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Scarlett was a pale, dark haired beauty. 5'5'' 125, 36B with smooth legs and a great ass. We have known each other for years and enjoyed talking online. We had talked about meeting, but our schedules were in constant conflict.

We had talked about meeting at a hotel near her place one evening, our sexual tension had built to a climax and that's when this conversation got interesting...

Scarlett: You pull me in the door and holding me tight as you kiss me deep and hard. Then we both start undressing each other frantically

Scarlett: Then, once our clothes are off, you step back to get a good look then push me onto the bed

Scarlett: you order me to spread my legs. you first inspect me with your fingers looking at me all the while ordering me to tell you I like it

Scarlett: then you tell me to sit up and you walk around and force my head down on your cock and order me to take you in

Scarlett: you hold my head down hard hold my hair tight and make me beg for air

Scarlett: you let me up for a few secs then force me down again. you fuck my mouth deep and hard. Im so hot I have to rub my clit as you violate my mouth

Scarlett: you're almost ready to cum and decide you want me on my stomach so you lift my head up and push me down on my stomach. First you tease my ass with your finger then your cock until you slide it in gently then deeper and harder. you rub my clit as you thrust

Scarlett: Im moaning and so ready for you to cum in my ass

Scarlett: i hear you moan and know you are ready too

Scarlett: you order me to cum first and insert your fingers in me to feel

Scarlett: then, after one deep thrust to where i have to muffle my scream in the bed, you cum deep in my ass

Antonio: im sure its so tight

Scarlett: sure is

Antonio: can i feel it?

Scarlett: of course

Antonio: clean my cock off im not done

Scarlett: ok

Antonio: im lay down and order you to sit on my face

Scarlett: yes

Antonio: im going to lick you clean and you need to pleasure your breasts and rub my cock in the mean while

Antonio: once I'm hard you need to take over on top of me and tell me what you can do

Scarlett: as you wish

Scarlett: i place you inside me and i grind slowly then i thrust my hips harder and faster

Scarlett: i hold you in tightly as I lean back slightly so you rub my clit

Antonio: perfect grind it deep, you need to feel all of me

Antonio: ill place my hand on your thigh and rub it with my thumb

Scarlett: I lean back further to thrust myself harder

Scarlett: you feel so good inside me

Scarlett: im so wet

Scarlett: i grind and thrust my hips harder taking you all in

Scarlett: you hold my hips tight and pull me closer

Scarlett: you go in so deep I let out a slight moan of pain and pleasure

Scarlett: I bend down to kiss you hard as you bounce me up and down

Antonio: you need to fuck it right, you need to let all you have out all over me

Antonio: kiss me now while we pound each other, kiss me hard and with passion

Scarlett: oh i will! I grind hard and fast and I place my hands around your neck choking just enough

Antonio: im going to ruin you, your pussy is mine now, you will lust for it and get wet at the thought of me

Scarlett: I let out all my frustrations on you. fucking you hard, taking turns between choking you and scratching up your chest

Scarlett: you're moaning so hard and I am all sweaty and panting.

Scarlett: I want you to cum in my mouth

Antonio: don't stop

Antonio: keep fucking me

Scarlett: you push me down hard onto you holding my hips so hard

Antonio: i want to see you fuck...really fuck. squat over me and pound all of me in you

Antonio: until you're going to cum and then just let yourself go

Antonio: i want you practically squirting all over me

Scarlett: mmmmmm

Antonio: do it

Scarlett: i fuck you so hard, I'm about to cum. i want you to taste it so i get up and turn around on you so you can taste as I suck you off hard

Scarlett: i want to taste you as well. I want you to come in my mouth

Antonio: yes, ride my face

Scarlett: mmm

Scarlett: i grind my pussy over your face

Scarlett: Yes!

Antonio: fuck my face

Scarlett: yes baby

Scarlett: grinding on your tongue

Scarlett: still sucking hard

Scarlett: you put a finger in my ass

Scarlett: mmmmm

Scarlett: i keep grinding. Im so sensitive

Scarlett: i'm about to cum again. you pull away teasing me

Scarlett: i beg you to keep going

Scarlett: you rub my clit gently then finger me until you push me back onto your face

(I emailed a picture of my hard cock for Scarlett's pleasure)

Scarlett: you are big

Antonio: still want it?

Scarlett: yes

Scarlett: but it will hurt

Scarlett: We can't get too rough

Antonio: don't worry i know what I'm doing

Scarlett: ok

Antonio: it will only be rough enough

Scarlett: nice

Antonio: cum on my face and open your mouth

Scarlett: yes!

Antonio: tell me how much you want it and how you want it

Scarlett: i want it bad deep down in my throat

Scarlett: mmmmmm

Antonio: tell me

Scarlett: i want to taste you so bad and feel you r cock deep in my throat almost choking me

Antonio: open up

Scarlett: mmmm

Antonio: i want you thinking of me thats why i did this

Scarlett: i will think of you

Antonio: ready?

Scarlett: so ready...mouth open and ready

Scarlett: come for me baby

Scarlett: mmmm

Antonio: oh yes, fuck! I'm cumming...

Scarlett: u are evil

Antonio: just giving you something to think about

Scarlett: oh yeah

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