Hot Nude Yoga


The company I work for is very progressive in that it has all sorts of perks for its employees. There is a cafeteria that serves fresh, organic non-gmo food, a meditation room with guided meditations twice a day, a fitness center, a library and a wellness program. Monday, Wednesday and Friday are yoga classes, which I have come to thoroughly enjoy. As a middle-aged man, I definitely needed to stay active and healthy. I planned on living a long time. Besides, the yoga class was predominately filled with women.

Sandi is a vivacious woman in her mid-thirties. She has long jet black hair, olive complexion and a curvaceous figure. Very nice to look and very intelligent. I have had the pleasure of working with her on several property tax cases, investment properties the company owns we have in litigation to reduce their tax liability. Sandi is the attorney and I am the tax expert and appraiser.

"Yoga today?" read the email from Sandi.

"Yes. See you in a bit. 6th floor lobby," I replied.

Since we began working on cases together, we both took advantage of the yoga class offerings. Mostly I enjoyed placing my mat next to hers and stealing glimpses of her beautiful body as she moved through the poses. Sandi also had a grace about her. It appeared that anything she did was effortless and full spirited.

"Did you have a nice weekend?" Sandi asked.

"Nice and boring as usual," I responded. There isn't much excitement in my life these days. Weekends are spend doing chores around the house, that never-ending "honey-do" list. I do enjoy taking the dogs to the dog park in the evenings. Janice, my wife, has settled into complacency and has dragged me along.

"How about you? Anything exciting?" I was quick to ask so Sandi wouldn't dwell on my answer.

"Went out clubbing with the girls Saturday night," she replied. "Not much excitement. I am not really into twenty something guys hitting me up, hoping to get their dicks wet."

"Well, we should both try and find a way out of our routines," I offered.

The yoga class filled up quickly as the mostly young women spread out their mats and gossiped a little. There are a few men in the class. They are all much younger than my sixty years and they get all the attention from the younger women.

"Listen up!" cried out Jennifer, the yoga instructor, trying to get everyone's attention. "Before we begin I have a few announcements." Typically, they were announcements for classes at Jennifer's studio or something of interest to this crowd like Vegan cooking classes. Then, her last one, got the class's attention and a few giggles from the girls.

"Next Saturday is National Nude Day so this year I am doing a hot nude yoga class at the studio. I invite you all to come and don't be embarrassed. You all have beautiful bodies," Jennifer exclaimed.

The thought of watching many of these young women doing yoga naked sent a twitch to my cock. It didn't last long as we were instructed, "Let's get in a comfortable seated position and take three long breaths together."

I concentrated on my poses, occasionally glancing over at Sandi, as the class went on. Eventually we came to shavasana, everybody's favorite yoga pose. Lying there relaxed, the thought of doing naked yoga returned to my brain and aroused my crotch. Good thing everyone had his or her eyes closed as my naughty thoughts of naked women tented my yoga pants.

"Well, that was an interesting announcement today," Sandi threw out as we were returning to our offices. "Sounds to me like nude yoga might be more fun than getting hit on by horny young men at the clubs."

"You certainly have the body for it," I complimented her.

"You up for going with me? Think you can escape your wife and her chores for a while on Saturday?" Sandi tempted.

"You have got to be kidding. In case you haven't noticed, I am not a twenty year old hunk. And, besides if I saw you, especially you, and a bunch of other naked women doing yoga, I would have a hard-on that wouldn't quit. That would be even more embarrassing than displaying my middle-aged body."

"Don't be such a prude, Dan," Sandi admonished. "Once we get into the poses nobody will even notice. I've seen a few erect penises in my day so it won't come as a shock to me. And, thanks for the compliment."

"I don't know, Sandi. Let me think about it."

"Everyone has to overcome their inhibitions sometime, Dan. The class starts at 4 in the afternoon so I'll pick you up at a quarter past three," Sandi stated as if I agreed. "Don't worry, I will tell Janice it is a special yoga class, like the puppy one for the Humane Society fundraiser."

I wasn't worried about Janice. Seriously, she would never imagine something going on between Sandi and myself. I was worried about how humiliating this could be.


Saturday morning I kept myself busy with every chore I could find, keeping my mind off the afternoon. Janice had thought nothing of it when I told her I was going to go to a yoga class that afternoon. I took the dogs for a long walk early in the afternoon so they would get their exercise since the dog park routine was not happening today.

"Don't worry, Janice. I won't let him over exert himself," Sandi said to my wife. "I'm so glad he is willing to try hot yoga with me. It's something I have wanted to do for a while and I think it would be good for Dan."

"Thanks, Sandi, for taking him. I keep telling him it's good to stay healthy," Janice agreed.

"Come on, Dan. You ready to sweat a little?" Sandi questioned rhetorically.

We arrived at the studio at a quarter to four. There was a young couple and a few other women milling about the studio floor. Everyone put their mats down but no one was stripping off their clothes yet.

"I am afraid there isn't going to be such a great turn out," Jennifer lamented. "I probably should have thought of this earlier and advertised it more."

"We are happy to be here, "Sandi consoled her. "People always show up late for things anyway. Do we have to be done by a certain time?"

"No, we can stay all evening. There are no more classes today,"

"So let's wait and see who shows up," Sandi exclaimed.

By ten minutes after four there were ten of us including Jennifer, the instructor. Two couples had come together and three other women besides Sandi, Jennifer and myself. We all introduces each other. The temperature in the room was already ninety-five and everyone was uncomfortable in their clothes.

"Let's get started," exclaimed Jennifer as she began to take off her clothing. Jennifer was a tall slim woman with long legs and small perky breasts. She is very much the naturalist so I was not surprised to see her with a full mound of pubic hair.

I slowly unbuckled my pants and slid them down together with my boxers, my eyes trying not to wonder, but unable to stay long away from Sandi. I became semi erect as she pulled her sports bra off over her head revealing round luscious breasts with dark areolas and firm large nipples. As she slid her pants and panties off I saw her fully shaved sex glistening from the sweat. Sandi turned around revealing the most beautiful ass I have ever seen.

"Since there are not a lot of us, let's arrange ourselves in a semi-circle. It will be a lot more intimate and we won't have to be looking at butts," Jennifer instructed. Sadly, if it wasn't obvious, I would have gladly positioned myself behind Sandi. I could look at her ass all day.

"OK. Sit tall and we will start by taking a breath together and then three Oms"

Yoga practice is very personal and somehow Jennifer was beginning to make this a collective experience. We were physically close to each other and we were breathing together. Jennifer led us through the traditional warm up movements though our bodies didn't need to warm up with the heat.

We were sitting with our legs spread wide, and while the class members could not see each other's sex we could all see Jennifer and the huge wet spot on her mat. She, however could see each one of us which was the mostly trigger to her arousal. The lights were dimmed but with sufficient light to see.

Almost forty five minutes into the class Jennifer announced," let's finish up with some balancing poses." Normally with a class this small I would suggest we go to the walls for some support. But now that we're bonding let's pair up and help each other. Bill and Cindy, Allen and Lorraine and Dan and Sandi, you all came in together so you are natural pairs. Ally, Maria and Susan, I'll pair with one of you."

Susan spoke up first, "Ally and I will pair up."

"OK, Maria you are with me then," Jennifer concluded. Jennifer and Maria were quite the opposite. Jennifer's long legs, skinny torso and small B cup breasts were the opposite of Maria who is a little chubby, a perfectly round ass and huge DD cup breasts. The appeared like the perfect pair of opposites in the front of the room.

"OK, we'll start with tree pose. Stand tall in mountain and shift your weight to your right leg. Partners, you get behind and steady your partner by placing your hands on their hips as they hold the pose and build strength."

Sandi had her hands firmly on my hips as I wobbled on my right leg. My left leg is a lot stronger and I held up there pretty well on my own. It was time for us to switch. I placed my body right up to Sandi's from behind I could feel my erection growing as my cock brushed up to her butt. She didn't need much help from me as I did from her but my hands were firmly planted on her hips holding her against me.

"I can feel you back there," Sandi whispered. "It is driving me crazy."

"Me too," I whispered back knowing I was fully erect now.

It was awkward as we switched around again for the next pose, dancer. My cock was still fully engorged. For a moment, Sandi wrapped her hand around it and gave me a little kiss. I couldn't tell if anyone had seen that or were they totally engaged with each other?

"You will have to steady your partner a bit from the side so the leg has room to go behind," Jennifer hinted. Sandi had a firm grip on my cock as I leaned forward in the pose.

By the time we got to our final balancing pose, warrior three, my legs couldn't stand very well anymore. So, I pretended to try on with two feet on the ground. Sandi kept a hold of me and was gently stroking my cock, unnoticed by the others, as they concentrated on their poses. When it came about for Sandi's turn to do the pose, she still had enough strength to hold the pose while I gently slid a finger inside her dripping wet pussy.

"I imagine everyone is ready now for Shavasana," Jennifer commented. "I am going to dim the lights a lot. As you rest, I will come around with an essential oil and place a drop on your forehead. The oil I have selected today is a combination of scents entitled "Love."

As the lights dimmed to near darkness, Sandi pulled her mat alongside mine and laid down close to me. After a couple of minutes of stillness, I felt the touch of the oil on my forehead and then the soft touch of a woman's sweet lips on my face.

Sandi was practically on top of me, her tongue had parted my lips as she stroked my cock back to erection. In the background I could hear Jennifer," What we have experienced today in our practice is the wholeness of our natural selves. We joined to share each other in truthful nakedness. I will keep the lights down and let you enjoy your own version of Shavasana for as long as you like."

With that being said, Sandi squatted above me and slowly lowered her hot wet pussy onto my cock. Our bodies, slippery and wet from sweat, came to the rhythm of raw, natural, sexual energy. Sandi rode me with passion and fervor as I grabbed hold of her swinging breasts, pinching her rock hard nipples.

Sandi and I were not going to be first to reach ecstasy. "Oh Jen, Oh Jen, I'm cumming, Oh god," moaned Sally as she let go a load scream and you could hear her body thrashing about. The sounds and smell of sex were now filling the studio.

I flipped Sandi over and bent her now very supple legs back as I plunged my cock into her. The sexual tension had been building all late afternoon. It needed to be let go in a fury. I pounded hard as Sandi's moans grew louder and louder. She was cumming in waves as I felt her hot juice gush on my cock and out onto my balls. Her pussy clamped down hard around my cock, which sent me over the edge. Both our bodies bucking and writhing as I pumped my semen in her. Thrusting until I was totally drained.


On the ride back home, Sandi broke the silence, "I know you. You are now thinking how you can face Janice." She was right, that is exactly what I was thinking. Our marriage had gone stale but we still loved each other very much.

"Was it as wonderful for you as it was for me, Dan?" Sandi asked.

"Of course it was wonderful. That's not my moral dilemma," I frustratingly replied.

"Then tell Janice how wonderful it was. She will want to be sure we all made the right decisions," Sandi went on.

"What right decisions are you talking about?" I innocently asked.

"A few weeks ago I ran into Janice at the café. We sat down for a cup of coffee together. Of course the conversation centered around you. You are what we have in common. Janice feels bad your marriage has slipped into boredom and drudgery. I confessed I have had this secret crush on you, a sexual desire for you. That's when Janice suggested that you and I should make love to each other."

"Janice said that?" I questioned in partial disbelief.

"Yes. She loves you so much, she wants to see you be happy."

Sandi pulled her car up to my house and asked, "are you going to invite me in?" Of course, I wanted her to come in. I wasn't quite sure how I felt about all of this.

"Dan isn't smiling from ear to ear. Did you get to do it? You know, make love?" Janice inquired as soon as we got in the door.

"Yes, and it was wonderful. Right Dan?" Sandi chimed.

"It was absolutely fantastic," I added. Right then Janice gave me the most passionate kiss we have shared in years.

"I hope you are going to stay the night, Sandi," my wife said. "Share our bed tonight to celebrate."

"I would love that Janice," Sandi replied.

"Good. But, first we have to get both you upstairs into the shower. You smell like sweat and sex," Janice laughed.

Naked Hot Yoga on Nude Day turned my life around. I can only hope the future gets better.

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by Anonymous

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by prop6909/23/18

AWESOME. I always wanted to try yoga.

I am hard just thinking about a group nude yoga experience.
I am looking forward to more chapters.

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by kaf07/09/18

well written without typos?

There are typos and other errors.

"As a middle-aged man, I definitely needed to stay active and healthy. I planned on living a long time" would make more sense in the present tense, unless you somehowmore...

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by zoolicious07/08/18

Happy Ending

Nice story.
I can see many happy endings for Dan.
So many great ways to continue on.

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by SWT307/08/18


Your story is nicely told, well written without typos. More than that, it is a sensuous tale with a great finish.

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