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Hot Teacher Judge Jeanine


This is a sleazy fuck parody... It's not real.

Judge Jeanine Pirro had started teaching law in college. She had a pretty calm and respectful class, except for one student. A tall, thin blonde with long straight blonde hair, long smooth legs and a great rack... Ann Coulter. Ann was a stuck up, know it all, who thought she knew way more about the legal system than her sexy milf professor. Jeanine decided to put her in her place one day, after class. She made Ann stay after class, so she could have a talk with her about her obnoxious, bratty attitude.

Judge Jeanine looked gorgeous. She was wearing a tight, thin, black turtleneck blouse and beige pants with beige 5 inch heels. Her dark brown hair was perfectly styled, framing her sexy mature face perfectly. She had on very sexy cherry red lipstick as well. Her lips were wet and luscious.

Ann looked hot too. She wore a short, plaid mini skirt, white button down blouse, white knee high socks and white stripper pumps. She was chewing gum, pulling it with her fingers and blowing and popping bubbles. She smirked, knowing how upset Judge Jeanine was with her. Ann loved pissing people off. She was a stuck up bitch and damn proud of it.

Judge Jeanine looked at Ann in disgust. She was upset about her attitude in class and her overall bitchiness. She was definitely gonna put her in her place.



"Because I told you too! I'm the teacher! You're the student! You will learn respect today!"

"From you? I don't think so." Ann blew a big bubble and popped it. She brushed off Judge Jeanine. She had no respect for her. Ann thought she knew everything, so she refused to listen to the Judge. She pulled the gum out of her mouth and smirked at Judge Jeanine. Ann pulled it back in her mouth and chewed very loud, totally trying to piss off her teacher. She smirked obnoxiously at the Judge, with her long legs crossed. Ann was hot and she knew it. She wasn't above fucking a professor, not for grades, just for fun. She didn't like Judge Jeanine though... and the feeling was definitely mutual.

Judge Jeanine watched Ann chew that gum and pop bubbles with it, while she read a magazine. She had enough. It was time to show that bitch who was boss. Judge Jeanine walked over to Ann and grabbed her long straight blonde hair, pulling it hard, leaning her head back.

"OWWW! LET GO YOU BITCH!" Ann demanded.

"The only bitch here is you slut! I'm gonna teach you some fucking respect!" Judge Jeanine reached down and squeezed Ann's C cup right tit HARD!

"OWWW!! YOU BITCH!!" Ann screamed at the Judge.

Judge Jeanine squeezed it even harder. Ann yelled in pain, as the Judge twisted her whole tit, squeezing hard. Judge Jeanine laughed. She let her tit go. She still held her head back. Judge Jeanine slowly unzipped her pants and pulled out her rubber, strapon cock. She smacked Ann's face and lips with it. Ann tried to turn her face away from it, but couldn't. Judge Jeanine smiled deviously.

"STOP IT YOU FUCKING BITCH!! YOU'RE DISGUSTING!!" Ann screamed at the Judge. She desperately tried to move her face away from the rubber cock, but couldn't. Judge Jeanine kept smacking her face with it. She shoved it in Ann's mouth, when she opened it to yell. Judge Jeanine fucked Ann's sexy mouth hard with the fake COCK. Ann's hot pink lip gloss was smeared all over the white rubber cock. Judge Jeanine smiled, enjoying every second of violating Ann's bitch mouth. She forced fucked her mouth harder and harder. Ann slapped at her and tried to pull the cock out of her mouth, but Judge Jeanine was too strong. The Judge held her head still and drilled her mouth. She pulled out and Ann's gum fell out. Judge Jeanine slapped Ann's face, as she rough fucked her bitch mouth with the fake cock. Ann's saliva poured out onto the desk.

"Take it whore. Take that fucking cock in your bitchy fucking mouth, you fucking BITCH!!" She slapped Ann's face again fucking her mouth so ridiculously fast, all Ann could do was just take it. She finally stopped fighting and took the oral violation. Ann was actually getting wet from it. She smiled around the cock. Ann is a horny bitch. A horny stuck up, bratty bitch. She actually enjoyed getting dominated.

Judge Jeanine pulled Ann up and bent her over her teachers desk. She flipped her mini shirt up and yanked her white thong off. She slammed the fake cock up Ann's now wet pussy and pounded it extremely hard and supersonic fast. The rubber cock flew in and out of Ann's dripping cunt. She smiled and licked her lips in such a slutty, bitchy way. Judge Jeanine smacked her lily white ass hard and pulled her long blonde hair hard as she railed that stuck up cunt as hard as humanly possible. Ann screamed in pleasure and squirted all over the fake cock. Judge Jeanine pounded her pussy even faster. Ann squirted again.

Judge Jeanine pulled out and spit on Ann's ass. Ann had never been fucked in the ass before. She started to protest, but it didn't matter. Judge Jeanine slammed up Ann's very tight ass. And screamed out in pain. Judge Jeanine smiled big. She pulled her blouse off quickly. She pulled her gorgeous tits out of her with bad and let them hang over the cups. Her brown nipples were so fucking hard. Her C cup tits pointed out, so full and perky. She smacked Ann's ass hard and drilled up it harder. Anna was in pain, but she also smiled in pleasure. She realized she loved being fucked in her tight ass. It was so dirty and taboo. She squirted again, loving her ordeal. Her juice flew out and covered the desk behind the Judge.

"Yeah bitch, take that cock up your stuck up ass!" Judge Jeanine pounded Ann's smooth, firm, white ass. Ann smiled back at the judge, loving the anal pounding. Judge Jeanine pulled out of Ann's now, loose ass, and pulled Ann's head to her sexy mature ass." Eat my ass whore. NOW!!" Ann spread Jeanine's smooth cheeks wide and shoved her tongue up that sweet, mature booty. She licked out her ass, happily. Ann shoved her tongue as far up Ann's ass as possible, licking her out fast. Judge Jeanine came on the strapon, a sly smile on her beautiful face.

All of a sudden, the door flew open and the Dean and five male law students came in. They had been listening outside the door. Judge Jeanine smiled and grabbed Ann's hair, pulling her over to them. Judge Jeanine looked at Ann and said to the males surrounding Ann, as she smiled a devious smile, "cover her fucking bitch face in cum!!" Judge Jeanine stepped back and watched, as they all jacked off quickly, and one at a time spurted their jizz all over Ann's sexy stuck up bitch face. Ann smiled, licking out her tongue, lapping up what cum she could. They totally cover her face. It was dripping off of it and down onto her blouse. They took out their phones and all took pictures of stuck up Ann Coulter cum drenched. Ann loved it, posing for the pictures. She licked her lips clean. She was a lust filled cum slut and she fucking loved it.

"Good bitch. Same time tomorrow fellas." Judge Jeanine said, as she pulled and shook her rock hard, brown nipples. She had a very sexy and delightfully devious smile on those luscious red lips. She knew she was gonna enjoy dominating Ann. It was gonna be a fun year for them all. She's sexy, horny, and she's... Hot Teacher Judge Jeanine.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous09/18/18

You're welcome

No problem, good luck and don't listen to those who only come to hate.

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by DickThePimp09/17/18

Thanks for the tip

Thanks for the tip. I always try to mention the name of the person doing something. If I don't it's an accident. Thanks for the constructive critique though, I appreciate those.

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by Anonymous09/15/18

First vs third person

Hi, just a tip for writing lesbian fiction. It is best to use the first person. In third person it can get confusing as to who's doing what.

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by DickThePimp09/15/18


To the, to hell with the haters comment, Thanks, I appreciate the kind words. I won't change and I thank my fans for their support.

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by Anonymous09/15/18

To hell with the haters Dick

Pay no heed to the haters, Dick. You are a unique voice in the world of celeb erotica. Keep doing what you do and never change.

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