tagIncest/TabooHot Spots Ch. 05

Hot Spots Ch. 05


Perhaps if we had more time, we would have continued from there. But I had an appointment with uncle Salil and I didn't want to be too late.

A sleepy watchman looked at me curiously when I asked him where uncle's office was.

"Who are you?" he asked me.

"My name is Nikhil. I'm Mr. Salil's nephew and he had asked me to see him at two. I'm sorry I was late. Traffic jam," I explained.

He picked up an intercom and spoke into it in a voice so low, I couldn't hear the words he was uttering. After a series of grunts, he waved me in.

"Go right down the passage till you see a flight of stairs. Go up the staircase and turn to the right into a passageway. Mind how you walk; it's pretty dark there. At the end of the passage there's a door with Mr. Salil's nameplate on it. Knock and wait till he asks you in."

I nodded my thanks and found that what he had said was true: It was pretty dark in the long passageway, lined up with quite a few doors on either sides of it. So dark in fact, that I could barely see uncle's nameplate on the heavy looking door at the end of the passage. I noticed that all the other doors lined up along the passage were locked and the building seemed to be empty and deathly quiet.

I raised my hand to knock at the door and froze when I heard a series of groans and whispers and gasps beyond it.

I could clearly make out voices that belonged to a woman and men. Not just one man, but also more than one. And one definitely belonged to uncle.

I put my ear against the wooden door and tried to make out the voices.

"Ah, ah, yes, yessss..." It was a woman's voice.

"Give it to her, professor, give it to the randy bitch," a man's baritone voice said.

"Yes, I'm doing that, just lean back and push her hair off her face so I can see the bitch sucking your dick." This was Uncle Salil, without a doubt.

To say I was stunned would be an understatement. I was rooted to the spot, like a statue.

Though I'd just had been totally drained by two lusty and demanding women less than an hour ago, I could feel my cock straining inside my underwear.

Eager to spy on them (remember, I'm the voyeur with the binoculars) I slipped down on my knees to peep through the keyhole.

But to my surprise, when I put my hand on the door, I found it was ajar. Shit! What was this? My uncle banging a chick with a pal and the door not locked?

Quietly, without making any noise, I opened the door a few inches and peeped in. I stiffened, the jolt running through my body, particularly through the loins, when I saw the sight inside the room.

The woman would be no more than twenty or so. She was on her fours on the thick carpet, a pillow beneath her knees and rocking between the two men. Uncle was crouched behind her, his hands grasping her waist, pumping in and out from behind, while a muscular man, almost as old as my uncle, sat on an overstuffed leather chair in front of the woman, his cock buried in her mouth.

All the three of them were buck-naked!

The man was holding her long silky hair in his hands, pulling the strands up to reveal her lips sliding up and down over the long and thick shaft.

My uncle was pumping to and fro furiously, his eyes fixed on the sight of the girl's mouth sucking his pal's dick.

The girl's tits were so firm they weren't jiggling or dangling. They were merely swaying back and forth as the two men fucked both of her ends.

"Shit! Look at her sucking up your dick!" uncle whispered through clenched teeth. "She absolutely adores it!"

"Yeah, man, that she does. Especially when she has another dick stuffed up her pussy at the same time."

I had a side view of the scene and could clearly see the girl's body rocking back and forth as the two cocks pummeled her.

It was difficult for me to believe that my uncle could actually be doing this. He looked the perfect gentleman, behaved like one and was widely respected not only in the whole family, but also by almost everyone who knew him. He was the steady and wise man that could never do anything wrong: particularly not this.

"Let's switch," the man said, pushing the girl away and rising off the chair. "I want to plow her cunt."

"Lie down on the floor, Mona," uncle told the girl, pulling his cock out of her pussy. It was large and glistening with her juices.

The girl moaned and spun around. She lay on the carpet on her back, her legs opening to reveal her pussy. Wisps of fine hair covered the top of her cunt in an inverted triangle. Uncle's cock had opened her up and I could see the opening clearly.

The man lay down beside her on the carpet, plopping himself on his elbow.

"Get on your side," he said harshly.

I watched the girl obey him, rolling around till her back was facing the man. She raised one leg high in the air and uncle who had walked around her, kept it there by grabbing her knee.

The man reached down and guided his cock into her opening. He thrust forward, missed, and then rubbed the tip of his cock over the slit. She moaned, carrying one hand down to open her pussy lips. He thrust again and this time, his cock slid inside the opening smoothly.

"Ahhhhh, you are so tight and wet!" he groaned.

"Fuck me, oh yes, fuck me!" she cried out, grinding her body against his cock as he picked up his rhythm.

Uncle tilted her face up and spread his legs wider so that he could adjust the height. He rubbed his cock head over her cheeks and over her puffed lips. His cock was uncircumcised and of an average size. What it lacked in length, it more than made up in girth.

"Taste your cunt, Mona. Suck this dick," he told her.

She held the base of his cock and opening her mouth, clamped her lips around the shaft.

Uncle matched the to and fro rhythm set up by the man so that she had both the cocks thrusting inside her cunt and mouth at the same time and pulling out simultaneously.

The man reached around her waist and managed to grab her swinging tits, and I saw the veins of his hand standing out as he kneaded the firm flesh.

For my part, I had shoved one hand inside my pocket and was rubbing my hard on throbbing inside my underwear.

The threesome heaved, thrust, sparred, grunted, moaned and muttered obscenities as they contrived to somehow get closer and closer to each other.

"Shit, I'm going to come, professor!" the man rasped out, his head thrown back and eyes closed.

Uncle grabbed the girl's cheeks and hurriedly began to fuck her mouth. "Oh yes, Mona, suck, suck harder, yes, give me your tongue, oh yes, oh fuck, look out, I'm there..."

Uncle drew back, his prick popping out of her mouth.

"Pull out your dick, man, I want to cum over her face!" he cried out.

The man obliged and the girl now lay on her back, her legs splayed wide-open, face contorted with lust and her whole body writhing.

"Oh yes, please cum all over me, yes, yes, oh fuck, yes, please, please," she murmured incoherently, her hands burying down between her legs, rubbing her cunt slit.

The man knelt between her out-stretched legs and my uncle knelt by the side of her face.

Uncle groaned when the girl reached out and began to jerk off his cock furiously, tilting her face up towards it, opening her mouth wide.

His come wasn't plentiful: in fact, it was pitiably little. It dripped out of his shuddering cock in little drops, dribbling down on to her upturned face, smearing her lips and cheek. He thrust down, burying his cock back into her mouth, his chest heaving.

The man shuffled up her body allowing her other hand to jerk his prick back and forth. He opened his mouth in a soundless cry and I watched his body shudder.

He exploded and his come was copious. It shot out in an arc to land on her heaving tits and then splattered her belly. He leaned down, pressing his cock head against her belly, allowing his cum to dribble onto her belly.

It was too much for me and it came as no surprise when I realized that I had shot off inside my underwear. I didn't even have to masturbate: just a few pulls and pushes through the satin cloth of my pocket and I was off. I felt my semen splashing against my crotch.

Salil was kneeling by her side and this meant that he was now facing me. Just as he was about to pull his prick out of the girl's mouth, he looked up towards the door.

His eyes widened when he saw me there, leaning against the door, one hand in my pocket and the other clutching the door.

Our eyes met.

Quickly, I turned around and practically ran out of the building.


"I completely forgot that I had invited you. How long were you standing there?" He was smoking a cigarette, watching the smoke curl out of the tip.

We were seated on a wooden bench at the end of the hospital park, watching a group of children play football.

His voice was calm. "Well?"

"Long enough," I replied, surprised that his questioning not at all bothered me.

I sometimes think that it was those sessions I had with Shaila and the threesome I had that morning, which had given me that curious courage to be so flippant and non committal.

"Were you surprised?" he asked. I could feel his eyes on me.

I nodded. "Somewhat."

"What do you mean by that?"

"I never watched a couple of guys doing it to one girl. And I did not really expect you to be one of the two guys in that ménage a trios."

He laughed quietly and then took a deep puff on the cigarette. Blowing out a smoke ring and then stabbing it with a hand, he said, "You are pretty well grown up, buddy. And god knows so am I. I did not expect you to take this so calmly and what I'm about to tell you now will make you realize that I'm a cool customer too."

I turned to look at him.

"What do you want to tell me?"

"First, a little bit of background. If you noticed closely, you would agree that the difference in the ages between my wife and me is getting more apparent as the days go by. She's at her physical peak and mind you, it isn't that I am not. It's just that I realize she needs more."

I was embarrassed. I looked at my shoes and then back to the kids playing football.

"I needed to get in some kind of groups to experiment what it really is like simply because I love my wife so much that I want to give her everything she desires. At least, that's what my mind tells me. There's nothing wrong with me physically. I suppose it's the age thing. And you would be surprised to know that today was only the second time that I participated in what you called ménage a trios."

He was silent for a while and then dropped the cigarette to the ground, stubbing it with his shoes. "Yesterday was the first time. It was the same girl, with her roommate. By the way, she's a second year student in the medical college and the roommate is one year her senior. We did it at their flat. Then today, I wanted to try her out with another man. He's an assistant professor of gynecology. She wanted to get it at my office today. There is no staff today after eleven because of the seminar going on and she knew it. That watchman you met somehow suspects that we were up to something and so does the woman at the reception who allowed the watchman to let you in. I deduced that when I walked in and noticed them looking at me in a strange way. But hell, who cares? They are piss-ants."

"So what makes you a cool customer?" I interrupted.

He stared off at a distance. When he spoke, his voice was soft and calm.

"Your cousin sister is far too younger than me. I know that she desires much more than what I can give. I think I have already mentioned it to you. Perhaps you don't know that I had returned to the flat the other day and had let myself in with my key."

I was stunned and my heart began to beat so loudly that I was sure he could hear it.

He was silent and continued to look into space ahead of him. He extracted the cigarette packet and shook out another one from it. He lighted up and breathed in the smoke almost gratefully.

I waited with bated breath, heart hammering and aware that I was trembling. What next?

"You and Shaila were busy in the bathroom," he told me in a voice that seemed like he was telling me the weather forecast.

I froze. I pulled my eyes away from him and stared at the kids in the park.

"I watched all that shaving stuff, heard all that sluttish vocabulary and watched you eat her up and then waited till she had your cock in her mouth."

I stared stupidly at the football game.

"I don't blame you and I can't blame Shaila. I can figure out that the two of you must have been fucking the whole day from what she kept telling you when you were at it. I sneaked out, went down to the garage and polished off the bottle I had kept in the glove compartment before returning. I listened for a while to make sure you were finished and pretended to be more drunk than I really was. You know, looking at the two of you gave me a hard on the kind of like I never had for a long time. And I figured that maybe I could make it better if I would get involved in a group, because watching turned me on so much, I wanted to participate so that I could give Shaila what she desires."

I stole a glance at him. He was leaning back against the bench, carefully smoking his cigarette.

"And then I watched you fuck her from the back as you spied on the neighbors. God! Did that make me horny! I always knew that Shaila was a firecracker. I watched right from the time you were on the binoculars and she was sucking you off, till you stuck your cock inside her."

I was speechless.

He turned to look at me. I felt his gaze on me but did not look up at him.

"I really wanted to sneak up today morning because I bet you had the busty Nina joining you. I know all about what Shaila and Nina do to each other. And I was pretty sure that my young wife would involve that top-heavy bitch sooner or later. Shaila has dropped enough hints about getting it on with Nina and her husband. Shit, what kind of a wimp would refuse to make it out with that stacked bitch? Now, they are strangers as far as I am concerned and could leak it out if it ever happens. I had to make a choice. Either I had to watch you with the girls before I make a decision or plunge right on. I decided to do the latter, because you are family, right? And you stand to lose a hell lot more if the word ever gets leaked out.

"Now, Nikhil, does that make me a cool customer or a sick husband?"

I couldn't reply.

"I could barge in and beat the shit out of the two of you that day. I could also have beaten the shit out of Shaila when I first caught her with Nina. But I told you why I couldn't. She is young and would have asked me to give it to her as well as she was getting it either from Nina or from you. And I knew I wouldn't. At least, till today."

I looked at him questioningly.

"After my experiments with Mona and her friend and now with Mona and my buddy, I am pretty sure that I would be able to give it to Shaila as good if not better than you as long as I can watch you as the third partner in the ménage a trios."

I was so confused with the turn of events that I was speechless. My head spun and I couldn't think straight.

Here I was, having come to my uncle's place with a plan that involved a binocular and gazing on petting couples around the beach. I had done that.

Shaila came as a product of it.

Nina joining in was the bonus.

But now, judging by what he was saying, it had come down to my uncle, Shaila and me.

"If that's so, why me? Why not the professor and the two girls? I bet they wouldn't spill the beans!"

He laughed. "Haven't you heard about the guy wanting to fuck the neighbor's wife, but if his own wife was the subject of any other guy's fantasy, he would kill him. No, really. The professor is a wimp and I don't want to involve him and his wife. If they do join up who's to say they wouldn't rat on me? And I am a goddamn professor besides being a doctor. With those two girls, we were safe. They have to lose more than we would if they leaked out anything. Anyway, I wouldn't feel comfortable sharing my wife with any one of those type who I suspect would be too eager to publicize the whole thing should it ever happen. Nina's husband isn't a professor of medicine and has nothing to lose. In fact, I suspect it would only act as a sort of ego booster with his female students. It is different if I ask you to join us, don't you see?"

"What makes you think Nina hasn't told her husband about what happened between her and us?"

"That's the beauty of it. That bitch is actually in love with my wife. She needs all that fucking sessions. Believe me. If she doesn't get that dose, she goes crazy. And Shaila has threatened that she would stop those visitations if anybody else would get to know about anything that transpires between them. Understand?"

I couldn't. Salil was one hell of a confused guy. Besides, I was pretty certain he was keeping something hidden from me. I clearly remembered what Shaila had to say about this subject. She had told me that it was because of the baby that uncle had postponed thinking about swapping with Sushil and Nina. Either he was lying or Shaila was. I suspected that it was he. Shaila had been too much in the mood for a fuck when she had confessed about it. I decided to ignore it for a while.

Either he was frustrated and perverted or he really and genuinely wanted his wife to get what her young body wanted, with the condition that only the family man (meaning me) gets to do it.

So, was this situation a product of his distorted and confused mind? Or was it a double bonus? My trip to Mumbai was now getting more and more confusing.

"Be a voyeur as well as a participant, I reckon, and it will fire me on. What do you say?" he asked quietly.

I was numb and speechless. Just yesterday, I had mentioned to Shaila that I had never heard or seen the likes of us middle class folks getting into such situations. And here was her husband, propositioning exactly such a situation.

I would have been crazy if I hadn't said what I did.

"Why not give it a try, uncle?"


I walked along the beach, hands jammed in the pockets of my jeans, trying hard not to think too much of what would be happening at the flat.

Salil had instructed me to take the walk and leave him alone with Shaila for "at least a couple of hours" so that he would fill her in. As it turned out, I never really knew what he spoke to her, nor how she took it.

It was a murky evening, the air full of diesel fumes coming off the crowded road that followed the coastline. That was when I spotted Nina. She was walking leisurely from the opposite side and when she saw me, her eyes lit up.

"Hey there," she shouted to be heard above the din.

"Hi," I replied, my dick swelling inside my shorts at the sight of her voluptuous body, now encased in a modest summer dress that reached to the middle of her thighs.

As we approached, she smiled sexily.

"What are you doing here, stud?" she whispered when she was within arms reach.

"Nothing, I guess. Just having a walk."

"And left Shaila on her own?"

I grinned. 'I got time to kill."

She grabbed my hand and started to pull me towards the row of apartments.

"C'mon," she said hoarsely as I stumbled. "I've got time and I don't want to kill it walking on this stupid beach. Sushil's on the evening shift and won't be back till ten."

"Hey, hold on," I said, not certain whether I should do this though my dick said otherwise. Her monstrous tits pushed against the front of her dress, straining to get free.

"C'mon, Nikki," she implored, "I've been dreaming of getting you alone. Let's have a quickie, okay?"

I allowed my dick to do the thinking.

"You sure your husband won't be back..." I gasped trying to catch up with her.

"No problems," she replied. "You know what? He bought a new copy of The Digest today morning and gave it to me before he left for work. That jerk! He was laughing when he left. He knew that I'd be reading it and getting horny. Well, I was so horny, I had to stop reading it after the first dozen pages."

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