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Hot Tub Hotties

byCal Y. Pygia©

Brad had invited me to his house to see the new hot tub that he and his wife, Linda, had had installed a month or so ago. We were going to take a dip together, drink a few daiquiris, and gaze at the stars as they came out over the hills surrounding the valley. We'd gotten together, the three of us, on other occasions, and we were comfortable with one another.

Brad greeted me at the door. "Slip into your trunks," he invited me, and come out back. "I'll have a drink waiting for you."

I smiled. "Thanks."

A few minutes later, I was in their back yard. I stood on the patio, surveying the newly installed hot tub. Brad and Linda had spared no expense. Not only had they installed the tub, but they had also erected a tall wall around it, to provide privacy, and they'd planted lush shrubs and a profusion of bright flowers. Electric torches lined the walkway between the patio and the hot tub, and a few others stood among the blossoms and the greenery. "It's beautiful," I called.

Brad motioned to me to join him. "Come on in, Guy; the water's fine."

I crossed the well-manicured lawn to the steps leading up one side of the tub. "Where's Linda?" I enquired.

"She had to stay late at work," Brad explained.

"Oh." I slid into the warm, churning water. Thousands of bubbles frothed around my thighs, genitals, buttocks, and lower back. "Ah! That feels great!"

Brad nodded. "It's very relaxing." He indicated the strawberry daiquiri he'd mixed for me. "How's your drink?"

I picked up the glass and took a sip. "Great."

He hoisted his empty glass. "I'm going to pour another for myself." He set the glass aside and rose. My eyes widened. Brad wore no trunks; he was completely naked. Water streamed from his deep chest, his six-pack abs, his sopping pubic hair, his seven-inch cock, his tight, bunched scrotum, and his powerful thighs. He smiled, looking at my shocked countenance. "You want something?"

I closed my gaping mouth and swallowed several times, not believing my eyes. Brad was naked! The fucker was standing here, in front of me, wearing nothing! I recovered my wits enough to realize that he'd said something. "What?" I asked.

He repeated himself: "I'm going to pour another for myself. You want something?"

"No," I managed to respond, "I'm fine." I paused. "When's Linda going to be home?"

His smile broadened. "Not for hours."

I tried not to look at him as he got out of the tub, but I failed. He seated himself upon the edge of the tub, his cock and balls poised upon his closed thighs, below the drenched pubic hair, and I studied him as he tuned, lifting his legs over the edge of the tub and displaying the top of his sleek ass cheeks, which, I had to confess (if only to myself), were sexy as hell.

Beneath the surface of the water, my own cock stiffened, jutting from my groin. I was glad of the churning water and the frothing bubbles; they obscured the erection that protruded from my trunks.

I watched Brad's buttocks sway back and forth as he crossed the lawn to the patio and disappeared inside his house. A minute later, he reappeared, crossing the lawn again to return to the side of the hot tub, carrying a pitcher of daiquiris, which he placed upon a small table near the tub, between a pair of lounge chairs.

He poured himself another glass, returning to the tub. I watched him as he climbed back into the frothy water, his cock and balls bouncing and swinging with his movements. He sipped his drink. "When no one else is around, Linda and I skinny dip," he said, setting his glass aside.

"But someone else is around," I countered. "I'm here."

Brad shrugged. "You're a guy, Guy."

I chuckled at his play on words.

"I don't have anything you haven't seen before," he observed. He paused, looking directly into my eyes. "You're welcome to ditch your trunks if you want. You don't have anything I haven't seen, either."

I'd just taken a drink of my daiquiri. I'd been about to swallow when he voiced his invitation to me to strip; instead of swallowing, I involuntarily spewed the strawberry drink out of my mouth.

Brad laughed. "Come on," he repeated the invitation. "You'll be more comfortable."

Somehow, I doubted that being naked in front of another guy would make me more comfortable. "Right," I said.

"The effect of those tiny bubbles washing and tumbling between your legs is almost as exciting as a blowjob," he declared.

Not knowing what to say, I took another drink of my daiquiri, draining the remainder of the glass.

"Linda won't be home for hours," Brad reminded me.

I shrugged. Why shouldn't a couple of guys get naked? As a youth, I'd skinny dipped with other boys, and I'd showered together with men after a round of golf or a workout in the gym. I'd stood side by side with complete strangers, pissing at public urinals. Brad obviously wasn't uncomfortable in the nude. Why should I be? "Okay," I agreed. I snagged the sides of the trunks' waistband in my thumbs, lowering them over my groin and ass; I slid them past my thighs, alternately lifting each leg to push the shorts past my calves and feet. I set the trunks on the edge of the hot tub, as naked, now, as my host. The tiny bubbles rushed between my legs, tickling my thighs, my cock, my balls, and my ass. I squirmed, grinning. "You're right about the bubbles," I told Brad.

My host glided across the surface of the water, the twin mounds of his smooth buttocks gleaming with light and water. He sat next to me. The water came up to our chests. His nipples, like mine, were stiff. Our cocks were both erect, too. "From the moment I met you," Brad confessed, his voice soft as the gathering dusk, "I've dreamed of what you'd look like without your clothes. Now, I know."

I didn't know what to say to that, so I said nothing.

"You're gorgeous," he said, "a real hottie." Underwater, his hand found my erection, and his fingers toyed with my cock and balls.

I was shocked, feeling both angry and offended—at least, my brain told me that I should feel such emotions. Instead, on a deeper level, I felt flattered and exhilarated. My prick became fuller and more rigid, and my scrotum tightened. I felt a tingling throb in my nipples, and my asshole contracted.

Brad continued to play with my genitals, his fingers curling about my manhood. He pumped his fist up and down, and the skin of my cock rode back and forth upon my straining shaft. Brad kissed the side of my neck, and I felt a thrill, like an electric current, run through my nipples and my balls; my asshole contracted again, several times, and I moaned.

Dusk had deepened into darkness. The back yard was illuminated only by the electric torches that Brad and Linda had set at intervals along the walkway that led from the patio to the hot tub and along the privacy wall, among the shrubs and flowers. No one could see us, I was confident, and Linda wouldn't be home, according to Brad, for hours. I was as attracted to Brad as he was to me, although, unlike him, I hadn't realized this until now. I was only too glad to have him masturbate me and to feel his lips nuzzle my neck.

He gave my cock and balls a firm, but gentle, squeeze and kissed me, on the lips this time. I kissed him back, and our mouths opened to admit our respective tongues, which we swirled around one another. We licked each other's faces, drooling, before ending more deep, wet kisses with a press of our saliva-glistening lips upon one another's mouths.

"I want to fuck you," Brad announced.

Inside, I recoiled from him. Fuck me? In the ass? I wasn't any too sure about such a proposition! It was one thing to get naked with another man, in the privacy of his back yard. It was one thing to let him play with my dick. It was one thing to exchange kisses with him. To let Brad fuck me in the ass—that was another thing entirely! I gulped, swallowing my reservations. "I don't know about that, Brad," I stammered.

He kissed me, but, this time, I didn't kiss him back.

"Come on, Brad," he pleaded. "I'll be gentle with you, I promise." He gave my dwindling cock a reassuring squeeze.

The water gurgled, the tiny bubbles assaulting my thighs, my genitals, my buttocks, as I imagined being on the receiving end of Brad's thick, hard cock.

"No one can ever know," I said.

"I'm discreet," Brad promised. "You know that."

"Okay," I submitted.

Brad grinned. "Get on your hands and knees," he ordered, "and I'll kneel behind you. It'll be fun fucking here, in the water."

I did as I was told, assuming the position that Brad had described.

"Spread your legs," Brad directed.

I obeyed, and he took his place behind me, walking up to my ass on his knees. I felt something smooth but firm, like rubber, press against my buttocks. It was Brad's cock, I realized. The glans pushed deeper into the cleavage of my ass, and I felt the shaft follow, brushing past their smooth, inward-curving cheeks. Abruptly, the tip of his erection encountered my asshole. He wasn't going to be able to penetrate me, I thought, as his cock met the stout resistance of my anus. Brad was resolute, however, and continued to press his cock forward, guiding it in his hand, and the rubbery glans slipped through my asshole, stretching the tight, small orifice. I felt inch after inch of his rigid manhood slide through the smooth ring of my sphincter, deep into my rectum. My asshole fluttered frantically, but Brad remained still, his cock buried balls-deep inside my ass. The sensation of being stuffed, of being crammed full of cock, was exciting, and little flurries of exhilaration and pleasure swept through me, like tiny bubbles. My cock, which had softened and shrunk a few moments ago, stiffened and swelled again.

After a few moments, the spasms stopped as my sphincter relaxed, accepting the presence of the rigid column of flesh that stretched my asshole wide open around its thick, warm girth. Brad withdrew his cock until only the glans remained within the ring of my sphincter. Then, he drove his prick forward, quickly and forcefully, driving the thick, hard shaft into my ass to the very hilt, flattening the cheeks under his grinding pubes, and I moaned, thinking that he might split me in half. Again, he withdrew, renewing his assault. He continued in this manner, with greater and greater intensity and force, more and more rapidly thrusting into my ass until all I could hear was the rapid-fire slap-slap-slap of his hips against my backside as he pounded my ass and all I could feel was his cock pumping inside my ravaged asshole. The water splashed all around us, waves spraying our thighs, splattering our buttocks, and washing over our cocks and balls.

Brad slammed his cock home, as deeply as he could, and I felt him shudder violently as he gasped and moaned, his cock lurching and straining inside my impaled buttocks. I knew that he'd reached orgasm and was spurting his thick, warm seed deep into my bowels. He remained inside me while his cock dwindled, draped over my ass and back. I could feel his heart beating between my shoulder blades. A thin layer of sweat cemented our bodies, just as our lust had cemented our souls. At last, he kissed my neck, disengaging himself from me. I felt his prick, flaccid again, slide from my gaping asshole and trail semen between the cleavage of my buttocks.

A moment later, we were seated, side by side, in the frothy water. The sky was dark, and the stars had come out, glittering against the black velvet of this perfect night.

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