Hot Mail

byBlack Tulip©

A collaboration from Thorntak and Black Tulip, edited by HawaiiBill.

Amsterdam, October 15th

Hi Dennis,

You will be getting an invitation to a special dinner soon. It's in honour of my new playmate, Jeanie.

I saw her drinking coffee at a sidewalk café in Amsterdam and that got me thinking. She struck me as being of strong character. A woman who knows what she wants and one who would not let anyone push her around.

Yet, at the same time, I got the idea that she would make a good submissive. Submissive? Mmm – somehow I felt that was not quite the right description. A reluctant exhibitionist, that was more like it. She needed a master (for want of a better word) to show her off in a way that she would not. It was the way she was dressed, I think, that did it. The business jacket and skirt with grey-black stockings and high heel shoes. Always a stunner for a "people watcher" like me.

As I looked at her a picture came to mind, a plan to exhibit her in the way that would suit her best. A dinner party.

I will have her invite three or four couples, and myself, and will have her serve us in the nude. By nude I mean high heel shoes, black stockings, garters and a hi-gloss black dog collar with matching wrist and ankle cuffs. Pony-tail hairstyle, red lipstick and red nails would complete the picture.

Except for myself, no-one will be allowed to touch her and I would caress and stroke her, breasts, inner thighs and pussy, to insure that by the end of dessert she will be aroused and ready for the "after dinner show".

For the "after dinner show" I want to tie her to rings in the ceiling and floor, using the d-rings in the cuffs, leaving her spread like a St. Andrews Cross and totally exhibited in front of the guests. Going behind her I will slowly bring her to an orgasm before releasing her to serve coffee and liqueurs.

Her final assignment will be to email all the guests and, in detail, tell them how she felt through the evening, emotionally and physically, and to thank them for having attended. Of course I expect to receive an email as well.

I do hope you'll respond to her invitation.


Amsterdam, October 22nd

Dear Dennis,

Thank you for attending my little dinner party last evening.

I have to admit I was very nervous at first. Thorntak had talked me into – or should I say out of – my costume. He convinced me I would enjoy this evening, with him exhibiting me as his favorite piece of art. You probably don't know how much I like to cook but, for the life of me, I can't remember if you had a proper meal at all. I can only hope.

Wearing a collar and cuffs was exciting and made me feel sexy in a strange kind of way. But being nude in front of you all was scary at first. I worried all of the guests would take up and leave the minute I walked in. I needn't have. The looks on their faces really did make me feel like a special piece of art. And, I admit, having you stare at my near naked body was exciting. I noticed the looks of envy at Thorntak, the looks of longing at me and the looks of jealousy. Yes, some of the guests would gladly have traded places with my maestro or me.

I remember serving the first dish. Walking around the table to give all of you the light fluffy pastries filled with cheese, I could feel your eyes caress my back, my butt, my legs, my breasts. By the time I was tossing the salad to go with the meat, I could feel my thighs getting sticky. I tried to control myself, but the constant touching from Thorntak was making it impossible.

His hand stroking the backs of my legs, his fingers playing with my nipples or his mouth kissing the tops of my legs was driving me nuts. More so because he was doing it in front of you. Every one of you watched closely which made it all the more exciting. Especially when his fingers slipped between my legs, showing my wetness to all of you. It made me feel embarrassed and aroused at the same time.

I saw it was not only arousing to me. By the time I cleared away the plates, I noticed your hands under the table and some of the others were fondling a breast in plain sight. I can only assume dessert was fine, I honestly don't remember. All I could think about was Thorntak touching me, his fingers playing my body. I wanted him so badly; I could have melted the ice cream by just standing near it.

So, when he tied me up, all spread open I nearly came from your eyes on my hot, wet pussy. I could see the show was turning you on as well and that pushed my lust even higher. The fact that I couldn't see him, couldn't anticipate his actions made it better still.

I know you will probably think I'm a slut, but at least I'm a happy one. Never before have I had such an intense orgasm. And I want to thank you for your participation in making that happen.

All I can say, is thank you for being there.


a glowing, living sculpture

P.S. I do hope I didn't poison you with the coffee afterwards. I was still dwelling in higher spheres when serving that.

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