tagLoving WivesHot Midwest Summer Pt. 01

Hot Midwest Summer Pt. 01


These stories are actual accounts of our adventures and all parties listed are of consenting and legal age. Names have been changed for privacy but the subject matter remains factual. We are NOT professional writers and we do not claim to be so we are also still looking for an individual to help us edit our stories if you are interested, reach out to us. We have experienced some of the most amazing sexual adventures and are happy to share them with you all. We are a husband and wife team and we collaborate together on each story. Please enjoy.


Killian and Terrana had embraced their lifestyle of wife sharing. Terrana never imagined she'd be a loving wife but here she is as her husband puts it, "killing it". In all their adventures it has always led them back to their deep passion and full understanding of trust.

Terrana was excited to be going home for a summer visit. It had already been a couple years since she last visited during the summer months. While Killian was busy with work she saw this as a golden opportunity to visit family and friends.

"Are you about packed for the trip?" Asked Killian walking into their bedroom.

"Ugh, I always forget something," sighed Terrana.

Killian pulled out the pre-made travel checklist he made earlier that day. As he read off each line Terrana would confirm she either did or did not have the items.

"Toothbrush, makeup, lotion"...

With the list quickly completed, Terrana had checked every item off. As she began to zip her luggage Killian interjected a moment.

"Something sexy, tight or revealing?

Terrana laughed at him and responded, "I'm going to see family Killian, and you won't even be there."

"Well you never know when you might need something special", chuckled Killian. "Besides you know how my Dad admires your sexy figure."

Terrana had nearly forgotten that she would be visiting all family, not just hers. As it would seem, she couldn't help but wonder what her husband was planning in his twisted, sexy, beautiful mind.

"I've got my nice lace bras, the sports bra you love, all of my good thongs and oh yeah your favorite low cut shirt and my tropical print bikini."

"Ooo, that's perfect baby," responded Killian. "Absolutely perfect."

Killian was indeed planning something or at least hoping for something exciting. Regardless, it had to meet his expectations. His plans were always fluid, unexpected, slightly devious and erotic. Unfortunately, nothing was set in stone so his intent, for the time being, was to test the waters and see where things went. It's not as he would like especially with him not being there but it would have to do.

That evening in bed Killian and Terrana talked about her visit. He badly wanted to go with her and was already beginning to feel a bit lonely. Terrana wrapped herself in his arms and stroked his chest and took in the smell of his Hugo cologne. She loved his smell and his gentle touch.

"What are you planning while I'm gone," Terrana inquired?

Killian knew where she was taking this conversation and in turn, he chose to play dumb to her question. Partly because he wanted to see what was swimming in her mind and partly because that was just Killian.

"Hmm, not sure I know what you mean, Baby", responded Killian.

"Come'on, you know what I mean. Are you going to have me go to the bar and get frisky with some guy and lure him back and take advantage of him? Or perhaps make me dress slutty and parade around your Dad or your brother. Or since I'm staying at Moms maybe seduce my parents?"

Terrana laughed hysterically at the ridiculous notion but in reality, Killian was taking notes.

"Actually those all sound really freaking hot. Honestly, though, I think you should spread them out and pace yourself a bit", chuckled Killian.

Terrana reached down and grabbed hold of Killian's thick veiny cock and gave it a good squeeze. "You're unbelievable sometimes Killian", giggled Terrana.

Killian and Terrana fucked for the next two hours like starved adolescents before drifting to sleep.

The following afternoon Terrana arrived at the airport in her hometown. Waiting for her luggage she looked around the airport and felt a bit nostalgic. Remembering back all those years she spent growing up there. Finally, she collected her luggage and turned to head for the rental car desk to pick up her car.

As she drove toward her Moms house Terrana's mind was reeling. She knew this trip was about seeing family but she also knew she couldn't disappoint Killian with her first solo adventure. She began to run through the scenarios of each person she mentioned last night. While she quickly found herself getting aroused at the possibilities she also knew it was absurd and risky not to mention others may not be nearly as open or accepting of her lifestyle.

Terrana's goal for the first week was to relax and see family that lived close by. Talking with Killian over the phone each free moment they had together and trying to formulate a plan ahead of Killian. She wasn't very good at this sort of stuff like Killian so it would take much more work on her part. One thing she knew for sure was that she wanted to include him somehow.

Arriving at the house Vicki greeted her daughter with open arms and lots of hugs and kisses. Vicki already had her favorite meal cooking so the two sat at the kitchen table to catch up.

"I'm so glad you made it, I hate you guys being so far away," sighed Vicki.

"I know Mom, it's not always easy being away from family. Especially during rough times," noted Terrana.

"You and Killian are good I assume," questioned Vicki in her motherly tone.

"We are fantastic, life has been really good. It's never dull, in fact quite the opposite. It's always exciting."

Terrana and her Mom had always had an open and honest relationship. Mother and daughter could openly discuss anything with each other without fear of being judged. When it came to matters of intimacy their bond made discussions fairly easy and relaxed. Vicki was quite liberal and discreet so talking about sex of any kind was welcome - even if the situation was not so normal.

"Hmm, Mom? I do want to talk with you about something really personal when you have time later," questioned Terrana.

"Of course honey, anything. Maybe after dinner? It won't be long now," responded Vicki.

As Vicki finished preparing dinner Terrana sat the table just the way she remembered as a kid. As she grabbed the last plate from the cupboard Terrana's sister Trista walked through the back door.

Screaming with excitement to see her sister, "I'm so happy you're here for the whole summer, I've missed you tons! I hope we get to have some fun," exclaimed Trista.

"Oh my God I've missed you too, I'm sure we can find some fun lurking around here somewhere," poked Terrana.

Trista and Terrana helped their mother with the final touches on the dinner table and caught up with each other in the process.

Terrana's mind was still reeling from earlier. Thoughts of her trip, Killian at home, and what she had planned to talk to her mom about was beginning to make her head dizzy. Concentrating on their conversation at dinner was even more difficult as she began calculating each of them at the dinner table as a possible sex partner. She shuddered to herself and wondered how in the hell had she even let her mind go in this direction. Why had she even joke about it to Killian? Regardless of how ridiculous it seemed, she amusingly blamed Killian even though it was her that suggested it. She also concluded that she may be enjoying the fact that she has given more control over to Killian and willing to be more open sexually.

The evening drew on and dinner concluded. Terrana, Mom, and sister talked about everything going on in each other's lives as they cleared the table. Sure they talk over the phone often but nothing was more comforting than being able to talk face to face.

Terrana grabbed a mixed drink her sister had made prior to dinner and head out to the back porch to smoke a cigarette. "I'm heading out to smoke," Terrana called out.

"I'll join you," responded Vicki.

Once outside her mother began the conversation, thank God, thought Terrana to herself.

"So you're sure everything's good at home? I just can't believe Killian would part with you for this long. After all, you know as well as I, men have their needs and a good wife feeds them."

Terrana chuckled, "actually, yes. We are very good! So good in that department in fact that we've actually discovered..."

Terrana paused and took a longer than usual sip of her margarita. Not quite sure how to say it.

She leaned forward toward her mother, "Wife sharing," whispered Terrana.

Her mother looked at her with a puzzling smile. Terrana has always been confident, and being rattled was not her nature. However, at this particular moment, she felt a bit nervous as she watched her mother's reaction.

"So you and Killian are bringing others into your bed then?

Terrana was shocked. Her mother knew what she was talking about. She figured she'd have to explain as much while sparing the juicy details. This, however, was not the case.

"Yes, that's actually what I wanted to talk to you about. I was very reserved and a bit close minded about it at first and could not understand how Killian could even suggest such a thing. Then one night it happened and we have enjoyed it immensely, repeatedly. I finally understood what Killian meant about trust as he explained to me why he wanted this to happen."

Terrana knew she did not have to seek acceptance from anyone but something inside her still felt the need to qualify her new found desire to her mother. Vicki was hardly a judgmental person and she too, like her daughter, analyzed situations to the point of brain bleed. A certain comfort comes from sharing such intimate details with your Mother. Just as Killian trusted her, she wanted to be sure that if by some extremely narrow chance her mother found out about her lifestyle that she would not hear it elsewhere. After all, growing up in a place where sometimes your business becomes everyone's business was not uncommon.

Just as her mother was going to respond her sister Trista opened the door to join them outside.

"Trista, your sister and I were discussing a private matter can you go back inside for a few minutes," Vicki said.

"No, no, it's OK Mom, I've nothing to hide here. We talk about everything and I wanted to share this with you both anyway but wasn't exactly sure how, then you made it easy and opened it up when you asked about our sex life," laughed Terrana.

Vicki laughed with Terrana, "well I guess I should keep some things to myself from time to time."

"Oh my God, what are ya'll talking about," chimed Trista.

"Well, your sister was telling me how she and Killian are bringing other people into their bed," Vicki said nonchalantly.

At this point, Trista sat with her mouth open in utter disbelief or horror. Neither Terrana nor her mother could tell for sure.

"As I was going to say before you interrupted, Trista" Vicki looked right at Terrana. "If you two are happy and secure in your marriage, no one has a right to dictate approval of your lifestyle. I'm happy for you. In fact, I wish Trevor was as adventurous at times."

Terrana wasn't quite expecting to hear this and her reaction said it all. Trista continued sitting with her mouth open in disbelief.

"Holy shit, I need a drink," Trista sat her cigarette in the ash tray and disappeared inside to pour herself a margarita.

Vicki explained to Terrana that she too was younger once and also experimented sexually. She found it to be very normal and quite liberating.

Trista again joined mother and sister out on the porch.

"Liberating? Normal?" quipped Trista. "Yeah, I heard what you said."

Terrana and Vicki laughed together while Trista did her best to keep her composure.

"Part of this trip for me is to find another adventure partner. Killian is looking forward to me completing a solo run and provide him with the juicy details," noted Terrana

"How exciting that must be, any idea on who or how," Vicki asked.

"Well I'm not sure, there is much to think about really. We have an understanding it must be above all else, someone we can trust. Not just me - but both of us. That's going to be the most challenging part I think," Terrana explained.

"Yeah, you guys don't really know anyone here anymore since you moved. The only people you truly know and trust are family and Amanda really," suggested Trista.

"Uh yeah, that's exactly the thinking I had. In fact, oh God, how do I say this. Terrana paused briefly and took another drink. Well, you see last night in bed..."

Terrana explained to them the conversation that took place between herself and Killian before leaving about suggesting that she seduce a family member, in a joking manner of course.

The mood turned awkwardly silent.

"Well, as long as all those involved are consenting adults and you can ensure the strength of everyone's relationship, why not, Vicki asked?

It was Terrana's turn to sit with her mouth wide open.

"That would be even more difficult Mom, at least I would think. How are you going to come up to one of us and say hey, you wanna fuck later," poked Trista?

Everyone laughed for a moment as Vicki and Terrana listened to Trista speak up.

"You've got a point Sis. I think Killian was suggesting his Dad as the candidate, to be honest. I emphasized how silly it seemed by mentioning you guys," laughed Terrana.

Is he as good looking as Killian," questioned Vicki?

Terrana shook her head, "yes he is. Honestly, very easy on the eyes."

Trista looked at her sister, "so you two have decided on sharing you with men only then?"

"Well, umm, not exactly. We've never really discussed it. Knowing Killian, he won't see an issue. I'm sure of it. In all honesty, I've never even considered switching teams, I like dick too much."

"It's not as horrible as some make it out to be," chimed Trista.

Terrana and Vicki looked at each other and then at Trista and in unison belted out, "oh really?'

"What? I'm not a prude. Besides I'm younger than you two and have tried things too. Not that I'm super comfy at spilling my business with Y'all," Trista suggested.

All three laughed at the audacity of their conversation. They continued talking into the early morning hours and before long realized it was time to call it a night. Terrana was exhausted from her trip and the mixed drinks she had consumed were making her even more tired. Also, being aroused and hot from the summer air it was a good time to call Killian. She kissed and hugged her Mom and sister goodnight.

"I'm going to head up, take a shower and then crash. I'll see you guys in the morning.

"Goodnight Terrana,' her mother squeezed back

"Goodnight Sissy, I'm going to bed too," Trista said while following her sister inside the house.

The two sisters made their way upstairs to get ready for bed. Terrana grabbed her night clothes from the luggage in her room and went into the bathroom to shower. Trista entered the bathroom moments later and stood in the mirror to remove her makeup. As Terrana began to undress Trista could see her reflection in the mirror and she found herself staring at her sister's body.

Trista noticed how beautiful her sister was. She was not built anything like herself. She was about the same height as her but much thicker. She would guess that her sister weighed about 180 lbs or so and mostly in her ass and tits. She stared at Terrana's 36D tits down to her reddish brown nipples, they drooped ever so slightly but were fat and thick and had sexy piercings running through them keeping them nicely perked up. The areas around here nipples were milky white while the exposed area from her bikini line was perfectly tan. Her ass, just as white as her tits were not nearly as firm as her own but were juicy and sexy. Trista had never ever looked at her sister this way, even after years of seeing each other nude before. She quickly found a new appreciation for her sister's physique. She was a mom too and carried it so well. Her long dark auburn hair covered her shoulders down to the middle of her back while her legs were perfectly shaped with a tiny amount of flab. Her thighs were dark from her tan and meaty but you could still see the small gap between her legs when she stood just right. Trista's eyes trailed further down past Terrana's small baby fat pooch and noticed her sisters chubby mound had just a tuft of hair above her clit and neatly trimmed outward. Her pussy lips were dark pink and shaven smooth. Trista found her sister very sexy and her own body was beginning to agree.

"Do I have something on me," Terrana questioned as she looked at her sister.

"Uhh, no - God, I'm sorry, I was just thinking how crazy that conversation was that we had outside," Trista responded.

"Yes it was, but it was kinda fun. Besides I love knowing I can tell you guys anything. Knowing that I can trust you with my most intimate details. It means the world to me. It's hard too because I wanted to talk to you about this before but felt it was not the best conversation to have over the phone," said Terrana.

Trista listened to her sister talk and stared into the mirror at herself. Not a true blonde, her hair cut above her shoulders suited her blue eyes and her personality much better than her longer brunette hair. She wouldn't really classify herself as fit but more well built. She always knew she had hips and after having three kids there was no doubt that her hips were meant for bearing children. Her tummy also like her sisters was not as firm before having kids slightly protrude outward from the left over baby fat. Her ass had been described as a "ghetto booty" but she always preferred to consider it more heart shaped and tight like a cowgirl - make no mistake there was no hiding this feature but her small frame carried it extremely well. She stood nearly her sisters height at 5'2 and close to 135 lbs. Her legs were shapely, tanned and slightly bowed with nearly no fat. Her thighs were trim and tone and thinned toward the crease of her hips. Being the most fit part of her body her legs gave the appearance of being taller than she was. As she began removing her shirt and bra she looked at her tits in the mirror. Again, just like her sister the areas around her dark pink nipples were creamy white. She reached up to grab them and noticed their heavy weight. Bigger than her normal size from breastfeeding her youngest, they remained surprisingly perky. Her massive nipples, while not real long remained fat and thick and sat protruding from the thinner areola atop her 34B tits perfectly. They gave just enough bounce especially now being full of milk. She quickly realized she had not pumped in almost 6 hours.

Trista snapped out of her gaze in the mirror as Terrana continued.

"I'm also not sure how I'm going to include Killian when I find the right person for my adventure. It has to be candid, unexpected and natural. I could do a video call but I'm concerned that if the flow is interrupted by pausing to turn on the video the moment is lost."

"Wow, so you're really going to try and do this huh," asked Trista.

"What do you think we've been talking about all night," laughed Terrana. "I just have to find the right person I guess."

Terrana finished her shower and grabbed the towel from the rack next to the shower. She stood there smelling the aroma of cocoa butter and peaches as she began drying herself off. Running the towel over the curves of her body. She looked over to find her sister naked and prepping herself in the mirror. Terrana noticed that her pubic mound was lighter than the darker exposed skin and as bare as could be, the gap between her thighs was prominent and accentuated the droop of her dark pink labia nicely. She looked over her sisters small but perky white titties and admired her figure, there was certainly no escaping her perfect ass heart shaped ass. At times Terrana wished she had more of a figure like her sister but because of Killian, she loved her body the way it was.

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