tagLoving WivesHot Housewife Cucks Her Happy Hubby Ch. 02

Hot Housewife Cucks Her Happy Hubby Ch. 02


Jake wasn't sure about what to think about what happened with is beautiful wife Marci and how Tom, their neighbor had recently fucked the shit of her! He was very aroused and happy that she loved it so much!

So, when Friday night rolled around, Jake found himself out in the garage, sort of tinkering around with an old Bike that he had, when all of sudden, Tom appeared in the garage doorway, with a big smile of his face, and a cold beer in each hand!

"Hey there neighbor, how goes it! "Tom said.

Jake, was not sure what to say, so he simply replied, "Ah pretty good, you know how it is, work and stuff."

"You up for a game of pool buddy, I'll rack em!" is what Tom said.

Jake was not sure about what to say or do, so being the friendly neighbor that he was, all he could muster up to say back to this man, who had just fucked his gorgeous wife earlier in the week was, "Uh, yea, sounds good!"

So, as Tom took the balls out of the pockets and began to put them into the wooded triangle rack, he very casually, without even looking up, said, "Boy Jake, your wife has some body! Man she has a nice rack! I could tell her tits were big, but my goodness man, I didn't expect them to be so fucking beautiful! Boy you sure are one lucky son of bitch Jakey boy!"

Jake, was taken back a bit by his neighbor's boldness, but at the same time he felt a real sense of pride by hearing Tom make such a lewd comment about his wife. I mean Jake never considered himself a wimp, yet here he was allowing his new neighbor to make such an outlandish and lewd comment about his pretty wife and her beautiful tits!

"Uh, well yea, you are right, I mean, yes, Marci does have a nice shape, and well I do like her big boobs too." Was what he came up with as his reply.

"Oh you lucky dog, and her ass, oh fuck man, I mean that round fucking smooth beautiful butt on your wife, man, I admit, I love looking at your wife's ass in her tight shorts, but when I saw Marci's ass naked, man I was just struck by how awesome her butt really is man!"

Jake was trying to put together these things that his neighbor was saying to him, I mean, was he supposed to get angry? Was he supposed to defend her? The thing was, Tom wasn't saying anything that wasn't true, and well it actually not only made him proud of her, but he could feel his dick starting to move and twitch in his pants. All because of what Tom was saying to him about his own wife!

"Uh, yea, I mean, she does has a nice ass, I do like my wife's ass," is what he found himself saying back to his neighbor.

Tom finished racking the balls, and went over and grabbed a stick off the rack on the wall and as he began to chalk the tip, he again, spoke to Jake saying, "Oh man, and her pussy. Are you kidding me! Oh fuck, you lucky bastard, your hot wife, actually shaves her little cunt! Man, I've been trying to get my wife to shave her pussy for years. It seems to me, that Marci probably shaves her twat bald all the time. Is that right buddy? Does your sexy wife keep her little pussy shaved all the time? I do have to say my friend, Marci has one beautiful looking little cunt! Man, I love your wife's cunt Jake!"

This was almost too much for Jake, not only was his new neighbor talking to him about his wife, her beautiful tits and ass, but now he just commented on his wife's pussy! His head was spinning a bit and well, his dick was just really hard in his pants. All he could say is, "uh yea, I mean sure, Marci keeps her pussy shaved most of the time. I do like it like that, and she says it makes her feel sexy, so, I mean, that's a good thing, right?"

"A good thing?" Tom answered, "My friend, that's awesome! Oh I would love if my wife would keep her pussy shaved all the time, but hey she isn't as sexy, or as hot as your wife my friend, man, I've been at home the last few days, and I've even jacked off in the shower, thinking about your naked wife buddy!" He really emphasized the words, your wife, too!

Jake was simply dumbfounded by this, he had never had anyone talk about Marci like this to his face, and yet instead of being angry, he felt such a sense of pride and arousal! He was a bit jealous sure, but that was slight compared to the excitement that he was feeling by Tom telling him these things about his wife.

Tom, wasn't sure exactly how Jake was going to react, you see, he had stumbled into a website about cuckold's one day, when he was at home alone, looking at MILF website's. He never had he thought that he might actually find such a couple though! So he thought that he would jump right in and find out what kind of cuckold husband Jake really was.

He read there are submissive cuckold's, but he ruled that out, Jake just didn't seem that type, and he read about voyeur cuckold's and men who were just fascinated by their sexy wives being fucked and watching them get fucked! By the way Marci reacted to him the other day, and how she openly told him that Jake has a smaller cock, made him realize that he had in fact come across a very fortunate situation and he wasn't about to let that go.

Not with a wife as fucking sexy as that hot big titted Latina wife Marci, that Jake had.

Tom broke the game by landing the 6 ball in the corner pocket, and said with a smile on his face, "looks like I'm solid's buddy, but oh not as solid as your marriage to such a beautiful wife huh Jake!"

Jake liked the fact that he was speaking directly to him and not going behind his back with admiring or even being with his wife, he felt secure in his marriage with Marci, so he replied, "you go t that right Tom, I love Marci very much, and well sure, you probably guessed, she told me about being with you the other day, and well like any husband, I will admit, even though she caught me off guard with her telling me what happened, she was really happy and well, I admit, you really satisfied my wife, with that hot little session you had with her!"

"I know you love her very much buddy, and she loves you too, that what makes it ever hotter buddy, the fact that you love her so much, you are able to allow her to have fun, to sort of be used, and well use another man's cock, and well, it's no secret here, a bigger cock, to please herself with, to feel good with and well my friend to cum with! Right on man, I'll drink to that!" Tom said, as he raised his beer in a toast like fashion towards Jake.

Jake raised his beer, as the bottles touched, and they both took drinks, just as the door to the house opened and out stepped sexy Marci!

She was dressed in a tight black tank top and was stretched over her magnificent tits, along with some tight white jean shorts, that showed off her pretty camel toe V in front! She had on platform flip flops, man she looked really fucking sexy!

"Oh speak of the devil; we were just talking about you Marci!" Tom said as his eyes hungrily looked her up and down, he was just about undressing the sexy housewife with his eyes right there and then!

"Oh were you now? Is that so, Jake, were you talking about me to our neighbor, oh nothing but good things I would hope!" She said with a sly grin in her pretty face.

"Actually honey, it was Tom that was doing most of the talking, I was merely listening and agreeing to what he was saying about you my love!" Jake told his wife.

She walked over to Jake and gave him a kiss, not just any kiss, but a big, wet, sloppy tongue kiss right in front of Tom as he watched with a big grin on his face too!

"Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm" Tom moaned and said out loud, "Marci, I was just telling your husband what a hot body you have! How you keep yourself is such wonderful shape, how I loved seeing you naked, and what nice body you have, that's all baby!"

Jake looked at his wife, and she said, "really now, is that so!"

"Oh yea, and you know what, just looking at you now, has me sort of boiled up, I mean look what you've done to me, just by seeing you dressed like that!" Jake said, as he stood back, and sort of pushed his hips forward, showing both Marci and Jake the tent that had formed in the front of his long shorts.

Marci, said, "oh Jake, look at that, oh that's quite some package you have their mister!" as she licked her lips and walked over to the garage door opener on the wall and pushed the button letting the garage door close in front.

"So, where is your wife tonight Tom?" she asked.

"At her sister's house, about an hour away, she's going to spend the night there, so I have all night long baby, to help you and Jake here, with anything that you may have in mind!" he said with a smile on his face!

Jake wasn't sure what to do, but he too had a raging hard on in his pants, it was one thing for his wife to tell him about what happened to her the other day, when Tom fucked her, but now, all three of them were right there, in the garage together and he was anticipating what may come next.

"Say Jake, as you know, Marci is really some great little cocksucker, isn't she Jake?" Tom said.

"Well, I mean, sure, Marci is a good cocksucker," he replied.

"Oh she's better than good Jake, come on, don't be so modest, I know you are proud of your little wife, here, let's just see how good she is!" Tom said as he unbuttoned his shorts and yanked them down in one quick motion! He didn't bother putting on any underwear when he decided to come by his new neighbor's house, hoping to get a piece of his new neighbor's hot assed wife again!

Jake's eyes widened, oh he is 100% straight, but he had to take notice of Tom's huge fucking pussy pleasing cock! Tom's cock not only looked about twice as big as Jake's dick, it was truly twice as thick, it was really what they call a real man's cock! No wonder his wife loved telling him how Tom fucked her so well!

Tom stood there, his huge fucking prick sticking straight out, and said, "come here, Marci,"

She, in a trance like state, not saying a work, walked towards Tom, he reached out and grabbed onto her tits thru her tight tank top, squeezing them, right in front of her husband, he started to openly squeeze and fondle Marci's big brown boobs!

He took her small hand and placed it on his big cock, his hand around hers as she tried to put her soft around that thick shaft, he moved her hand back and forth on his prick, allowing her jack him, as she looked at Jake and said, "take your wife's top off for me buddy, I want to look at your wife's hot naked tits!"

He didn't ask him, he told him. It was something in the way he said it, that made Jake obey him, he walked up behind his beautiful wife of so many years, and he slowly began to lift his wife's tank top. Oh he felt so proud as he did; he wanted to show off his wife's nice naked tits to his big cocked neighbor. It made him like such a man! Like such a good husband, sort of like unwrapping a gift, the gift of his wife's naked tits, to his new neighbor!

"Oh there they are! Oh fuck yes! Oh man, I love your wife's boob's buddy!" Tom said he reached out and began to openly fondle and play with Marci's big naked tits in front of him!

Jake took special care to remove her top gently from her head, and off over her head and stood there, next to her, watching as his neighbor played with his wife's big boobs! He watched as Tom bent down some and took his wife's tits into his mouth, first one, and then the other! Tom began to suck her tits, as she closed her eyes, feeling her soft small hand around his thick throbbing cock, oh she could feel her soft thong panties getting all soaked inside of her jean shorts!

Tom then placed his hands on her soft shoulders and he slowly and gently guided her down until she was squatting. He smiled at her, then at Jake, as he took a hold of his massive penis and he began to rub it on Marci's pretty face. He smiled, looking down at her, as she looked up at him. He took his hand off his cock, and thrust his pelvis forward, as she reached out and grabbed onto his large prick with both of her hands, something she was never able to do with her husband's smaller dick.

"That's it baby, play with is, it's all yours for now! Play with my cock Marci, like a good wife, in front of your husband, oh now suck it, suck my cock Marci! Show Jake what a hot sexy cocksucking wife you are!" Tom told her.

Jake was so aroused, he was rubbing his cock thru his pants watching, as his beautiful wife, opened her mouth and allowed Tom to place his massive cockhead thru her lips and into her hot, wet, sucking mouth!

She had to open her very wide, I mean obscenely wide to accommodate such a cock! She looked, so hot, so sexy, so dirty! She looked like a dirty cocksucking whore, sucking that big cock into her mouth, and she loved it!

Tom started to cares her hair, that sexy mane she had, and he pushed his hips forward, sticking more of his massive cock into her mouth, he then grabbed her head with both of his hands and started to fuck her face! He was determined right there and then to let Jake know who the man was, who the Alpha Male was! He wasted no time in establishing that, as he began to fuck her face with his cock!

She almost gagged when he did that, but she didn't care, she actually wanted to suck him and wanted him to take control of her, she was so excited, her nipples were sticking straight out as she sucked on her new lovers, new masters, cock right there her garage!

After a few minutes of that, Tom stopped her and stood her up, "kiss her Jake, kiss your wife again, like you did just a few minutes ago!" he said.

She looked at her hubby, and with lust in her eyes, as she was just given an order, she moved in and kissed Jake, she tongued kissed him, having just had Tom's big cock in her mouth! Jake kissed her back, he loved his wife so much, he wanted to let her know, it was ok! Ok that she got the bigger, thicker cock that her little pussy hole so badly needed!

When they got done kissing, they looked at Tom and he was naked now, as he opened the door to the house and said, "Let's go inside."

Marci went in first as he held the door, he reached out and grabbed her tit as she walked by, then he gave her a good firm spanking on her round ass, just as Jake walked in. Tom shut the door as they made their way into the living room and he said, "Jake, get your wife naked, naked for me, do you understand?"

"Yes, I understand," Jake said,

"Yes, you understand what Jake?" Tom asked him

"To get Marci naked, "he replied.

"Naked for whom Jake?" Tom asked.

"Naked for you Tom," Jake said.

"Good, now tell me all at once who you are getting naked and for whom you are getting Marci naked for Jake," Tom said

"I am getting my wife, my sexy wife Marci, naked for you Tom, oh I want to get my little wife naked, take off all of her clothes for you! So you can see her naked Tom" Jake replied as Marci smiled.

"Good man Jake, you are a good man!" Tom replied.

Jake easily took off his wife's sandals, then buttoned and took off her shorts, leaving her in just her tight black polka dot thong panties. She looked so amazingly hot and sexy!

"Put your shoes back on Marci, I want you to leave your shoes on the entire night do you understand?" Tom said to her.

"Yes, yes Tom I understand." She replied.

"Good girl, yes, I want your platform sandals on Marci, you look sexy in them. In your thong panties and naked, as you suck my cock, when I lick your pussy and when I fuck you in just a bit, you are to leave your shoes on, like a good girl. Like a good cunt wife Marci, you are now a cunt wife, do you understand me? You are a cunt wife, and you are my whore, is that clear?"

Jake did not know what to say to that he just found himself rubbing his cock thru his pants watching and listening, he was so fucking hard!

"Yes, Tom I understand," Marci said.

"Tell me exactly what you understand Marci!" Tom said, as he stood there naked, in Jake and Marci's living room, slowly stroking that huge fucking pussy pleasing penis of his.

"I understand that now I am officially a cunt wife, that I am your whore and I am here to please you and your big cock, even in front of my husband!" she replied.

"Oh good girl, you really do understand, I like that! Now take off your wife's panties Jake! TAKE OFF YOUR WIFE'S PANTIES NOW!" He said firmly.

Jake the grabbed his wife's panties and pulled them down, he was so hard, his small dick was throbbing in his pants as he pulled down his own wife's wet panties for his neighbor.

"Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm" Tom moaned as he gazed upon Marci's freshly shaved little twat! Her lips were all swollen and on display, as he said, "touch her pussy Jake, touch your wife's wet pussy and tell me just how wet she is."

Jake reached over and put his hand on his wife's naked cunt, she was soaked! He felt her pussy lips with his finger, and they were putting his fingers into a small wet tub of melted butter! He hadn't felt his pretty wife's naked cunt so fucking wet like that since they were newlyweds!

"Is her pussy wet Jake, hmmmmm? Is your wife's pussy soaking wet?" Tom asked.

"Yes, Tom, my wife' pussy is soaking wet!" he said.

"Wet for whom" Tom asked him as he slowly beat off his cock.

"Wet for you Tom, Marci's cunt is soaking wet for you! For you and your big cock!" Jake said.

"Good man, Jake, now get undressed and stand over next to me, so your wife can see both of our cocks, I want all of us getting pleasure tonight!" Tom said.

Jake had is clothes off in 10 seconds flat, as he stood next to Tom, it didn't even seem fair, and it wasn't, here was Tom's HUGE fucking cock, over 9" long and as thick as Marci's wrist, as he stood there with his mere 5" dick, that was fairly thin and throbbing!

"Look at those cocks Marci, look!" Tom told her.

"Feel them, that's it," he said as she grabbed onto their rock hard cocks, "see how hard Jake is Marci? Oh I bet he hasn't been that hard in years has he? I bet he only got that hard, the other night, when he came home and you told him all about how I fucked you so well and how good your pussy came on my cock, isn't that right?"

"Oh yes, oh it's true Tom!" Marci said.

"Good girl, now take turns sucking our cocks, that's it that's our good little cunt! Good little cocksucking slut, mmmm suck our cocks baby!" Tom said, "tell her what a good little cunt she is Jake, tell your sexy wife, what a good little cocksucking whore she is!"

"Oh Marci, you are so sexy, I love you so much babe! Oh suck our cocks honey; you are such a good little whore Marci!" Jake told his wife.

"Now, you go sit over there in that chair in the corner Jake, go on, and be a good little man and sit there. Go ahead and jack off, Jake, I want you to be the jack off tonight, do you understand me buddy?" Tom told him.

"Yes, I understand, "Jake said as he walked over to the chair.

"Good man, now when I am around, I get Marci's pussy, her pussy belongs to me and to me only! I will decide when and if you are allowed to touch her, not to mention if you can even have some of her pussy, do you understand me?" Tom said.

"Yes, but please Tom, I mean she is my wife..." he said, but Tom cut him off.

"If you do not agree to that, then I will leave, Marci will not get to enjoy my big cock and be pleased, and you will not get to watch, do you understand!" he said.

Marci, cut in, "Do it Jake, oh please honey, I love you, but I so need and desire Tom's cock honey, oh I need this Big Cock!" she said as she reached out and held onto his prick!

"Yes, Tom, I understand, I am the jack off, when you are over, I am to watch and help only if you say so," Jake said.

"and you will be grateful that you are allowed to watch Jake, I may even want to take Marci to be with me alone at times, and if you are a good hubby, perhaps I may let you listen in, as I not only fuck her so well, but as I make love to your wife, and give her the best orgasms she's ever had! Tell me you understand!" Tom said.

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