Hot Surprise


L was stood in the kitchen fresh out of a nice hot bath. It was a very rare evening without the kids, so she had taken extra time in making her legs and pussy silky smooth.

She was wearing a short red negligee that she had owned for ages but still loved. It was super sexy but also allowed her to dry off and cool down. You had to make the most of an evening of the kids being with a babysitter.

It had been on the cards for a while and L had been teasing her husband with lots of rude ideas. She liked to get him super worked up and know he loved her saying her rudest fantasies. She in turn liked his response when he kept telling her that such a naughty girl would get punished.

Her hand crept beneath her dress and she let her finger just brush across her bald pussy, teasing herself as she imagined what hubby might have in store for her. She was sure it would be very rude indeed after all her comments.

She heard a car in the drive and the front door opening. Keeping her back to the door she called out a hello to G thinking he would enjoy the view from behind before she turned around to give him a kiss. She waited for a response but was quietly grabbed from behind and her hands swiftly tied behind her back. She tried to turn her head but couldn't get more than a glimspse of an arm. L thought it was her husbands as the tattoo looked like his but couldn't be 100 percent as it was all so quick. A blindfold was slipped over her eyes and she was firmly but gently manoeuvred to the front door and then picked up.

L gasped. Her dress was far from long enough to cover her and she was placed onto what seemed to be the car boot. Just before the door was shut her dress was raised up above her waist to show her arse bent over and a voice that was disguised said behave, your every move is being filmed and you will be punished. The car started and backed out of the driveway. Although L couldn't see she could imagine the risk of people seeing her through the estate car windows, with only the string of some skimpy knickers hiding her pussy and arsehole from view.

After a short drive down what felt like country roads the car pulled over but the engine was left running. The boot was opened and a firm spank was delivered to her pert upturned arse. The voice said 'we are heading past some houses so I think we should be a little more discrete' at the same time as giving her pussy a sharp slap. He then turned L over and spread her legs wide open, using some deft twists of rope and a spreader bar to keep them spread. He slowly kissed L's gorgeous pussy and then gave it a spank. Naughty girl is already getting very wet he whispered to her, sliding a finger inside her.

He played with her smooth pussy and L started to groan and push against his hand. You must wait naughty he responded withdrawing the fingers which L was enjoying so much. Now for a real test of how much you enjoy being such a dirty girl and he slipped a small vibrating toy into L's pussy, closed the boot and started driving. L was lying exposed with her legs spread, showing her very wet pussy and getting closer to cumming as the vibrations rippled through her.

L groaned and was thrusting her wet pussy in the air wishing she was pushing it against a hard thick cock, she was getting very close to cumming and wondered if anyone was watching the recording real time, this thought made her even more excited as she pictured different men getting hard and playing with themselves watching her.

The vibrator slowed just before she would have cum and she slowly gained a little more control, although she had rarely had a wetter pussy. The car came to a halt and the engine stopped. Again the boot opened and she felt a hand run its nails hard across her inside thighs and then pull her pussy lips.

L was picked up and felt the outside air, cool on her wetness and a breeze blew across her stiff nipples. She was taken several meters from the car and her hands tied above her head. This meant her dress was just showing her pussy and she gasped as the whole dress was taken off and she was entirely naked. The voice, still disguised reminded her she has been filmed and watched. L couldn't tell of that meant the film was being watched or there were also others around her watching her tied up naked. If so she wondered if they had watched her in the car legs spread and close to orgasm.

L gasped aloud as she was whipped across her back. The tingling sensation felt fantastic and she arched her back as the whipping continued across her back, arse and legs. Occasionally between whips and spanks, hands would gently caress her touching her all over. As this made her relax a little the hand went between her sexy arse cheeks and a finger started to push against her arsehole. L pushed her hips forward to stop the finger fully inserting and it withdrew giving her a firm spank. L had the feeling it had been done to make her push her spread pussy towards the camera and hoped the watchers had enjoyed the close up. She imagined the watchers and wondered how close to cumming they were. L was again getting close and she let out a groan as soft lips started kissing her pussy. She couldn't remember the if G had shaved this morning as she felt now stubble between her legs but she had been sleepy and couldn't recall, so she still couldn't know if she was been ravished by her man or not.

If there were other people nearby L wondered if they would join in. She liked the idea but was unsure of the reality. Right now however the thought that she may be ravished by several cocks and had to admit her body was responding with desire. L was then untied and bent over. Again she imagined the watchers seeing her arse and pussy, now from behind. The more she kept thinking about it the more the idea turned her on. She vowed then that in the near future she would get her husband more involved in these naughty fantasies by texting him when she got a chance to play with herself and let him know what she was thinking of, which was now going to focus fairly often on being watched or getting fucked hard by a group of men. She liked the idea of sending him such a rude text and thought that few husbands and wifes had such a great relationship that they he wife could say she had such naughty fantasies. Anyway the idea of how turned on G would be all day at work was fun.

As she finished this thought a hard cock was pushing against her soft pussy lips and slid to inside her, slowly building in power until she was being fucked really hard. Loud slapping noises were made as the mans body made contact with her arse. L was panting and as the orgasm built inside her to immense proportions she groaned loader. She felt the cock inside her start to spasm and she thought the sound of her groaning with pleasure and the rippling of her pussy muscles had sent him over the edge.

Again she was stood up and her hands tied back above her head. She was still stark naked and her legs were shaking from the orgasm. All was quiet for what felt like forever and she felt cum dripping down her leg. L thought again of all the watchers and imagined they were all cumming, it was a great final thought before G untied her, took off her blindfold and gave her a long slow kiss as he took her in his arms.

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Need some editing help

The story is very exciting and very sexy. However I found myself being drawn out of it by some basic grammar mistakes. Namely the dialogue. It was nearly impossible to tell where is started and ended.more...

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