Hot Tub


I jumped at the invitation when she asked me if I wanted to try out her brand new hot tub. When I arrived, she took the bottle of wine I offered, gave me a big, sloppy wet kiss and said, “We are going to have fun tonight.” That set the mood for the rest of the evening. I started it even before we got to the tub.

I had just come out of the bedroom where I had changed into a bathing suit. She was in the kitchen, with her back to me, slicing limes for our drinks. I walked up behind her, slipped my arms around her waist and kissed her on the neck.

I could feel the goose pimples start as she melted backwards into my arms. My hands strayed upward to her soft breasts and I could feel her nipples harden through the fabric of her bathing suit. I slowly kissed my way up her neck until I could take the lobe of her ear in my mouth. I toyed and sucked on it the same as I might do to her nipples or perhaps even lips of her pussy, given a chance.

Her rump was pushing hard against my groin. There was no way she could miss my hard cock pushing against her beautiful ass.

After a moment or two of grinding against me she turned around, slid her hand down the outside of my bathing suit and said, "MMM that feels nice but there will be time enough for that later. Let's get in the tub while the water is just right."

I'm not sure how I managed to stumble out to the tub on the back porch in my condition but somehow, in the waning twilight, I lowered myself into the warm, soothing water alongside her. I held her in my arms and we were lost in our feelings of serenity. I don't know how long we laid there but I suddenly realized it was almost dark. The world in front of us was alive with fireflies.

She mentioned that she was a little cool and got out of the tub to go adjust the water temperature. I saw another chance and followed her. While she was working on the thermostat, I once again slid my arms around her waist and kissed her on the neck. As before, my hands were fondling and caressing her breasts. The difference was, this time, when she turned around she reached into my trunks and grabbed my, very hard, ready to explode, cock.

She stepped back, removed her bathing suit, and eased back into the tub telling me to "Get comfortable and come back in".

I did as I was told but was very self-conscious of my erect penis pointing straight out in front of me like some sort of directional arrow, leading the way. She giggled a little and caressed it as I stepped into the tub. I sat down beside her, our nude bodies molding into each other and kissed her. The kiss was slow, wet and delicious. My tongue parted her lips and slid into her mouth, imitating what it or my cock could do to her pussy. She eagerly accepted and sucked on it, making me imagine what her mouth or pussy might do to my cock.

Even though it was a little cool, I asked her to sit on the edge of the tub with her feet dangling in the water. Standing in front of her, I kissed her mouth again, then, slowly slid down her body to lick and suck on her breasts. I worked my way down to her tummy, then parted her legs and found her pussy with my tongue. I heard her gasp for breath when I touched her clitoris. It was a firm little piece of flesh, very much like her ear lobe. I felt her entire body tense when I sucked it into my mouth and massaged it between my lips. I brought my hand up out of the warm water and gently inserted one finger into her pussy just below where my mouth was sucking on her clit. I slid my finger in and out a few times until she was wiggling so much I knew she was ready to cum.

This was a moment I had been waiting for. My dick wanted her so badly it was actually hurting. I quickly stood up and entered her, her warm body welcoming my swollen sexual member. As I slid it back and forth in the warm velvet sleeve of her pussy I was lost in carnal rapture. Her legs were wrapped tight around my buttocks to ensure that my manhood stayed where it belonged.

I was brought out of my reverie by her voice urging me, "Oh, fuck me harder, oh my God, I'm going to cum".

As close as she was, I think I beat her to it. I could feel jet after jet of my semen spewing out the end of my cock. I could feel the muscles in her pussy tighten, squeezing my dick, milking the last drop of juice from me.

When it was all over, we sank back into the depths of the tub to recuperate. I whispered in her ear, "In a few minutes, I'll make you cum again, only this time, with my tongue."

And I did but she reciprocated and was every bit as good at is as I was.

Copyright © 05-01-2001 by E. J. Sheeran. All rights reserved. This work, in part, or whole, is not to be distributed, reproduced, transmitted or posted, in any manner, without the express written permission of the author.

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