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Hot Ranchers Wife


I grew up on a small ranch...not too big and l heard in a movie that what l had would be considered a 'hobby ranch'. I was a no kidding modern day cowboy with a small working ranch where we raised horses. Nothing fancy just cutting horses...and riding horses. It was a business that l inherited from my father a few years back when he passed. My wife Becky and l live in a modest house and have a couple of hands that work for us off and on.

Speaking of my wife - we had a normal upbringing and enjoyed the country life and working with animals. She was a beauty and grew up in the small town we lived in as did l. We knew each other through grade school and all the way to high school, and we just knew one day that we would be married and would raise a family. As things go however; we couldn't have a family as l had a low sperm count and we never were able to conceive - it was a gut buster but we literally cowboyed up and learned to accept it. We always had a happy marriage for the most part. After we had been married a few years l overheard her on the phone speaking to one of her high school friends and they must have been talking about sex because she said to whomever she was speaking to that we had pleasant sex - but wished that l packed a bit more meat. I was deeply hurt and wanted to talk to her...but couldn't bring myself to bring it up to her...which was a mistake on my part that l figured out in retrospect.

It was the time of year for us to round up the colts and filly's and sell them, this was the principle way we earned money and it would tide us over until the next crop of ponies was raised and sold. We carried lots of credit in the town...and once we sold our stock l would pay the bills and what we had left over was ours. Last year we had an exceptionally good herd and made some extra cash and with it we hired some temp help this year to not make the task harder on ourselves. The hand l hired was a very big man...6'2" and he cut a pretty good figure of a man. One thing that did not go unnoticed was my wife was 'different' around him...flirty and very vivacious. He came highly recommended from some of the other ranchers so l had no problem giving Charlie a job for the season.

One of the ways l had started to unwind was visiting porn sites on the new computer we bought. Through a bit of web surfing l figured out that watching porn was jazzing up our sex life a bit however, my wife had no idea that l was doing this - l supposed she just figured that l was a randy old cowboy wanting sex all the time.

A couple of days later she returned from running errands and came into the house and 'caught' me looking at porn online. She literally flew off the handle.

"Is that what you want...sluts? Sucking your cock and you licking them all over?" she inquired.

At that point in the conversation the action on the screen got a bit wilder. The huge cock that was ejaculating into the actress and she jumped off and squatted on the cuckolded husbands face and forced him to suck all the cum out of her wet slit and swallow it all.

"OH MY GOD...that is the nastiest thing l have ever seen in my life..." she exclaimed. "I cannot believe that you are watching sick porn like that. I don't even know who you are!!" she spat out.

I felt trapped and stood up quickly, grabbed my truck keys and headed for the door.

"Where are you going? What is going on? Are you leaving? Wait a minute!!" She exclaimed.

But it was too late. I had made my exit and jumped in my truck and drove off shaking my head and trying not to run over anything. A thousand wild thoughts were swirling through my mind - What was l going to do? How could l ever face her again - why wasn't l paying better attention to my surroundings - I must be the dumbest shit around...

I went to the bar and had a shot and a drink and another...and then another. Not having eaten l got pretty tipsy and sat down and nursed a beer. My friend Andy asked, "What's going on with you? You don't drink like that...everything alright. I simply told him Becky and l had a misunderstanding...

"Then you need to go home and straighten things out with her right now" he said.

"Umm l don't know if l can...but l know you're right." I said.

I reached for my keys but he stopped me.

"No way you're driving...give me your keys and l will take you home." He said.

Feeling unsure - but knowing it was the right thing to do l handed him my keys and got into his truck. On the way out to my place l asked him to drop me off at the end of the drive way. It was a long drive way and l thought the walk may help clear my head. He agreed.

We arrived at my place about 20 min later and he stopped at the end of the drive way...handed me my truck keys and intoned 'Good Luck'. I waved as he drove off into the night.

As I walked towards the house and looked around l could see no activity- there was only a couple of lights on in the back and not a soul around. I stayed in the shadows of the trees next to the fence line and made my way towards the barn. I slipped inside and went into the loft and looked over at the house. There was a lone light on...in our bedroom of all places. I crept down and made my way over to the side of the house so l could peep into our bedroom window and see if l could see inside to figure out what l should do next.

I took off my hat and l looked in my bedroom window and my life was forever changed. I could see my wife nude and in the bed and Charlie was between her thighs thrusting a porn star sized cock into my small wife. Her moans made their way to my ears and every time Charlie bottomed out she let out a small grunt. When he was on the backstroke l could plainly see my wives pussy lips clinging to the shaft and the ridge of the head of his cock was visible through the clingy labia. Just before his cock would slide out of her pussy he would forcibly thrust it back in making her boobs slide up her chest and emitting a meaty smack as their pelvises collided. He was fucking her with an intensity that l had never, ever given her and l could tell that she was loving every minute of it...

It was like a bad accident...l could not look away nor retreat. It was as if my feet were stuck in cement and impossible for me to move them in any direction. I so wanted to move away...but l was rooted to this spot by the spectacle unfolding in front of me. Her moans assaulted my ears and l felt very inadequate. l felt like l had never properly given my wife the kind of sex that she evidently longed for in our relationship.

Suddenly she started spewing out some of the filthiest words l had ever heard her utter. It was shocking to hear suck words coming out of her sweet mouth.

"Fuck me...Give me that cock" she uttered "Oh my god l am going to come again - all over your big dick"

Then she practically convulsed as a powerful orgasm swept thru her small frame. I think she was making sounds that only bats could hear as one orgasm after another seized her small frame. Usually this was when l would be soft and gentle to her...but Charlie turned into a fucking battering ram. The wet smack of the flesh during this part of their coupling reached a new crescendo as l could hear her cumming as he unloaded a big load of hot cum into her womb. He must have come for like a minute or two...l could see the thick ridge on the bottom of his cock convulsing every time a wad of cum was ejected into her unprotected womb - it also sent her into a series of multiple orgasms that l had never been able to give her and it seemed like she orgasmed for 10 minutes. I turned and walked towards the barn and then realized l had an enormous erection - possibly the largest hard on l had ever produced in my life.

I undid my britches and grabbed my throbbing cock, gave it a couple of strokes and cum spewed from the end of my cock and flew four feet into the soft hay. My knees buckled and l fell down - having not come that hard in ages. I promptly passed out.

When l awoke it was pitch black inside the barn. I was unaware of the time...and it took me a minute to realize my surroundings. Looking at my watch l saw that l had been out close to 20 minutes. As l sat there trying to orient myself l heard a truck start and knew it must be Charlie taking his leave of my now slut wife. l sat there dumbfounded trying to determine what to do know when l heard the back door of the house open and close. A few moments later there were soft footfalls at the barn door.

"Honey? Honey are you out here?" my wife asked.

I was unsure what to do...should l answer her? Should l hide? Should l start screaming?

"Sweety please calm down...so we can talk." She intoned.

I sat there a moment unsure of what to do.

"Please" she asked.

I climbed down and kept looking at the ground unsure what to say or do. She slid her hand into mine and we walked to the house and went inside. We went into the bedroom and l looked at the rumpled sheets and a big wet spot.

"I know you saw us..." she said, "l could see you peeping through the window."

I am sure l blanched at her comment. She grabbed my hand and walked over to the bed and set down. She unbuckled my belt and undid my pants and slid them down along with my underwear. My cock was harder than granite and sprang out of my undies and bobbed in front of her. She grabbed it and gave it a kiss on the tip then licking the precum off the head and around the slit.

"There is only one thing left for you to do now..." she said.

"Umm what's that?" l asked.

"Do like they did in your movies..." She said "lick my hot pussy clean."

Suddenly my cock engorged and became very erect. It was almost painful. She guided me to the bed and dropped her robe. She had me lay on the bed, then she got on the bed and positioned herself so her cum filled snatch was right over my face. Hunkering down a bit her cum filled slit was hovering over my face. I grabbed her hips and she spread her knees and her fucked pussy was on my mouth. Licking it and sucking it was almost programmed into me as l repeatedly drove my tongue into her hot wet mess licking and sucking the huge ejaculate left in her by her recent lover. She reached down and grabbed my cock and it spontaneously ejaculated into the air about 4 feet.

"Oh my!" she exclaimed as she slowly stroked my super hard cock. "l think someone liked all that happened."

"Did you? Did you like seeing my tight pussy get stretched by a real man's thick cock? Like those sluts in the movies you watch?"

I nodded to her.

"NO! Say it...l want to hear you say that you liked watching me fuck that big cock. Say it dammit!" she almost screamed.

"Umm I like watching you getting fucked by that huge dick." I managed to sputter out.

"I am glad...because he is bringing a friend next week and they are going to take turns stretching all of my holes." She said almost gleefully. "And you're going to be the fluffer!"

"Fluffer? What's a fluffer? I asked.

"A fluffer is the person that keeps all the cocks hard." She explained.

"How?" I asked.

"Oh a little stroking...a little sucking..." she replied. "And don't even think about saying no. You understand me?

"Yes ma'am"

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by Anonymous

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by hotbiandready10/17/17

Great Story

Wished there was more. Very HOT STORY.
Love Cuckold stories.
Keep writing

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by Anonymous10/15/17

Ignore basement dwelling losers.

I do enjoy that you take the time to write a story. If it makes a difference to you it is easy to remove negative comments from yours stories by clicking on the comment in you control panel and checkingmore...

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by Anonymous10/13/17


A spineless male if I found my wife fucking the hired hand I wouldn't wait around the next thing the wife would hear from me would to be served, after I had taken care of my finances and sold the farmmore...

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by Anonymous10/11/17

re: anonymous- a lot of the complainers............

You ought to know. Seems like you got it all figured out. Wonder why? So what was the point of your long winded spiel? Feeling guilty about something?

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by Anonymous10/11/17


So why do you read them? Fucking hypocrite. At least I don't read this shit. Tags and comments were enough to shy away. What's your fucking excuse?

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