Hot in Goretex


Since last summer, I don't look at hikers in the same way any more. I wonder what's underneath all that outerwear.

A friend I hadn't seen in years called up to say she was planning to walk a section of the ...... Way, near where I live, and she wondered if she could stay over the night before. I said I'd do a bit of the walk with her.

When she arrived, we were soon as easy as if we'd last seen each other 20 minutes ago rather than 20 years back. But she did take me aback a little now and then. She always did like to talk about her sex life and she'd added a lot of experience to the considerable amount she already had when I last saw her. She was just starting her third rather interesting marriage. I was just coming out of my first rather dull one. I felt a bit old-fashioned, listening to her talk about how she trapped her men with crotchless panties and blow jobs and so on. But all the sex talk did put a bit of electricity in the air when we started on the wine in the evening, sat on either side of my small kitchen table and sparkling at each other. I was suddenly aware of her as a body and I hadn't had one to touch for some time. And I realised, which I never had before, that her relationship with me was a slightly flirtatious one. She told me a couple of times I wouldn't be single for long, with my eyes and tits.

There was a literally "steamy" moment before we went to bed. She went for a bath but she'd been ages and I needed my toothbrush. I knocked and got no answer and I was just a bit worried, so I pushed the door open slowly and went in when there was no protest. She was lying in the bath, with an iPod in the soap rack, her headphones in her ears and her eyes closed. Her big breasts were above the water. And just below the surface, I could see her fingers diddling in the rosy cleft of her shaven pussy. I got my toothbrush and turned to go but she opened her eyes and caught mine at the last minute. She winked. I smiled. I went to bed.

You'll be expecting me to tell you about the door creaking open in the night. And if it had, who knows? But it didn't.

The morning had a fine drizzle on it and we dressed up in our breathable waterproofs before we drove up to the hills. You know what those garments are like for zips and hidden pockets but hers seemed to have twice the usual ration. She said her new man had paid for her to have them custom-made, so even all togged up, you could see her curves.

As we walked, she pulled a beautiful little pair of binoculars from one of her pockets, and gave them to me to try. They were tremendous. You could look at flowers from a hundred yards away and more or less smell them.

We were soon warm from the walking. And we got hotter as the conversation picked up where it had left off.

She told me about learning oral sex with her first husband and anal with the second. The third was into toys, she told me, with relish. Before she came away, they had been out to buy a new vibrator for her overnight bag. She unzipped another pocket and pulled it out to show me - a thick silver bullet. I laughed and asked why she was taking it on a walk.

"You never know when you might want a good frigging," she said. I enjoyed her potty mouth.

I asked why she took her husband with her to buy it.

"Well, he'll want to watch me use it, so he wants to help me choose it," she said, matter-of-factly.

I'd never done that for anyone. But thinking about it gave me a bit of a tingle.

"Do you think I'm awful?" she asked. I said not at all - I admired her for doing what she needed to do to keep her sex life alive.

"You should try it," she said. "A bit of exhibitionism is good for you. Makes you realise what you've still got to offer."

We got to a flat rock known as The Couch, where we planned to have a picnic brunch before I turned back and she walked on. She was meeting up with some more friends a bit further on.

By this time, the sun was out. She took off her jacket and undid a couple of those hidden zips so the legs of her trousers fell away and she was left wearing just a brief pair of shorts which showed off her brown legs. She stretched out on the rock to sunbathe while I unpacked the picnic.

I said I was going for a pee and I climbed to a place where I could get behind some trees and see up and down the path to make sure nobody was coming. I still had the beautiful little binoculars with me. Then I thought I saw a sparrowhawk and I called down to Janice to say I was just going up the hill a bit to get a closer look at a bird.

"Is there anybody coming?" she called back. And I said: "Nobody for miles."

I saw her pull off her shirt and step out of her shorts and get back on the rock wearing just bra and pants. I couldn't believe the knickers she had on under her rain gear - orange skimpies, with ties at the sides.

I lost track of the bird. But before I walked back, I sat in a shady spot and trained the binoculars on Janice. I only wanted to get a closer look at those startling knickers. But I suddenly realised she had them pushed aside so she could slide the little silver toy in and out. As I watched, she pulled open one of the ties and pulled the fabric aside so, with the binos, I could clearly see her parting her own petals with the silver toy and pushing it back in, up to the hilt.

I didn't think she could see me, hidden in the shade under my tree, but I knew she wanted to think I was watching. I wanted to step out and drop my own pants and let her see me fingering my own bushy pussy until we both came, watching each other but half a mile apart. But I was too shy. I kept touching myself, though, and I kept watching. I found myself whispering words which I must have picked up from my small acquaintance with porno ... "That's it, honey. Shove it in hard and let me watch your sweet juices squirt."

She raised herself up and was looking in my direction as she did just that. Then she took the toy and sucked it clean, still holding my hidden gaze. I guess she could see the glint off the binos.

She got down off the rock and sauntered over to her clothes and put her shirt and shorts back on with her back to me. I scrambled back over the crest of the hill, just above where I'd been sitting, and called out before I reappeared ...

"Ready for lunch when you are, sweetheart."

She was flushed and bright-eyed as we ate and she kept touching my hands as she passed me food and drink. And when it was time to say goodbye, she kissed me more wetly than I would normally like. I thought I could taste a little bit of pussy juice.

"Shall we do it again?" she whispered, hugging me tight. And I nodded my head on her shoulder and said: "I'd love to."

A week later, I got a parcel. In it, was a thick silver bullet. And a card saying: "Enjoy. And you know where to call if you want somebody to watch. My turn, I think!"

I sent her a card saying Thanks - and thanks for the offer (with two big XXs). And so far, that's the end of the story. I've got myself a man now. But the toy is still waiting to be used. And I think that's because I am waiting for the right audience - and the right stage. I have in mind a hot rock, in the sun, after a brisk walk.

So next time you pass a couple of mature ladies all trussed up in Goretex, smile nicely. You never know what is happening underneath.

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