tagExhibitionist & VoyeurHot Teacher's Saturday Detention

Hot Teacher's Saturday Detention


It was a typical Saturday afternoon, you found yourself grading exams. Sitting at your desk in your classroom was the last place you wanted to be. The school was so quiet you knew you would get a lot accomplished. As you graded your mind drifted to what you did the day before. Fridays have been to say the least fun. Melissa drove up for a quick visit a little play time with hot teacher on Friday was always fun. You knew she was capable of so much sensuality but sometimes a car in the park just was not the proper place. You thought of what you would do if given proper time and place. You thought of having her completely naked touching every inch of her body.

You thought of her running a fingernail over every sensitive part of your body. Her fingers touching your face, trailing down your neck, playing with your nipples making her way down the center of your stomach till she reached your... You were jerked back to reality when you heard a knock on your classroom door. Pissed your daydreaming was interrupted, more embarrassed that your daydream....left you to answer the door with a rock hard cock. Pulling your sweatshirt down over your sweatpants just enough to cover it should work you thought. When you opened the door it was just another instructor asking you some question about something you could really care less about you answered in your polite manner and shut the door and went back to grading.

After finishing one exam your thoughts drifted again. Thoughts of Melissa playing with you, touching you she so loved touching and playing a making you squirm. Sometimes you wondered if that was her sole purpose to keep you hard and wanting more. Just as your second attempt at daydreaming really started to get interesting you heard footsteps, loud, high heels you thought, but who would be here on a Saturday in high heels, annoyed once again you had to go look, find out who was causing the distraction. As you opened your door you looked down the hall and saw her, yep you were right, high heels, making so much noise first you saw the shoes, then your eyes made their way up, her legs, then you noticed the coat, a coat you had seen before. The way she walked as if she owned the school, you knew this walk, when you got to her face your mouth just hung open; it was her, the sexy love that made you cum so hard just 24 hrs ago.

You knew she always loved to surprise but never thought she would be here coming to your classroom with an obvious mission. She had that smile, that smile that told you this was going to be fun. You just hoped you didn't lose your job. As she walked in the classroom she touch your pants and rubbed your hard cock and said, good I'm glad you were thinking about me now let's see if I can make hot teacher cum in his classroom. You followed her in the room and closed and locked the door. You knew one of her biggest fantasies was to play with hot teacher in school, in his classroom. Something about being in school knowing you are a teacher making you hard, thinking about how hard you get sitting at your computer chatting with her, just turns her on! You could only imagine it was the naughty thoughts of being a teacher and her being the bad school girl that drove her determination. She took you by the hand and pushed you up against the wall, not hard, just with enough force that you knew she was in control. She kissed you, told you how much fun she had Friday and couldn't wait to see you again. She asked you if you wanted to play and of course you said yes.

She started to rub your hard cock leaving your pants on just to tease you. Teasing you was such an art form for her. You enjoyed everything she has ever done and she loved doing it all to you. She took her fingers and gently pulled down your pants making sure to scrape your legs with her fingers nails...all the way down...leaving your boxers on...she rubbed that huge cock she loved how hard it got...she knew if she touched it directly with her fingers it would get so much harder. It gave her the control she loved. She told you to sit...sit a desk...and I will sit at your desk and today I will be sexy your teacher and you will be my hot student.

Once you were seated, she said, if you want something or want me to do something you must raise your hand. Today's lesson will be on the proper way to stroke yourself. I want you to show your sexy teacher how you stroke yourself when you think of me. Say everything you say, moan just like you do when you think about me. After a few minutes you raised your hand, yes, my hot student...you said...sexy teacher you have me so hard and so hot but I don't think I'm doing this right. Do you think you can come help me stroke my hard cock; show me how you want it done. That gave me great pleasure, you know how much I want to of course I will. I walked to where you were sitting and sat next to you I took your huge hard cock in my right hand and started stroking, slow just enough to make it harder. I said see this is how I want to see you stroke yourself...nice and slow. I want to see your hand going all the way down and all the way up but I don't want you to cum, for that you must ask permission.

So you did just as sexy teacher said...nice and slow...all the way down and all the way up. As you stroked yourself for sexy teacher she asked you, is there anything else you need help with? You told her that her mouth with her pink lipstick looked so nice, you would like to see her suck your cock. Wrapping her beautiful, pink pouting lips around your cock leaving traces of pink lipstick all over your hard cock. As she took your cock in her mouth...she slowly and gently...started playing with your balls...they are so big and she loved feeling them in her hands. Just the thought of all that cum...Coming from them...made her want to play with them even more.

Once she was done playing with your balls and leaving her lipstick all over your cock she told you, that you have been such a good student, you could play with sexy teachers hard tits but you had to play nice. You asked, may I rub them, suck them and cum on them? She said yes, you may rub them, only with your cock, you may suck them only with your mouth and you must cum hard on them. She leaned over your massive cock to let you rub them, your hard cock felt so good rubbing on them. Once you were done rubbing your cock on them you started to suck on them as you were sucking she was stroking you, telling you what a good job you were doing, you were making your sexy teacher so happy and so wet...she wanted to stroke you all day.

She asked you if you wanted to cum...you said you would love to.She said she wanted to make you cum...stroke you so fast and pump your cock, till all of your cum bursts out on my tits...all over me...as she stroked you she told you how much she loved your hard cock...how much she loved playing with it, how much she loved watching you cum...I want you to cum for me right now she said. With that you did...you gave her so much cum...it was all over her hard tits. You watched her use her finger to wipe your cum off her tits and then she licked her fingers clean. She loved the taste of her hard work. You sat there with a big smile on your face...as you normally do...after Cumming. She told you she liked being sexy teacher and said we should explore these roles in much more detail in the future!

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