tagLoving WivesHot Tub for Four

Hot Tub for Four

bySteve Orshon©

* Note to readers: This is the sequel to “Surprising Visit” and will probably conclude the Sean and Paula series, unless I get some new ideas, or she surprises me yet again. (oops, did I say that?) Hope you enjoy it, and feel free to vote.

After our fourth invitation to Ron and Laura’s house and extensive lobbying, Paula finally accepted. Ron had been raving extensively at work about how relaxing his new hot tub was and I think that and Laura's urging helped to convince Paula to go. We hadn’t been to Ron and Laura’s house since the barbecue last summer that turned into a pretty exciting event. Perhaps the events that transpired that day discouraged Paula from wanting to go back over. Sensing that it would be hard to avoid some kind of a repeat after what we did with them, Paula had dragged her feet.

As usual, whenever I tried to talk to Paula about the issue, she avoided it. She wouldn’t flat out refuse, but I could tell that she was uncomfortable about discussing it. About the closest I could get would be during lovemaking when I would say things like, “You taste just like Laura,” or “Suck me like you did Don that time.” Paula's body would respond even if her vocabulary wouldn't.

So, I was pleasantly surprised when Paula finally agreed to go over to Ron and Laura’s for an evening get-together. Maybe it was the phone call from Laura the other night that finally convinced her. As usual, she was even cryptic about that! You’d think we were dealing with state secrets or something.

Paula was in the bath when I got home from work and I teased her about 'sharing' a shower with her, but she smoothly rebuffed me. She seemed to take forever, but I guess she wanted to make sure her legs and such were carefully shaved. I ran through next, but needn’t have hurried, since Paula seemed to take another half-hour to fix her hair and makeup.

“Cmon, it’ll be dark in the hot tub, no one will appreciate your artwork”, I groaned to her. She wouldn’t be hurried.

Finally, with the kids loaded up and dropped off at grandma’s house, we headed out. Ron and Laura had a pretty big house built about five years ago, in a development of large homes. While they did have distant neighbors on both sides, they only had woods behind the house and with the trees on each side the yard was very private. Ron greeted us at the door holding a drink and wearing a robe. I asked if we were too early, but he just laughed and said that his bathing suit was on under the robe and that it was all he planned on wearing. I guess Paula needn’t have worried too much about her attire. We settled into the kitchen and Laura joined us, also in a robe, and served everyone some delicious snacks. After our third drinks were poured, Laura suggested that we change into our suits, or not if we preferred. That drew a quick laugh from everyone, but Laura insisted that she and Ron never wore their suits when in the tub alone, or with select guests. That brought another nervous chuckle. Paula was firm that she was wearing her suit, and headed off to the bath to change.

As soon as she was gone, Ron pulled me aside and in a whispered voice asked how uptight Paula had been lately about sex and such. Now prior to our last visit I would have said that generally, she was pretty puritanical and private about sex. But in light of our last visit, and the surprise she planned for me at Don and Lois’ house a few weeks ago, I wasn’t too sure any longer. In fact, it seemed to me that Paula had almost become a Dr. Jeckle/Mrs. Hyde; a quiet, normal and proper wife 95% of the time and a real sexy handful the other 5%. Sensing that he had something in mind I questioned Ron further.

Ron replied that since our last visit, one of he and Laura’s main fantasies was her blowing him in front of his friends and that they haven’t had a chance to repeat it. He was wondering if they might get the chance tonight. I really wasn't sure how it would work out, and that Paula may totally freak. But, in light of how she had surprised me lately, if they were slow and careful about how they tried to get started, it might work out.

Ron said they would be very cool, and if Paula got uptight, they would stop immediately. Paula returned from the bath and I headed into it to change, but as I closed the door, I saw Laura talking quietly to Paula and I wondered if the same topic that Ron and I covered was being discussed.

We all headed out to the hot tub, drinks in hand. As I mentioned before, the yard was very private, and you couldn’t even see the neighboring houses. All lights in the yard were out, except for the lights in the tub. The night was pleasantly warm and the tub quite hot. We settled in, Paula laid back and remarked how this was the life and how we should get one of these. The jets, heat and drinks soon worked together to make everyone very relaxed. Paula and I sat very close on one side opposite Ron and Laura. Fortunately, I had the forethought to bring a pitcher of drinks to fill our glasses as they emptied. I was wondering how Ron was going to ease into the fantasy thing when he showed off the remote control that ran the jacuzzi jets, bubbles and lights in the tub.

“With the lights dimmed like this, we can safely ditch our suits.” he matter of factly stated. And with that, he smoothly pulled his trunks off underwater and set them on the side of the hot tub.

Laura wasted no time in following “suit” so to speak. Paula and I sat there a moment listening to Ron and Laura remark how much more comfortable it was without confining suits on. Maybe it was the drinks, or maybe I just wanted to help my buddy get what he wanted, but I figured that it would be hard for anything to progress much further if we were dressed, so I too pulled off my trunks. Now Paula was the last person clothed, even though the water hid everything, and each of us encouraged her to ‘lose her suit’. Reluctantly, she did, careful to ensure that her breasts were underwater always.

We all applauded and she agreed that it was more comfortable naked. I held her close and if was very sexy feeling her bare skin against me, especially with Ron and Laura close by. They too seemed to be cuddling and while I couldn’t be sure because of the water, it looked like Laura was stroking Ron’s cock. I ran my hands over Paula’s body underwater, and instead of brushing me away like she normally would do, she grabbed my cock and gave it a gently tug. Well, it was up about halfway before anyway, but now it was fully up!

There was no mistaking now what Laura was up to when she asked Paula, “Do you have your hands full?”

To which Paula replied, “Oh yeah.”

Ron and I were both smiling, when he slowly moved his hips up allowing the head of his cock to break the water’s surface.

“Periscope up”, he announced, Laura immediately noticed, yelling at him and pushing his cock back under the water.

“You’re no fun.” he replied.

“Paula doesn’t want to see that.” she returned.

Paula surprised me when she said, “Sure I do.”

Looks were exchanged all around, and Paula kept her tugging going on my cock which felt like it too was about to crest the surface. With that, Laura pointed Ron’s cock back up and again it was bobbing above the surface. Under the dim light it was hard to really make out much detail, but nevertheless, all eyes were on Ron’s meat. Trying to get things to progress to the next level, I took Ron’s lead and gently moved my hips up allowing my hard cock to rise above the water’s surface. Surprisingly, Paula didn’t object and Laura and Ron just stared as I mimicked Ron’s position. We all sat there for a moment or two as the girls stroked our cocks above the water.

I felt that the next step would be difficult and waited while Ron formulated a plan to get Laura’s mouth on him. I soon realized that since it wasn’t just Ron’s fantasy, it wasn’t going to be too difficult as Laura casually remarked about Ron’s cock, “That looks good enough to eat.”

With no objection from anyone, she moved down and with the water just under her chin she stroked Ron inches from her face. She was moving slowly, testing to see if Paula or I objected, and sensing none, she went down on Ron.

Paula and I watched Laura closely as she bobbed gently up and down on Ron. I ran my hand over Paula’s pussy and even underwater I could tell that she was wet. I pushed one finger into her and she softly moaned and increased her grip on my cock. I looked at Ron and motioned that he should slide up a little, hoping that more of Laura’s body would be revealed as up till now, we really hadn’t seen any of it. He took the clue and slid up some. Either Laura didn’t notice, or didn’t mind revealing herself, because as Ron moved up, Laura moved with him and her full breasts were uncovered. I think this made my cock even harder if that was possible, watching her tits sway as she blew him.

“Do you want me to do that to you?” Paula whispered into my ear.

Either the circumstances, the booze, or my finger was having an enticing effect upon Paula. This certainly was a surprise and not one I was prepared for. Paula’s 5% Mrs. Hyde was making an appearance. I thought only briefly about it before realizing that this was a unique opportunity and said, “Yes.”

Paula slid down and I had to remove my finger. The three of us watched as my wife took my cock into her mouth. Ron and I smiled, it really doesn’t get any better than this I was thinking. Paula was really putting on a show as she took me first deep, the licking it like a lollipop, then rubbing it across her chin and cheeks. She really looked like a porn star. Laura too took the clue and she started really playing with Ron’s cock.

Feeling even more adventurous, I slid up onto the side of the tub next to Ron allowing Paula’s swaying breasts to be exposed. We sat side by side watching our pretty wives suck us. I’m not sure what Ron was feeling, but that familiar feeling of impeding orgasm was approaching and I wasn’t sure if I should let it go or if something more was planned, so I slowed Paula down.

“Easy, or it will be desert for you.” I cautioned.

“Anything you want.” she replied. What a wonderful woman.

I asked Ron if he was going to let it go in Laura’s mouth and he said he wasn’t sure since in their fantasy he did, but he wasn’t sure he wanted this to end so soon. I asked the girls if they wanted the tables turned so to speak with us eating them and Laura took the lead and said yes.

Both girls got up and laid upon the side of the tub where Ron and I had just sat with just their feet in the water. Two beautiful, aroused women, with both of their pussies obviously swollen and wet. Ron and I each took our places between their legs, but in order to spread them fully, Paula’s right leg had to overlap Laura’s left leg. It was arousing to feel Laura’s leg against me and know Paula’s was against Ron as I slowly licked Paula’s pussy.

Sure enough, Paula was hot as a firecracker and I had to be careful not to send her over the edge into orgasm. I took her hands an placed them onto her breasts where she cupped and pulled her nipples, Laura did the same. Laura’s panting seemed to be increasing and I cautioned Ron not to let her cum.

Ron teased her with this saying, “Sean says you can’t cum.”, to which she moaned, “You bastard!”

We continued this for a few moments bringing the girls to the edge and letting them simmer when Laura said between rapid breaths, “We shared our fantasy with them Ron, they should share their’s with us.”

Well, I have about a hundred different sexual fantasies and what we were doing was certainly one of them, but I didn’t think that would have been an acceptable answer so I asked Paula if she wanted to share one. In spite of her exemplary performance this evening, Paula either doesn’t have any fantasies, or refuses to share them with me because we have never discussed them. True to form, she wouldn’t confess to any, leaving it up to me.

Instead of answering, I took Paula’s right hand and placed on Laura’s left breast. At first Paula just let it rest there waiting to see if Laura objected, but as the moments passed and no objection was raised, she began to gently cup and stroke the other woman’s breast. Laura laid there quietly, uncertain of what to do. Her own right hand was on her right breast and it continued to massage it. Ron took her left hand and put it on Paula’s right tit. With that, both girls seemed to go with the flow and began to earnestly rub each other’s breasts, pulling and pinching each other’s nipples. I knew that they were progressing, when they each rolled onto their sides so that they could face each other and began kissing. Feeling a little left out, Ron and I pulled back and watched as our wives made out. Unfortunately, they couldn’t seem to get past the kissing and breast massaging level, and I was uncertain how to prod them. After a few moments, they stopped and returned to us in the tub, kissing us hungrily. It was then that Laura and Ron began whispering to each other and then addressed us. Ron had spoken to me a few times about this other couple, Neil and Lesley, they knew and how wild they could be. They both have pierced nipples and Laura was thinking about doing at least one of hers. Evidently, Neil and Lesley are pretty regular swingers and sometimes played a card game at parties they attended. Ron enplained that in the game cards are drawn and the low cardholder has to perform oral sex on the high cardholder. Would we be interested in playing?

I asked, “Oral sex to climax?”

Ron replied “No, just for a moment. Climaxes are usually reserved for your mate at the end of the game.”

I asked how the game ended and Ron said usually after a dozen draws. I pulled Paula aside and asked her how she felt about the idea. Again, I’m sure that the booze and all the pent-up sexual desire were strongly influencing us. Paula quietly said we could try it. I cautioned her that she may have to go down on Ron or even Laura, but again she said it was OK. The twinkle in her eyes was both exciting and troubling as I contemplated her sucking Ron.

For myself, I wasn’t worried about eating Laura, I looked forward to that, but I wasn’t interested in sucking Ron. Not wanting to be the prude, I agreed.

Ron went inside for a deck of cards as Laura moved close to Paula and I. “Nervous?” she asked.

“A little.” I replied.

“A lot.” Added Paula.

“Don’t be, I’m soo horny”, she said as she ran her hands over both of us. My cock ached a little more as I thought about sex with her.

Ron wasn’t gone long, and he jumped back into the tub and shuffled the deck on the side. I cut the deck and the ladies each took a card followed by the gents. Ron held a king, I held a ten, Paula a five and Laura a three, so we were treated to a repeat of what we saw earlier in the evening as Laura started bobbing on Ron’s cock.

Since we were closer and the light seemed better I could see that Ron’s was hung almost identically to me, about 7” long and as big around as a flashlight. Laura was really doing a nice job on Ron, and as I watched her I was wishing it was me she was sucking. I wondered what Paula was feeling. Did she wish it was her sucking Ron? I couldn’t tell, but she sure looked aroused. Laura continued for a while longer and then stood.

We drew again and this time Laura was the winner with Ron losing, so again it was essentially a repeat of what we had seen before. Paula stood close to me and we watched as Ron ran his tongue over, around and finally into Laura’s wet pussy. Again the view was better than before, and Laura’s pussy looked wonderful. She either spent some time grooming or was just blessed, but her lips were bare with just a small tuft of fur above. Just as she was really heating up, Ron stopped and again grabbed the deck.

The third draw brough Paula and I back into the action as she won and I lost. I mimicked Ron’s technique with my tongue and within moments, Paula was on the edge of cumming. It almost sounded like she was hissing at me as I left her and returned to the deck.

The fourth draw was the first real ice-breaker. The cards were fair in that I won, but the outcome was changed in that Laura lost. I couldn’t wait! She wasted no time on preliminaries, instead dropping to her knees and taking my cock into her mouth. Laura was very talented, although I can’t say that she sucked better than Paula. I guess it was just something about it being a different woman than my wife sucking me brought me very close, very fast. Laura stopped just as I was feeling an orgasm approaching and would have had to stop her.

The fifth draw had Ron going down on Paula. This was the first time that I’ve actually shared her pussy with another man, since prior encounters were either tasting fingers or other women ate her. Somehow watching other women eat her didn’t bother me, but standing by as another man pleasured her was slightly troubling. It was quite a turn on to lay next to my wife and kiss her as another man licked her pussy. She was definitely turned on, and that made the whole ‘other man’ thing a bit worse, although I don’t think she was that close to orgasm.

The sixth draw had Ron eating Laura again with the seventh me eating Paula.

The eighth mixed things up again as Ron won and Paula lost. I stood on the sidelines as my beautiful wife took another man’s cock deep into her mouth. While this wasn’t actually a first since she sucked Don briefly when we visited that time, this was the first time she would be sucking in earnest. I think she enjoyed it almost as much as Ron did as she really played all her tricks like she did on me earlier. I felt proud of her, envious of Ron and troubled by the whole thing. My stiff cock was obviously enjoying everything. This was another case of the woman stopping just in time I’m sure.

The ninth hand really got interesting when Paula won and Laura lost. This was one of the scenarios that I was wondering at little about, not worrying, just wondering. After our visit with Don and Lois, I knew that Paula could be pretty free about the lesbo stuff, but the question was would she be cool with it tonight. The worry was reserved for if I lost in a same-sex hand, but we hadn’t faced that yet.

Laura went to Paula and gently laid her on the side of the tub. Ron and I took up positions on either side and without hesitation, Laura went down on her. Either Laura is very good, or the whole situation was such a turn-on for Paula that she was on the verge of orgasm very quickly. I’m pretty sure that Laura stopped in time, but it was close.

The tenth hand had me eating Laura which was very nice. She felt and tasted so much like my wife I could have been fooled if my eyes were closed. The only thing was that I was unfamiliar with how she liked it so I just figured that I would do the same things that Paula enjoyed. It’s hard to really get your rhythm going in just a minute or two, but I think she enjoyed what I was doing, even if she wasn’t that close to climax.

The eleventh hand was one of the wondering hands in that Laura won and Paula lost. Paula was a real trooper though and moved to Laura without delay, easing her onto the side of the tub and spreading the other woman’s legs. Again I was at the sideline as I carefully watched my wife put her mouth onto Laura’s pussy. Either Paula eats pussy better than I do, or just the whole taboo thing influenced Laura because within a minute Laura sounded like she was ready to cum. In keeping with the game, Paula stopped in time and Laura moaned loudly.

This is the twelfth hand I announced as we all pulled cards again. When I saw I had the ace, I knew that I wasn’t going to have to do Ron, but I was a little apprehensive when it turned out he lost and would have to do me.

“Ahah!”, exclaimed Laura when she saw the cards; she turned to Ron and said,”Now you get to see what it’s like.”

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