tagIncest/TabooHot Tub Confession

Hot Tub Confession


On my way home from work tonight, I got a call from my wife Sue. After the normal chit-chat, she caught me off-guard.

"Oh and by the way, I know you worked late, but could you stop by and see Mandy? She needs you to check her plumbing."

Biting my tongue slightly, I replied "Ummm, excuse me? Are you sure about that babe?"

"Well ya, why do you.... OH STOP, you pervert!" she laughed, "Get your mind out of the gutter. How about this: there's a problem with the bathtub and she would like you to see if you can fix it. Is that better?"

Shaking my head, but still smiling, told her I could. "But it's already late, so now I will be really late getting home. Good thing it's Friday!"

"Well then I won't wait up for you. Just be quiet coming in, I have to get up early. Unlike you, I have to work in the morning."

We signed off since I was almost at Mandy's house, it was on my way home and Sue had called me just in time.

My phone said it was just after 10PM as I pulled into the driveway. As usual, no one answered the door when I knocked, so I went in the garage door which was always unlocked.

The house seemed empty as I walked through, until I heard the stereo playing on the back deck. I followed the noise to see Mandy sitting in the hot tub.

She jumped as I called out to her, but settled back as she recognized me.

"Oh hey Rick, thanks for stopping by so late. Sorry to interrupt you on your way home though. I called Sue a few hours ago, but after a few glasses of wine I got tired of waiting for a bath and decided to get in the hot tub instead. So here I am!"

"It's no problem, I didn't have anything going on tonight. So why am I here again?"

"The tub in my bathroom was leaking real bad in the back when I took a shower this morning, so I was scared to use it tonight."

"Allright, I will go take a look and get back to you in a bit."

"Thanks Rick, I owe you one. You're the best!"

The leak was minor but it took a while to find the right parts for it in the garage, her husband Dave is a bit disorganized. When I came out to check on Mandy about 11:30, I saw the bottle of wine was now empty, and she seemed to be sleeping until she heard the door click closed.

"Hey, you're back! All done with the tub?"

"Yup, you're good. There was just a hole in the sealant, so that's why it leaked so much. I put more caulking on it, it didn't take too much. Just don't use it until tomorrow night so it can dry."

"Thanks so much Rick, you are awesome! You saved the day!"

"It was nothing, anytime. But hey, I need to get home. I need to get off my feet, have a few drinks, and get rid of the week's stress."

"I see you looking at the wine. Tell ya what - if you want some it will cost you. You have to borrow some of my hubby's shorts, open a new bottle, and come join me in here. I need someone to talk to, and it will help you wind down too."

"Sure, why not," I replied after a moment of thought, "just give me a couple of minutes."

With my wife sleeping, when I got home I would just have a few beers on the couch with the TV turned down to not wake her. Boring!!! At least here I could chat with someone. While I changed I figured it couldn't hurt to stay for an hour or so. Besides, we don't have a hot tub, this would be a nice change.

Carrying the requested bottle (plus an extra), I was out there within five minutes. After pouring us both a generous glass and putting them on the table by the tub, I slid into the calming hot water. The bubbles were on low and the light was off, so it made for easy conversation.

We chatted about everything and nothing for an hour or so and were well into the second bottle I brought out. Scooting up a little bit to cool off a touch, I stretched my arms across the back of the tub. When Mandy leaned over the tub to pour another glass she was just above my arm. She rested her arm on the table to keep her balance, which firmly placed one breast onto the back of my hand.

Before I could stop the thought, I blurted out "Next time warn me so I can turn my hand over first."

She looks down and giggles as she realizes what she was doing. She didn't move away though, not until she sat back down.

"Oops, sorry, didn't mean to this time, I blame the three bottles of wine. I hope it didn't bother you, I don't care."

Her comments shocked me into silence. Hearing that it didn't bother her was nice to know. And the 'this time' was finally confirmation that all the teasing she had been doing was on purpose. She had been 'accidentally' rubbing up against me for a couple of years but I was too shy to pursue the issue. Besides, as my wife's sister, I really didn't need the drama an unwanted advance would bring.

As I poured myself another drink, that train of thought was interrupted by her bringing up another topic, and we got back to BS-ing.

Even though her glass was still half full, a few minutes later Mandy mumbles "time for another glass" and moves over slowly. At the last second, I turn my hand over and she leans across me, carefully placing one breast fully in my hand, the other on my forearm.

My breath caught as I froze in shock, I didn't think she would really do it! This felt both incredible and awkward. She was having issues concentrating as well, she looked a little nervous and distracted. My pulse started to race when I felt her nipple harden in my palm. That, plus her faster breathing, showed she felt the same excitement I did.

All to soon she moved back, taking her breast away from me. In her nervousness, she moved too quick and mostly fell instead of sitting and half missed her seat, causing her to squeal and spill most of glass into the tub. She shook her head and smiled, sarcastically saying "Oh nooooo, now I have to get more. Again..."

We both smiled as she moved closer to me before reaching for the bottle. Close enough for me to take the easy reach out to both breasts for a quick teasing caress. Mandy seemed to ignore me as she poured, except for holding onto that smile. And those very erect nipples that her bikini couldn't hide. Just before she moved away, I dropped my hand, stopped by a belated sense of guilt.

She gave me concerned look and started to speak, but I cut her off.

"Sorry, it's not you, it's me. Wait, that sounds corny. Ummm... We shouldn't really be doing this. Your sister is my wife! And you're married too! Can we blame this little 'whoops' on both of us being drunk?"

"I know, I know," she sighed, "this is wrong. At least no one knows but us right? But one other important thing - I know that Sue has cheated on you, it was twice wasn't it?"

I nodded slowly, "Ya, and we almost split up both times."

"And I think Dave is cheating too, but I'm not getting into that now, so this is our turn to even up the score a little, right?"

"Well ya that is a good point. But when we are both sober you boob-check me a lot, and I couldn't help saying what I did. Maybe it is just all that build-up that made me weak. Oh yeah, and the wine."

She giggled and slurred "OK, time to tell a little secret: I usually rub my boobs on you on purpose, but it looks accidental, and it's where no one can see. But if you react it would be noticed by others. I also kinda have a little crush on you, and have forever, but I know it will never work, so I just tease. I tease us both I guess."

We sat in an awkward silence as I digested this news. Since she opened up, I felt it was OK for me as well.

"Honestly I feel the same for you, and I have for years. The bad part is that many times I try to be close to you and almost use The Force to make you touch me. And I will touch you when I can, I just never know if you realize that I do it. I would try for more contact, but I never knew if you would take it the wrong way, because it would cause so many problems for all of us. I know it's silly and childish, I just can't help it."

She gave me a huge smile, and looked away. Even in the near darkness I swear she was blushing.

Just then, her 21-year-old daughter and her friend from college come out of the house saving us any more awkward revelations. Luckily we were still sitting far apart! They stood about 10 feet away on the other side of the table.

"Hey mom, hi Uncle Rick! My laundry is done now, so we are heading back to the dorm. You guys gonna be ok out here? Need anything from me?"

I raised my arm to wave while I said 'Hi' then dropped it back into the water.

Mandy turned to talk to them, resting her chin on her crossed arms over the railing. After a moment I got bold and reached slowly under the water to grab her breast. Luckily she didn't flinch and kept talking like nothing was happening. Even though I couldn't reach both of them, I still got to fondle and stroke her soft flesh, making sure to pay attention to her very hard nipple.

"Hey old man, we don't like this rum our friends gave us. Do you guys want it?"

"Umm, sure why not? I can take it home, we have plenty of mixers. Thanks!"

The friend put it on the table, then they said their goodbyes and turned to leave. Mandy sat back down in her seat and adjusted her bikini top, and I worried that I was too obvious and that I messed up; I was suddenly very scared of getting caught!

I turned to look at the departing girls just as the friend turned back. She winked at me and laughed at something, and then they were gone. The wink from the friend worried me! It made me think I really was too obvious, but what could I do about it now?

Mandy gave me a fake dirty look when the girls were gone but she didn't move.

"Who said you could play with my boobs? That was dangerous you know. At least let me return the groping, you have done it all so far. Now it's my turn."

Without waiting for a response, she reached over to grab my crotch. She looked at me wide-eyed as she quickly found out that I was hard as a rock.

"You bad bad boy! Just touching my saggy stretched-out old lady boobs made all this happen?"

"First, you're NOT an old lady. Second, I like your boobs even though I haven't seen them, and they don't seem to sag. I don't care what they look like, I still like them. And it was both touching your boobs for the first time after wanting to for years, but also what you said to me before. Here's another confession: you turn me on like crazy. You have no idea!"

"Well aren't you sweet. Blind, but sweet. And maybe you want me just as much as I want you... Damn. It feels really good to say that after all these years!"

While talking, she had never let go of my cock, but I wanted more. Wagging my finger at her and shaking my head 'no', I pried her hand off of the front of my shorts.

Her smile faded immediately.

"You know we shouldn't be doing or saying any of this right?"

She nodded and tried to pull her hand back, but I held onto to it tightly.

"You see, the thing is, you wanted equal time. Since I will be putting my hand under your suit soon, you should have skin access too."

Moving her hand to my leg, I put her palm on my thigh.

"Well, if you wanted to keep touching me, that is..."

She didn't need a second invitation. Leaning forward she pushed her hand along the inside of my thigh, not stopping until her whole hand was wrapped around my cock.

"You know," she whispered, "I have dreamed about doing this exact thing. More than once."

"Well so have I. Actually, this scene right here has been the start of a few dirty showers for me."

Her eyes jumped open at my confession.

"Seriously? Damn you are a pervert!"

"Not really. Well, sometimes maybe. You have starred in some perverted thoughts of mine though."

She just shook her head at me, but she was still smiling. That was a good sign. Maybe...

Since Dave is a bit bigger in the waist than me, these shorts were really loose. The drawstring kept them closed up top, but there was nothing to keep the legs modestly closed. It took no effort from her to push the leg up to my waist and pull my cock out into plain view.

Watching her stroke my cock was almost too much. I wrapped my hand around hers and made her go slower.

"Oh hell, this is even worse! Seeing you stroke my cock, with my hand over yours is another little fantasy of mine. We have got to stop for a minute. I really need a distraction or you are going to get a surprise."

Reluctantly she let go of me and sat back. Looking for something else to fill her hand, she reached for her wine glass only to see it was empty. With a glance we saw the bottle was as well.

"How do you feel about a shot?" I asked her.

She shrugged her shoulders.

"Might as well. I'm so hammered I probably won't even taste it now, and it won't make tomorrow's hangover any worse right?"

Without shot glasses to measure, I took a guess and poured a big swallow into each of our wine glasses.

"Cheers, sexy!"

She smiled back at me as we clinked glasses.

We tossed back the drinks and shuddered as the harsh drink stung it's way down our throats.

I think she mumbled "Time for a chaser" as she leaned forward. I barely had time to decipher what she said before she took a deep breath her head disappeared under the water.

She took my breath away as I realized what she meant. Both her hands slid up my thigh and my slightly softened cock instantly went rock hard again. I felt it pulse in excitement only a heartbeat before the feel of hot water was replaced by a tight suction and the velvet feel of her mouth.

Her tongue danced under my cockhead for two seconds before she pushed deeper, taking as much of me as she could. The back of her throat constricted my head and just then I couldn't take it anyone.

Every part of her body touching me was instantly felt. Her breasts on my leg, one hand on my balls and one on my thigh. Threading my fingers through her hair, I held her face tightly against me.

As much as I didn't want to, I couldn't help it. I couldn't stop this. It had to happen now. She drew it from me! With the effort of a dozen lifetimes, I erupted a thick stream of cum into my sister-in-law's throat. My body shaking with the effort, I forced my hands off of her head, letting her come up for air.

She quickly came up and pulled herself closer to me, resting her cheek on my chest. Her breast pushed against my cock just as two more jets of cum burst out from me.

Clearing her throat, she whispered "I can feel you cumming on my boobs. And I can still taste you in my mouth. This is all just so awesome..."

Finally spent, my whole body sank limply in the tub. I actually twitched a little in surprise as I felt her grab my soft cock.

"I've wanted to do that for so long. You have no idea! But sorry, cum never tasted right to me. I'm gonna need another shot. A chaser for the chaser maybe?"

Realizing how quickly I had cum, I tried to explain it away as I poured two more shots.

"Sorry that was so quick. I really never expected any of this to happen. Not ever! But the intense mental and physical excitement of the past half hour plus the past couple of years turned me into a minuteman. Sorry, just kind of embarrassing."

"Don't worry about it sweetie, that means next time will take a lot longer."

"Well that is true," I replied, "but that is if there is one. I'm sorry, but I keep thinking how we shouldn't be doing this, but you turn me on so much I can't help myself."

Her gaze fell, and after a moment she looked back at me.

"Ya, I know. I'm sorry, I shouldn't have forced myself on you. Do you hate me now?"

"Oh hell no, I can't hate you. We should just be careful in the future."

"Careful? I don't worry about that. My tubes are tied, and I'm totally disease free"

"Mandy! That's not what I meant! Well kind of... We shouldn't have sex though. That's too far."

"I guess you're right, but I do have to even our score. I've seen you, so now you need to see more of me."

With an evil grin she put her hands under water and wiggled her hips back and forth. Stretching out her legs, she popped one foot out of the water, with her bikini bottoms hanging from her toe. She tossed them at me with a flick of her foot, hitting me in the face.

She stood up and sat on the railing, lifting her leg out and placing her foot just a few inches my hand. Wagging her finger at me to come closer, Mandy whispers "I've wanted to say this for years: Rick, get over here and eat my pussy and make me cum in your mouth."

I admitted to myself that I was expecting that, but I needed more. I slid over on the seat and kissed down the thigh next to me, my hand stroking the other. I kissed until I was within a couple inches of her wet center, and stopped to leave room for my fingers to lightly tease across the sensitive skin just around her lips. As I teased her, she leaned back to put her hands on the table, giving me lots of room to work.

Even though I had just cum, I could feel my cock starting to rise again. It only took a second to untie my shorts and push my hand inside. A guilty thought crossed my mind: these were Dave's shorts, and here I was about to mess around with his wife while he was out of town. I chased that thought away and looked back to Mandy's pussy, and my hand down my shorts started to stroke my cock back to life.

"Dammit, don't tease me like this. Please, I need your mouth on me."

"Patience my dear. I will, but not until you take off your top. I want to see your boobs when I touch them."

"Why do you want to see these gross old lady boobs?"

"I've wanted to see them for years, and wanted to touch them for years. They aren't gross, they are part of you and I want all of you. "

"If you must, but you have to do it, it's too much moving for me."

I stood up in front of her and that motion pulled down my shorts, showing her I was stroking my cock. Her gaze dropped and she giggled drunkenly at me.

"Already? Is that for me again?"

"I told you Mandy, you really turn me on. Now then, where were we? Oh yeah, that's right, I was going to finish getting you naked."

Letting go of my cock, I stared into her eyes while I wrapped my arms around her in a loose hug. Easily untying the bottom knot, I pulled up the ends to take the suit over her head, then I pulled her close, my heart fluttering as I felt her bare breasts against my chest.

"Maybe I'm just weird like that, but I want to kiss these lips up here before I kiss the lower ones. Now help me live another fantasy of mine and come here."

With my fingers under her chin I gently pull her face up to mine. I stopped as we were nose-to-nose, staring into her eyes, savoring the moment. A slight tilt of my head and moving a half inch closer was all it took, and our lips finally met. Soft and slow as we started, we lived the excitement of a 'first kiss', but after a moment I moved more aggresively, pushing deeper, our tongues dancing around each other.

Pulling her head to me with one hand, my other hand dropped to caress her breast, still unseen but well groped. She moaned into my mouth as I pinched her nipple, then she wrapped her arms around me, her hands each finding an ass cheek to squeeze. She pulled me closer, which suddenly reminded us that my cock was back at attention when it bumped across her clit, then along her wet passage, sliding easily through her lips, stopping just short of entering her.

She shuddered and her mouth froze as the new pleasure rushed through her. After a moment, she relaxed and pushed me back. We held each other about a foot apart, and finally I got a chance to see the rest of her body that I had missed before.

She reminded me that I still had a task to do. "I barely held that one back, that was close. Your tongue needs to be the one to make me cum. Now get to work and eat me out hard and fast!"

With a huge grin I replied "With pleasure!" on my way down.

The quick view showed me that age, gravity, and motherhood had taken their toll on her body, but I didn't care. To me she is still hot. Staring at her naked beauty, I knelt between her thighs while rubbing my hands everywhere I can reach.

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