As she did her big mounds of flesh looked so nice, so good, then she said, "Well honey, I guess I got carried away because when I opened my eyes, well I noticed that one of my tits had popped out of this small top, oh it's not my fault honey, I mean this top is just so little, see?" as she moved sideways allowing her big brown boob to again pop out this time in front of her husband.

"Oh, your tit came out, well I mean, true honey, it's not your fault that you have such big tits, I mean, but what did Tom say, or do, honey?"

"Oh his eyes were glued to my tits honey, that's how I noticed, I saw him looking at my boobs, so I glanced down and I could see my nipple, just like it is now, babe, so hard and sticking straight out, I Immediately placed my tit back into my small top, but he told me it's ok, and I didn't have to worry about being embarrassed, as a matter of fact, do you want to know what our neighbor told me honey?"

"Sure sweetie, what did he say?"

"Well, he said that I had the most beautiful looking tits, he had ever seen and that if I didn't mind, he would really enjoy if I could take my other tit out of my top , just so he could see both of my tits, can you believe he said that to me babe?"

"Tom said, oh Jake is a lucky man, boy if he were here I know you would dance topless for him right?"

"Yes right" Marci said...

"Oh just pretend he is here, and I were lucky enough to be your husband, show me Marci, show me how you would dance for me, if I were your husband baby!" Tom told her

"Oh I can believe it, I know he must have loved seeing your tits, your boobs are beautiful Marci! Jake told his sexy wife..."please go on..."

She just smiled and said, "oh honey, I'm so glad that you are not mad at me I love you!" As she gave him a big kiss and kept on saying, "so I told Tom, well then who needs this top and I took off my top, throwing it on the sofa and I danced topless for him honey, and oh It was making my pussy so wet babe, just so wet dancing for him!"

"Hamm" Jake moaned.

"Oh wow, honey!" she said as she heard Jake moan, "so, he said, oh I know that Jake must love to play with you, feel your beautiful tits and suck them, right Marci? So I nodded, and before I knew it, he was standing in front of me, and he, oh well he....oh I can't say"

"Please babe, its ok, I'm not mad, as a matter of fact, this is very arousing me for to hear!" Jake said, as he unzipped his pants and pulled out his rock hard erection to show his sexy wife. He was throbbing hard, all 5" of his penis sticking straight out!

She smiled, because she knew telling her husband would not only make her cunt very wet, but she wanted to arouse him, she knew he loved showing her off and she knew he wanted her to be one of those type of sexy wives who enjoys playing with other men!

"Well he started to feel my boobs honey, with his strong hands, he was massaging them, like this," as she grabbed her big boobs and began to squeeze them in front of her hard hubby. "Then he bent over babe, and he started to suck my tits, first one, then the other into his mouth, oh it felt good babe, it felt nice having Tom sucking my tits!"

"Oh and I know how much you love your tits sucked sweetie, oh that always makes your pussy get so wet!" Jake said with a grin!

"It did honey, oh my pussy was so wet, I'm not sure why, but it was, and it was then that Tom reached down and cupped my cunt thru my bikini bottoms honey, can you believe that? He just thought it would be ok to openly reach out and feel my pussy!"

"Oh, I mean you were letting him suck your tits babe, any man would have done the same thing, I can't blame him for wanting to feel your little pussy baby!" Jake told her.

"Oh honey, I love you so much! So you won't mind when I tell you that he put his fingers into my bottoms and well he just began to pull them down, oh babe, Tom pulled my bikini bottoms down and he said, Oh fuck, you do shave your pussy Marci, oh it's so beautiful! Man Jake is so lucky to have a wife like you who shaves her twat; oh your pussy is so pretty Marci!" She told her husband.

"Oh baby, you do have a pretty pussy, let me see it now too" Jake said as he also then pulled his wife's bottoms, she stepped out of them and when he took of her top, she stood there naked in front of her rock hard husband!

"Go on babe, what happened next, oh do tell!" Jake told his hot housewife.

"Well, he said to me, you are so sexy Marci, oh look what you've done to me!" as Tom yanked down his shorts and exposed his big hard over 9" cock to the sexy wife.

"He took it out honey; Tom took out his big cock, oh and showed it to me! Oh it was so hard, so big, and so nice!" She said!

"Was it like my dick baby, so hard like I get?" Jake asked nervously.

"Well. Oh I mean, yes it was hard like you, but well honey don't be mad, but it was, well it was bigger than yours sweetie!"

"How big was it honey?' Jake asked her.

She held out her hands pretty far apart, far enough that Jake knew he had an enormous prick. "It was about twice as big as your dick honey, and well it was about twice as thick, but that's not your fault right babe, his dick was just so much bigger and bet...."

"What were you going to say Marci? Better?" he said to his wife.

"Well I mean, no, it was just so big and well he even said to me, here put your hand on my cock Marci, I'm sure it's like Jake's cock right?" as he smiled at her and grabbed her small hand placing on his rock hard huge prick!

"Oh, it's so big, I told him honey, oh it felt so thick, so hot, I could barely get my hand around it, oh Jake it was Huge, he has a huge cock!!"

"Oh fuck, oh man, what happened next?" Jake said to his pretty wife as he started to slowly stroke his dick.

Tom then asked her "So is Jake's cock is not like mine Marci? It's not big? How big is your husband's dick Marci?" Tom asked her.

"Well, I mean, it gets hard, very hard!" she said to him

"That's not what I asked, is it almost as big as my cock, huh?" he said smiling as he put his hand over hers as she stroked his massive manhood.

"Well, your cock is about twice as big as my husband's and well about twice as thick, oh I said it, and it's true!" she told him.

"It's ok Marci, I know I have a big cock, say it tell me I have big cock," he said to her.

"You have a big cock, "she said

"Say it again" he told her.

"You have a big cock" she said a little louder.

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