tagErotic CouplingsHot Shower Ch. 04

Hot Shower Ch. 04


As the crowd began to mingle, I lost track of you, walking through the room, making small talk, shaking hands, smiling, making nice with people when I would much rather already be back in my room, with you. I glanced to my right, scanning faces, and not seeing you, decided I'd make the best of it, and enjoy myself while I was here.

I talked to people I only saw at functions like this, business contacts that required a few minutes of my time, and I quickly lost track of time. It seemed about every other conversation or group of people I talked to added a fresh drink in my hand, and after a while, I was feeling very good about everything. The only thing that dampened my mood, was I was ready to take off my heels and relax.

When I saw a friend walk towards me, I thought, finally, someone I can talk to without the fake smile in place. "Erin, how are you?" I asked as I pulled her close in a hug. "It's been too long, really it has, you look incredible."

"Thanks, you too," she smiled down at me. She was a few inches taller than my 5'5" anyway, but in heels even higher than mine, she could do that, look down at me. "I'm great, I've had about three too many drinks though, so it could just be that."

"You too," I laughed, "I feel incredible right now, but if I don't get out of these damn shoes before long, I'm gonna fall over."

"Oh! Me too, I thought I was the only one suffering in silence!" she giggled. "Let's go up to your room, kick off our shoes, and raid the mini-bar, whaddaya say?"

"You read my mind," I said, and then, immediately stopped us both as I remembered. "Oh, umm, listen, Erin, I, umm, that sounds great, but, umm, I think, maybe not, maybe another night, I umm, have a headache." She turned and looked at me, and I knew immediately I was busted.

"Liar, why don't you want me to come up to your room?"

"I, umm, I told you, I'm not feeling well, and, umm, I just, well, some privacy is probably what I need, and another hot shower," I giggled to myself at the thought of another shower, with you there to greet me as I step out of this one.

"Who is he?"


"Who has a key to your room?"

"I, uh, I don't know what you are talking about."

"Mmmmhmmm, well then, you won't mind if I come up with you."

"OK, Erin, listen," I glanced around, seeing who was around us, "God, how did you know? Am I that easy to read?"

"Know, I've just known you a long time, and that look that crossed your face a minute ago, well, it only means one thing."

I had the decency to blush, then I looked back at her, "Look, I'm sorry, can we hang out tomorrow? I swear, tomorrow."

"Nope, tonight"

"Erin, you don't understand. I mean, really, you don't understand. I'm so frustrated right now, I could explode at any time." I quickly gave a few of the more vague details of what had occurred already tonight.

"Damn, in the elevator? You KNOW there are cameras there."

"I KNOW!" I gasped, my cheeks heating at the thought.

"So, just tell him you are bringing a friend, I'm here by myself, I'm bored to death, and refuse to spend another night alone in my room. This can be a party of three, or I'll kick him out."

I looked at her dubiously, thinking she had to be joking. We'd been friends for years, had spent many a night over girl talk and bottle after bottle of wine, we knew a great deal about each other, but this was a major step. "Erin, I really value your friendship, are you sure this is a good idea?"

"Good grief, if you are this frustrated just from a few finger fucks on the way to dinner, I want to meet this man, and if you are a good enough friend to introduce me, and share for a few hours, how could I ever be upset with you?"

"You're sure?"

"Absolutely, I'm wet just from talking about it."

I shook my head, trying to make sense of the turn of events. I laughed out loud, and Erin looked at me strangely.

"What are you laughing at?"

"Oh, nothing, I just never knew so many of my friends were this freaky!"

"You mean, you've done this before?"

"Umm, yeah."

:"Who?" she demanded.

"Jayne," I said smiling.

"JAYNE? Really? Wow, how am I going to compete with her, she's got more tits than both of us put together. Really, Jayne? I would have never figured her for the type."

"Yeah, well, I never would have figured you for the type either, and here we are."

"True. You ready? Do you need to ok this with him first?"

I laughed then, looking at her from head to toe, "You are kidding right? You think there is a man alive that would turn US down?"

"You've got a point, let's go."

We walked toward the elevator, excitedly discussing what lay before us. I scanned the crowd that had begun to dwindle rather rapidly as everyone scattered to attend other events, or to see the sights. I caught your eye across the elevator lobby where you stood talking to a man I didn't recognize. I nodded toward the elevator, then turned back to Erin to listen as she whispered in my ear.

"Do you have any idea how turned on I am? I'm so wet, my panties are soaked." She stopped giggling, and looked at me very seriously. "Wait, this means, you, and me?" As she hesitated, I felt my stomach start to drop, I thought she was going to back out. Then she smiled at me and hugged me tighter than was probably appropriate in public. "Do you know how long I have wanted this? Truly, do you know?"


"Do you know how many dreams I have had about touching you, kissing you, feeling your body against mine?"

"Erin, what are you talking about?"

"Ever since I've known you, that's how long." She hugged me again, and this time I returned the hug feeling relieved and so ready for what was to come, I could feel my pussy throb with expectation.

"I didn't know, why didn't you say something?" I asked close to her ear.

"Are you kidding, I thought you'd never speak to me again, hell girl, I didn't know you were freaky like this."

I laughed so hard my eyes watered. Before I could say anything in return though, I heard your voice behind me.

"Ladies, this elevator is free, are you going up?"

We turned around, and Erin spoke first, "Oh, no, we can wait."

But I spoke over her, and said, "Absolutely, thanks for holding one for us."

Erin hissed in my ear, "I wanted privacy, I wanted to see if I could make you cum on camera like mystery man did."

I laughed, even as I pulled her forward into the elevator. As the door closed behind the three of us, you ask, "What floor?" Not sure why Erin is with us.

I smile at you, and wink, "35, if you don't mind."

"35? Sounds like a good number to me," you say, a little surprised.

I look at Erin, who is standing in the corner pouting because she still doesn't understand. I walk towards her, and after finding the position of the camera in the elevator, I pull her close to me, and whisper against her ear, "I thought you were feeling frisky." I slid one hand down to her ass, and grabbed the hem of her skirt pulling it higher.

Erin looked at me, bewildered, and tried to pull away from me, looking at me with startled eyes, then at you. "But, wait, what are you doing?" you whisper in shock as I slide one finger along her slit outside her soft silk thong, and feel how wet she really is. "We aren't alone." She hisses again.

"I know, he'll enjoy the show, I promise," I say as I turn over my shoulder and see you moving towards me, leaving your spot against the wall of the elevator where you were leaning. You lean down to kiss me, and slide your hands down my sides, to rest on my hips. "Besides, he'll be seeing a lot more of you in just a few minutes."

I laughed as realization dawned on Erin's pretty face. She smiled at me, then at you, "Well, hello there mystery man." Then, looking back at me, she whispered rather loudly, "You always have had good taste," she licked her lips, then kissed me full on the lips before pulling away just as the elevator slowed to a stop. "Let's go people, we've got a party to have."

She walked out of the elevator ahead of us, and I stopped when you put your hand on my arm. I looked up, hesitant for the first time, "This is ok with you, isn't it?"

"Oh, this is very ok, I just wanted to make sure you were as ok as you are acting."

"I'm good, now, I believe you promised me a good fuck," I smiled as I walked towards my room ready to feel you inside of me, ready to be fucked like you've promised me all night long, and, ready to peel that little black dress off of Erin, and see how frisky she is really feeling.

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