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Hot Tub Heaven


The reception was quite grand. Sumptuously catered in very stylish surroundings. We were in the penthouse suite of one of Toronto's finest hotels. The occasion was a prelude to a conference the next day. We were seeking financial backing and investment for our company. This would equip us to explode into a glittering future. We had the right product, a smart leadership team and an invigorated workforce. Our CEO, Denis Gerhardt, was making a presentation in the morning to the money men. The most important of these were here at this evening's pre-presentation soiree. Denis and his wife Giselle were hosting the event. Some of our key financial and technical staff were also in attendance. Our job was to schmooze the potential investors and gain their confidence and good will.

My name is Dan Bellamy. I'm in charge of our main research team. My function at the soiree was to sound out and bond with the techies who represented the financiers. I needed to give them confidence in our product that they would pass on to their money masters.

Our hosts for the evening were Denis Gerhardt and his wife, Giselle. At six feet two inches, Denis is a tall man. He is not slim but does keep himself in shape by playing lots of tennis and squash. He keeps his reddish fair hair short. He is not yet bald but heading that way. Though only in his late thirties, he already has touches of gray around the temples. As the founder of our business, he is technically gifted and creative. With his outgoing personality and positive attitude, he is a natural salesman. I hear from our finance people that he is ineffective with money, budgets and administrative tasks. Still, he has the dream and motivation to make us successful.

Giselle is petite. She stands 5 feet tall and weighs 100 pounds. She is a charming olive-eyed brunette. Her thick hair cascades naturally across her neck and shoulders in lazy curls. Giselle's eyes are strong and perceptive. She has a dainty but shapely body and an engaging full-lipped face. Her breasts are compact, but her body is firm, with slender hips. At 34 she could pass for much younger.

Although Denis is the creative technical genius, Giselle is the background brain behind the success of the company. She has a lot to say about running the business. Her strong personality and intelligence counters the stereotypical "little-woman." I often sit at the back of the room during board meetings as a technical adviser. The other board members always showed respect to this elegant dynamo.

The Gerhardts were dressed appropriately for the evening. This evening Denis was wearing a conservative dark business suit with a crisp white dress shirt and a red power tie.

Giselle wore a chic, but modest cocktail dress made of sapphire silk with spaghetti shoulder straps. It flowed over her body like a lamina of color adjusting nicely to the demands of her curves. The front was high enough to cover most of her cleavage and went to just below the knee. It embraced her small breasts and clung to her legs and tummy. A small slit unveiled a glimpse of her graceful leg.

Denis and Giselle worked the room well making sure all the potential investors got a share of their time. The support staff - accountants and engineers - mostly talked with their counterparts on the investment side. A team of hired caterers tended an open bar and continuously distributed hors d'oeuvres and appetizers among our guests. The evening went very smoothly. Everyone on our team did their job well. We ushered the stragglers out at the end of the evening. There was a feeling that we had achieved our goal and looked forward to tomorrow with confidence.

I was one of the last to leave. There was no cleaning up to do. That would be taken care of by the hotel staff in the morning. Denis thanked me for my participation. He hugged me, which was totally atypical of him. I guess he had indulged himself and was feeling content with the evening. He wished me a very good night as he went to refill his glass.

My room was one floor down below, so I just skipped down the stairwell rather than take the elevator. I got ready for bed and switched on the television. There was a hospitality bar, but I did not want another drink. I could have reloaded my glass before leaving the reception. Now, I wanted to be fresh and ready for tomorrow's conference and its challenges. It must have been about two o'clock in the morning when my phone rang.

"Daniel, this is Mrs. Gerhardt. I wonder if you could come back up to the penthouse suite. I need your help."

"Of course, Mrs. Gerhardt." I responded. "I'll be right there."

I usually sleep naked, so I pulled on some running shorts and a tee-shirt. I ran up the stairs. Giselle was waiting at the door and ushered me in.

"He's in the bathroom, On the floor!" she seemed to be in a panic. "Can you help him?" She led me over to Denis.

He was sat on the floor beside the toilet bowl, with his back against the glass door of the walk-in shower. His hair was in disarray, and his mouth gaped open. There was some drivel splattered down the top of his dress shirt. I noticed that an empty vodka bottle had rolled across the room.

As I knelt beside him, calling his name, I caught the stench of alcohol. It was comforting that Denis was not in need of urgent medical care. His condition was merely due to drunkenness. I attempted to revive him by shaking him and calling his name. He was totally out of it. He would feel dreadful in the morning. Not just the terrible hangover to worry about. How would he manage the critical presentation?

"Denis, I need to make you chuck up, so no more booze gets into your bloodstream, OK?"

I got no perception he even knew what I was talking about.

"You're going to suffer like hell no matter what. This will prevent you from feeling nasty in the morning."

I took his hand and held it to his face.

"Stick your fingers down your throat. It'll make you retch." I leaned to the side, holding his head down

"Come on, you can do it," I pressed him.

I tried to urge him to his feet without success. So I wrestled to get his body upright. His arms wrapped around my shoulders. This helped me finally manipulated him into a kneeling position before the toilet with his hands on either side of the bowl. He grouched and whined. I grabbed his hand and thrust it a little deeper down his throat. He tried to remove his hand, but I replaced it into his mouth. Eventually, he began to vomit. We stayed like that for many minutes while he spewed up his booze and food. He ended by bringing up some bile and drool, while I held his hair and rubbed his back. I had to control myself from throwing up. Finally, he lifted his head out of the bowl collapsed into my arms with his head over my shoulder. It was then I was aware of warm, wet sensation in my lap. I looked down between us. A dark stain was spreading over Denis' pants.

"Oh, No!" I howled. In his drunken state, Denis was pissing himself. There was urine all over my shorts and tee-shirt. I struggled to sit him back against the sliding door of the shower. I peeled off my wet clothes. Now naked, I tried to figure out how to get Denis out of his filthy clothes and into the shower. Vomit stained his white dress shirt and his suit pants.

With much effort, I managed to take off his shirt and pants. I got in the shower and set the tap water to a lukewarm temperature. Then I switched on the shower. I tore off the rest of his clothes. It was obvious that I needed to be in the shower with him. I had to hold him up and try to clean him up at the same time. I heaved Denis into the shower and balanced him into a standing position against the side wall. It was like manhandling a lifeless blob. I held him with one hand and clutched the soap with the other. However, I simply could not hold him upright and wash him up at the same time. Giselle sat on the closed toilet seat watching my efforts. It was obvious that I was losing the battle.

"I can't hold him up and wash him at the same time." I shouted over the noise of the shower. Giselle came and opened the sliding door of the shower and reached in to try holding Denis up. She had no leverage to keep him in place and the expensive cocktail dress was getting sprayed by the shower.

"Just a minute!" she said. She moved back and unzipped her dress. She pulled the shoulder straps down and kind of wiggled her way out of it. She walked over to hang it on the back of the bathroom door. As she returned, I gaped at her.

The walnut and ivory lace demi-bra cupped her petite breasts high. Almost translucent, it contrasted with the pale skin above the cups. Her dark nipples peeked through the fabric.

The matching high-cut panties scarcely veiled her mound. I would never have imagined her wearing such sexy underwear. She looked like a playboy bunny. She blinked at me, knowing exactly where I had focused my eyes.

"Don't be a pervert, Daniel." She scolded. "I bought this outfit from a specialty boutique. My plan was to give Denis an extra treat this evening to keep his mind off the presentation."

In a wave of immodest rapture, this heavenly sight triggered the onset of a hard-on. Feeling a little guilty, I forced my gaze up to meet hers and muttered something in return. I turned my head and refocused on my mission.

She stepped into the shower. Now I got a good hold of Denis and held him upright against the wall. Giselle got to work scrubbing him down with soap. I was trying hard not to stare at her undies. It was then that I noticed Giselle's underwear growing transparent before my eyes. I could not believe it! The water had an immediate effect upon the fabric. It became even more revealing as the shower water soaked her. Her pert exposed nipples poked out through the material of her bra. The darkness of her large areolae was clearly visible. I could make out the shape of those perfectly formed breasts. The shadow of her well-trimmed pubic hair emerged through her sheer panties as a camel toe became clearly visible.

It was like she had nothing on at all. Immediately, my semi-erection caused by Giselle shedding her dress suddenly became as stiff as a rod pointing skyward.

Giselle caught sight of my erect penis and started to say something when she suddenly noticed the state of her underwear.

"Oh my god!" she cried. "Oh shit! This is not happening. I had no idea it would react like this. I wasn't expecting to get wet."

"Hurry up." she continued. "Let's get this finished"

And finish we did. It is unbelievable how many thighs and arms an erect penis can swipe and whack when you're busily moving around trying to concentrate.

Having got Denis cleaned up, we moved him out of the shower and wrapped him in a couple of big bath towels. We dried him off as best we could and slowly maneuvered him to the bedroom. We laid him on the king-sized bed and Giselle finished drying him off as I stood watching, still with an enormous hard-on.

"We need to give him twenty or thirty minutes just to make sure he's OK. If you could hang on for a bit, please, Daniel. Why don't you go and wait in the hot tub. I'll find you something to wear.

The hot tub was in an enclosed alcove with a glass door accessed from the bathroom. Embedded lights around the walls danced like candles. It felt humid, like a sauna. The hot tub was small - maybe built for three to four people max. The walls were decorated with cedar planks.

I moved down the steps. The hot water welcomed me as I slid in. I looked around and found the button that operates the water jets. I selected the lowest jet speed and settled down to enjoy the massage. I leaned back, my arms outstretched along the edge of the tub. The warmth and relaxed pulsing of the water jets felt fantastic. The steam and the heat from the hot tub encouraged me to unwind.

Giselle came into the alcove carrying two martinis. She had on one of the hotel's large white robes with "HER" embroidered on the pocket. She put the drinks down on the edge of the tub.

"There's the other robe you can use." She pointed to a matching white robe hung in the bathroom.

"Turn around and close your eyes while I get in." she commanded. "I don't have a bathing suit. And because of that fancy underwear you've already seen everything, anyway. Just keep your eyes to yourself'"

With that, I turned to face the wall. I heard her slide into the water. She pushed the jet speed up to maximum.

"That will give me some privacy." she smiled, as the water roiled in a frenzy of eddies providing a screen for her nudity.

We relaxed and sipped our drinks. She explained that Donald did not normally drink alcohol to excess. Yet, when he got uptight about work or life he overindulged. And he was tense and nervous about tomorrow's motion for further financial investment.

"Time for another drink, I think." She said handing me her glass. I grabbed my glass and stood up to exit the tub. My enormous erection pointed straight at her face.

"Does that thing never go down?" she asked.

I blushed and shrugged as I slinked off, soon to return with another two martinis.

As I settled back in the tub, she said

"Come here. I can help you with that. It's the least I can do under the circumstances. I stood in front of her and she took my cock in her hand and started to masturbate me. It felt marvelous. I reached down to fondle her tits.

"OFF! Daniel. I never misbehave with other men. Only Denis gets to touch my private parts. I thought I was doing you a favor, trying to help you!"

"Sorry! Mrs. Gerhardt." I apologized, and just stood there with my hands behind my back. Without passion, almost mechanically, she soon coaxed a huge stream of cum to ejaculate all over her breasts. She wiped the spunk off herself into the roiling water.

"There! Now just sit back and relax. Enjoy your drink. and please don't mention Donald's dilemma tonight to anybody else. And obviously don't tell anybody about that!" she said pointed down between my legs."

"Of course not, Mrs. Gerhardt. I promise. I didn't mean to ..." I stammered hanging my head.

The heat and the martinis were making both of us relaxed and comfortable. The jet at my back was pounding away, almost to the point of discomfort. I suddenly got an idea. I had read about women getting off by jacuzzi jets. I put my drink down on the tub edge next to Giselle's glass. I leaned over to her, putting my hand beneath her thighs and swept her up with her back against my chest. Putting my hands beneath her thighs, I moved her towards the nearest jet and aimed it at her mound. My hands parted her legs and I positioned her pussy right in front of the jet. Her feet were in the air above the edge of the tub, so she could not push back on anything. She was struggling and protesting. She shrieked and threatening to kill me, fire me, cut my dick off and all sorts of other terrible things.

Her clit was now in direct contact with the water jet and it took her a second to realize what was happening. The gentle but relentless bubbling jet of water pounded between her thighs. She tried to squirm and wriggle to stop herself getting excited. I think that had the opposite effect. The hot water massaged her cunt relentlessly. I held her labia apart with my thumbs as I pressed her pussy closer to the jet. The water flowed over her hard clit, teasing it with an endless barrage of bubbles. Her struggling eased a little. She started to better position herself as the water fucked her with a powerful force. I think, at this point, she gave in to the inevitable. She knew she was close to cumming and she started to grind against the jet. Her body was about to erupt. She knew an intense power was going to hit her hard. And she was totally incapable of blocking it. The sensation intensified, and her thighs began to twitch. The constant whirring of water jets muffled every gasp, and squeal.

It was like an eruption of pure gratification. Her eyes pressed shut, her mouth agape She shuddered and finally started to calm down. It was different than any orgasm she had ever experienced, and she was utterly unprepared for it.

As Giselle calmed down and came back to reality, I eased her back to her seat on the hot tub stairs. Her face with flushed both from the orgasm and the steamy atmosphere of the hot tub. She took a few minutes to compose herself. Fortunately, she displayed no sign of aggression or hostility. On the contrary, she was tranquil and composed.

"You are a real bastard, Daniel! You should not have done that. I could fire your arse for that." She was speaking quietly now, her breathing untroubled.

"Technically, you did not molest me." She continued, "Nor I you. So no harm done. In fact, we probably both needed some relief after the events of the evening. Let's call it an even match, a reciprocal exchange. And I am eternally grateful to you for helping me sort Denis out."

Finally, she smiled.

"Why don't you take the other bath robe and go back to your room. I'll have housekeeping wash your clothes and return them to you in the morning."

I got out of the hot tub and retrieved the "HIS" bathrobe from the bath room.

"OK, Mrs. Gerhardt. I'll see you in the morning. Good luck with the boss."

The next morning the presentation went very well. Initially, Denis was a bit stilted and wooden but soon warmed up as his natural enthusiasm took over. I understand the funding campaign was successful and we did undergo quite an expansion. I still see Giselle at various industry functions once or twice a year. She always greets me with a big hug and a smile and I, in turn, am always delighted to bump into her.

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by Anonymous

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by livetoread05/23/18


You first lost me at the use of "hors d'oeuvers and appetizers". They're the exact same thing, one being a French word and the other English. Then you went on to make several blatant grammatical errors,more...

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by Anonymous05/22/18

Not the best and not the worst

It was fairly tame. It could have gotten very erotic in the hot tub but fell flat. Next time let’s have the missus let out some pent up feustifeom her hubby leaving her high and dry.

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by Anonymous05/21/18

Not really believable

Exciting but not believable !

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