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Hot Summer Divorce Agreement


During the extremely hot summer, Kelly realized that the divorce was imminent. Neither had been really happy for a while and the reasons didn't really matter anymore. They had loved each other once but neither felt it anymore. The only downside for Kelly was that she didn't really want to work any more than she already did at her part time job, and maintaining her lifestyle as it was wouldn't be possible on such a small salary.

Bill made a ton of money as a contractor especially during times like now, the summer months, as people installed pools, patios and built homes, but they'd only been married seven years; they didn't have any kids, and her attorney said that she'd probably get the house, her car and half of their savings but not much more than that unless Bill wanted to be generous. She didn't know how generous he would want to be. She suspected not overly so.

She was talking to her best friend Dawn about it on the phone.

Dawn had a suggestion. "Well I don't know if there's a great chance, but you may have something going for you."

"What's that?" Kelly asked.

"I heard that Bill has asked Sherman to be his lawyer." She answered.

"Sherman? Sherman who?" Kelly asked.

Dawn laughed, "Sherman Ferguson, silly. From high school."

"Oh God, I had forgotten all about him; I don't know how that helps; I supposedly have a great lawyer, and I don't think I even talked to Sherman much in high school much less since. He gave me a few rides to school is all. Besides if Bill's hired him I couldn't anyway." Kelly responded.

"I think you're forgetting a few things," Dawn reminded her. "Sherman was in love with you."

"What?" Kelly exclaimed, "I think I'd remember that. I did tease him some like we did all the poor, unpopular guys."

"Kelly," Dawn continued, "He wrecked his car once trying to look at your thighs." You used to get him so flustered in government class just crossing and uncrossing your legs that he couldn't answer simple questions that we all knew he knew, and in English you could practically hypnotize him playing with your blouse buttons."

Kelly laughed, "I'd forgotten that, we were such little bitches, and the wreck wasn't much, he just popped up on the curb. It wasn't love; it was a high school crush. Why bring this up? You did the same type stuff."

"Do I have to spell it out? Sherman can't think straight around you. Hell, you look better than you did in high school. And think about his life since high school. He probably studied all the time, then went to law school and now works all the time. He married Carol Blance for God's sake." Dawn explained.

Kelly asked, "Carol? The plain looking girl from health class who said sex was icky and that she didn't like it?"

"Exactly, the poor guy ended up married to the most boring girl in school and still probably never gets any." Dawn guessed.

"Still, what good is it? I can't sit in front of Bill and his attorney and just tease them. What would my attorney say? And how would Bill not see? And what real point would there be anyway?" Kelly asked quizzically.

Dawn began to explain, "Here's an idea, and, for the record, I know you can do it, but you'll need to be bold..."

A few weeks later.

The phone rang in Kelly's hotel room.

"Hello," she answered.

"Uh, hello," a voice almost stammered. "Is this Kelly?"

"Why yes it is, who's this?" She asked, knowing exactly who it was.

The reply came, "Sherman Ferguson, I'm representing your husband; but you may remember we went to school together."

"Of course, Sherman, of course I remember. How are you?" She asked sincerely.

"Fine, fine, but I arrived for our 2:00 meeting and the front desk informed me that the meeting is scheduled for 4:00 and that the conference room isn't available until then. They said that you had requested for everyone to call you when they arrived; is that right? I had 2:00." He explained.

"Oh no, did Billy not tell you?" She asked. "The hotel is right. We moved everything to 4:00."

Kelly knew that Bill had been told specifically that Sherman had already been told, but she knew she was convincing.

"Well, no, I'm afraid he didn't but that's ok, I'll just wait here in the lobby," he told her.

"Nonsense, Sherman, come up to my room, I have a suite, You can set up in the sitting area, maybe make any calls you need to and I'll finish getting ready in the bedroom." Kelly tried to make it sound completely innocent.

A second or two passed before Sherman answered, "Nnn no, "he finally stammered, "That wouldn't be appropriate, I'll just be here in the lobby."

"Sherman Ferguson," she said with a bit of authority, "I won't hear of that. You're already inconvenienced because my forgetful husband didn't call you. I won't let you wait in that busy lobby."

"But I represent your husband," he said.

"Sherman, we're friends from high school, this isn't typical, Now come to 220 before I get angry." She hung up before he could answer.

She knew that this would be the toughest part of the plan. There's no way a lawyer should fall for this, but he was a man, he had a weakness, and she didn't think he could resist her.

She nervously waited and waited; the plan would completely fail if he didn't show up.

A few excruciating minutes later there was a weak knock on her door.

With a sigh of relief she headed to the door.

Kelly opened the door standing behind it and with a perfect smile invited him in. As he entered and the door closed behind him he couldn't help but notice that she was in a black silk robe. Before he could say anything, Kelly moved to him and gave him a quick, soft kiss, on his lips.

He froze as she began to speak, "There, silly, a quick kiss hello, now do you see there's nothing awkward going on?"

As she nodded, he couldn't help but agree, "Yes, of course."

"Just make yourself comfy, and I'll go finish getting ready." She stated as she disappeared into the bedroom.

Sherman sat there for a while trying to savor the taste of her lips on his but he eventually started opening his briefcase and pulling out his phone to check messages.

As he began to listen, Kelly flipped on her overhead bedroom light; she knew that the light would hit the other room too, as she had left the door about ten inches ajar. Instinct would force Sherman to glance toward the light, and as he did she placed one of her legs up on her bed as if about to take a step up.

She had set the rooms up so that as he would look though the doorway he couldn't help but see a mirror that would capture her leg.

She began rolling a black stocking up the leg slowly, deliberately, perfectly, stopping every few rolls to smooth it out.

Kelly couldn't help notice that Sherman had gone silent. No responses to messages, no buttons on his phone being pushed. Even though she hadn't seen him in 10-12 years, she knew she still had him.

She finished one stocking and began the next one, taking her time and savoring each stroke to smooth them out.

Upon completion she moved positions so that only her back and legs could be viewed in the mirror. (She and Dawn had practiced the exact placements that morning)

She allowed the robe to drop from her shoulders and glide to the floor; this left Sherman with a view of her stockings, black lace panties and her bare back. She then added a matching bra before spinning around to face the mirror.

She noticed Sherman had looked away as she knelt down, picked up her robe and pulled it back on. She walked back into the main room.

Taking a seat next to Sherman on the sofa, she couldn't help but notice a bulge in his pants; she greeted him cheerfully, "So how have you been? it's sure been a while."

"Everything's good, just working I guess." He answered.

"And married, right? I heard about you and Carol," she made a slight frown when she got to his wife's name.

"Well, yeah," he answered.

"I personally don't see you two together, but what do I know? I thought I had a good marriage." She continued, " I mean I thought everything was good, I stay in shape, I still look good, and there weren't any complaints about the sex. Do you think I still look good, Sherman?"

He turned and looked as she turned and posed, with her stocking covered legs crossed and her silk robe open slightly revealing a hint of cleavage. As his eyes reached her face, she lightly bit her lip, and asked again, "Well?"

She knew she looked great and could sense his desire building, but before he could answer, she spoke, "Oh, never mind, I don't think I was ever your type anyway."

"What? No, you were perfect, you are perfect, what do you mean?" He asked.

"Well, I guess you just prefer the Carol types, I mean you never even asked me out in school. Is that what you prefer?" She asked with a mock pout.

"Hardly," he answered, "Your type never noticed me in high school."

"Sherman Ferguson, I know you don't believe that; I flirted with you incessantly. Don't you remember?" She asked him.

"I thought that was just you teasing me," he slowly said as he tried to work out in his mind what was happening.

Of course she had been only teasing him all those years ago, but she was placing some doubt in his mind, she leaned in to his ear and whispered, "Well I guess you'll never know now."

She added, "You should have at least try when you get a chance. You never know what could happen."

She ever so gently brushed his ear with her lips as she pulled away.

He was practically paralyzed as a knock at the door jolted him back.

Kelly smiled at him as she glided to the door and opened it. Her friend, Dawn, entered in a short dress carrying a slim black satchel.

"You remember Dawn?" She asked Sherman as the two lovelies sat on the sofa, one on each side of him. "She's a notary now."

"Of course, hello," he responded while nodding at her.

"Hi, Sherman," she said as she leaned in and kissed him on the cheek. "Long time, no see."

"We have some things to show you," she said as she pulled some papers out of her bag.

The girls nestled into him, allegedly so they could all see the papers, as Dawn held them in front of him.

"These were prepared by Kelly's attorney and are the exact terms we would like in her divorce," Dawn sweetly said.

He attempted a protest, "Oh, no, no, it would be inappropriate to discuss this without Billy or at least Kelly's attorney present."

Kelly began gently kissing, sucking and licking Sherman's neck, as he took a deep breath.

'Sherman, sweetie, we passed inappropriate a while ago," Dawn teased, "It's time for you to listen and enjoy, ok?"

Sherman didn't, or maybe couldn't, bring himself to respond.

Kelly was now kissing his ear and when he turned to her, he noticed that her robe was open, revealing her magnificently displayed breasts in their lace bra and her abs.

"You like?" She asked.

"Very much," he answered, "very much, but..."

"I know, Carol's prettier, right?" She pouted.

"God, know, not close," he said, "She's nothing like you."

"You're so sweet, Sherman, is it your sex with her that's great," she asked.

He began to answer "No" but as he opened his mouth, Kelly moved in and kissed his mouth, gently at first, then moving her lips apart slightly and letting her tongue slip into his mouth to explore.

Dawn reached down and placed her hand on his thigh, brushing against his rock hard cock.

Sherman had the presence of mind to reach down and push her hand away, but as he did, Kelly's replaced it and was even more directly upon him.

She kept kissing his neck as her hand began to stroke him through his pants. "All you have to do is listen to her, ok? That won't hurt anything," Kelly asked between kisses.

Then she added, "And I promise I'm a lot better than Carol."

"Yes, yes," he managed to answer, more to the second part of the comment.

Dawn began explaining the terms, which were, of course, extremely generous to Kelly but not insanely so. They were basing his approximate annual income off of just what he had done in the summer, which was absurd as they knew the income would be lower in the winter, but they weren't making it so biased that he could possibly go back to court later seeking relief. He would just have to work a little harder to keep up. They weren't trying to get everything, but what they wanted was more than her fair share, and they were determined to get it.

As Dawn got to spousal support, which wouldn't even be required at all in a courtroom for a marriage like this, Dawn went over very, very generous terms for Kelly, all while Kelly kissed Sherman and continued to manipulated his dick through gentle to moderate squeezes. These were certainly enough to keep him aroused but would in no way allow any chance of release.

"I think Kelly's worth that, don't you?" Dawn asked.

"God, yes," he answered, "But I'll have to take it to my client."

"Of course," Dawn answered, "But we want you to take it a certain way."

"What do you mean?" He asked.

"Kelly and her attorney have already signed it, you'll be signing it shortly. So all you need to do is convince Billy to sign it." She explained.

"I can't sign it now; I shouldn't even be listening to it," he gasped as Kelly pulled away.

"I'll just get out of the way," Kelly said softly.

Sherman thought he might be getting a brief moment to collect himself, however as Kelly pulled away, Dawn sat closer and held the papers and folder in front of him.

To his surprise, Kelly hadn't gone far. She had simply knelt on the floor in front of him and begun to unzip his pants.

As he gazed down at her, he found that she was maintaining eye contact with him and slowly licking her lips. "Oh my God," he whispered as he realized that this was turning him on more than any porn he had ever watched.

He continued watching as Kelly eased his cock out of his pants and licked her hand and then began sliding it up and down his shaft.

Dawn placed a pen in his hand as Kelly began gently kissing his cock. These were the softest, most arousing kisses that he had ever felt.

As Kelly placed her tongue at the base of his cock and began slowly licking up the length of it, Dawn whispered in his ear, "Sign it, baby."

He couldn't speak; he looked to Dawn, seemingly pleading for relief, as he noticed that Kelly was starting over for another excruciatingly exciting lick.

Knowing that he hadn't really been paying attention while Dawn had gone over it earlier, he tried to compromise, "Maybe I should just read over it quickly?"

Playfully shaking her head, Dawn whispered, "There's no need for that; we're happy just the way it is."

"But," he began.

With a cute smile and another quick shake of her head, Dawn cut him off, "There is no but, honey, there's just you signing and me notarizing."

Kelly now had started kissing his tip and was barely taking the first inch or two into her mouth.

Up... and down, up... And down... As slowly as it could possibly be done.

"C'mon, Sherman," Dawn nudged, "You do a lot more for Carol don't you, and I'm guessing she doesn't do this."

"Never," he agreed, "But."

As he was speaking, Dawn leaned into his mouth with her lips. As soon as he began to respond to the kiss, though, she pulled away. Smiling, she mockingly scolded him, "I told you, no buts, didn't I?"

Before he could answer, he was pushed back against the sofa. Turning from the side where he had been watching and kissing Dawn, he now saw that Kelly had gotten up and had straddled him with her legs on the sofa as well. Her robe was gone, and he watched as she reached between her legs and unsnapped her panties.

He had never even seen panties that unhooked like that so his eyes must have widened because Kelly whispered, "For easy access," as she began lowering herself down on his cock.

His hands caressed her silky stockings as her pussy was finding a soothing, slow rhythm as it eased up and down his pole.

Three or four pumps in, she slowly pulled all the way off and gave him a shrug.

Throbbing and flustered, he begged, "Please."

Instead of an answer, Dawn again placed the paper and pen in front of him.

He looked to Kelly who now was removing her bra and revealing her perfect 36 C's.

She tantalizingly stroked each of them, while mouthing, "Your choice."

It was over; he quickly took the pen and signed the paper on the line above his printed name.

He felt the wonderful sensation of his dick slipping back into Kelly, as Dawn said, "Good boy, Sherman, now here are the next steps."

She glanced at Kelly and waited for Kelly to pull back off.

"Are you ready for more?" She asked Sherman.

"Yes, please," he immediately answered.

Kelly was moving up and down but so painfully slow that he would never cum. When he was fully in. he would occasionally attempt to thrust, but Kelly would rise with him, preventing the necessary friction.

Dawn continued, "Billy will be downstairs shortly; you and I will go down and explain that it's best that this is done separately and that we've just met with Kelly."

In the middle of the best sex he'd ever had he agreed.

"We'll say this a fair deal, and that Kelly has reluctantly agreed, and that it's his turn to sign and then he can get on with his life." She concluded.

"But what if he doesn't like the terms?" Sherman said between deep breaths.

He hadn't noticed but Kelly's movements had almost stopped. Her kisses on both his neck and his ears were still distractingly sexy, but he wasn't even close to cumming anymore.

"Sherman, he's a contractor; he doesn't know anything about this. You'll tell him it's a good deal so he'll assume it's a good deal. Plus we have a little trick planned, too." Dawn said mischievously.

"What's that?" He asked.

She explained, "When you explain the terms, which you'll keep in very general terms, you'll say that Kelly gets the house, her car, spousal support, and your ski boat, say it quickly, just like that and emphasize it when you say 'Your ski boat.' Just glaze over the rest like it's no big deal."

He looked back at Kelly as she moved fully back down his dick; he hadn't noticed that he was only getting fucked sporadically, but he knew he loved what was happening to him.

He looked back to Dawn and agreed.

She concluded, "We expect he'll only notice that you just told him he's losing his boat; it is hotter than ever this summer, and he's on it every weekend; he loves that thing. He'll make a big fuss. He won't be thinking about the support or anything else. We'll pretend to argue about the boat for a minute or two, then you'll call up here and pretend to insist that he's keeping the boat. She'll eventually agree. You'll cross out that section and tell him to initial it and that he can then keep the boat. Billy will think that you've fault for him and that he's won something, and then he'll sign the papers so that he'll have his boar."

"This isn't right," he said.

"Maybe, maybe not?" She teased, "But can you guess what happens after he signs?"

"No, What?" He asked.

She tempted, "Then you come back up here and spend the night."

He quickly looked at Kelly as she nodded.

"But you do have one big decision to make," Dawn added.

"What's that?" He anxiously wanted to know.

Dawn leaned in and kissed him again, then added, "Whether you want me to stay too. That'll be all up to you."

With that Kelly got off of him, leaving him with an extremely hard dick and a lightning fast pulse.

Kelly instructed him, "Now put yourself back together, and get down to that conference room so you can get this signed and get back up here. Dawn will be a couple of minutes behind you so she can notarize everything. You two obviously can't walk in together."

And with that, Sherman washed off, got dressed, and hurried out of the room.

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