tagIncest/TabooHot Spots Ch. 02

Hot Spots Ch. 02


The dinner was wonderful and though I was still embarrassed as hell, she kept the conversation going. She had made Roast Chicken, Chicken Shashlik and strawberry ice cream for dessert.

She spoke mostly about mom and dad, enquiring about their health. She also enquired about how my sisters and brother were doing. It was just general talk and I was thankful for her for putting me into ease.

She was wearing a knee length silk gown that had buttons all the way in front. Though it was conservative enough, the neckline was scooped down to a pretty generous V and at times, I could see the top of her breasts; especially when she bent down over her plate.

After the dinner, I helped her with the plates and she suggested later that we sit in the living room to continue with the conversation.

No sooner had we taken our seats, she immediately reopened the topic.

"So, Nikhil, you don't get to see love-birds in your town, huh?"

"No," I replied honestly. I had decided to come out in the open. So what if I had been a peeping Tom? I hadn't committed a crime, for God's sakes!

"And you like to watch them, huh?"

"It's not a matter of liking to watch. It's a matter of curiosity."

She smiled at that. "How long were you watching them?"

"I didn't even know they visit this spot. I was really watching the..."

"Yes I know. You told me. You were watching the horizon and the stars. That's not what I asked you."

She was seated on a sofa opposite the chair on which I was seated. And every question she asked, her eyes bored into mine.

"W-well. I couldn't say exactly how long. Maybe a couple of minutes or so."

"Bullshit!" she said sarcastically. "A couple of minutes can't possibly make any guy as aroused as you were."

I had been looking at the center table and when she said that, I looked up sharply at her.

"How do you know I was aroused?"

She laughed softly. "You had a tent between your legs."

I blushed. Oh God, was it so obvious? But it was more for the reason that she said it outright that I had reason to be flustered.

"You tried hard, but your cock couldn't go down, huh?"

This time I was shocked. I have always known that nice girls aren't meant to utter such words as are used by boys in their shower rooms. And here she was uttering these forbidden words.

"Shaila!" I exclaimed.

"Bullshit," she waved her arm at me. When she did this, I could see through the loose sleeves of her gown and I suddenly realized that she was wearing a bra. I found this to be curious because she hadn't worn one ever since I had arrived. I had attributed it to ease of access to her breasts, which was necessary in order for her to feed the baby. Now, suddenly, she was wearing a bra. Was she trying to make them appear firmer than they were, just to impress me?

"You didn't answer me," she said.

"Well, yes, I mean no. I couldn't ease my arousal."

She laughed, revealing her perfect white teeth. In spite of myself, I found my cock stirring again. It could be due to the fact that when she laughed so hard, her mountainous breasts jiggled in spite of the bra.

She clasped her hands together, rested them on her lap and leaned down towards me. This made her heavy breasts push against her bra.

"Ever a perfect gentleman, Nikhil!" she exclaimed. "Tell me something. And for God's sake, be honest, okay?"

"Depends on what you are going to ask," I replied.

"Supposing I told you that I am going to ask you a question based on a situation we both know?"

I thought about it. "Fair enough, I guess, with the condition that you might have to answer it first."

She smiled. "You were watching those couples over there. Which one of the two was making you really horny?"


"There was this girl in the red top with her boy and another with the salwar. Which couple turned you on more?"

"Which one turned you on more?" I counter-questioned.

"The girl with the red top," she didn't hesitate. I'll say that much for her. "She was so aggressive and that made it all the more sexy."

I decided to go for broke.

"Same answer, Shaila. I found that couple to be sexier."

"I gave the reason. You did not," she pouted.

This time I decided to go with the flow. "I found what they were doing to be extremely sexy."

"So, you are a tit man, huh?"

"I guess you could say that."

She looked at me for a long time before rising off the sofa. She disappeared inside, presumably to her bedroom. I thought that I had put her off.

I was wrong. When she walked back, she had a tape in her hand.

"So you like to watch?"

I felt my throat going dry when I saw her insert the tape into the machine and switch on the TV.

Now what?

She grabbed the remote in her hand and walked back to the sofa.

"Well," she said softly, "I like to watch too. Come on over here."

I hesitated.

"Come on, Nikki. I'm not going to eat you."

Very tentatively, I walked up to her and sank down on the sofa beside her.


Oh my God, I thought when the TV started.

She had just put on an X-rated film!

"Ever seen one?" she asked slyly.

I gulped and nodded. "Once," I lied. I had seen hundreds.

"What you watched today and liked and what I said I liked too is plentiful in this film."

I kept my eyes on the screen.

"Tit fucking," she said softly.

I was startled and shot a glance at her. She too was looking at the film with the same intensity as me.

"A lot of tit fucking in this film," she repeated.

She was breathing heavily now, her chest rising and falling. I could see that film of sweat just above the upper lip again. She was also rubbing her thighs together.

The film did have a lot of tit fucking. It started with a big-breasted girl on her knees facing an awfully enormous cock. She proceeds to first lick the cock till it is dripping with her saliva and then takes it in her mouth.

Almost as if I wasn't there, Shaila had spread her legs apart and was running her hands over her bare ripe thighs. I watched as her hands kept going higher and higher over her legs until I was sure that her fingers were touching her crotch.

I gazed unbelievingly at the TV where the girl is now kneeling down with the cock nestling between her tits, poking through the top to enter her mouth during each up-thrust.

Shaila looked at me and smiled. She extended one hand towards me and I felt a kind of a shock running through me when her hand wrapped on my legs.

I had worn a new pair of shorts and a t-shirt.

"Look at that cock, will you? I bet it is the biggest cock in the world. And how easily that slut gets it into her mouth! Oh yes, you monster, fuck her mouth, fuck those melons, oh yes, fuck them harder, give it to that slut, fill her mouth with that!"

To say that I was astounded would be an understatement. Here was my prim and proper cousin, spewing out obscenities even as the starlet on the screen began to lick those huge balls under that cock after sliding the prick out of her cleavage.

I was affected too. It was amazing, but I had a hard on that refused to go down.

She noticed it.

"Has your cock become hard, Nikki?" she asked.

I nodded dumbly. This was the first time that I was watching this part of Shaila.

She slid towards me, her hands crawling up my legs till it was inside my shorts.

I groaned aloud when her little fist wrapped around my cock. "Oh God!"

"He can't help us here," she laughed. "Let me play with your cock and you play with me!"

I couldn't believe my luck. I got closer to her and put my arms around her shoulder.

She grabbed my shorts and pulled them down my knees, exposing my dick. "Oh my! You are hiding one hell of a beautiful cock." I whipped off my t-shirt and suddenly I was buck-naked.

I groaned some more when she began to jerk me off. With the hand loped around her shoulders, I managed to reach the breast at the far side. I thrust my hand inside her gown and encountered a lacy bra.

"Why don't you unbutton it?" she asked, pulling on my prick.

So as she played with my cock, masturbating it gently, I brought my trembling hands to her front and unbuttoned the long row of buttons that held the gown together.

Her eyes were glazed as they continued to watch the TV where the man now sat on a chair. The girl kneels down and scoops up his cock with her tits.

I had managed to flip off the last button of Shaila's gown and she let go of my cock to push the garment off her shoulders.


Shaila seated on the sofa, clad only in a mini bra and equally little panties. She diverted her attention from the TV long enough to watch my fingers undoing the front clasps of the bra.

And then, those milky enormous breasts sprang out from within. I had no patience to pull out the bra so I let it hang over her breasts. My hands instinctively shot forward to take those ripe melons and begin to knead them.

"Easy, lover, easy," she murmured, beginning to push and pull my shaft. "There's a hell of a lot of milk still left in them."

There was. A lot of the viscous liquid spewed out from the nipples onto my hands and as I leaned forward, splashed my face.

"Here, baby, lie down. Lie down on my lap and let me feed you," she muttered.

I sprawled along the length of the sofa, my head in her lap, legs stretched out on the sofa.

She bent down, carefully aiming one nipple into my mouth and as I flicked my tongue over the slick flesh, she said, "Aahhhh," and reached beside her to wrap her fist once again on my throbbing cock.

She got back to watching the TV, gently moving her hand up and down over my cock and out of the corner of my eyes, I could see the porn star now on her back, the man kneeling astride her, moving back and forth over the girl. She held her tits together and had a hand draped over the cleavage to prevent his shaft from coming out of the tunnel.

"Oh my God," Shaila said huskily, "this is great, hah? Look at that cock fucking those jugs! And look at that slut! She looks so damned happy getting those tits of hers fucked like that!"

I sucked hard on her nipple, titillated by the warm stream of milk she offered me. With my other hand, I got hold of her other breast and mauled it wallowing in the steady stream of milk that jetted onto my face.

The movements of her hand on my cock gradually began to increase pace. When I bucked my hips up, she immediately let go of my shaft and reached down to fondle my heavy balls.

She was an expert at holding me off my orgasm. It also helped that I had jacked off not too long ago. Any other time, or any other woman with lesser expertise, and I would have shot off a long time ago.

"Oh, yes, Nikki, suck my titties, oh yes, like that, enough of the licking Nikki, just take it in your mouth and suck, ah, yes, harder now, harder and faster, baby, drink mama's milk, baby, ah yes, like that honey, yes!"

The milk cascaded in waves into my hungry mouth and the fact that I was doing it with Shaila was highly erotic. Her breasts felt heavy and full in my hands and the tip of her nipples had become erect and stiff. I drank the warm, sweet milk from one breast and let the liquid from the other breast cover my cheeks and hair.

I must have looked like a real creep with her milk all over my face and hair. Some of it dribbled down my mouth and chin to my chest.

She rubbed the fiery liquid with her hand and carried the now slick fingers to my cock. When she wrapped them over my shaft, it was like she was holding a burning candle there.

"Ah, your cock is all wet and slick with my milk, Nikki," she gasped, leaning further into me, stuffing more of her tit flesh inside my mouth.

I loped an arm around her shoulders and fastening my mouth on her swollen breast, pushed her back till her head was resting against the back of the sofa. My head came up her thighs and she was holding me in position, urging me on to suck 'mama's milk'.

This meant that I now had my back to the TV and could no longer see it. She noticed my predicament at once.

"Ah, poor little baby boy," she cooed, nevertheless pressing me to her overflowing breasts, "You cannot see what is going on the screen any longer, hah? But don't worry, mama will tell you, okay, till at least you can once again see it again. Ah, yes, suck my tits, baby, the other one now, ah yes, like that!"

I covered her other breast with my mouth and fondled the one I had been sucking.

"The bitch on the screen is now pushing back the stud and he is sitting back on the stool. She is bending down over him, scooping up his bull cock with her huge tits. She is kneeling barely inches away from him and is beginning to move up and down over him, oh my God, she is fucking his cock with her tits and the bastard is enjoying it! So is she, by the looks on her slut face. By God, the cock head is emerging out from the top of her whore tits and she is letting it fuck her mouth every time that she pulls back her tits from his cock."

The graphic description that Shaila was giving me was finally getting through to me. I was almost curled up like an embryo against her body and she was rubbing the tip of my cock over her belly as I feasted on the abundant milk flowing from her breast.

"The stud is now leaning down and pushing his fingers in the whore's cunt. Oh my God! He's got three fingers inside her! He is driving them in when she slides back over his body. When she gets her slut mouth filled up with his cock peeping from the top of her tits, he's got those three fingers fucking her cunt! Fucking her cunt with three fingers! Oh my God, Nikki, I'm so horny! Can you reach down one hand and play with my pussy?"

I was only too eager. I slid down my hand, which was caressing her other breast down her rounded belly and thrust it inside her cute little panties.

"Wait," she gasped and I felt her raising her hips. She tugged her panties down over her thighs and onto the floor. She spread her legs apart again.

"Now, Nikki, do my cunt!" she cried out.

Without any kind of finesse, I roughly cupped her cunt. It was sopping wet and hot. Her hips bucked up against my hand and she moaned when I squeezed her there.

"Oh my God," she murmured. "Oh Nikki, wait, wait, lets do this right."

I drew back and watched as she brought her legs up on the sofa and lay back on it, whipping off her bra that was lying on her shoulders. From her waist up, she was resting against the overstuffed arm of the sofa. I damn nearly came when I saw her like that: buck naked, her gigantic breasts swaying with their weight and the small of her back resting against the cushions. She spread her knees apart, exposing her glistening pussy.

She batted her eyelids saucily and whispered, "Now, Nikki, get your knees inside the sofa, right beside mine. This way you can do me and I can do you."

I got inside of her against the cushions. The angle was awkward, but we were both horny and didn't care.

I wedged my body between hers and the sofa, sort of kneeling up on the cushions. This way, it was like I was upside down over her. She shifted slightly away from the backrest of the sofa and I fell in between her and the stuffed cushions.

She turned to face me and this meant that she could no longer watch the TV: I could. It also meant that her face was now scant inches away from my throbbing cock and she held it with the fingers of one hand, weighing my balls with the fingers of the other.

Her thighs were like alabaster: white and smooth. I held these with my hands and slowly pried them apart. She giggled and raised one leg above us. This had the effect of opening up her cunt lips.

She must be keeping her bush trimmed. Wisps of scant hairs covered her cunt and I could easily see her wet opening through them. Unable to control myself any longer, I bent down and fastened my mouth over her pussy.

"Ugghhh," she grunted, her buttocks jerking forward on the sofa to press her cunt against my face. Simultaneously, I groaned as I felt her hot mouth lowering itself on my cock. There was no finesse on her part either: she simply devoured my cock right up to the hilt so that her nose was pressed against my pubic hairs. I grunted when she began to swipe her tongue across and over my shaft continuing to hold it inside her mouth.

I let my tongue slither down her cunt lips, beginning from the base and gradually working up till I was licking her stiff clit. I felt some of the milk on my cheeks dripping down to where my tongue was busy.

She pulled my cock out of her mouth.

"Tell me what they are doing, though God knows I've seen it so many times, I have everything locked up inside my head," she gasped before swallowing my cock back into her voracious mouth.

Without interrupting the movements of my tongue over her slit, I glanced at the flickering TV and gave her a running commentary of what was happening on the TV.

"Another guy has joined the couple and while the first one continues to fuck her tits, the second is on his knees with his head buried between her legs," I told her in between licks.

She moaned. I don't know what it was that was turning her on more: my tongue or my description of the porn video. Whatever it was, her lips tightened on my pulsating shaft and she began to jerk the lower portion that was sticking out of her mouth. She was now bent upon sucking only the top half of my cock. I suppose this allowed her to apply more suction rather than when she had the thing inside her throat.

She pulled away from my cock and began to jab at it with her pointed tongue. She increased the pace of her hands on my cock.

On my part, I found that whenever I swiped my tongue over her clit, her legs would go stiff and she would arch her back. Prying her pussy lips apart with my fingers, I managed to take her stiff and protruding clit into my mouth. She almost jumped off the sofa with a moan.

"Oh my God, Nikki, that's so good! Oh yes, oh yes, suck on my clit, baby boy, suck on it! Harder, baby, harder, ah yes, like that. Suck my clit till I cum in your mouth baby, oh fuck yes, suck, suck, ah yes!"

Though my cock was outside her mouth, she kept sliding them over her lips and cheeks. I felt my cock expand and realizing it, she stopped all movements and squeezed the base.

"Oh no, you don't, baby. You will not waste that juice. Later, maybe, you will give me a bath with that. For now, I need your juice somewhere else. Yes, yes, keep sucking my clit, oh yes, you hunk, you horny little big hunk, fuck my clit with your mouth, ah yessss, yes!"

She kept muttering a steady stream of obscenities as I concentrated on licking her clit. She was making it difficult for me to do it because she kept bucking her hips up and down. Her leg had come down and clamped my head between her thighs.

Just as suddenly, she stopped talking. That was because she had taken the top half of my cock back into her hot mouth and begun sucking on it.

"Ugghhh, oh yes, I'm cumming, baby, I'm cumming, oh God, oh fuck, oh fuck, take my clit in your mouth and hold it there, suck on it, oh yes, oh yes, aahhhh..." she cried out, pulling my cock out of her mouth again and liking the shaft instead.

Her legs pulled me deeper between her thighs and I felt her heels digging into my back as she moaned out her orgasm. She thrashed around on the sofa, hips wiggling and thighs going stiff. She ground her pussy into my mouth and I swear I actually felt droplets of her juice dripping over my face.

Finally, she relaxed, her legs falling back on the sofa, letting my head free. I gave her cunt a few lazy licks while she jerked my cock up and down, back and forth.

"My God, Nikki, where did you learn to do that?" she drawled.

I looked down at her. Her eyes looked kind of heavy with lust and half-lidded. I grinned.

"I don't know, Shaila. Call it instinct. Or maybe," I winked, "experience by watching it in the movie I saw."

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