Hot Toddy


Often in life, the greatest pleasures aren't found in predictable moments, rather from those chaotic situations we never anticipated...

The storm had been raging for nearly two hours. With the first radio alert, the cancellation calls to notify the last patients of the day their appointments would be rescheduled at no charge -- the nurse was encouraged to leave ahead of the storm and had left a voice mail to let the doctor be advised of her safe arrival, just as the latest radio alert advised roads were officially closed by highway patrol.

With the spare time provided by the first snowfall, the doctor who stoked the fires to heat up the cozy old building that served as both office and home in the new medical practice in the sleepy rural town; having begun dishing out the crock pot roast while sipping on a second hot buttered toddy and eyed the stack of medical journals on the end table beside the sofa -- was understandably startled when the bell on the entry chimed and amid a cloud of wind and snow, in tumbled Bobbi-Gene Gentry!

Roberta Eugenia Gentry, so christened for two older brothers lost in a war long over, and named by a woman she never knew -- for the young mother died only moments after naming her wee daughter. Bobbi-Gene was a quiet unassuming girl home-schooled by her over-protective father until she began high school, but for that reason, was a bit behind the other students and at nineteen, had two years of age on her fellow classmates whose average age was seventeen.

The doctor flew across the room to shut out the cold and threw a blanket over the shivering girl. With teeth chattering, Bobbi-Gene apologized for being late for her appointment and promptly burst into tears explaining she had missed her bus having no way to get home and still really needed to see the doctor, when the doctor advised that all the patients were cancelled and the roads closed due to the storm.

The doctor smiled, grabbed a hankie to dry the girl's tears and sent the soaked Bobbi-Gene for a hot shower to warm up, agreeing to honor the girl's appointment once she was dry and fed! Bobbi-Gene blew her nose and headed to the bathroom, hanging her sopping clothes, only when the hot shower had worked its magic and she's taken the time to wash every nook and cranny of her young body, did she return to join the doctor at the dinner table. The shy girl, wearing the doctor's soft warm terry robe eyed the pot roast and potatoes only for a moment before taking a bite at the doctor's insistence -- the meal and accompanying hot toddy was delicious, warming her all the way to her toes.

Once the quiet meal was done, doctor and patient headed through the exam room door. The doctor reached for the girl's chart, telling Bobbi-Gene to take a seat on the table and asked her about the urgency for requested exam. The girl blushed a deep scarlet red and struggling to find the words, explained that she had an itch inside that just wouldn't go away and she'd been afraid to tell her daddy 'cause he might not understand.

The doctor nodded made a note in the chart, then took out a stethoscope and eased open the front of the terry robe to listen to the girl's heart beat, while manually taking her pulse on her wrist. The doctor's mouth went dry, as the robe came open a little more than intended and one of Bobbi-Gene's peachy pink nipples peeked out. The doctor then instructed the teen to lay back on the table and made small talk about he storm while checking her abdomen, and continued speaking softly, while securing the girl's feet in the table's stirrups, and explained that the pap test would be helpful in determining if there were any abnormal cells causing the issue.

The doctor looked up at Bobbi-Gene's face, but the girl had her eyes closed, preparing for the painful pinching tool the former doctor had used at the practice -- the doctor then fully undid the robe, and nearly gasped with the first glimpse at what had really been hidden beneath the baggy ill-fitting clothes of Roberta Eugenia Gentry. The girl, quite simply, was a goddess... her pert peachy pink nipples, already hard from the sudden exposure, and the curve of her ample breasts, to her voluptuous hips and the pink folds of her labia... the doctors knees nearly went weak.

The doctor warmed the speculum, not wanting to further traumatize the girl further than was necessary, and eased the small tool into Bobbi-Gene's vaginal canal -- vainly attempting to concentrate on the mechanics of the test, rather than the girl's aroma. To aid in the distraction for both of them, the doctor asked about the girl's sexual history and how active she was. Even with her eyes closed, the girl again blushed deeply, while telling the doctor she never dated and daddy hadn't told her anything about sex yet. The doctor swallowed, and while gently removing the speculum, explained there were some other sensory tests that could be run to locate the cause of the itch. Much to the doctor's dismay and delight, Bobbie-Gene desperately begged the doctor to try anything to relieve the itch...

The doctor instructed the girl to remain on the table, exited the room, walked over and swigged the third hot toddy still on the table... or was it the fourth? Headed down the hall to the bedroom and returned several moments later, heading to the exam room with a dark leather bag and a tray with another large hot buttered toddy for each of them.

Upon re-entering the exam room, the doctor noticed that Bobbi-Gene still had her eyes squeezed shut & the room had gotten a little colder. Placing the bag near the end of the table, the doctor walked over to stoke the fire & add another couple of logs, then lowered the dimmers on the lights to a comfortable level and although hating to do it, covered the girls beautiful breasts with a soft fleecy blanket. At this point the doctor encouraged Bobbi-Gene to open her eyes to show her the small material screen that now shielded the lower half of her body and explained that way she wouldn't need to scrunch her eyes shut the whole time.

The teen looked relieved as she took a healthy sip of the hot beverage, however only for a second as she saw the doctor pull two video cameras from the dark leather bag. Seeing the panic on the girl's face, the doctor smiled gently and asked if it would be alright with Bobbi-Gene to film the testing, as it might be necessary to consult with another doctor or two, assuring her that her face wouldn't be seen unless she wanted it to be... still the girl looked uncertain, the doctor asked if she preferred re-doing the tests for another doctor if a secondary consult was required? Thankfully, the girl shook her head and consented to have the doctor film the session!

Next, the doctor pulled out something Bobbi-Gene thought looked like a funny pillow, and eased it under her hips and with her feet still in the stirrups, upon adjusting the wedge for her hips to lay even higher, the doctor smiled at her now fully exposed young pussy and dainty rosy asshole and whispered, "perfect"... then setting the angles of the cameras and taking out some other tools from the bag that the girl didn't see, before handing her an electric control explaining to push the control button to better indicate if the tests were helping the itch. Finally the doctor walked over to use the sink before pausing long enough to ensure the teen saw the doctor retrieve latex gloves, which were quickly disposed of once behind the screen.

The doctor then peeked from behind the screen and reminded Bobbi-Gene how important the controls she had were for the indicator tests, telling the girl if anything was painful or felt unpleasant, to verbally advise the doctor right away... but the doctor knew better...

Ever so tenderly, the doctor bent to taste the teen's pussy... tongue circling her hardened little clit, it was only when the doctor knew Bobbi-Gene was pressing one of the controls before softly suckling it until her hips were just as softly bucking against the doctor's mouth. It wasn't an earth shattered orgasm, it was however probably the girl's first climax and doctor murmured "very good, Bobbi-Gene" while blowing little puffs of air on the girls tender clit. And as the doctor pulled back, noticed there were droplets of sweet nectar pooling in a little trail from the girls cunt to her adorable little puckered rosebud...

The teen moaned as the doctor began to gently finger fuck her tight little cunt.... first with one finger, then even more slowly eased in a second finger causing the girl to emit a low growl... "so tight" thought the doctor, bending and sucking on her clit again, beginning to finger the teen with just a little more force and when the girl began to come again in a few short strokes, the doctor used just a hint of pressure against her puckered little asshole which made Bobbi-Gene's hips buck against the invading fingers as she came gripping the electric control in her hand.

Once her cunt and asshole had ceased their vise like grip on the doctor's nearly crushed fingers, the doctor got up from behind the screen, walked over to the sink and wet a cool cloth to wipe away the sweat from Bobbi-Gene's damp forehead. The teen smiled faintly back at the doctor and asked if she was passing the tests, encouraging the girl to take another few sips of the still warm toddy -- the doctor nodded, and told Bobbi-Gene that the tests were going even better than could be imagined... then the doctor reassured the girl that she was ready for the next stage of the tests.

The doctor, explaining that the itch seemed deeper than anticipated, produced two slightly curved smooth glass dildos one only slightly bigger than the other, and asked Bobbi-Gene to select which one she felt comfortable to try in the next test phase? Not knowing what the pretty glass tubes were, but wanting to appear braver than she felt -- the teen selected the larger of the two dildos... but after the doctor went back behind the screen and again began eating her delicious pussy again, when the teen's mound began to push up to the doctors mouth -- it was neither of the dildos she was shown for testing, rather the doctor began to fuck her tight little cunt using a far thicker model that was about 6 inches and nearly half an inch around with deep ridging. When it completely filled the girl, the doctor then began to ease a tapered steel butt plug into her already tight asshole made even tighter by the first dildo. At first, the girl moaned "noooo...." and the doctor bent to suck on her clit, just barely pushing the plug... gently... until the teen began to buck her hips, and as Bobbi-Gene screamed gripping the electric control as hard as she could, the doctor pushed the widest part of the plug past her sphincter so only the crystal that decorated the end of the plug could be seen as the rest was buried in the young girl's virgin asshole.

Leaving both the glass dildo and the steel butt plug as placed, the doctor popped out from behind the screen to reassure Bobbi-Gene she was doing amazingly well at the tests and gave the teen a second electric control for her other hand. The girl was moaning incoherently and the doctor almost began to worry, until she squeezed the second control! Before returning behind the screen, the doctor placed a short, thick, but soft leather strap in between the girl's teeth and told her to bite down if she felt the need to scream during this stage of the tests.

The doctor then gave Bobbi-Gene a few more strokes of the glass dildo, before pulling it out and grabbing one that was nearly nine inches long and almost two inches around! The girls muffled screams could be heard through the clenched teeth, and as the doctor worked more and more of the large dildo into the girls tight cunt, the muffled screams became moans and the doctor began fucking Bobbi-Gene with the glass dildo in long full hard thrusts, the cum glistening on the glass as she screamed and screamed as her young body shook with the waves of her first orgasm and she clenched the electric controls so hard that the doctor wasn't sure which of them might pass out first...

Hours later, the storm had finally died down and the glow from the fire warmed the room as Bobbi-Gene awoke cradled in the doctor's arms & legs wrapped around the doctor's thigh... still feeling the glass dildo filling her young pussy and the steel butt plug still buried in her asshole, the sleepy teen asked if her father was on his way? The doctor bent to kiss the teen's forehead & answered that he should be there within the hour to help with the rest of the girl's testing... Bobbi-Gene nodded and snuggled a little closer to the doctor, her hips eagerly slowly beginning to rock her sticky wet pussy against the doctor's thigh... and as she pressed the buttons on her electric controls, for the first time since the howling winds outside had stopped, the teen heard the deep rhythmical hum of the matching dildos the controls signaled that were vibrating deep within the doctor's very own holes and slowly a knowing smile came to her lips as the doctor this time bent to kiss her full on the mouth and Bobbi-Gene tasted the the sweet salty mix of the hot buttered rum toddy mingled with her own cum, that still coated the doctor's lips...

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