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Hot Tub Stress Relief


She pulled into the parking lot of the swing club with a sigh of relief. She was tired. It had been a long and stressful week. She had hoped to get here earlier, but that hadn't been in the cards. She had nearly decided not to come at all, but the thought of a soak in the hot tub was very appealing.

She'd been coming to this onsite club for nearly two years, and lately she found herself looking forward to the hot tub more than anything else that might happen. Judging from the number of cars in the parking area, there was a good crowd tonight. That observation caused a brief flutter in her stomach because she knew from experience that the chances of the night being sexually fulfilling were greater when there was a larger crowd. It wasn't that she was unapproachable or even that she was particularly unattractive...but not all men appreciated her body type.

She thought of herself as having an Earth Mother figure....her full breasts, round stomach, broad hips and backside were all exaggerated versions of the child-bearing, life-nourishing aspects of womanhood. In fact, she often described herself as being built like a pregnant woman, only softer. She was comfortable with her body and yet was enough of a realist to know that many men looked for a Seductress in a sexual partner, not an Earth Mother.

She gathered her things together and made her way from the car to the door of the house that hosted the club. She showed her membership card and was given a warm welcome. She made her way downstairs and headed through the bar/dance floor area toward the locker room. She exchanged friendly greetings with many of the regular club guests, but didn't stay to chat. She wanted to sink into that warm water without any delays.

She found the locker she liked best still available and she undressed without ceremony. The locker area was deserted at the moment, so she didn't bother slipping into her robe. She simply took it with her and padded barefoot toward the hot tub. She made a quick stop to use the bathroom on her way, and then proceeded to the showers. There were two showerheads in an open area for the convenience of people heading to the tub. It had taken her a few visits to get used to standing naked right out where anyone walking by could see her while she showered, but now she found it kind of exciting. The showers were not along a main traffic pattern, but anyone heading from the bathroom to the locker area, or to and from the tub could see her. This time, she had the area all to herself. It was a time of night when most people were either still socializing in the bar/dance floor area or having fun upstairs where all the bedrooms were located.

She didn't hear the tub bubbling, so she was surprised when she rounded the corner and saw a man laying on a towel next to the tub apparently drowsing. She had expected the area to be unoccupied. She hesitated briefly, reluctant to disturb him, but then decided to go ahead and have her soak. After all, if he had wanted to sleep soundly, he would have claimed one of the bedrooms upstairs. She turned the timer knob to the twenty minute mark, mounted the stairs to the deck surrounding the tub and stepped carefully into the hot water. The man didn't move a muscle, so she guessed she didn't need to worry about bothering him...and she was secretly glad that she didn't need to make conversation. There is something just a little strange about trying to chitchat with a total stranger while standing there completely nude.

The tub was indoors, but a large sliding window had been cracked to let in some of the cool night air. The lighting was dim, and very little of the noise from the bar area filtered in. She could hear the music faintly, and she found that it was a nice background noise. It was an eight person tub, and she had it all to herself at the moment, not counting the man who was still drowsing nearby. Since he hadn't stirred when the bubbles came on, she decided to simply ignore him for the time being. She did, however, glance at the towel he had casually drapped over his midsection and wondered briefly what might be lurking under it.

She nearly groaned out loud as she moved deeper into the warm water. It was just the right temperature...hot, but not too hot. When she was standing safely on the bottom of the tub, she moved to the far end and sank gratefully down onto the bench. As the water reached her breasts, the heat made her nipples contract pleasantly. She admired the view as she looked down to see them floating with the nipples jutting out and a few bubbles racing across her skin. She reached up to cup them briefly and roll her nipples between her fingers. She felt a pleasant response between her legs and she smiled as she leaned back and closed her eyes.

She let her hands drift down to her sides and simple lay in the relaxing warmth. She loved the sensation of her whole body being submerged in the warm water. She couldn't get anywhere close to this kind of total body experience in her little bathtub at home. The jets of water against her skin provided intriguing stimulation, too, and she found her mind drifting toward thoughts of other activites she hoped to enjoy tonight.

She had enjoyed her relaxing, mildly erotic solitude for only a few minutes when she heard voices out in the shower area and the sound of water running. She realized that others were preparing to enter the tub, and she resigned herself to the invasion. She could hear male and female voices, and thought there were more than two, but she couldn't be sure. She glanced at the dozing man, but he remained motionless.

In another minute, two couples came into the room. One of the women added some time to the timer as the men came up the stairs and entered the tub. They all appeared to be in their late thirties or early forties. Both men were average body types and one had a few extra pounds around the middle - typical of the patrons at this particular club which was comfortable and friendly to all shapes and sizes. One of the men turned to assist the women as they entered the tub. Both women carried a few extra pounds of padding, but neither would be considered overweight. She discretely admired their curves and full breasts as they moved into the tub. The women settled themselves next to each other at the end of the tub and each of the men sat along a side facing each other. Well, at least she had her end of the tub to herself.

The couples were talking amongst themselves, and it became clear that they were here together. She could feel the sexual tension in the air, and suspected that these four were having a soak before going upstairs together. Since they were focused on one another, she closed her eyes again and focused on letting go of the week's tensions.

After a few minutes, she became aware of silence at the other end of the tub. She opened her eyes slightly and was confronted with a truly glorious sight. One of the women had moved to stand in front of the other. She had leaned forward and was in the process of giving the woman who was still seated a deep and sensual kiss. The seated woman ran her wet hands down the standing woman's back and pulled her close. This caused the standing woman to arch her back and her glorious backside rose slightly out of the water. Her waist was narrow and her hips flared into a beautiful pear shape. The water around her was topped with foam from the bubbling jets, and the bubbles flowed down her tanned skin in a way that was breathtaking. As the two women kissed and fondled one another's breasts, the standing woman's ass rose and fell slightly as she moved, causing the bubbles to continue to create mesmerizing patterns on her skin.

She watched the spectacle of the two women and realized that both men were grinning at each other as they also watched. Both were stroking themselves and were clearly aroused by what they were seeing. After several minutes of voyeuristic enjoyment, one of them leaned over and ran a hand down the standing woman's back. He let his hand rest on her ass while his finger teased between her legs. She arched her back and pressed her backside into his hand. He said something in a low voice and both women giggled. Then he eased back and the women began to disentangle themselves. The other man stood, too, and they all climbed out of the tub and headed to the showers, the women flushed with heat and arousal, the men sporting solid erections. She was sure they were headed upstairs to finish what had been started in the tub and she smiled slightly to herself as she imagined what the men would do to the women with those erections.

As they left, she realized that her fingers were playing with her nipples and that she was feeling some heat between her legs that had nothing to do with the hot tub. She glanced around and was startled to see that the man who had been drowsing so quietly was now on his side, head propped in his hand, looking at her. His hand was under the towel and he was clearly stroking.

She glanced away, slightly embarassed. This was not a man she'd met before and she had no idea what his reaction to her would be. She heard him move, and she looked up as he sat up and lowered his feet into the tub. He was African American and his skin was an even medium brown. He seemed tall, though it was hard to tell for sure since he was seated. He had an average build and attractive muscle tone in his chest and arms. She found herself wondering what it would feel like to run her hands over that smooth chest.

She didn't have much experience with black men, but given the stereotype, she was a bit nervous about what was under the towel. Just then, he moved the towel away from his waist and her eyes were drawn to his exposed crotch. She was relieved to see that he wasn't freakishly large, although he was bigger than average. She guessed his length at 8-9 inches and he looked thick, but not thick enough to scare her. Her heart beat faster as she imagined what it would feel like to have him inside her. He would fill her up for sure.

She looked up at him and he smiled with raised eyebrows and a tilt of his head that seemed to be an invitation for her to come closer. She hesitated, not completely sure of his meaning. He continued to stroke, but raised his other hand and beckoned to her. His smile was mischevious, and she found herself grinning in response as she moved between his legs. She sat sideways on the bench and reached up and closed her hand lightly around his cock. His skin felt cool in her hand which had been heated by the water in the hot tub. She knew this meant that her hand felt warm to him, and wondered if he liked the sensation. He shifted position slightly and moved his hand so she could explore. She stroked him slowly, enjoying the feel of his hardness in her hand. He was circumsized and his skin felt smooth in her hand. He was ramrod straight with lots of interesting veins snaking along the shaft. The hair on his testicles was short and curly and she couldn't help imagining what it would feel like to run her tongue over the heavy sacks. She kept thinking about what it would feel like to have him inside her and the heat between her legs intensified.

She leaned closer and ran her tongue lightly over the head. His skin was smooth and warm and suddenly she found herself wanting to devour him. She shifted her position on the bench and ran her tongue slowly from the base to the head and back again several times as though he was a giant ice cream cone. She continued to use her hand to stroke him easily, enjoying the slippery feel of her saliva on him. He leaned back on his elbows, dropped his head back and moaned with pleasure. She felt a throb between her legs at the sound, and was glad that he liked a slow, sensual approach. She wrapped her mouth around the head and began to move slowly up and down, taking a bit more of him into her mouth with each downstroke. She held him steady with one hand and fondled his balls while her tongue danced over the sensitive spot just under the head. He began to move with her, encouraging her to keep the slow sucking and stroking. She complied for a few moments, but then she lifted her mouth completely off him and moved down to explore his balls with her tongue.

She kept her hand on the shaft, alternating between long strokes and short ones just involving the head. He groaned with pleasure and lay back, lifting his feet to the side of the tub and spreading his legs wide for her. She let her tongue explore that hard ridge under his balls, senses alert for his reaction. He spread his legs farther apart and lifted his hips slightly. That was all the invitation she needed. She ran her tongue in circles over his asshole, probing it slightly. He moaned and grabbed the shaft and began a steady stroking. This freed her hands to play with her own nipples in between licks of his ass and balls. She loved the tension in his thigh muscles...the way his balls retracted closer to his body...the slightly quickened pace of his stroking. These things all told her that his level of arousal was growing and that she was pleasing him.

She wasn't sure if he sensed what she was doing with her nipples, but after a few moments he sat up and reached down to cup one breast in his large hand. He pinched the nipple lightly and rolled it between his fingers. The sensation this caused between her legs was electric and she inhaled sharply. He slipped into the tub beside her. He leaned smoothly forward and took her other nipple in his mouth. He used a combination of suction and tongue swirls that had her moaning and reaching for his cock. God, she loved having her nipples sucked and fondled. His touch was firm enough to provide intense pleasure, but stopped just short of causing pain. The feel of his cock in her hand was awakening a strong desire to have something in her throbbing pussy.

He moved to crouch between her legs. He continued to suckle while his hands slid behind her and down her back to cup her ample ass. He began to stand, encouraging her to rise, so she reached back to brace her hands on the side of the tub. Before she knew it, she was sitting on the side of the tub and he was making a trail of kissing down her belly toward her sweet spot. She shifted position and leaned back a bit, hoping that she was going to feel his tongue on her clit very soon.

She wasn't disappointed. He used his hands to open her legs, then his fingers gently spread the outer labia, exposing the swollen pink interior. She lay completely back and lifted her feet to the sides of the tub to give him easy access. She felt his tongue make a slow sweep from her opening to her clit. She heard herself make a sound that was half groan, half sigh and was mildly embarassed at how eager she was. She needn't have worried. He responded by pressing his face into her wetness and suckling her clit.

He explored her with his lips and tongue in a way that soon had her oblivious to her surroundings and lost in the sensations he was causing. She marvelled at his ability to cause intense sensation without causing pain to her sensitive clitoris. He explored every fold and crevice with his tongue, periodically taking pauses to suckle her clit or her inner lapia. As her level of arousal rose, her hands found their way to her nipples and she began to long for something inside her. Just when she wanted it so much she thought she'd have to ask for it, he slipped his long finger all the way into her in one smooth, controlled stroke.

She heard herself gasp, "God, yes" as she ground down onto his hand. He moved his finger inside her and she felt him hit her g-spot just as his lips closed around her clit and began to suckle. A small part of her was still self-conscious because she knew her clit was small, but he didn't seem to be bothered by that. Soon she didn't care what he thought of her anatomoy because she knew she was going to cum any second. She began to murmur, "Don't stop, don't stop, don't stop." as she neared the peak of her orgasm. As she began to cum, she reached down and pressed his hand against her body. Her back arched and she groaned with the intense spasms of pleasure that were coursing through her. Her legs wrapped around him and she had to make and effort not to trap his head between her shuddering thighs.

She heard him murmur, "Damn baby...I can feel that." She knew he was referring to the pulsing that he could feel with his finger. She didn't know exactly why, but her partners always seemed surprised that they could feel her cumming. They enjoyed it...and at least they always knew when it was happening.

Before she had come completely back to earth from such an intense orgasm, he stood up, leaned forward and began to suckle her nipples. He slid his hands under her shoulders, pulling her body into his greedy mouth. He planted his feet and began to straighten, taking her with him until she was once again sitting upright on the edge of the tub. He urged her to stand, then turned her around with her back to him. He prompted her to lean forward over the edge of the tub and began to run his hands up and down her back and over her ass, dipping down to tease her moist slit with one finger. She felt herself begin to tingle and knew that she could cum again if he would oblige her.

He made humming sounds of appreciation as he stepped over and selected a condom from a small dish discretely placed nearby. As he moved back behind her, he asked, "I want to be inside you....ok?". She wanted him so badly all she could do was nod and plant her feet a bit more firmly in anticipation. She heard him open the condom and took a quick glance to be sure it really was on him. She had heard of men opening the packages and making noises with the wrapper but not actually putting them on. She was not going to have that happen to her in this day and age! His dark skin looked funny covered with the light colored condom, and she was relieved to see it that way.

She was also relieved to feel him use some of his saliva to moisten her opening. He was good sized and the slipperier she was the better! Clearly he knew what to do with the equipment he was packing. She felt him place the head of his cock against her throbbing opening. He slid it up and down a couple times to moisten it...and to tease her, she suspected. She was surprised her pussy lips didn't just reach out and grab him she wanted him inside her so badly. She felt him begin to press into her and could imagine the way her moist, swollen, pink lips opened up and folded around him. She liked to show herself on camera sometimes, and she knew what it looked like to see a toy entering her body. She wished she could see his hard, dark cock doing the same. She could imagine it though, and the pictures in her mind caused a flash of heat and she pressed herself back onto him until she felt him hit her cervix.

They groaned in unison from the pleasure of this first joining. She felt him begin to move slowly in and out of her. She was glad he was taking his time. He was big and her body took a little time to accommodate him. She worried a bit about his length because most men, in her experience, don't realize that it is painful for a woman when a man pokes her cervix - but this one did. He went in just far enough and then reversed direction. She began to relax as he gained her trust with his controlled thrusting. His pace quickened slightly and he began to run his hands over her ample backside. She imagined that his dark hand on her very white rump looked exotic.

Her breathing quickened as she felt his hands grip her hips and begin thrusting with a more purposeful rhythm. He continued to exhibit wonderful control and her arousal and increasing trust let her body open to take more of him. She began matching his thrusts and then reached under her body to play with her clit. Rear entry was not her favorite position because it didn't stimulate her clit enough, but she found the experience of standing in the hot water very erotic. Her fingers felt him entering her and the tight curly hairs on his balls. As his thrusting continued to increase, she felt another orgasm building.

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