tagMatureHot Tub Seduction

Hot Tub Seduction


Normally I would not have been up so early. It was Christmas break after all and I'd just gotten home from my most stressful finals week yet. It was the first semester of my sophomore year at college, and after getting home late on a Friday evening, I'd been looking forward to finally getting a chance to sleep in. But of course that would be interrupted by our hot tub coming on outside at 7 in the morning, and my dad and his friend Rick jumping in for an early soak.

They chatted quietly enough, but I was finding it hard to get back to sleep. After about a half hour I could feel my eyes closing again, and I hoped I could get a little extra rest. But then the phone rang, and with no one else in the house I figured I should get up and answer it. It turned out to be my mom, who was on a trip to the Bay Area to visit her sister. It turned out that she'd been able to get an earlier flight home - she was really excited to see me I guess - and would be home in a few hours rather than later in the afternoon. After getting off the phone with her, I opened my bedroom window and called out to my dad to let him know.

"Mom is gonna be early at the airport, so you'll probably have to leave soon to pick her up on time," I yelled. He looked peeved momentarily but then acknowledged that he'd be getting out of the tub soon. Both he and Rick hoisted themselves up onto our deck, and that's when I really woke from my slumber. My dad was wearing swimming trunks but Rick was completely nude, and from what I could tell, hung like no one I'd ever seen before. I hadn't had the time or the energy for many hookups since school had started, and seeing Rick like that really got my heart racing. I heard him ask my dad if he should get out, but my dad told to him to stay in a while longer if he wanted, which he decided to do. Once my dad left, I knew what my next move was going to be.

I headed downstairs and my dad a hug and said goodbye. He told me to make Rick some breakfast when he got out of the hot tub and to keep him company until he returned with my mom. No problem, I assured him. As soon as the car was out of the driveway, I ran upstairs and stripped off my clothes. A situation like this would call for my best look, so I tied my blonde hair short and slipped into my favorite light blue thong bikini. It made my ass and breasts look great, and complimented my hair and skin tone to boot. I looked at myself in the mirror, took a deep breath, and made my way outside.

As I walked towards what I hoped would be an intense sexual experience, a million thoughts raced through my head: What if he doesn't want me? What if he tells my parents? Am I really just a huge slut who will fuck anything that's hard? Rick was not just some guy my dad knew. They'd been friends for more than 20 years, and he'd watched me grow up. I'd always considered him a good looking guy for his age, but I'd never thought of him in this way until I'd seen his large cock and well toned body. Maybe this was a mistake. But sometimes you just have to experience something and learn from your mistakes later. I made up my mind - I was going in.

"Mind if I jump in?" I asked. Rick had been facing the other way from the house and looked completely startled by my entrance.

"Oh, Anna, hi! Well, sure sure, come on in. It's your house after all!"

"You're not wrong." I lowered myself into the water and caught another glimpse of Rick's penis, although it was somewhat obscured by being underwater. He noticed me looking and looked down before looking back up, completely embarrassed.

"Oh god, Anna, I'm so sorry. I wasn't expecting anyone else - let me go grab some shorts."

"Relax Rick, it's no big deal. It's not like I haven't seen one before."

That seemed to break the ice a little bit, and from discussing the fact that I had seen male genitalia before (four times in fact) it came out that Rick had not been getting much at home lately. Although we moved on to talking about other things, that stuck in my mind, and I knew that I'd have a chance of seducing him. After about 10 minutes I asked Rick if he'd mind massaging my back, which was a little bit sore.

"I'm not sure I should be touching you in that kind of way, Anna," he replied.

"Oh come on! It's just a little massage, and I know you're not a creepy weirdo or anything like that."

"Well...OK. I do enjoy giving massages, and I think I think I can make your back feel a little better." With that I moved over to his side of the tub and stood up as he began caressing my back. He was tentative at first but gradually grew more comfortable touching my body. I decided that this was the time to make my move, and I threw my ass backwards into his crotch.

"Whoa! Anna, what...what are you doing?" Rick exclaimed. His surprise did not match his rock hard cock, however, which knew exactly what it wanted.

I spun around and faced him. "Come on Rick, you're not getting any, I'm not getting any, there's not going to be anyone around for hours...we could have a lot of fun today."

His face was still set to stunned as we stared at each other for what seemed like an eternity. I realized that I'd really have to force the issue. I grabbed Rick around the waist and leaned in to kiss him. He didn't fight back. Instead he grabbed my ass with both hand as we engaged in a long, passionate kiss. He proceeded to untie my bikini bottoms and took off my top, massaging my breasts and licking my nipples. I kissed him on the neck and rubbed his muscular chest and hard cock alternately. Hardly a word was said for the next five minutes, before I told him that we could head upstairs for a more comfortable place to mess around. We got out of the tub and dried ourselves off before he picked me up and carried me back to my bedroom.

Having tossed me onto my bed, Rick crawled between my legs and started to go down on me. I'd had guys try to give me oral before, but I could tell they weren't into it. Rick was different. His tongue darted in and out of my pussy, and he knew all the right places to stick his fingers. As I rubbed my clit I thought I was gonna cum right then and there, but he stopped before I could climax. He started stroking his cock again and asked about protection.

"I'm on the pill," I whispered back, four of the most arousing words a woman can tell a man. With that he began to ease his cock into my eager pussy, slowly working it in as I adjusted to its thickness. The wetness that had built up from receiving oral helped though, and it wasn't long before Rick was fucking me with a voracity that I'd never experienced before. Always cheerful, always smiling, that's how I'd always known him, but now Rick had a serious look on his face, that he was going to satisfy me no matter what.

"Yeah, you like that big cock in your pussy, don't you Anna?"

"Yeah yeah, ohhhh, I love it baby!"

"Get on your knees and let me do you from behind!" he ordered, and I did as I was told. I loved getting fucked doggystyle, with the guy holding my breasts and me rubbing my clit. We did just that for another five minutes before Rick gave out, sending a huge load of cum into my pussy. I loved the feeling of the cum dripping out onto my sheets, and as I laid back onto my pillow, Rick laid down with my and gave me another kiss on the lips.

"You know, I always knew you'd grow up to be a beautiful woman, Anna. I'm glad we got to do this together."

"Me too, Rick. You made me feel so good."

We soon got up and showered together, before another fucking session in the living room after breakfast. That was all we had time for that day, but I knew that there would more chances in the future for us to experience each other. But that would just have to wait until after Christmas...

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