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Hot Bunny and Sex Dragoness

Pasha Marie Siphon was a sexy and curvy spotted gray bunny Doctor from the Northern Galen area who had just moved to a small cottage with an attached Doctor's Office in the Forest of Light near West City to start up her practice. The current doctor, Docelia McCoy, an older chestnut mare, who had been the resident doctor and watched most of the children, their partners, and all of their grandparents around the area grow up for the last 54 or so years was finally retiring. Docelia had her pick of replacements with a list of credentials and glowing recommendations that wanted to be near the Forest of Light but the graying mare chose Pasha over them all. The young gray rabbit was picked over a host of other skilled and well practiced doctors since she came highly recommended by her teachers and the Hospital staff at West City General Hospital, she was kind doctor with a great bedside manner, and she had wanted to start a practice in a small town area to really get to know her patients. That list of qualities made her just perfect to be the doctor for the small town people of the Forest of Light. Docelia also had some inside information about Pasha's "sex life" which made her more then a perfect partner and lover for the Guardian of the Forest of Light Tanaki, the mare's former lover. Hopefully Tanaki would soon come to see how special Pasha was and how right a choice she was, as the dragon-snake's new lover, for town doctor as well.

Pasha had only been in her new home and at her job for about two months when she went in to heat. Normally Pasha could control herself when she was in heat but this time she seemed to be out of control. It was something about the Forest of Light that seemed to be driving her sexual urges into overdrive and nothing she did seemed to help it. The young doe had been in heat for almost week now, and she had begun to regret her decision at taking her dream job offer. Living out in the country was pure torturous hell while being in heat since there were only a few eligible bachelors around her age, of 23 years, in the area and the other single males where inexperienced teenagers or too young to be of any use in bed and would land her in prison for a time if she tried. This was made all the worse by the fact that Pasha was rather picky when it came to men she took in to her bed. While the single young men of the countryside where rather large in body, they even had the right "size" in the pants area for her, large to extra large, some more so then others like young Tommy Henderson, they all seem to lack the "experience" and passion to really give a female of Pasha's worldliness a satisfying roll in the hay. Had she been living in the city still she would have had no shortage of guys with the right amount of "experience" and sheer animal passion to sate her desires but then again there were a lot sexual unclean guys out in the city and she need a bareback ride to satisfy this itch.

As the day wore on Pasha felt constantly on edge, it was hard to concentrate on her work a lot of the time and her crotch was always very wet. She would get so wet that sometimes her feminine juices would soak all the way through her panties to skirt and run down her legs making it look like she'd just wet herself. Every little brush of fabric against her sensitive puffy lips and swollen clitoris would send shocks of torturous erotic bliss through her body. Often she would have to bit her lower lip to keep from moaning through out the day while she was at work. Pasha was finding it hard to focus on anything but playing with herself even though she made it a point to masturbate on a regular bases, after a health young doe like herself needs sexual release once or twice on a regular bases. The young rabbit even had quite an impressive collection of vibrators and dildos, including some quite large ones with some surprising features to them, to sate her thirst for sex but with her toy collection and a large selection of porn films she could never find any lasting satisfaction.

As the days past Pasha's worst fears about here estrus were realized when she found out that she was growing in all the right places but for all the wrong reasons. The gray doe's breasts had nearly doubled in size taking her from a rather nice 34 C cup to almost an overly busty 42 E cup since her season had started over a week ago. Most of her bras no longer fit her at all and the ones that did were extremely tight on her. Even her shirts and blouses were having trouble containing her now ample and still growing bust. Her hips, thighs, and backside had grown a few inches to match the rest of her ample assets while some of the fat a round her middle had but burned away her give more of a pronounced hourglass figure. This made all of Pasha's skirts, pants, and dresses cling to her more tightly around her hips and shapely backside but were a little loose in the waist area. Pasha had split at least three pairs of pants before she just took to wearing her dresses and skirts full time in the office and her remaining pants and shorts in the cottage or during her off hours. The worst part was that all of her panties were especially tight on her now. They were so tight they would either ride up in the back giving her an uncomfortable wedge or they would ride up in the front and settle in between her labia and rub her clit roughly when ever she walked, stood up, or sat down. Pasha just thought all of the body growth she was experiencing was do the pure and healthy country air along with a more healthy home grown diet nothing more. After all they grow'um big in the country and a lot of the women in the area especially the young girls experiencing their first season had rather flattering and sexy figures.

The clothing problems were minor compared to the growing issues with her desires to breed getting out of control. As time past Pasha found that her need to get off was growing stronger and stronger. Another whole week had passed with her urged to breed was driving her to masturbate every few hours. It would start off with a stray thought about sex, maybe a thought about a past boyfriend and his endowments. This seemingly innocent thought would set up a slow tingling in her lower body that made her clitoris grew erect and her pussy a bit wet. This feeling always made Pasha shift around in her chair a bit which would let the tingling work its way up into her breasts. Once there it wouldn't take long for her nipples to become erect from the tingling in her panties. The feeling of her nipples and clit getting hard always lead to more erotic thoughts which made her aroused feeling worse as she went about her day. Pasha's hot and bothered feeling coupled with her new naughty thoughts would build her aroused state into a burning need for an orgasm as her tight clothing brushed up against her erect nipples and clit as she moved about. This gentle and innocent stimulation from her clothes would grow the doe's desires for an orgasm to a point were she couldn't stand it any longer and she'd have to get herself off no matter what she was doing.

But masturbation was never enough, just a temporary fix at best and down right frustrating at worse. No matter how often she did it, how long she did it, no matter how big the toy or how strong the vibrator, or how dirty the video she could not satisfy her ever-growing need. Each time after she had finished a 'session' as she call them now Pasha would be okay for an hour or two at the most but then she would just get even hotter than before with the sexual tension rising more and more before she had to have another session or two to calm down. A session would last anywhere from 15 minutes to a full hour with Pasha having several powerful climaxes during them but each climax would feel half heart at best in way.

This particular problem made Pasha thankful that the cottage she called home was next to her office since she could get to her room and toys rather quickly to have her fun then clean up just as quickly when she was at work and the urge stuck. She was also thankful that the cottage and office were a good distance away from her neighbors and patients so no one would hear or see the gray doe in the middle of her shameful acts of self pleasure, with a lot of those acts being some of the most lewd ones know to furkind. The only person that ever heard any of Pasha lustful moans and cries, saw any of slinky silk nighties and lacy bits of lingerie, or saw any of the doe's shameful behavior was Pasha's roommate and nurse, Tabitha Whittling a friendly but shy Tigress, whose bedroom was across the hall.


Hopefully her estrus would end soon as it had been nearly three weeks of sexual hell but an estrus lasting this long was normal for Pasha's breed who went into season every two or three months for anywhere form two weeks to a month. The only thing that was not normal about it was how strong it was and never before had her estrus been this powerful or all consuming when she lived in the big city, it had been bad and force her to make some rather regrettable choices in men, thankfully no pregnancies do to her always having condoms on hand, but if had been like this in the city she would have a mess of kids by now. It just might be the country living that had her so out of sorts with her season as many of the other young girls she examined that were going thru their first season seemed to be just as insatiable if not more brazen and shameless then Pasha in their quests for self satisfaction. The oversexed bunny was so very grateful for the fact that she only had two appointments earlier that Tuesday and that Tabitha wasn't due back from her trip to see her family in Evansville until later that evening. So she could at least relieve her tension as frequently and often very noisily as she needed anywhere she was, be it in the office or in the cottage, all day long.

Pasha sat her desk writing out a prescription for an antibiotic for Susan Long, a young reindeer that had let a long cut on her leg get infected badly before she decide to come see the new doctor for help. Pasha watched the young doe sitting a crossed from her frown and hold her head down in shame as she had let her fear of the new doctor make her wait several days in agony with swollen infected leg before the pain forced her to see the doctor Pasha was rather understanding of the young girl's fear of a new doctor since old Doc McCoy had retired after serving as the forest's doctor for more then fifty years..

"Okay Susan I want you to take this antibiotic three times a day for the next two weeks while keeping your leg cleaned and bandaged up. If you do it will heal up just fine without a scar. If it gives you any pain just prop it up for a bit with an ice pack or heating pad for an hour. If it is still giving you pain after that contact me immediately, alright?" Pasha instructed in a soft tone as she handed the prescription to Susan.

"I understand and thank you Dr. Siphon. I'm sorry that I waited so long to come see you. I know I should have come sooner but... I was just a bit afraid too since Doc McCoy left." Susan said with shaky smile as took the small piece of paper.

"It's okay Susan I know that you miss Doc McCoy and it will take some time for you, all of the teens, and small kids to get use to come to me when your sick, injured, or have a question about something medical. So don't worry about it and just take of your leg, okay. I don't won't see the best dancer in the county not get her shot at a good ballet school because I didn't help her take care of her legs. Now go on, scoot on out of here and get home so you can prop that leg up. You have a big recital coming up in a month or so and I don't want you to miss to much practice now." Pasha told the young doe as she gave her smile.

"Thank you Doc Siphon and I hope you can make it my recital to see me dance, okay." Susan said happily as she nodded to the older gray rabbit then smiled back before saying good-bye and left for home leaving Pasha alone to do some light stocking and paperwork.

The gray bunny went back to her office and began filling out order forms for supplies and filing some of the records from when she took over from Doc McCoy. She was just finishing up the last of the order forms for her supply deliver when the gray doe felt a very familiar erotic itch stir inside her, in the core of her womb, as her breath came in quick gasps. The gray doe tried to ignore it by focusing on the order forms as she slowed her breathing with a few deep breaths. It seemed to work at first but her estrus cycle would not be defeated that easily and a few minutes later, after a stray thought about painless needles only being a tiny prick of pain, once again the familiar itch rose up in her loins. This time it was more intense to the point the Pasha felt a warm wet trickle run down the inside of her thigh as she became very flushed and panted heavily.

A soft moan escaped her lips as her body began trembling, nearly every thought that passed through her mind at that moment was focused upon how badly she needed a real cock in her. The curvy gray doe was fanning herself with one of the files she had earlier as she undid the top two buttons of her blouse showing off a bit of the tight black lacy bra she was wearing, one of the few bras that had survived her bursts of growth. After undoing the two buttons to relieve some of the heat she feeling Pasha found her left paw creeping down her body to the edge of her skirt as the right had drop the file and was rubbing her nipples thru her blouse. She shook her head stood up as she tried to clear mind before she started another session in the office. It was at that moment while Pasha was thinking of everything but sex she remembered Docelia's advice if she ever got hot and bothered like she was. "If you ever find yourself feeling rather hot and bothered you should take a walk along the path behind the office. It runs thru the forest to the river and the fresh air and scenery 'will do you' a world of good, I promise."

After she took a few deep breaths Pasha decided to take Docelia's advice and go for a walk thru the forest to clear her head, after all it couldn't hurt and if worse came to worse she would be out side so she wouldn't have to waste any time cleaning up the mess. Pasha quickly closed up the office since Susan was her last appointment of the day and head down the path behind the office towards the woods to clear her head. She resolved to not pleasure herself this time and to get her mind off the fact she wanted to be fucked hard by a stiff long cock in every one of her holes for hours on end.

Pasha walked along the well worn path twisted its way thru through the center of the Forest of Light as she tired to empty her mind of anything sexual. Somehow being in the woods with fresh air and smell of wild flowers was calming the gray rabbit down a bit and letting the tension her body relax a bit. Being out in the forest wandering amongst the trees and bushes, listening to the birds singing and the small forest animals playing had relaxed Pasha somewhat and she was being to enjoy herself. But that peace would be short lived, Pasha had let her elf grow to relaxed and a stray thought about sex found its way in to her head again she found it very difficult to concentrate on anything other then sex and how to get it. As Pasha wandered through the woods, she kept thinking about how much she wanted a real cock in her, needed it, feeling like she'd tear herself apart soon if she couldn't find any real relief... for a heat that seemed endless.

Pasha was so wrapped up in her own thoughts that she had realized she had walked off the main path that led to the river. She had wandered on similar path that run into a hidden section of the forest. The gray doe was walking along grumbling to herself about a past boyfriend until she noticed that she was in a part of the forest that was unfamiliar to her. This fact snapped her back to reality as she tried to get her bearing and remember the paths she had just taken. She stopped and looked around at where she was but nothing looked familiar. She took in the sight of a darker section of woods she hadn't seen before, where the trees were thicker with a much darker brownish gray colored bark and more overgrown leaves with vines twisting and hanging along the branches. The trail was less distinct and there were fewer signs of animals and birds in the area. Pasha keep walking trying to figure out where she was when she heard a rustling in some nearby bushes, this scared the gray rabbit out of her mind. Pasha sniffed at the air and tilted her ears listening carefully as she tried to discern where the rustling had come from, her body tensing as she was ready to run if any danger large or small presented itself.

The rustling came again a little ways off to the rabbit's right in some thick bushes. The noise scared Pasha enough that she turned quickly from the source of the noise and run down the slightly visible path toward a clearing that had a shimmering reflection to it. The terrified rabbit had spotted the clearing with her keen fear filled eyes a few seconds after she run for it. Pasha made her way the jungle like overgrowth of the forest into the clearing without looking back once. She came as a sudden stop and was surprised to find a large and beautiful sparkling blue lake with patches of colorful flowers all around it. Pasha fear and worries seemed to melt away at the site of the lake and the smell of the flowers, as if everything before she got to the lake didn't matter anymore. She was so enraptured by the lake the she forgot about the frightening sound behind her until she heard it just few feet away, everything from before came flooding back with terrifying speed. She turned to see what the deadly forest creature was poised to tear her apart only to find that the noise had been two little squirrels playing with a dried seed pod. The gray doe just laughed at her silliness but was thankful to the squirrels for chasing her to the hidden lake as it was a beautiful sight to behold.

Pasha take a moment to take in the beauty of the sparkling blue lake and soon her curiosity got the better of her so she slowly stepped thru two twisted trees that formed an archway that acted as the entrance to the clearing. Pasha walked thru the archway right on to the white sand of the bank as the water lapped at it softly. She looked around and found it odd that she didn't see any animals around in the clearing or any ducks on the lake but she thought she sensed some movement now and again, as if the area was watching her waiting for her to do something before it would react in positive or negative way to her presence. She stopping at a clear area of soft white sand then she looked around the bank a little more closely. After a few more moments of examining the area and finding nothing out of the ordinary expect for the feeling of being watched Pasha's heat, which she had all but forgotten in the last ten minutes, began to catch up with her again. She whimpered softly as she felt wetness beginning to spread across her sex again quickly soaking her panties. She already knew for a fact that she wouldn't to make it back home to get to her toys. Her need for release came so quickly that she was practically paralyzed. Pasha figured that the clearing and the lake had to be secluded enough since the path was overgrown and it looked like nobody ever came by save for a few animals look for a cool drink so it was relatively safe for to have a little session or two as it was an emergency, she thought it be okay since nobody would be looking for her this far in to the woods. Pasha laid down on the soft sand with low moan as the warm sand touch her fur and skin it set a erotic fire ablaze in her loins, a fire that would not be denied this time.

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