Hot Step-Sister


At that moment he felt something completely unexpected, a smooth hand wrapped gently around his rock hard erection. Because his face was buried under ass, Tyler couldn't see who had his penis in their hand but he automatically assumed it was Kim. He assumed it was Kim that is until two slender hands slid down on both sides of his face and spread the ass cheeks that were caressing his face cheeks. His nose now wedged deep into Kim's puckered asshole, he realized that the hand that was gently stroking his cock belonged to Sarah, his step-mom. This was getting way more intense then he ever expected and he wondered how far it would go.

Above Tyler, Kimberly was getting close. She opened her eyes and saw that her mother was lazily stroking her step-brothers rock hard manhood. Her mother was staring at the member in her hand hungrily, as if she wanted to devour it. It was so exciting, so intense, so incredible that she started to rub her clitoris with her fingers and within moments, she started to cum. It was the most earth shaking orgasm that she had ever experienced. It kept going in wave after wave and she felt like she was going to pass out from the sensations. She let out an involuntary scream as she ground her clenching pussy down on Tyler's face, and trickled her thick juices into his mouth.

Sarah watched her daughters orgasm and was entranced. She had never seen another woman in the throes of an incredible orgasm and now she was watching her own daughter. The look of pure joy on her face, her mouth open, the flush of her skin was incredible to watch. As Kim's orgasm died down she sat for a few more moments on Tyler's face catching her breath.

"Mom , that was awesome. You have to try riding his face." She started to climb off, noticing that her mom had let go of her step-brothers penis.

"Oh I don't think that would be appropriate." Sarah said. In reality, it did look like fun to her but she was scared of the repercussions.

"Don't worry mom, no one will ever find out. He's not gonna tell anyone. How would he explain that?"

Kim had a point. The embarrassment of what he'd been caught doing would be enough to ensure that he would keep his mouth shut about all of it. She had time before her husband, Tyler's father, came home and she was so turned on from watching her daughter cum that she wanted her own release.

Tyler's hand moved toward his recently released penis. He needed release also and was going to take matters into his own hands. Before he could though, Kim saw what he was reaching for and quickly slapped his hand away. "Oh no you don't. you don't get to cum until you get mom off as good as you got me off. I'll think about letting you jerk off then, only if I think you did a good enough job."

He heard what she said but still tried with the other hand also. He was so close to the edge that it wouldn't take more than a couple strokes and he'd be past the point of no return. Kim was quicker though and snatched his hand up by his wrist. Quickly, she grabbed his other wrist in her other hand and slid off the bed, pulling his arms up over his head. She wrapped her long left arm around both of his wrists and in his position, he was helpless to stop her. With her free hand she yanked the cloth belt out of her shorts and quickly and effectively tied his wrists together tightly. Holding his arms over his head she motioned to her mother to climb aboard.

Sarah hesitantly swung her leg over Tyler's chest and backed up so that her ass was hovering above his head. His face was still wet from Kim's sweat and pussy juices.

"Go on mom, do it. He needs to be punished for what he did. He deserves to get used."

It was all the encouragement she needed and she sat herself down on her step-sons face. The feeling was indescribable, and she liked the sensation already.

Tyler noticed right away that Sarah's ass was wider and a bit more flabby than Kim's athletically toned ass. This ass had more cushion which felt better, but the trade off was that it was more difficult to breath.

Sarah adjusted herself so that her cunt was lined up with his mouth and once again Tyler found his nose uncomfortably close to another asshole. With his arms secured over his head and behind Sarah's back, he was helpless to change his position.

Kim climbed back onto the bed to watch the depraved scene play out. She decided to tease her step-brother some more like her mom had done earlier. Instead of stroking him though, she used one finger under the crown of his penis where the skin comes together and slowly traced gentle circles around and around. She didn't vary the speed or the amount of pressure. It was all very methodical and intended to keep him on the very edge without letting him have the release that he needed so badly. She knew it was working to because after a few seconds of twirling her finger around, she heard him moan loudly from under her moms ass. His penis looked to Sarah like it was full of pain. She had never seen a cock head so purple, never felt a foreskin stretched so tight as the one she was working on now. It gave her a feeling of power.

Sarah was still having a hard time believing what she was doing right now. The feeling was unlike any that she had ever experienced before and she liked it, a lot. But there was a feeling of guilt in her that was eating away at her pleasure and keeping her from letting go. For several minutes she sat unmoving, allowing Tyler to use his tongue on her pussy. It felt good but it wasn't enough to set her off. She wanted to cum. She needed to cum, but her conscience was stopping her.

After nearly ten minutes of Tyler trying desperately to make her cum, his tongue was completely worn out and it was too painful to continue. Sarah was ready to call it quits to. She wanted to go into her room and finish herself in private. "This isn't going to work" she sighed "I'm going to let him up."

Kim however, had other ideas. "No mom. You just need to use his face to masturbate yourself. Wiggle your ass around and slide up and down. He needs to suffer more. Make him suffer mom."

Far a moment Sarah thought about what her daughter had said. As crude as it was she realized that it was right. She looked into Kim's eyes and nodded her head. Slowly, ever so slowly she started to rock her bottom back and forth. As she started to pick up speed she began sliding back and forth from the top of his forehead to the bottom of his chin. Every time her clitoris passed his nose she was jolted with pleasure.

As the pleasurable feelings grew, so did the intensity of her motions. She was lost in the feelings and had forgotten that it was a human head, her step- sons head, that was under her. It didn't matter anymore to her. Her only mission was to make herself cum and she was quickly approaching the point of no return. Back and forth she careened on his face, sweat rolling down her breasts and dripping off her erect nipples.

And suddenly she was at the peak of the mountain. She tensed every muscle in her body at once, her throbbing clitoris resting right on the tip of Tyler's nose, and held her position for a count of three. Then the release that she had craved was upon her. Wave after wave of sensations crashed over her. Her entire being was racked by spasm after spasm of delectable pleasure. She was completely out of control of her body. It wasn't an earth shaking orgasm, it was earth shattering, and right in the most intense wave, she gushed. Not just a little trickle like Kim though, it was a river of juices spraying out forcefully. A jet of clear fluid that completely soaked Tyler's torso and the bad around him. It was unexpected and a large amount filled his mouth and went down his throat. He swallowed the hot musky liquid to keep from choking.

Kim was entranced by the scene she was witnessing. She was so caught up in the moment that she forgot what she was doing to his penis with her finger. She had grabbed hold of it in the heat of the moment and as she watched her mother explode and spray her fluids all over the place, her hand tensed, just a bit but it was more than enough to send him over the edge also.

She felt his throbbing member lurch once and she glanced down in time to see a blast of cum squirt out of the tip and arch its way to his neck , leaving a line of sticky semen from his belly button to his chin. Instead of stroking his member through his orgasm like her other lovers liked, she just held it steady, tipping it to about a forty five degree angle. The next blast was just as powerful as the first if not more and the cum plastered her mothers tits. This was followed by a half dozen more jerking spasms. By the time it stopped, Sarah's breasts and belly were dripping long strands of thick cum down onto Tyler's chest.

When Tyler started to cum, he desperately wanted someone, anyone, to stroke his cock, but with his hands secured behind his head and Sarah still sitting on his face, he was unable to do anything. It was almost agony to finally reach the pinnacle, only to be deprived of the most intense feelings of his release. He wanted to cry out but at the moment he was still being smothered by the fleshy pillows of his step-mothers posterior.

And then it was all over. Sarah climbed off and nearly collapsed as her legs gave out. Kim gave his penis a final squeeze, too little, too late though and watched as a glob of cum leaked out and ran down her fingers. She let it drop back onto his belly and as he started to sit up, she slapped her hand down on the center of his chest and mounted him again, this time sitting on his chest. The bed around him was soaked and she was kneeling in it but that didn't bother her. He looked up at his older step-sister and was worried that she wasn't done with him yet.

"So baby brother" he had always hated it when she called him that, and she did it just to spite him. This time though, it didn't even register with him. "If you know what's good for you, you won't ever tell a soul about what just happened. It would be awful hard to explain anyway now wouldn't it. And from now on, you've got a new position in this family, and that position is under mine and moms ass whenever we want it." those last words she emphasized by poking her cum slicked finger on his chin and mouth. "So be prepared whenever your father's not around, because you're gonna have to get used to having your face attached to our asses." she smirked down at him as she swung her leg over and climbed off the bed.

Tyler sat up in his wet bed and watched as Kim picked up her clothes and Sarah made her way gingerly back toward the bathroom to presumably have another shower. As she picked up the last garment and turned to leave, she stopped and turned back toward the bed. From several feet away she flung her mothers soiled underwear back at Tyler. The undies landed on his lap and he looked down at them in confusion.

"You can let that horny bastard Nathan get his jollies with those. Make sure you get the money from him because your gonna buy a new strap-on dildo that we can attach to your chin so we can have more fun when we sit on your face." she laughed a hearty laugh and walked out of his room still naked. It was going to be a very strange summer.

The End

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