tagBDSMHot, Humid Shed

Hot, Humid Shed


I work at Mistress Andrea's house in south Florida three days a month. I first met her when I answered a classified ad in the local weekly paper. I was looking for a woman that would enjoy restraining and teasing me, and Mistress Andrea's ad seemed the most appealing. I called her, and she asked me all sorts of questions about me and my interests. I must have given her good answers, since she made an appointment for me the following Saturday. I was to go to an Exxon gas station on Main and Twelfth, and call her for further instructions

On Saturday, I went to the Exxon and called, as Mistress Andrea commanded. She gave me the directions to her house. I drove there, and parked across the street in front of an undeveloped lot as she commanded. I knocked on the door, and Mistress Andrea answered. She was prettier than I had imagined. She had on a white blouse and tan slacks. She had shoulder-length red hair, and light green eyes. I followed her into the living room and gave her $400. She put the money away, led me to a basement dungeon, and told me to strip. The room looked like a medieval dungeon. There was a jail cell in the corner, and a couple of stocks near one wall. A stretching table went against one wall. Several whips were hanging on another wall.

I took off my clothes, and stepped out onto the bare concrete floor. She locked my wrists to a pair of iron manacles hanging from the ceiling and my ankles to another pair of shackles bolted to the floor, my legs and arms spread like an X. She stepped away, and I heard a crank turn. I felt my body stretching. She stopped cranking when my heels left the floor. I heard a click, and the sounds of a woman having sex filled the room. She stood in front of me and lit a cigarette. She watched me for a couple of minutes, and left the dungeon.

Some time later Mistress Andrea came back. She'd changed clothes, and was now wearing a black leather bodice, which showed off her rather nice cleavage. She had on a pair of elbow-length black satin gloves, and black stockings and heels. She had a riding crop in her hand. I was aroused from the sex sounds and from the anticipation. She smacked my thighs a few times, but mostly tickled my throbbing cock with the end of the crop. She opened her palm, and put her hand under my cock. She commanded, "You may now pleasure yourself." I couldn't move much, but I rubbed my cock on the satin glove as much as I could. I was just about to come when she took her hand away, and left me thrusting in the air. "Not yet, slave," she whispered. She sat down on a chair. She lit a cigarette, and watched me while she smoked.

After Mistress Andrea finished the cigarette, she got up and stood in front of me. She rubbed her hands and breasts against my body. Even through the bodice, I could feel her nipples as she held onto my hips and rubbed her breasts up and down my back. Her body rubbed against mine for a while, until she was standing in front of me. She put her palm under my cock, and commanded, "Pleasure yourself, slave." I rubbed my cock on the satin glove until she took her hand away again.

She looked up and asked me, "You like the way I tease you, don't you slave?"

"Yes Mistress, I do," I answered.

Mistress Andrea smiled. "Good." She turned off the tape of the woman having sex, and lowered the manacles. If felt great to have my heels back on the ground. She unlocked me and told me, "Get dressed." She watched me get dressed, and saw me out.

I was able to visit Mistress Andrea every other month or so. The teasing sessions were similar, in that I was always chained standing on the floor. The fourth time I visited, after she had me rub my cock on her satin glove, instead of just watching me, she did something else.

Mistress Andrea came into the dungeon wearing a bikini, which revealed almost everything. My cock sprung to attention. She lit a cigarette, and watched me while she smoked. When she finished the cigarette, another man came into the dungeon. He was naked, except for a collar around his neck. He got down on his hands and knees in front of me, facing her. She hooked a chain to his collar, then locked both ends of a pair of handcuffs to my cock behind my balls. She locked the other end of the chain to the handcuffs, and sat down on a chair in front of him.

Mistress Andrea looked down at the man kneeling on the floor. "Slave K, you may now have the great privilege of eating me."

Slave K looked up at his Mistress and crawled to her. He was about two feet away when the chain stopped him from getting any closer. She laughed, and lit a cigarette. She watched the both of us while she smoked. After she finished the cigarette she got up and moved the chair closer to him. She sat down, and said to him, "Slave K, eat me now."

Slave K moved between Mistress Andrea's legs. I saw her pull the bikini bottom to the side. I felt the chain pull again, but this time Slave K didn't stop. He pulled until he had reached his goal. I was almost off my toes and trying to keep my balance. As uncomfortable as I was, I watched him and wondered what it felt like to eat a pussy while pulling and straining to reach it. Finally, she commanded, "That's enough." He stopped pulling on the chain, and I could rest my toes a little.

After Mistress Andrea rested awhile, she got up and unhooked the chain from Slave K's collar. He got up and left. She unlocked the chain from the handcuffs, unlocked the handcuffs, and released me from the manacles.

One time Mistress Andrea had a female slave help her tease me. She was naked and rather attractive. She knelt down on the floor in front of Mistress. Mistress commanded, "Slave M, tease this slave's cock with your tongue and mouth. If you let him come before I've finished two cigarettes, you'll be punished."

"Yes Mistress," she replied.

Mistress Andrea sat down and smoked while the slave teased me by lightly licking and sucking on my cock. I got carried away and tried to fuck the slave's mouth. She stopped sucking, and slapped my cock hard several times. She looked up at me and sweetly whispered, "Next time you move like that slave, I'll bite your cock off."

Mistress laughed. After a while I heard Mistress command, "Slave M, you can let him come now."

Slave M sucked on my cock until I came. She swallowed all of the come, got up, and knelt down by Mistress' chair. After a while Mistress got up and released me.

Another time Mistress had a male and female slave come into the dungeon. She sat down on the chair and commanded, "Slave G and Slave S, perform for my amusement." They stood in front of Mistress and kissed. They caressed and fondled each other for a while. Slave S strapped on a dildo while slave G knelt down on the floor in front of Mistress. She fucked him in the ass while Mistress and I watched.

I had been visiting Mistress Andrea monthly for a couple of years when she casually asked me, "Would you like to be one of my house slaves?"

I'd already seen a few of them in the dungeon. "What would that involve, Mistress?"

Mistress Andrea smiled. "Cautious, aren't you? For $300 a month you come over on two evenings or weekends and clean up in the house, or do yard work. Afterwards, you get a special training session with me, and the possible opportunity to orally pleasure me or one of my female slaves. Are you interested?"

I smiled when she said possible. "Yes Mistress, it'd be an honor to serve you."

"Good. You will now be known as slave B. Slave M will fill you in on the details." She left.

Slave M checked the work chart and told me Mistress Andrea wanted me to mow the lawn on the first Saturday of the month, and clean up in the house on the third Tuesday evening. The yard work was just yard work, nothing special about it, except we had an outdoor shower in the backyard to get cleaned up for the special training session. Cleaning up was performed in the nude. The first time I cleaned up I saw that she had several playrooms in the house besides the dungeon. One room looked like a small classroom, with a whiteboard, teacher's desk and four student desks. As I was cleaning them, I noticed the handcuffs and shackles bolted to the student desks. Another room had exercise equipment, again with handcuffs and shackles bolted to them. Still another room looked like a bathroom, except that the toilet was a box where a slave lying on the floor would have his head under the seat and there was a toilet chair across the back of the bathtub.

My first special training session was in the classroom. There were four of us, two men and two women. Mistress Andrea commanded, "Sit down and lock yourselves up." I sat down in one of the front desks, and locked myself up. The ankle restraints were a little hard to reach around the writing arm but I was able to lock myself up. We waited for a while and I looked over at slave M sitting next to me. I smiled as I realized I was sitting two feet away from an attractive naked woman that I couldn't touch. I almost didn't notice when Mistress Andrea came back into the room. She was wearing a teacher's outfit, white blouse and red wool skirt, except that the blouse was low-cut. She lectured us on what behavior she expected from us to be a good slave, and I wished I could take notes. One time I wasn't paying close enough attention and Mistress smacked my cock with a riding crop. After the lecture Mistress walked out of the room. A slave came in and unlocked us from the desks.

My first training session in the exercise room, Mistress Andrea had me get on a treadmill. She locked my wrists behind my back with a pair of handcuffs, and locked another pair of handcuffs on my cock behind my balls. She attached the handcuffs to the treadmill frame with a length of chain, and turned the machine on. She started it slowly, so that I was doing a slow jog. She watched me for a while, then sped up the treadmill until I was almost running. I felt the chain pull on my cock several times before she slowed down the machine to a walking speed. I was sweating when she stopped the treadmill, and I had to use the shower in the backyard. Many of my later training sessions were held in the exercise room.

It was my third time cutting the grass before I noticed the manacles hanging from the ceiling and shackles bolted to the floor in the shed where the lawn equipment was kept. I asked slave M about them.

Slave M whispered, "If you do something to really displease Mistress, she locks you in the shed for the entire day. In the winter, especially on a cloudy day, you spend the whole day shivering. In the summer, it can get very hot."

I felt an involuntary shiver. I didn't want to do anything that would earn that much punishment.

I got to know a few of Mistress Andrea's slaves. Since we had assigned days, I only met the slaves that worked on the same days. I heard about some of the other slaves by listening to the others talk about them. I wondered what kind of gossip they were spreading about me. There was a little jealousy and resentment among the other slaves as they vied for the attention of Mistress. I occasionally heard about one slave or another being sent to the shed, although I never saw it happen.

I'd been working at Mistress Andrea's house for six months before she even hinted that I might have the opportunity to see her naked. I'd heard from the other slaves that volunteering for "bathroom duty" was the fastest way to make that happen, but I wasn't interested. I didn't want to judge, because a lot of people would consider my preferences "kinky," but I just didn't see how getting peed or pooped on was sexy. I was cleaning up the classroom when Mistress commanded, "Slave B, follow me."

I followed Mistress Andrea upstairs. I'd never been in her private area before, and I was surprised at how much pink I saw. The walls and curtains were slightly different shades of pink. I followed her into her bedroom. It looked like the bedroom of a ten-year-old girl, except that the bed was adult sized. She turned to me and said, "You're going to help me bathe. Undress me, then go into the bathroom and fill the bathtub about two-third's full."

"Yes Mistress," I replied. I unbuttoned her blouse and undid her skirt. I unhooked her bra and pulled her panties down to her ankles. She stepped out of them, and I went into the bathroom to draw her bath. I came back into the bedroom and said, "Your bath is ready Mistress."

Mistress Andrea was sitting on the bed smoking a cigarette. She commanded, "You'll kneel by the side of the tub while I bathe. When I'm finished, you'll towel me dry, then dress me. Put my dirty clothes in the hampers, and come back downstairs "

"Yes Mistress," I replied.

Mistress Andrea got up, and I followed her into the bathroom. I knelt by the side of the bathtub and watched while she bathed and soaked. My knees were hurting from the tile when she got up and stepped out of the tub. I got up, picked up a pink towel, and toweled Mistress dry. I hung the towel back up, and followed Mistress into the bedroom. I got a bra and panties from the dresser, and put them on her. I walked over to the closet, and heard Mistress say; "I want the blue blouse and skirt." I saw that the blouses and skirts were on the same hanger. I found the blouse and skirt, took them off the hanger, and put the skirt and blouse on Mistress. She turned to me and said, "You did well for your first time. Perhaps you could help me put my makeup on another time." She sat down at her makeup table while I put her dirty clothes and the hanger away and went downstairs. I must have done well, because from then on the second Thursday of the month was bath night. I now understood what "bathroom duty" was, and I was a little embarrassed that I'd jumped to the wrong conclusion.

It was a few more months before Mistress Andrea let me perform oral sex on one of her female slaves. When it was time for the special training session, slave M was standing next to her. She commanded, "Slave M will take care of your training tonight, slave B." I didn't mind at all. I don't know if Mistress knew, but I was partial to slave M.

Slave M led me into the classroom, and commanded, "Lock yourself in the first desk."

The first student desk had been pushed up against the teacher's desk. I walked around it, sat down, and locked myself. Slave M put a blanket on the teacher's desk, and sat down on top the desk. She took out a vibrator, put her legs up on my shoulders, and masturbated right in front of me. Her neatly trimmed pussy was inches from my hands, but the handcuffs made sure all I could do was watch. The first orgasm took a while, and slave M's scent was making me even hornier. The next three orgasms were relatively quick, and she turned the vibrator off, slid a little closer to me, and commanded, "Clean me up, slave."

I bent over and lapped up slave M's pussy juice. It was a little uncomfortable with my hands handcuffed in front of me, but I licked and sucked as best I could. I gave her two more orgasms before she commanded me, "Stop."

I sat up in the desk, and felt the blood rushing back into my hands. Slave M got up from the top of the teacher's desk, picked up a riding crop, and walked over to the side of my desk. She looked at me and commented, "I see you enjoyed yourself."

I looked up at slave M and answered, "Yes slave M, I did."

She slapped my stiff cock with the riding crop. "Well I expect you to get soft before I unlock you." She slapped my cock again.

I closed my eyes and tried to think of something else, but the taste of slave M's pussy was still in my mouth, and with her standing next to me I could easily smell her scent. Even the slapping of my cock with the riding crop just made it harder, not softer. She smacked my cock over and over until finally she just stopped and unlocked me.

It was a while longer before Mistress Andrea let me perform oral sex on her. She took me down to the dungeon. She locked a pair of handcuffs on my cock and locked a chain to the handcuffs. She locked the other end of the chain to a 10-kilogram dumbbell weight. She walked over to the other end of the room, took off her clothes, and sat down. She lit a cigarette and took a puff. She commanded, "Kneel down." She finished the cigarette, opened up her legs, and said, "You may now worship at my pussy, slave B."

I crawled towards Mistress Andrea. Once the chain was taut, the pain was so severe I had to stop and take a couple of breaths before I could crawl the next inch. When I got halfway across the room I heard her command, "Stop." I looked up and saw that she had a huge vibrator. I watched as she gave herself four or five orgasms. She put the vibrator aside, and smoked a cigarette. Her scent filled the room. She finished the cigarette, opened up her legs, and said, "What are you waiting for, slave? Get over here!"

I started crawling again. I was about a foot away when I heard Mistress Andrea command, "Stop." I looked up and watched while she fingered herself to another couple of orgasms. She held her fingers to my mouth and commanded, "Lick." I licked the pussy juice from her fingers until she pulled them away. She leaned back and smoked another cigarette, her pussy only inches from my face. After she finished the cigarette, she said, "Hurry up slave. I don't have all night."

Mistress Andrea's pussy scent was very strong as I crawled the final few inches. I was expecting her to tell me to stop again, but she didn't. Her pussy was warm and very wet, and I lapped up all of the juice. I licked her clit a few times, and sucked on it lightly. I licked and sucked and licked some more. I knew she'd already had at least six orgasms, but I was worried that I was taking too long and she'd be mad at me. My neck was hurting when I felt her orgasm. I didn't dare stop, but I was hoping she didn't want another one. I heard her command, "Stop." I moved back and she got up and unlocked me. I put the dumbbell away and went home.

I must have gotten lackadaisical with my slave duties, because Mistress Andrea spoke less and less to me. On one bath night, as I was helping her get undressed, she pushed me away and said, "That's it. I've been putting up with your poor attitude for too long. You will report here at 7:45 am tomorrow and spend the day in the shed. Now, go home."

I was confused. I didn't know what I'd done wrong, or how I displeased Mistress. I didn't want to take a day off work, but I knew that if I didn't report I could forget about seeing Mistress Andrea again. I called up my boss and left a message saying I needed to take a day off, and I went to bed.

I dreaded the drive to Mistress Andrea's house. It was a hot and humid August day, and at 7:30 it was already 85... with 100% humidity. I went in and stripped. Two male slaves were waiting for me. They followed behind me as we walked across the back yard. I could feel the grass under my feet. All of the lawn equipment was out in the yard. We went into the shed. The slaves locked me in the manacles and shackles, my arms and legs spread, and left. Mistress came into the shed. She was wearing her bikini and smoking a cigarette. She took a puff and asked, "Do you know why I'm punishing you, slave B?"

I looked at her and answered, "No Mistress, I don't know."

Mistress Andrea glared at me. She slapped my cheek with the back of her hand. "That's why I'm punishing you. You should know! You need to be more sensitive to my moods and feelings. You don't even know how much you've been displeasing me! Maybe a day in the shed will help you to remember to be more sensitive." She put her cigarette out on my chest, turned around, and closed the shed door. I waited until I heard the door lock to release my grimace and say "Ow."

The shed is about eight feet across and four feet deep. One corner of the shed has a bench and a sharpening wheel. The rest of the shed is for storage. There's one window, by the bench, locked shut now. A naked light bulb hung over my head and another over the bench. Someone had thoughtfully hung up a digital thermometer by the door. It was already 89...

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