Hot Spots Ch. 02


She laughed weakly, continuing to jerk my cock. I felt the tip touching her cheeks and her lips every time she jerked it up towards her.

She looked at what she was doing and then glanced at the TV. So did I. The starlet was now leaning against a chair, sitting astride the second man, her back facing his head and his cock up her cunt. The first man stood in front of her, holding her tits together and fucking her cleavage.

"Awesome, isn't it?" she asked me, tugging on my cock.

"Shaila," I said, "Can I do that to you?" I was surprised at my own confidence. All pretensions were gone, and I was just another horny kid with an incredibly sexy lady whom I had just eaten out. The sexy lady was also fondling my cock and balls, a smile on her lips.

"You really are into it, aren't you?" she teased.

"You bet I am!" I exclaimed. "Having watched those romping couples on the sea shore and watching this tape, I don't think there is any other kind of fucking I would enjoy more than tit fucking."

She laughed. "Boy, you are growing up."

"I mean it. Besides, you have great tits and I just can't wait to slide my cock between them."

"It's going to be messy," she warned me. "I mean, I'm leaking a lot of milk and when you fuck me there, there's going to be a lot of it flying around!"

As if that was a problem! "Are you kidding me? That is going to make it more erotic."

"You mean you like my milk-leaking tits?"

"Of course! Besides, the milk is going to help us with the lubrication, right?"

She laughed, showing her pearly teeth. She was holding the base of my cock tight between her fingers.

"You think of everything, Nikki. Come on then, slide right up my body and fuck in my tits."

She rolled over onto her back. Finally, it was happening. I had promised myself that I would do this when I would get the first opportunity. I had never thought that this opportunity would come so soon.

Waist up, she was still resting on the armrest of the sofa. I spread my legs apart, resting on my knees as I crawled up her voluptuous body after reversing myself on the sofa. I felt my cock dragging over her thighs; her belly and finally, I came to a stop when it reached her ample breasts.

She looked into my eyes, pushing her breasts apart.

"Put your rod here, Nikki," she breathed sexily.

Resting both my knees on either side of her shoulders, I sank down gently till my ass was just brushing her belly. I pushed my erection between her breasts.

"Oh, Nikki," she wailed, bringing her breasts together to trap my cock between them.

It was heavenly! The feel of her soft, big breasts against the super sensitive skin of my cock almost made me blow my wad.

"Easy, lover, enjoy it. Don't rush it. We have all the time in the world."

With my dick between her soft, warm and wet breasts, I silently hoped she would realize that maybe she had the time; I didn't have the inclination!

I put my hands on hers and pressed. I watched the milk spurt out of the nipples and she spread it over my cock.

"Ah, Shaila, that feels so sexy!" I murmured.

"Start fucking my tits; it will be sexier."

Gently, ever so slowly, I began to rock back and forth, letting my cock feel every inch of her breasts as it coursed it's way through her cleavage. I was careful not to rest entirely on her belly, which was so round that I could feel my ass cheeks brushing it every time that I slid back and forth over her supine body.

"Ah yes, Nikki, fuck them, fuck them, ah yes, it feels so good, oh God, your cock feels so good between my tits, ah yes, like that, let the milk spurt between them, oh yes, your cock is so slick and so wet, mmmmm, it feels so fucking sexy, Nikki, fuck them, yes, yes, faster baby, faster, ugghhh, yessss! Slide that hot, hard pole in them, Nikki, aahhhh, yessss!"

I don't really recall what was turning me on further: the feel of her breasts against my pulsating cock or her words of encouragement. Whatever it was, it sure was sexy as hell.

I really began to get into the act now, slipping my hands up her sides to grab her shoulders. Her entire body began to slide back and forth on the sofa in an opposite direction to my own thrusts.

"Come on my face, I want to be your cum slut!"

This dialogue came from the speakers of the TV and we both stole a glance at it. The girl was now lying flat on her back as the second man thrust his cock in and out of her cleavage while the first man leaned in from above her face, jerking his cock off, keeping time with the thrusts of the second man.

"Oh yes, Nikki, I want to be your cum slut too," Shaila panted. "I want you to shoot your cum on my face and my tits."

The words she spoke brought a sudden rush of blood in my head and my dick, making me increase my pace. I peered down and the sight of my cock sliding back and forth in her cleavage inflamed me more than I thought would be possible, given my present condition.

I pulled her body down so that she was now lying entirely on the sofa. I repositioned myself over her breasts, letting the wet tip rub against her nipples.

"Oh please, Nikki, fuck in my tits, NOW!"

"I will," I assured her, "only if you also suck my dick when it comes out from the top."

She smiled lazily at me. "Get that pillow," she instructed me, gesturing towards the pillow lying on the chair where I had been sitting earlier.

My cock dangled heavily in front of me when I walked over to the chair.

"Put it under my head."

I obeyed.

"Now fuck in my tits," she gasped. I realized that she had this strange description for titty fucking: not "Fuck my tits" or "Fuck me between my tits" but "Fuck me in my tits."

When I stuck my cock back in her cleavage, she was ready for me. The pillow raised her head and when I thrust forward, she only had to bend down to get the tip of my cock in her mouth.

My cock was already wet with the milk that spurted from her nipples. Now, I additionally had her saliva mixing with the milk and it resulted in a very wet dick indeed.

The noises that we made as my shaft glided back and forth between her breasts were wet, as though my cock was sliding in a pool of liquid, which it was.

I paused at the end of every forward thrust so that she could suck on my cock head. It was a delicious feeling.

"Shaila, I think I'm going to shoot," I warned her.

She tightened the grip on my cock with her breasts and began to wiggle under me. I felt her heels digging my back and stole a glance behind us. She had raised her legs and her smooth thighs were wrapped around my waist.

"Ah yes, Nikki, yes. I want you to shoot on me, baby. Make me your cum slut, baby, come on, fuck, fuck, faster, lover, faster. Ah yes, ah yes, like that, like that, now, shoot, come on, shoot your milk on me!"

I had already attained maximum speed! Sweat dripped off my brow and dropped down over her face and breasts as I thrust back and forth, back and forth.


"Oh God, oh sweet God, oh yes, Shaila, yes, I am coming, baby, I am coming for you!"

"Ah fuck, fuck, fuck in my tits, come, come honey, come on me, yes, yessss!"

I pushed forward one last time, losing all senses, including that of time. I felt my balls boiling as my seed erupted.

The first shot landed on her forehead. She had just taken the top of my cock in her mouth and I had drawn back. The next wad splashed her chin.

"Get on top of my face, come on, stud, over me, over me," she yelled.

I rose rapidly; eager to watch my juices wash her face. I knelt above her face and she held my cock in her hands, jerking it off furiously, her heels now resting on the sofa and still bent at the knees.

I wanted to look, but the feeling was so intense that I had to close my eyes and throw back my head. I grasped the side of her face and held it in one place as my sperm began to shoot over her.

I shuddered and shivered with intense desire. Never before in my life had I felt like this. The images of the romping couples I had spied upon through the binoculars vanished as did the threesome on the TV screen: in fact, my brain was filled with only Shaila and her big, milky breasts, wrapped around my super sensitive cock, my juices spraying her beautiful face all over her cheeks, her forehead, her nose, her lips, her shoulders, her breasts...every part of her body above those amazing breasts!

She continued to furiously pump my shaft back and forth, milking out my last drop of cum. I felt my cock getting soft and I finally looked down at her.

"Ahh Nikki, I'm finally your cum-slut! Slap my face with your cock, please!"

I gently slapped her cheek with my dick as she squealed and giggled. Her face was a mess as the cum began to dribble down onto her chest and belly.

"Tell me that I'm your bitch," she whimpered.

I was amazed. I had though this happened only in porn books and videos.

"Please, Nikki," she repeated.

"Yes, Shaila, you are now my slut, my bitch, my whore and I love you and your body."

"Can you get your cock to get hard again? I want to feel it filling up my cunt."

I grinned. "Maybe, I can, Shaila. If you could suck my prick again, I think I could get hard again and fill up your pussy with it."

"Why don't you kneel on my face and let me do the job?" she laughed.

Carefully, I crawled up till my cock was dangling right over her lovely face. She reached up and grabbed it.

"Now start coming down and going up, hunk."

I obeyed. I was literally fucking her mouth now. I knew I would be able to raise a hard on again despite of the fact that I had already come twice in less than a couple of hours.

I raised and lowered my body, knees on either side of her shoulders. In spite of the position, which required a great deal of my strength, I managed to reach behind me and grab those glorious melons that I had just fucked: I couldn't resist them at all!

She brought her hands up and pushed my cock back against my belly. I felt her tongue licking the back of my shaft and then it slowly began to lap my balls as well.

"Ah yes, my bitch!" I grunted, "That's the way...lick my balls and make them wet, ah yes, like that. See what you are doing to my cock, you whore?"

I looked down. She was staring at my gradually hardening cock with wide eyes. Maybe she couldn't believe that I was getting hard so quickly.

"Yes, my slut, my beautiful little big tit bitch! Take my dick back in that hot mouth of yours and make me harder!" I had realized by now that dirty talk turned her on. What the hell! To each his or hers own poison, I guess! And sure as hell, I was right because she whimpered, "Talk to me, you fucking fucker! Talk!"

So when she allowed my cock to enter her mouth again, I kept talking to her.

"I'm going to fuck your cunt raw, you slut! I'm going to fuck your pussy till it is sore and you will not be able to walk. Ah yes, my little whore, that's more like it. Now, let us have some of that wet and hot tongue."

So as I steadily fucked her mouth, I felt her tongue sliding over the flesh. She never closed her eyes. She was either staring at my dick and balls or right in my eyes. It was fucking sexy!

On the TV screen, the threesome had apparently finished their job because it was now showing a brunette lying on top of a muscular black man. His amazing cock was in her hands and she was leaning down so that her tits hung over it.

With her mouth stuffed full of my cock, she too glanced at the screen to watch the pendulous tits of the girl hanging down over the big black cock.

She almost bit my cock off!

I was hard as ever by now and was itching to get into her pussy.

I pulled away from her voracious mouth and eased down her body, letting the tip of my cock brush against her breasts, her belly till it was dangling over her pussy.

She spread her legs as far apart as she could and I snuggled between them. Intentionally, I rubbed my cock head over her hot pussy lips.

"Oh God, fuck me now! Please put that cock inside my cunt. NOW! Please, you horny bastard, don't tease me!"

I laughed aloud and grabbed the base of my prick. I was finally going to fuck a real pussy. My first piece of cunt!

She reached down and pulled her cunt lips apart with the fingers of one hand, grabbing my cock with the other hand.

Almost weeping with desire, she guided my throbbing dick to the entrance of her pussy.

I let my dick enter slowly for the first couple of inches and then, I suddenly slammed down.

Glory be! I was in! Right to the hilt till my pubic hairs were entangled with hers. It felt like my cock was dipping into a small tub of boiling oil.

I may be inexperienced when it came to sex, but, I had seen and read and heard enough of it to follow my natural instincts.

I let myself wallow in the pleasure of her tight and hot pussy clamping around my shaft. And then realized that I hadn't really kissed her until now.

Soaking my dick in her hot pussy, I lay down on top of her body and brought my mouth down over hers. Her mouth had already opened immediately after my cock had buried itself inside her depths. That made it easy for me to shove my tongue deep inside her mouth. I licked the roof first and then her tongue.

Slowly, gradually, I eased my cock out of her warm pussy till only the tip remained inside. Then, I thrust in again. Savagely.

She moaned in my mouth and raising her legs high up, wrapped them around my ass cheeks. She lifted her hips when I thrust inside.

I could taste myself on her mouth and knew that she too could taste herself on mine.

I raised my hands and gripped her breasts, squeezing them hard, letting the milk shoot out onto my chest as I began to pump inside her. In and out. In and out.

She fucked back real good. Or so I thought, because after all this was my first pussy that I was fucking. It was worth the wait. And I was glad I hadn't accompanied my friends, or for that matter Raj, to the numerous whore houses that they visited to quench their thirst.

Professional whores would maybe moan just a little to make you think that they are enjoying the drilling that you are giving them. But they have already played the game with a lot of clients who visited them before you and would continue to play them with a lot of clients who would visit them after you are done. And at my age, with the meager pocket money my dad gave me, I couldn't reach a real high-class whore who actually enjoys a fuck.

I tore my mouth away from hers so I could breathe.

"Keep your cock inside me and turn around so that I can fuck you," she whispered.

It wasn't difficult to do that. Though she was pretty heavy, I flipped her over me.

Drawing her knees up around my hips, she leaned down and began to ride me. Oh boy! What joy!

Her tits jiggled as she worked herself to frenzy. I put my arms around her shoulders and pulled her down so that I could suck on her breast. She moaned as I greedily began to gulp down the warm milk that spurted from her rigid, big nipple.

I kneaded the other breast, enjoying the feel of the milk spilling onto my chest.

It urged her on. She began to move up and down furiously, her pussy sucking on my cock.

She suddenly went stiff, signaling her orgasm. I was glad that I had remained hard for such a long time. I really wanted this beautiful cousin of mine to have the time of her life.

She collapsed on top of me. "My God, Nikki, you are still hard!"

"I want to fuck you from behind," I gasped.

Quickly, in a flash, she rose from the sofa. My cock popped out of her cunt.

"Where?" she asked.

I got up. "Over that chair," I told her.

"Where are you going?" she whimpered as she walked to the study. Buck naked, her enormous breasts jiggling with each step, she looked really beautiful.

"Go there and wait for me, slut," I snapped out.

She smiled and walked over to the chair.

I walked up to the TV and swiveled its base so that it faced the chair. My hard cock dangled in front of me and for a moment, I felt ridiculously proud of myself.

She smiled as I walked up behind her and pushed my cock against her back. She was about ten inches shorter than me, so I had to slightly hunch down.

She giggled when she felt my cock thrusting against her wet cunt. Her juices were really flowing.

"Wait, stud. Let me guide you." She spread her legs apart and reached behind to grab my cock.

My cock had slid in a couple of inches inside her. Once it was in, I shoved my hips forward, making her cry out as I buried to the hilt.

The by now familiar feeling of her wet cunt around my dick was enough to set me start the pace. She moaned and I grunted as I slammed in and out of her.

I reached for her breast with one hand, kneading the flesh as I pulled her hair to yank her head back.

"Oh God," she moaned.

We both watched the action on the TV where the black man was by now lying on the carpet and the big tit girl was bent down over his thighs. The large black cock was enveloped in the ample cleavage and she was thrusting her body back and forth to get fucked by it.

"Fuck me instead of watching that bitch, Nikki," she whimpered.

"Did you feel me slowing down?" I replied, increasing my pace further, slamming against and inside her.

She began to slam back. I rolled her nipple between my fingers, feeling the milk leak out.

"Let's watch some action while we fuck," I told her.

Goddamn! The black and the girl were now engaged in a sixty-nine!

"Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me," she chanted.

"Take it, take it, take it, you slut," I replied.

"Ah yes, like that, harder, harder, deeper, deeper!"

I watched the TV as I fucked Shaila.

I moved back and forth as I continued to pound her pussy, which was leaking juices by the bucket. Literally.

I grabbed both her breasts, unmindful of the milk oozing out into my hands and down my arms, fucking her powerfully.

"Oh God, she's got the whole thing in her mouth now and her head is bobbing like crazy! She's also jacking that portion of his cock, which comes out when her head goes back! She's sex starved!" cried out Shaila, watching the screen.

She might just be describing what she herself had done a while ago, I thought as I pumped in and out of her tight and wet cunt.

Thank God the chair was a big massive one; or else, we'd be doing cartwheels all around the room.

"Fuck me, you son-of-a-bitch! Fuck me harder. Oh yes, like that, like that. God! But your donkey cock is really poking my cunt deep!"

It wasn't fair to call my dick as donkey cock. It was nowhere up to even a quarter of the length of a donkey's dick, I thought!

But I ignored the adjective (if it could be called that) she had used to describe my cock and continued to pound my cock in her hot and wet cunt. My balls slapped her ass and the noise that it was making sounded like some cop slapping a helpless prisoner!

She was grunting and moaning all at once, thrusting back on to my cock. My hand was now dripping with her milk and her breasts kept slipping off my grip. So I lowered my hands down her voluptuous body, over her waist till I was holding her body by cradling my arms around her lower abdomen.

I felt one of her hands already there between her legs and was surprised that I hadn't noticed it before. She was fingering her clit while I fucked her from behind. I gently pushed her hand away and let one of my own hands drift down to her triangle.

I didn't slow down when I encountered her clit: stiff as my cock and throbbing just as much. As I rubbed it with my fingers, she almost went over the edge, her voice coming out as a harsh shriek.

"Oh my God, oh yes, fuck my cunt harder, you brute, ah yes, do my clit like that, oh god, it feels so good, so good."

I watched her hair sweeping over her bare shoulders as I massaged her lower back with the other hand and thrust deeper and tighter into her wet pussy.

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