tagIncest/TabooHot Summer Nights

Hot Summer Nights


The heat of the day settled damply around the house, the coming night doing nothing to allay the humidity. Inside, Jennie was sweating despite the air conditioner rattling away in her window. She wiped her forehead on the back of her bare arm and surveyed the chaos around her. Her bed was piled with suitcases and badly folded clothes. More clothes littered the floor, along with sheets and towels and the big photo album with the leopard print cover that her best friend Cammy had given her that morning. In two days, Jennie would be cramming all of this into her little Camry and driving ten hours to start her first semester at Greenwood College.

She sighed, hands on her hips. It was just too much to deal with in this heat. She needed a break. She went downstairs to the cool darkness of the kitchen.

Jennie trailed her hand over the smooth countertops as she went, glancing again at the note her mother had left her. She and Jennie's step-father Mark had accepted an invitation for cocktails out on a friend's boat and wouldn't be back until after midnight. She had left the name of the boat and the number for the marina in case there was an emergency. Jennie turned to the big refrigerator and pulled open both doors. She wasn't sure what she wanted. She only knew that it had to be cold. She grabbed a bottle of water and an ice cube from the bucket. With the fridge still open, she stood in its light and ran the ice over her sweaty skin. She shivered happily.

"Am I interrupting something?" Jennie jumped, but it was only Kyle, Mark's 25-year-old son.

"I didn't hear you come in," she stammered as her heart rate returned to normal.

"Sorry, I really didn't mean to startle you," he said. "The door was open. I just came to pick up some stuff from my dad's office."

"No problem," Jennie chirped, flinching at the forced casualness of her voice. "It's upstairs, you remember." Kyle nodded, half a smile playing at the edges of his mouth. He disappeared around the corner and up the stairs. Jennie cursed herself for sounding so ridiculous. She always felt like such a child when Kyle was around. She took her water and headed back upstairs to her room. She could hear Kyle rummaging around down the hall as she slowly began the arduous task of packing again.

"Hey, Jennie," Kyle said, poking his head around the door. "You mind if I take a swim while I'm here?"

"What's wrong with the pool at your building?" she asked, throwing a crumpled dress shirt into a suitcase.

"Lots of small children is what's wrong with it," he laughed. "Come on, you won't even know I'm out there." He put on an exaggerated pout.

"Fine, have at it," she said.

"Thanks, Jen," he grinned, "you're a lifesaver." He disappeared into the darkness of the hall before popping back into her doorway. "Hey, why don't you take a break and join me? You look like you could use some cooling off."

Jennie frowned and looked from the piles of stuff littering her floor to Kyle's big puppy dog eyes. "All right," she sighed, "but just for a little while."

"Awesome," Kyle said, disappearing again. Jennie pushed her door shut and began to dig through her things in search of her suit. She was just tying the back when Kyle knocked on her door. "You ready yet?" he called through the wood.

"Ready," she said as yanked the door opened. Kyle stood there in a pair of trunks he had left there earlier in the summer, a towel slung lazily over his shoulder.

"Hey," he said softly, his eyes moving up Jennie's body, lingering appreciatively on her rounded hips and breasts. "Wow. You look great."

Jennie blushed. "Thanks," she murmured. She moved to step out into the hall, but Kyle was still in the doorway. "Uh, aren't we going swimming?"

"Oh, yeah," he stammered, "Of course." He stepped back to let her walk ahead of him, and Jennie could feel his dark eyes watching her ass as she walked. She felt sexy and powerful knowing that he was watching her, and she went out of her way to let her hips sway back and forth.

Jennie stepped out of the coolness of the air-conditioned house into the damp warmth of the evening. The air seemed to cling to her skin as she reached back, holding the door for Kyle. He stepped up close behind her and Jennie felt a chill run through her body that had nothing to do with air temperature. The night was quiet, broken only by the lazy chirpings of the crickets in the grass. Everyone else was inside, reveling in the store-bought coolness of their air conditioners.

"Watch your feet," Jennie said, "there's a lot of pebbles left from when the landscapers were here last week." Kyle only nodded, his face set and his eyes firmly fixed on her face. Jennie was confused. She had been sure that he was watching her, and now he seemed determined not to watch her. She set out across the grass, unsure of what was going on. Jennie really didn't have much experience with guys. She just hadn't had the time, yet. She was committed to her studies and her volunteer work with her church group. Boys just hadn't seemed all that important. Cammy liked to tease her about going off to college as an 18-year-old virgin, but Cammy also had the worst reputation in school. Still, Jennie wished she had her friend with her now to explain the mysteries of male behavior.

Jennie opened the gate to the pool and threw her towel on a chair. Without looking to see if Kyle was watching, she went to the diving board and dove in. Under the surface it was wonderfully cool and Jennie relished the feel of her body's weightlessness. She broke to the surface with a gasp to see Kyle sitting on the edge with his feet in the water, watching her.

"I thought you wanted to swim," she said, wiping the water out of her eyes.

"I guess," he shrugged. Jennie frowned at him. He had been so insistent about it before. She swam over to him, treading water a few feet from the wall.

"This was your idea," she pointed out. "Why aren't you getting in?"

He shrugged and Jennie was seized by a wicked impulse. She came up to the wall and pretended she was climbing out. When Kyle offered her his hand, she grabbed tight and pulled him into the water. He came up spluttering while she laughed, their legs tangled under the water. Then Jennie realized why Kyle hadn't jumped in yet. She looked down, her shock plain on her pretty face at the sight of his erection pressing against his trunks.

"Oh, I'm sorry," she said, blushing furiously as she started to move away, but Kyle put his hands around her waist and pulled her back. She could feel him hard against her as he pressed his body to hers.

"I don't think you're sorry at all," he whispered. He kissed her roughly on the mouth, his tongue moving over hers, sending waves of heat through her body. "If you were sorry you wouldn't have gone shaking your ass in my face all the way out here." He grinned and kissed her again and grabbed her ass through her bikini bottoms.

"I didn't mean to," she stammered, grateful that the darkness hid her furiously blushing face. She squirmed and pushed against his shoulders, but the motion only pressed their legs closer together.

"But you want to," he said, kissing her ear.

"You're practically my brother!" She pushed hard against him and this time he let her go. She headed for the ladder. "Our parents have been married for years."

Kyle followed her out of the water, the wet fabric barely containing his erection. "I've watched you grow from a gawky child into a beautiful woman, Jennie. A beautiful woman that I want." She stopped, uncertain, and he stepped up behind her, kissing the back of her neck and slipping his arms around her waist. "Admit it, Jennie, you want this." Jennie turned. He was right, though she had never admitted it to anyone, even her best friend. He pulled away and untied his trunks, dropping them to the ground. He took Jennie's hand and wrapped her fingers around his thick shaft. Jennie gasped as held him, heat and desire rising within her. She was filled with a need that she couldn't express and shame at her own body's response.

"I can't," she whispered, her cheeks hot. She let go and turned away from Kyle standing naked in the moonlight, and buried her face in her hands. She didn't look up until she felt a tug at her bikini's strings. "Kyle, no," she protested feebly, turning, but Kyle stopped her with one hand on her shoulder as he finished untying her top. He reached around and pulled the wet fabric off of her breasts, her pink nipples hard in the night air. As she awkwardly covered her breasts with her arms, he untied the sides of her bikini bottoms, tugging them from between her legs.

"Go lie down on that lounge," he said softly.

"Please, Kyle, no," Jennie whimpered.

"Don't fight it." His voice was soft and caressing. She lay down, covering herself with her hands. Kyle approached her, his cock leading the way. He knelt beside her and gently pushed her hands away from her breasts, replacing them with his mouth. He lapped at the hard pink nub while he rolled the other between his fingers. Beneath him, Jennie arched her back, pushing her swollen nipple against his tongue.

He broke away, the night air cool against her hot wet skin as he trailed kisses up to her mouth. She met his lips eagerly, pulling him to her. His hands were firm as they stroked her skin, his fingers traveling ever lower. Jennie felt a gentle pull as he ran his fingers through her hair and slowly circled her clit. He slipped a finger into her pussy, then another, opening her and coating her pussy lips with wetness. She felt her legs opening as though she had no control over them, inviting Kyle into her.

Kyle sat up with a smile, his fingers still dancing and stroking from within. "Are you sure?" he whispered, fixing his dark eyes on hers. She nodded mutely. "I need to hear you say it, Jen."

"I'm sure I want you, Kyle," she whispered, her eyes level, face serious. And she was sure. He smiled wolfishly and climbed over her.

"We'll go slow," he said with a kiss below her ear. "It might hurt. Are you ready?

Was she ready? Jennie wanted to scream. She was more ready for this than for anything she'd ever experienced. Her body ached with her need for him. "Please," she whispered.

Kyle took her hand and guided it onto his shaft. Jennie felt pressure and then pain flared in red bursts behind her eyes. She cried out against Kyle's shoulder. He searched her face and she knew that there was no going back now. Even through the pain her desire was rising again. She could feel Kyle's body shaking against her, and bit her lip before pushing her hips up to meet his. There was another moment of pain and then their bodies were moving together, rising and falling in the dark.

Kyle went as slowly as he'd promised until Jennie wanted to scream. Now that the pain had subsided, heat pulsated through her, centered on Kyle's thick cock. She bucked her hips hard against him and he stopped, shocked by her response. He grinned down at her.

"Harder," she whispered with a grin. Kyle happily obliged, thrusting in and out of her tight little pussy until he felt her body tense and she clamped down on him as she came with a moan. He let himself go, the force of his orgasm rocking through his entire body until all he could do was collapse against her sweaty skin. The night was filled with the sound of their breathing. A dog barked somewhere on the next block, reminding them where they were. Kyle pushed himself up, staring down into her damp face. Even in the dark he could see that she was flushed.

"Think we have time for another swim?" he asked. "Strictly to cool off of course."

Jennie laughed. "That was why we came out here in the first place, wasn't it?" Kyle got up and reached for his trunks. "Then again," she said, a sly lilt to her voice, "heating things up has its advantages." Kyle looked up just in time to see a streak of pale skin disappear with a splash. He looked at the ground and saw her suit lying untouched. He grinned again and dropped his trunks. Heating things up definitely had its advantages.

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