tagIncest/TabooHot Springs Eternal

Hot Springs Eternal

bypocket rocket©

The sun was going low and whatever light it still was able to cast on us slipped through the silhouetted branches of the trees that lined the hillside and slope to the sea. We walked silently on the wooden boardwalk. Each of us thinking about where we were and how good hot mineral water will feel after such a long day of hiking. Arriving at the shore in the late afternoon from the inland trail and the mud that caked us up to our knees. Setting up camp was not our first priority but we would be very glad we took the time to find a nice spot for the tent and set everything up before we went for our hot baths at the springs about a mile away. We took with us a towel and a flashlight as we knew we would have to find our way back to camp after dark and the nearly full moon was hiding behind the thick evening mists that happen that time of year. We also too some small tealight candles to place around the hotspring’s rocky walls.

Sara, my sister and her husband with myself went on a camping trip almost every year. This year Sara came alone as Terry had work piling up and backed out. He insisted we go anyway as long as we didn’t tell him how great it was. We knew we would anyway to torture him on our return.

Sara was tall, slender and had curly blonde hair that she hated. It was long for years and as soon as she had it cut shorter it coiled up. She was horrified until her stylist told her how much it would cost to un-naturally make her hair do just that. She still didn’t like the waves but everyone else did. Including myself, her older brother. We walked down the rocks past the park sign indicating that we were where we wanted to be. At the top of the slope that ended in a large pool down below sea level so at high tide the sea would rush and crash up and over the wall of rocks and shower anyone sitting there in the heated pool. The scent of the place was not all that pleasant. The heavy minerals were tainted with sulfur.

‘Having a bath in rotten eggs, huh’ I said.

The upper most part was a shelf of stone and a shower of super heated water fell like rain over the edge and standing under it was almost too much to bare.

The lower shelf was tight and walled on each side. The stone was wet and slick and I slipped off my feet and landed ass first in a pool. Sara giggled behind me and I tugged her wrist and pulled her in with me. We were laughing so hard we nearly forgot about the towel…it was soaked by now so we draped it up over a rock were it would never dry.

‘Guess we stay wet, but at least I got some of the mud off. Could you believe that stuff.’ She said brushing her hand up and down her calf. We got up and I pulled off my t-shirt over my head and tossed it with the wet towel.

‘Sara, are you going to stay in your clothes like that. You’ll freeze!’ I said as I rubbed my arms. Outside of the spring water it was chilly now that the sun had disappeared.

‘Um, I’m okay….’ She said realizing she didn’t want to strip in front of me.

‘Sara, don’t be silly. Not like I haven’t seen a naked girl before.’ I laughed and turned so as not to embarrass her. Sara slipped her shirt off and felt the cool air hitting her bare skin. Her nipples reacted right away and became dark hard little beads. She rubbed them and they felt good. A warm rush went from them to her pussy and the tingle made her sigh quietly.

Carefully this time we stepped down to the next shelf and the large open pool there. I opened the bag of candles and lit one and placed it on the rock. I found several more small ledges to hold them and one by one they were lit and glowed up the steep walls around us.

‘Wow! This is so great Eric. Terry will be so jealous of us. Here, take a picture.’ Sara pulled her camera out and set the flash up. I framed her up with the ripples of hot water coming down off the rock behind and snapped a photo to prove how amazing this spot was. As I peered into the lens I saw more than just the natural wonders around us there but that Sara herself was amazingly sexy right then. I moved the image from my head feeling a bit guilty for seeing my own sister as a sexual object and handed her camera back and had her take on of me as well.

‘He’s going to love the nude shot!’ She laughed. Maybe I should e-mail it to him when we get to town. See what he’s missing!’ We both laughed and I gazed at her body in the low candlelight. We settled into the pool and reclined back against the stones that were constantly being washed by the heated waters. I had become accustomed to the scent and the steam rising from the surface curled and moved like clouds in the light of the many small flames. Sara had her eyes closed and was lost in the relaxing ecstasy.

I stretched out my legs and felt the heat massaging my sore muscles. I wiggled my feet and splashed alittle. Sara didn’t notice or care and I grazed her ankle with my foot and she shrugged but didn’t move. I opened my eyes and looked at her in the steam and her hands were caressing up over her breasts. Her palms cupping water and letting it fall across her small orbs. I could not keep my eyes off her then. I watched as she took some slight sensual pleasures and how her hands moved ever so slowly. After each waterfall from her petite hands she would let her fingers slide down over herself and her belly to the water’s surface. Scooping up another hand full she repeated the motion. I felt my cock fill and become hard. I felt the ache, idly I touched the head and moved my fingers down the shaft to the base. I began stroking myself. Fingers curled around my phallus and loosely caressed up to the tip and rubbing it under my thumb. I raised my hips and held back the groan that was bursting to escape me mouth. I continued to eye Sara and her movements. Her wet warm hand stroking her cheek and brushing some loose curls from he forehead. My foot lay between hers and I touched her leg again. This time just above the ankle on her inner calf.

‘Eric, mmmm’ she mumbled.

She opened her eyes after a second not so accidental caress of her leg by my traveling foot to see my cock at full attention.

Sara had not seen this before. Her brother’s erect cock and so close to her. She looked at it and then raised her eyes to my own. I smiled nervously.

‘God Eric!’ she said alittle quiver in her tone.

‘Sorry sis’. It just does that sometime. Has a mind of its own it does.’ I said trying to defuse the awkward situation.

‘It is, impressive Eric. But…mmmm.

‘But what?’ A asked and tried to cover it by caressing the head and folding my hand down over the shaft as best I could.

‘Well…. Did I do that, I mean…. You know?’ she said softly. I noticed she was not covering herself at all now. Leaning forward in the pool I could make out her sex under the rippling water. I only grew harder from the sight.

‘I guess you did Sara, I’m, so sorry…’ I said.

She sat up and on her knees. She stroked her hair back and kept one eye on my hand over my cock as she sat back on her calves. Her wet shimmering torso in the light and steam was erotically charged.

‘I should be saying that too. I am pretty turned on from this place too Eric. All tingly inside, you know? Sara said as she shuffled on her knees closer to me. The level of the pool's floor changed and she fell forward and caught herself on her hands. Her face inches from my thigh. From there Sara got an eyeful of my cock. I let go of it to help her up and she sat on the ledge next to me. Her hip was pressing against my own.

‘So were you fantasizing about me too while you played with that impressive cock of yours?’ She said nervously.

‘I was watching you. What you were doing. It turned me on a lot!’ I admitted. Her closeness only aroused me more. I soon realized what I wanted and there was no turning back from it.

Before she could respond I had my arm moving around her shoulder and across her back. I held her. I began to stroke my cock for her to see. She said nothing and watched my slow caress up and down and over the tip several times. It was amazing and wet and warm and the tension in my cock was growing. I wanted her soft touch.

‘Sara, why don’t you touch yourself to. We can get off together.’ I suggested. The words just easily fell from my mouth.

She hesitated but soon was reaching down between her legs and her middle finger slid down the line of her slit. She let out the smallest moan and then massaged deeper on herself as I continued to watch her movements and the sensation of my own hand’s actions. The candles flickered around us and her body tensed next to me. She was up inside now with two fingers and deeply attacking herself. She let out a series of little whimpers and moans. I held my cock in my hand and didn’t move an inch. I was close and wanted to enjoy the full feeling below. I leaned in and nuzzled her neck and she pressed her cheek against mine. It was effortless. She gave in to her own passions as she caressed herself ever closer to climax.

At that moment I could not think of anything more exciting that hearing her give in and have and orgasm next to me.

‘ooowwww ooowwwwwwww hhh hhh ooooooowww’ she moaned and I kissed her cheek and began to caress my palm over her nipple. Her hand came up and landed on top of mine and she held my hand on her breast. I moved in small circles on her and massaged her sensually. My lips met hers suddenly and she opened hers to mine and I kissed her lower one lightly. I moved my hand off my cock and over to hers down between her open thighs and took her by the wrist and moved her fingers from her own sex to mine and replaced her fingers with mine up deep inside her pussy. I fucked her slowly and her fingers lightly curling around my cock and rubbing the tip and my balls. Our kiss was full and long and warm between us. Her body responding to my touch.

‘Oh, we shouldn’t do this…. Mmm oooowww ooowwwwwmmmm’ she muttered.

I kissed her again on her lower lip and sucked it into my mouth. She let go of my cock and moved around in front of me. I saw her beautiful young 20-year-old body in full view and her hands on my legs as she moved up and straddled me there. My cock rubbing up against her sex.

‘Oh Eric, I want you inside of me now…’ she whined and touched me on the head of my cock and pressed it into her wet folds. I raised my hips and entered her tight little pussy and she moved taking more and more of me into her body. Her arms around my neck and her mouth pressing fully on my own. We shared a long kiss as she moaned into it. My shaft buried deep in her and the thickness of it pleasing her completely. She rose and held for a short moment and fell again taking me full and deeply into her. She cried out and I stroked and pulled her nipples and reaching up took a hand full of her lovely curls and pulled her head back slightly. She gasped and rocked on my shaft again. We kissed passionately and the candles one by one went out as all I felt and sensed was her body moving on mine and the scent of her skin and her taste, her sweet soft mouth and her tongue now dancing a sexual dance against mine. Her body shivered. Not from the cold air the tightened her nipples rock hard but from the small waves of pre-orgasmic bliss that were moving in her. She bounced on my cock and her moaning was heavenly to hear. I reached around behind her back and rubbed the small curve of her spine there.

‘Mmmmmmm that feels nice Eric…your cock feels pretty damn good too…mmmm owww owwww owwww’ she panted and my hands moved lower and cupped and played on her cheeks. I pulled them open as she rose up and pressed my middle finger on her bud and as she lowered again on my cock, her movements had slowed again after a furious series of deeper thrusts. My finger entered her only a little bit but enough to produce a vocal reaction. My finger embedded an inch in her hot little hole as my cock filled her pussy. Sara winced in the slight pain I inflicted on her ass. I twisted my finger as she rose again and fucked her again as she fell. Another little wincing of pain and the smallest whimper as well.

‘Does that bother you Sis’? I sighed feeling myself nearer to coming.

‘No, no…mmmmmm alittle bit ow. I’ve never had anything up there before…mmmmmm!’ Sara groaned as I rubbed her harder on her next thrust.

‘Oooow Fuck me Eric! Ass fuck me Eric…please…. Mmmm I want to feel everything.’ She was panting heavily in a rasping deep breath now.

She rose up and off me and I told her to turn and get down on the small round rock near us on the ledge. Still in the water she moved onto her hands and knees and the cold air attacked her bare flesh in the darkness. The places I touched were like waves of fire on her skin and made her moan as I caressed her lower back and down over her ass cheeks. Her backside was full and round and her hips were wide and served to show off her slender waist.

I moved my fingers under her and found her wetness and drew the stream back to her ass crack and holding Sara open I massaged her bud with her own juices. She rocked back and forth and I fingered her alittle there and in her pussy at the same time. She was crying like she had never felt anything so good before. I wondered it Terry had ever taken her as I was right now. Touching her so completely. I kissed her back and the heat of my mouth made Sara shudder then I kissed her backside and pushed my finger deeper. She fell forwards and let out a groan and I repeated the slow motion fingering of her again and again. Her moans continued to grow in intensity. I knew she was at the edge of her breaking point so I placed the round bulb of my cock on her hole and pressed in. She screamed out loud as the head opened her up.

‘Relax Sara, just let it happen okay.’ I assured my baby sister, as I was about to take her anal virginity.

‘Oooow, I’m okay Eric hun mmmnnnnnnn. Just Fuck me!’ she moaned to me.

Her hands pressing up on the top of the rock and holding her body up as I thrust about half way into her. She whimpered and I moved out and this time my thrust was full to the base of my cock.

‘Oh Fuck! Oooow fuck pleeeeaase…mmmnnn.’ Sara cried.

I was so turned on by all this now and my motions were hard and firm and soft at the same time. I had my hands on her hips and pulled her into me and slowly reached under her to feel her breasts hanging and swaying freely like tiny bells. My fingers found her pussy and I rubbed at her clit with my thumb as I thrust into her once again. She fell back against my motion wanting more of me in her. She began to shake and I pulled from her and rubbed he clit through her orgasm. My cock exploding on her lower back and ass and I sat back and looked at her still on all fours and panting heavily before turning to sit in the warm pool and regain her breath.

Sara didn’t say a word but we shared an embrace and a long kiss before getting up and gathering our wet clothing. The walk back to camp was as quiet as the one that led us to where we loved each other for the first time. The moon broke through the clouds and she stopped to look at it for a second. I caught up to her and she turned and hugged me and gave me a soft kiss on the lips.

‘Was I all you expected big brother?’ Sara asked very softly.

I held her close and told her yes she was and more.

‘I don’t think I will be able to sit down for a month though…’ she smiled and giggled alittle.

We kissed again and walked a few paces when again she stopped me. Her hand on my arm, Sara gazed into my eyes. I saw the soft liquid of her blue green eyes. She squeezed my hand and with that I knew our sex tonight would not be our last intimate act.

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