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--I know that this is a short story, but it is my first story in the sexual genre. Please try to enjoy it--

Charlotte was a beautiful, literally both inside and out. She sported long golden blonde hair that fell mid length to her waist and glistened regularly in the occasional sunlight. She had blue eyes that changed from light to dark overtime and a full body that someone would believe could melt away. But Charlotte was known for her luscious breasts that brought out the curves on her body and the clear skin that radiated her every move. As a teenager, she always did wear girly clothes and what not, but she liked to be called "Char". Char was now twenty-four, living in New York and attending business school.

From her appearance, caring personality, and full on sexual curiosities, Char broke many hearts. It was hard for her to admit to her friends and family that she was in fact a lesbian, sometimes the girl wished that people would like her for her charm and intelligence as well as her looks. Looks were and weren't always everything.


Part 1

Charlotte was just leaving the bank, the past month she had been working as an intern at a law firm for a friend of her family. She grabbed her black leather messenger bag and medium sized navy blue L.L. Bean tote in a hurry while holding the bank papers for a certain transaction.

Charlotte dropped the papers and her L.L. Bean bag. "Oh shit!" She tried not to yell it out but couldn't help it during her fury.

"Let me help you with that."

A tall woman around 6'3", five inches taller than Charlotte, leaned down to grasp her papers. Char watched as a strong hand helped her gather her papers; she looked up and saw sweet gray eyes staring at her.

"Thank you so much! I can be so ditzy at times."

"Oh no problem, I have all the time in the world to help a worthy cause."

Char blushed, mostly because this beautiful butch was talking to her. Char wondered if the woman had an idea if she was gay or not. She kept staring at Charlotte with great interest.

"That is sweet of you, it's so rare to find someone who cares to help. What's you name? I'm Charlotte." She really did want to know more about this woman.

"Danielle, but you can call me Danny." Danny seemed to keep staring at her very deeply, and the image of Danny naked slinked in Chars mind.

"Well thank you again Danny, I better be going." Charlotte glanced one more time at Danny and noticed her clothes were butch but had slight femme flair. Char wore a black business mini skirt, a white and blue pin striped blouse that wasn't tucked in, sheer black nylons, and black pointed high heels. But Danny still looked great in jeans, Doc Martins, and a navy blue polo.

Danny had a cool look on her face that gave off some nervousness, "if your not busy, would you like to grab a drink? You seem frazzled by all of those papers falling. I know a place around the corner that has a great bloody Mary, if your over twenty-one."

"I'm over twenty-one, twenty-four actually, but I can't right now, I have to be somewhere, could I take a rain check?" Char wrote down her number on a piece of personalized stationary and said thank you once again."

"I'll hope to hear from you soon Charlotte." Danny seemed disappointed but she hoped that Charlotte would call her."


Part 2

While lying in bed the next day, Charlotte still couldn't quite cope with the fact that had met someone so perfect at the bank. "This woman," she though, "is so tall, so physically beautiful, so handsome." The thought of Danny's high cheekbones and soft gray eyes gave her stomach a flutter eventually leading to her cunt.

She put down her copy of Vogue and started rubbing her clit with her fingers, making small stimulating circular patterns. She inserted one finger into her vagina and started to pull it in and out, in and out, then adding another finger, she moaned.

"Oh Danny," she gasped, "fuck me now, please take me, stroke me."

She brought her fingers up that were circulating her clit and licked them, pulling up her shirt, she rubbed her nipples until they were rock hard and sore. Char took her fingers out of her cunt and started to lift her left breast in order to take the nipple into her mouth and bite it. Quickly inserting the two fingers back inside, she felt her clit get stiffer and she held back an orgasm, then let if through again. White creamy fluid was left on her fingers; she licked them and rubbed the rest of her body as she dreamed of Danny.

"I want her."

Suddenly, the phone rang.

Char stretched to the phone and answered. "Hello?"

"Hey, this is Danny, from the bank."

Danny's voice sounded so sexy on the phone.

"Hi. I was just getting up. I'm glad you called." She really was glad that she called.

"Oh ok. Actually, I know it's 9:00am and short notice, but do you want to get some breakfast? I'll pay, as friends." You could her the anxious little nymph tone in her voice.

"Um, sure, let me just take a quick shower and get dressed. Do you want to meet you there?

"No, no, I'll come and pick you up, say 10:30am? I sort of know your address because I looked up your number in the phone book, Miss. Charlotte."

"That's great. I'll be ready."

They both said their goodbyes as Char clutched the phone in her hand. She felt a twitch in her cunt again. "Oh God, why am I so horny?"


Part 3

Charlotte was just finishing drying her blonde hair as she heard a beep from the front of her apartment. Danny was inside driving a red jeep. Char looked into the mirror and said to herself, "Tight blue jeans, black tank top, black flip flops, no bra. You look hot babe." She wore a little pink lip-gloss and some light coral eye shadow, Charlotte didn't need that much makeup to look nice.

Charlotte hopped in the car with her small coach purse."Hey Danny, it's nice to see you. It's really great of you to take me out to breakfast, I never get away these days."

"No problem, I really wanted to hang out with you, and it's such a beautiful day. Plus, you, you look really beautiful as well." Danny stared at Charlotte's tight jeans and full breasts; you could make out the circular shaped of her nipples. She finally stopped staring.

Char blushed, knowing what the other woman was staring at. "Thanks. You look really great too. I love the shirt, and your hair." Danny was wearing loose jeans, Nike's, and a Red muscle tank. Charlotte could make out small breasts beneath the tank and lingered for more.

Danny suddenly seemed nervous for a second. "I have to know, are you a lesbian? If I'm being too forward, you can yell at me."

"Yes, I am." Charlotte smiled.

"Me too, I just wasn't sure, I thought you were either very femme or very straight." She made a little uneasy laugh.

"Most people don't think I am gay, but once I prove it, then they believe me." Char smiled again and then searched through her purse for a piece of gum.

Danny kept staring at the blonde and Charlotte finally made a remark to get going. -------------------------------------

Part 4

"Wow, that omelet was fantastic. So hot it melted it in my mouth."

Danny and Char were now walking around Columbus Circle and window-shopping for all the latest.

"Yeah, I enjoyed it too." Danny was now looking at Charlotte and Char smiled back. Char then kissed Danny on the cheek, just a little peck though she wanted to do more.

"What was that for?" Danny asked, who seemed puzzled and amused.

"I don't know, I…. I wanted to do that for a while. I like you." Char tried to tell her this with as much bravery as she could.

Danny remained calm on the outside, but inside she was ecstatic, she was in love. "I like you too. So much. I don't want to sound corny or anything." Her gray eyes loomed at Charlotte was questioning glances and a sly smirk.

"That's good. Want to walk me into my apartment? We could have something to drink and…. Whatever." Charlotte turned a little and shot a quick smile, then turned away to continue walking down the sidewalk. Danny quickly ran after her and touched Charlotte's back.

"As long as you don't hurt me. I like to be the dominant one." Danny was loving every moment of Chars flirtatiousness and sexy smile.

"Don't Worry." Danny smiled again and took Chars hand into their own. They had only kissed once, a light kiss, but they were both hoping to get more. ----------------------------------

Part 5

"Do you want some wine? Or beer? Or…"

Charlotte stopped mid sentence as Danny pulled her from behind and started to ravish her right on the spot. Both women moaned into each others mouths and Danny began to tease Chars buttocks.

"Oh Danny. Mmm, your so wonderful."

"And Charlotte, your lips taste delicious. You must be sweet all over your lovely body." Charlotte began fondling Danny's long legs as Danny kissed her neck and stroked her nipples through Chars tank top. "Your nips are so hard. Why is that?" She continued to suck Charlottes tongue.

"Mmm, you know why. I want to feel you." Char moaned into Danny as she felt a hand cup one of her breasts, and before she knew it her shirt was off.

"No bra, your so naughty." Danny started rubbing the blonde woman's clit with the denim in between her fingers. Then she lowered her mouth to one of the nipples and bit soft, hard to enough to please. She continued to coax the nipples and lick them.

"You like me tits? Show me more baby."

Char started to unbutton her jeans, they touched the ground and Danny noticed her wearing a pair of yellow lace panties that accentuated her ass and smooth legs. Danny now had her shirt and pants off as well. Char noticed a gray sports bra and pulled it off.

"I like yours too. So small and so erect." While Danny continued teasing her, she took one of the small nipples into her fingers and rolled it, rubbed it, and caressed it.

"Mmm get on the bed Char, I want to get inside of you, your legs make me so horny, just looking at you makes me come." Danny pushed Char lightly onto the bed and started to kiss her way down to Chars perfect cunt. It was dripping with sweet love juice and screaming for a good fuck. She started to lightly flick her tongue on Chars clit, just to tease her.

"Stop, ungh. Stop teasing. I'm almost there. Ah." Charlotte was in ecstasy, moaning and moving side to side, not wanting to touch herself as not to ruin the experience.

"Hold on sweetie, I know you love to be teased." Danny stuck one finger into Charlottes vagina, began swirling it around until she put another two fingers in. With three fingers already in Chars cunt, Danny rubbed Chars cunt with one finger, pressing lightly as to tease her sensitive spot even more.

"You really are hot Charlotte. I never knew that someone could be this hot. Look at yourself, you're so wet. Can't you hear the sloshing noises? Come for me. This is getting me so hot."

Danny still pulling her fingers in and out finally heard Char moan and her fingers were clenched with the young blondes pussy. Bursts of creamy fluid fell onto her fingers and she licked it on her face.

"I want more." Danny said.

With Char still recuperating from that orgasm, Danny went down on her again, this time licking everything. Danny's tongue was fully inside of her and Char rode her tongue with passion.

"Oh Danny. I'm dripping for you. Lick me hard and good, you're so sexy."

"Only because you taste so delicious." Danny said with Chars juices all over her mouth. -------------------------------

Part 6

The phone rang, it was around 7:00pm and Danny told Char that she would call her to confirm a date.


"Hey you sexy girl. It's me."

"Oh Danny. You make me wet just to hear your voice."

"Don't start without me. So, were going to that club tonight, right? The lesbian place, Pussy Cats? I hear it's hot. There's dancing as well."

"Of course were going, I love to dance." Charlotte really was excited.

"Great. Pick you up at 9:00pm, ok?"

"No problem. I'm so excited."

"Yeah, me too." They hung up and Charlotte felt a burst of lust and curiosity in her loins. ---------------------------------------

Part 7

"You look real good. I could tie you down and eat you now. I love the skirt." Danny pulled up the skirt a little to reveal Char wearing sheer black panty hose with a white garter belt.

Charlotte was wearing only the best. A black silk low cut shirt that had gold beading and no sleeves, a short wavy black mini skirt, sheer black hosiery, black high heels with gold straps, and a little of bit of night makeup.

"I thought I'd look hot tonight without looking like a hooker." She laughed and stared at Danny who looked unbelievably gorgeous.

Danny wore her long boy cut hair slicked back. She had on Olive Green polo with Khaki's and nice black Doc Martins. Behind all of that, everything was illuminating her amazing face. She really was beautiful for a butch. As they waited in line to get inside the club, Charlotte said, "I love you, and I hope you feel somewhat the same." She started to feel butterflies in her stomach because the "L" word wasn't always a good thing to bring up.

"I love you too, with all of my heart and soul. I would never leave you or cheat on you. Maybe a few glanc…"

Charlotte cut her off and elbowed her in the chest. "Ah no, all eyes on me. It's only our relationship, you promise?"

"Of course I promise. Why would I have eyes for anyone else when you've got all the goods I need." Danny pinched Chars bottom and watched as Char jumped quick ahead and smiled shyly.

The bouncer finally let them in as they flashed their ID's. Charlotte being legally twenty-four and Danny being legally twenty-eight.

"Wow this place is wild!" Char exclaimed with delight. Colorful lights flashed everywhere as they saw woman of all kinds dancing and kissing on the dance floor. Many glances came towards Charlotte, but Char only had eyes for Danny.

"I'd love to take you right here while dancing. But I'm in a proper mood today. We'll do it in the bathroom"

Charlotte wagged her finger and said, "not on my watch." And laughed.

Danny grabbed a booth for them and quickly pulled Char into the dance floor in order to start dancing. They both moved to the energized music as Char began to grind into Danny.

Their eyes were on nothing else but each other. Two woman feeling passion, love, and lust. Danny kissed Charlotte right there, in front of everyone and Charlotte felt like she belonged to someone for real this time.

"I love you. So much. Let's go get a drink, my mouth is so dry from keeping it open and staring at you for so long." Danny asked with anticipation.

"Sure thing babe."

They sat down at the booth and ordered two cold beers. Danny could feel Charlotte's hand on her leg, stroking it and looking the other way. Danny took the hand and kissed it. Danny then lifted Char's skirt under the booth and started rubbing her little nub and bush.

"Um, stop Danny, not here. I'm already crazy as it is." Char was closing her eyes now.

"Then lets get out of here. I want you." Danny gleamed at Char with piercing gray and eyes and made it clear that she needed Char, needed to let go of the sexual tension.

"Mmm, ok Danny."

They walked out, and had a great wave of heat and pleasure roll onto them. ----------------------------------

Part 8

They stumbled into the apartment. Grasping each other and planting kisses on one another in unison while they smiled through each touch.

"I love you so much. You make me feel alive and hot." Charlotte was slowly telling Danny her undying love.

"And you, you make me feel hot as well. Come here, I have a surprise." Charlotte lay on the bed and watched in awe and Danny pulled off her pants, she had on a white strap on dildo that was the perfect width and size that could please Char.

"Whoa. Different but nice. Stick in me, I want it now, and then will you lick me?" A smile spread across her face, and Danny smiled back.

"Yes honey, but your so bad."

"Danny? Talk dirty to me. It makes me feel naughty to have you inside of me." Char lay sprawled on the bed, touching her breasts and pulling off her shirt and skirt, only to have her shoes and garter belt on.

"You want me to talk dirty? You want me to fuck you doll? Your sopping wet again, how bad, you should be spanked now." Danny spanked Char playfully and then kissed the red spot.

Char moaned in pleasure. "That's right," she said with her face buried in the comforter, "talk like I'm your baby. Fuck me hard though."

"You want me to stick you? With my huge cock? Do you deserve it in your hot pussy? I still want to lick you since you've been so naughty."

Danny had Char suck the white dick so that it was lubricated; she patted it on Chars ass and began to kiss her back. Danny had Char go on all fours so that she could get a good spot to fuck her cunt.

"That's right, mmm, it's going inside now." Danny exclaimed with intimate pleasure.

"I want it all in, ahh, right there, I'm so sore and swollen, mmm."

Danny slowly slid the cock in and out of Char's dripping pussy, eventually pulling and shoving even harder. She located Char's clit and starting rubbing it slow and hard, making circles with her fingers.

Charlotte moaned and screamed until finally Danny clenched a finger around one of her nipples, making it hard and rough like her clit.

"Mmm, Oh fuck, oh I'm coming."

"Me to. Ungh." Danny could feel her clit trembling from watching Char. But then Char reached over to finger Danny's clit and rub it thoroughly.

"Oh Charlotte, Oh I love you. Come for me; get it on my nice big cock. Mm."

Charlotte started bucking hard and then stopped to find herself finished with an intense orgasm.

Danny lay there. Tired from pushing too and fro. Char got up, took the strap on dildo off of Danny and began to bury her face into Danny's cunt.

Danny's cunt was so precious and sacred; she adored the pink clit and tight cunt. It was very hot, and she could see a mart form the harness on the strap on. Danny watched her and moaned as Char began to lick the harness marks and rubbing her clit. Danny grabbed one of her own little nipples and squeezed it as to enhance the pleasure.

"You want me to suck you, don't you Danny? You know you want me to lick you and bite you." Charlotte already felt the extreme desire in Danny's eyes."

"Just do me, I'm about to come again."

Charlotte licked Danny's cunt up and down and then stuck her tongue inside. Danny tasted like sweet honey; she drank some of it up. Boy, was she feeling kinky tonight. Charlotte felt the tight right close around her tongue and the hotness in Danny's vagina increased. Then she let go.

"I love you Charlotte."

"I love you Danny. So much." Danny kissed Char's forhead and they fell asleep in each others arms with sweet love juice between both thighs and mouths.

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