tagIncest/TabooHot Moment with Mom Ch. 01

Hot Moment with Mom Ch. 01


I was 19 years old when this happened.

My Mom is single and she's been divorced for 14 years. She has this habit of walking around the house with no pants. Just a t-shirt and and a pair underwear. I don't mind, she's just really lazy. There have been a few odd times where she hasn't even bothered to wear underwear and I've seen glimpses of her hairy bush, and I've just said " Mom just put on some underwear, sheesh! ". She then gets embarrassed and laughs.

Anyways so one day I was out for a long concert and I came back home later in the afternoon. My Mom had gone out too that morning and now she was back. After I came back home, I decided to take a hot shower, as I was tired and I wanted to relax. I took a long hot shower in the guestroom bathroom. After I came out, I dried myself and put on a t-shirt and a pair of loose underwear. I then collapsed on the bed.

A couple of minutes later, my Mom came and joined me. We were both cuddling and hugging. I was so tired and still a little warm from the shower. I then spooned her and I fell asleep for some time, it must have been half an hour.

I then woke up and found that my Mom was now facing me and she was still sleeping. She had her leg wrapped around my hip and she was breathing directly on my face, I could feel her hot breath hit against my face. I noticed that I also had a really hard boner at that moment. Since I was wearing loose underwear, my penis had slipped out from the side of it and was now out. It was in hairy, furry territory and the tip of it was touching something soft and warm. I didn't know how to feel. My mom's bush was tickling my hard erect penis and the tip of it felt like it was touching her vulva. I thought if I stay there for any longer, I was going to nut.

So I got up from the bed and put my penis back in my underwear. I looked over and saw that once again, my Mom was just in a t-shirt and wasn't wearing any underwear because I could see her bare ass. I didn't know what to think. I then put on my pants and went to my room.

Later that evening, I found myself getting an erection again as I was sitting in front of the computer checking my mail. I couldn't help thinking about it. Was this all just an accident, or did my Mom intentionally rub my dick with her bush? I didn't know. I didn't know how to find out either. I mean my Mom hasn't had sex in a long time and I know she has impulses, but I never knew she would do something like that to her son. I just pushed the thought away.

Later that night, my Mom and I were having dinner in the living room, at the dining table. I decided to talk about it. I had to. My heart started beating faster. Here goes.

"Hey Mom? "

"Yeah? "

"Uhh...Remember how you....sometimes have this habit of not wearing any underwear in the house? "

"Oh my god, why are you talking about that now when we're having dinner? "

"No its just that....well something happened. "

"What happened? "

"Remember how you came to the guestroom this afternoon and started hugging me? "

My Mom looks a little uncomfortable and embarrassed at the same time.

"I remember. "

My heart was beating so fast, I thought I was going to faint.

"Well Mom, we were hugging and I think.....I think my....I think my thing... accidentally touched your thing. "

I finally said it. I couldn't believe I said it. It felt so weird, my heart was still pacing fast.

My mom looked a little shocked and she was looking up, trying to jog her memory.

She said " Oh...well that's a little weird. But how did that happen, its not like you were naked too! "

I said " No but I got an erection while I was sleeping! "

"What!? But still how did it touch my thing then? Weren't you wearing underwear!? " She looked a little uncomfortable now.

"It must have slipped out from the side Mom! It happens a lot of the times. "

"Oh son, this is just weird...and a little funny " She snickers a bit.

"Sorry son, I guess this is why its important to wear underwear haha. "

"Yeah Mom "

"Ok I'm sorry. I'll make sure I wear underwear from now onwards. "

"No you don't...really have to. "

She then stops eating and just stares at me. I can't believe I said that. It just slipped out. What was I thinking!?

"What do you mean, I don't have to? " She questioned.

"What? No sorry I.....I didn't say anything. I didn't say uhh. " My heartbeat was racing again. What is wrong with me!? I didn't know what to say and I was eating up half my words.

She just stares at me with deep curiosity and a perplexed facial expression.

"Kevin.....you didn't....you didn't enjoy that did you? "

I just stare down right at my feet. I couldn't look at her in the face. I was breathing heavily, I didn't say anything. I started to sweat. What was my Mom going to think. I remained silent.

"Kevin... " She puts her hand on my shoulder. Now I have to look at her. I look at her, she looked deeply concerned.

"Sorry Mom, I didn't know how to feel. It just felt....I don't know. "

"What? " Her hand is still on my shoulder.

"Mom I've never had sex before. I just think the sensation of it......on my thing...the softness and the prickliness of your bush. "


"I'm sorry Mom! I didn't mean to say that! "

She looks outraged and a little embarrassed right now.

"So I guess you just got a little tickled down there, and that's what gave you a boner? "

"Yeah I guess so Mom. "

"Ok. That's......normal...... I guess. If it was just the sensation that gave you a boner. "

I stay silent.

"Wait let me try this. "

She leans towards me and uses here fingernails to lightly graze against my crotch over my jeans. She grazes back and forth.

"What's happening now? "

I couldn't lie. I was getting a boner from her touch. I couldn't believe she was even doing this.

"It's making it hard, Mom "

"So see, its pretty normal to get an erection when there's any sort of touch or pressure applied to that area. Don't worry about it Kevin, its normal. You're just a regular guy with an overactive penis. "

She then whacked my crotch with her hand in a playful way and I yelled out softly.

She then started laughing and said

"Oh quit being such a wuss! "

"No Mom you hit my balls! "

"Oh sorry I didn't meant to hurt you that bad, I was just having some fun. "

"It's ok Mom. But it really hurt. "

"Ok I'm sorry. Are you good now? " She looks at my crotch.

"You still have that erection huh? "

"Mom stop it! "

"Stop what? "

"Stop talking about my penis! "

"Well I'm sorry, I can just see that bulge in your pants and I find it funny how its still there even after I whacked you there so hard " She starts laughing again.

"Stop laughing! "

"Alright sorry. Hmm. By the way son, I've never asked you, but how big is your penis? "

"Mom what!? Why are you asking me that? "

"I'm just curious. Are you going to be able to satisfy your girlfriend or what? "

"It's big enough Mom. Don't worry. "

"Ok but how big? "

"I don't know, I've never measured it! "

"Why not? Aren't you curious too? "

"No I've never found the need to measure it Mom! "

"You're silly. Come here... and get a measuring tape. Measure it now while you still have that boner. Don't let it go to waste. "

"Mom are you serious? "

"It's no big deal, Kevin. Trust me this information is going to come in handy when you're flirting with girls through texts and online messages. Just don't send any unsolicited stuff to girls ok? Only if they ask you first. "

I didn't know what to think. I went to the bureau nearby and grabbed a measuring tape out of the drawer. I then went back to my Mom who had taken a seat on the sofa.

"Ok I'm not going to touch your thing since I'm your Mom, so I'll hold up the measuring tape. You just place your thing right next to it so I can measure it. Hold it straight. "

Was my Mom being serious? I couldn't tell if this was a joke. I unzipped my zipper slowly. She was waiting. I then pulled down my pants and my boxers at the same time. And there. My dick was now out. It felt so weird just being exposed like that to my Mom.

"Oh its not fully erect anymore. It's semi. It needs to be fully erect. Just think of some hot naked woman fast......Oooh I know! Think of Charlize Theron naked. I know you have the hots for her! "

I just ignored her and tried to make my dick hard. But the mere thought of my dick being so close to my Mom and her looking directly at it, made me so excited. I could feel my dick throbbing up and down and getting harder.

"There we go. Now its erect. Come here and hold it next to this tape. Let's measure it. "

I then placed it right next to the tape. It was so close to her hand. Her thumb nail was rubbing against the base of my dick too.

"Ok its 5 inches and.... "

She moved her head slightly to the tape to read it. I don't know what came through me. I was so horny and turned on. I pushed my hip forward and my throbbing hard dick nudged against her lips.

She then dropped the measuring tape and just looked at me, outraged.

"What the Fuck, Kevin! What the Fuck! "

"I'm sorry Mom! I'm so sorry, I don't know what came over me! It was just too much. I couldn't...I don't know.... SLAP ME! SLAP ME RIGHT NOW I DESERVE IT! "

She then slapped my erect dick and balls.

"Ouch! NOOO! I meant slap me on my face! "

I then looked at her. She looked like she was trying to suppress a laugh, but she immediately became serious again.

"Look Kevin, that is no way for a boy to behave around his Mother. I know that you're at an age where hormones are raging, but that is still a big NO NO NO! "

"Sorry Mom, I really am truly sorry. "

"Now just get that damn dick over here and lets finish measuring it. "

I then placed my dick next to the tape. And she measured it.

"5 and a half inches. Alright, there its done. "

I then pulled up my pants and struggled to tuck my boner in and button my jeans.

My Mom looked at me struggling with an exhausted expression.

She then sighed and said

"I cant believe you just grazed my mouth with your dick, Kevin. What kind of a horny motherfucker are you? "

"Sorry again, Mom. "

"I mean a less offensive thing to do would be to at least ask me nicely. Damn. "

"Ask you what nicely? "

"Whatever it is that you wanted to do. "

"But I didn't want to do anything. "

"Yeah right. Now just go and jerk off before you get any more naughty thoughts. Or you might just stick it in my ass and say " Oh sorry Mom, I'm so sorry! Slap me! Slap me right now! " "

"MOM! What the Fuck!? "

"I'm joking. Now go and jerk off. You horny motherfucker. "

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous06/20/18

Stop grading papers lol

He was just writing it as fasf as he could type it I bet, ppl please just read the stories without grading it for punctuation and grammar gee wiz

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by PineappleKevin05/31/18

Comment from Author

Hey, I'm the author. Just wanted to add a comment about this.

Sorry about the grammatical mistakes and other errors. The thing is that I initially wrote this not as a story, but as a post on a differentmore...

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by Anonymous05/31/18


Are you serious? I don't mean to belittle anyone on here, but this story was written by someone alot younger than what they pretend to be here. 'My Thing" ... seriously...who says that except a very youngmore...

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by cricketx05/30/18

I liked it

I think you did well enough, please keep writing. You may want to try and get an editor from the pool of editors willing to correct grammar/spelling/etc. I was intrigued enough that I'll stick with themore...

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by Anonymous05/14/18

Fun story

Seeing mom's hairy bush makes a lasting impression. After this encounter and measuring, mom will be able to properly train and control Kevin. It should work out well.

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