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Hot Tub Temptations


When I say that my affairs mostly happened by accident, people just laugh, or roll their eyes, until I relate the details of them. In many cases, perhaps they don't even count as affairs -- I mean, if there isn't fucking, is it an affair?

One such 'event' happened last spring, (real life story here) and, personally, I would classify it as a 'non-affair' but it was one of the most erotic things that has ever happened to me.

I was on a job out side of NYC in one of the wealthier suburbs, staying at a very nice hotel -- with the one perk that I always look for when booking: a Hot tub!

My schedule, at these shows was always the same, I'd leave as soon as I could, change into my swim shorts, and SOAK in the hot tub -- a complete luxury, which I didn't have at home. Today was no exception -- I was exhausted, and wanted (no!, needed) that time in my own mind, feeling the water pounding my body, pushing away the day's stresses. I never had told my wife about my habit of doing this -- she only heard about how hard I worked at these shows. Perhaps it was a sense of guilt for leaving her home doing the single parent routine -- I guessed she probably felt better knowing I was working so hard all the time.

The tub was a nice big one -- looked like it would fit at least 5 people, and there was already a couple in there. They were either Italian, or Spanish -- and my quick glance could not tell which. I did notice that she was at least 15 years younger than me, with gorgeous skin, and her breasts, just under the surface of the tub took away my breath. I sat across from the couple, and listened to their voices -- even though I could not speak their language, I could tell they were arguing. A husband and wife spat... They were probably on their vacation, visiting family -- whatever. But, try as I might, to empty my mind, I kept thinking about her skin, and what a lucky bastard that guy was -- and here he was talking angrily to her... treating her almost like a child. If only I knew what was being said.

At that moment another couple showed up, the polar opposite of my Latin friends. They were in their sixties. Time, and lack of exercise had turned their bodies into fleshy blobs. Both of them were obese, and her flesh looked like it was trying to find any area of her body not covered by her suit to try to escape, and thus was bulging out, looking almost like it would 'Pop' if poked by a pin.

It was obvious that things would be a bit 'tight' in the tub, so I slid around to make room, so that I sat next to my 'Latin fantasy' -- and then had to slide a bit nearer. I was so near her that I could smell her, and my mind forgot about the large couple from Wisconsin (they talked loudly, Everyone knew their history). Even with the other couple's presence, the husband kept berating his beautiful wife in their foreign language, and she stayed quiet.

And then, it happened. I put my hand on the seat next to me -- accidentally touching her thigh, and quickly moved it away. Truly, it was an accident. Nothing to her, I thought, but it was a bit of a cheap thrill for me, and then, I felt the lightest touch of a finger against my own. I thought it must be accidental since she never once looked my way, and she was still listening to that ass of a husband fighting with her. It happened again! -- and I moved my hand just a bit to the right -- closer to her, and found her hand there. Our hands, side by side, touching along their entire lengths, my breathing getting more ragged, from the heat of the tub, the scent of this beautiful woman, and the innocent -- yet illicit touch of her hand under the water. I placed my hand on top of hers, and lightly stroked it -- afraid she would jerk away, say something to husband, and I would find out that this reverie I was in was simply in my own mind -- but her hand stayed there -- and let me stroke it. I knew at this moment that she was going to allow me to touch her body, and I was going to!

She never acknowledged my presence in the tub, let alone the fact that I was stroking her arm under the water, while she was talking with her husband. To say I was intrigued, and turned on was a bit of an understatement. I finally placed my hand on her thigh, and waited to see her reaction..... NONE. She didn't register any emotion on her face that this was happening. I so wanted to see if I could crack that cool exterior just a little bit -- just to see if I could make her bite her lower lip, or get her to shiver involuntarily in this hot water. The water lever was very high with the addition of our big guests, so I was not in danger of having anyone see what my hand was doing under the water.

My stroking of her thigh went higher, and higher, sometimes teasing the side of her waist, sometimes moving inwards, to the inside of her legs. I was not in any hurry, and was enjoying the sensation of her smooth skin, and also, I have to admit, I was completely turned on about touching her in front of her husband. After a few minutes of lightly touching her, I felt her knee push against my leg -- she was spreading her legs, tacitly letting me know that she wanted more. (though, her hand never moved from the space between us!). My hand traced the outline of her bikini bottom, sometimes along the inside of her thigh, sometimes along the top, by her belly button. It took all of my self control to NOT just force my hand down to her pussy...- besides,,, I wanted this to last. I wanted to savor this moment. I slipped a finger down from the top, by her belly, and felt just the beginnings of her pubic hair, and then slipped my finger back out. Watching her intently from the corner of my eye, there still was no reaction. Just a blank (but beautiful!) face watching her husband, sometimes interjecting vehemently when he would say something particularly rude (I assumed...).

My hand slipped back down to the inside of her thigh, and I gently lifted the edge of her suit, and put my hand fully on her pussy. Direct contact.... No more teasing.... I wanted to see what she would do... a stranger's hand cupping her pussy, in a public hot tub, while she was seated next to husband! -- and, her response? -- nothing!! In my mind's eye I could see the dark curly hair, and the flatness of her stomach, I ached with wanting to lift her up, strip her, and ravage her body, but the confines of our situation or course would only leave those to fantasy. My fingers sought her out, and they found her. Even in the heat of the water, I could feel the heat coming from her own body, and my fingers teased her flesh. I slid them along her lips.... Sometimes inside of her, just a little, sometimes I teased her clitoris... just enough. I wanted her to want more.... And then I felt my first response... her knee, against mine, quivered just a bit. Yes, just when I did that to her.. so I did it again.... And again. Involuntary motion... I loved it -- and wanted to make it happen over and over -- and I did. Finally, I wanted to see if I could make her cum! - To see if I could tempt some expression out of that beautiful face.

I slid my hand down between her legs as far as I could, and pressed my fingers into her....insistent,,,,lustful,...searching the core of her, pushing into her, feeling the heat of her body on my hand, her leg, moving against mine -- and then I felt it happening. Her hand suddenly was on mine -- holding mine hard against her, holding my fingers hard inside of her -- and I saw it. Her head leaned back against the edge of the tub, her mouth parted, and she moaned. He was still talking at her, not even noticing, and she was cumming. She said something to him (probably about how good the tub felt...), and he got up to go.

My beauty, then stood, and walked out of the tub. Just as she was leaving, she turned, and mouthed 'Thank you" to me and smiled. Perhaps she did know a bit of English!

She never touched me, once, and I was hard (I came strongly later that night reliving that scene), and even though we never made love, we never talked, and she never touched me, it was one of the most erotic experiences of my life.

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