tagIncest/TabooHot Tubbing With Mom

Hot Tubbing With Mom


When Danny's Mom and Dad got a divorce after twenty-five years of marriage, Danny decided to move his Mom in with him. It was no problem, Danny was a successful cook at a popular Hotel restaurant. His hours at the restaurant was keep him out late, and believe it or not, he always come home hungry. Therefore, the first thing Danny would do when he got home was raid the refrigerator. The other night, as Danny was making a sandwich that would have choked Dagwood, he heard a noise out on the patio. Thinking it might be a burglar, Danny sneak over to the French doors and peeked outside. In the bright light of a full moon, he spotted his Mom, Maria climbing into his hot tub. The moonlight played along her naked body as she slowly lowered herself into the steaming hot water.

When she turned slightly and the moonlight highlighted her breasts, Danny's eye widened in wonder. He had never noticed how large his Mom breasts were. They were like elongated melons hang from her chest. He found himself wish she would turn so he could see all of his Mom naked. As though reading his mind, Maria turned a bit farther, causing her big thick bush to come into view. All the girls Danny fucked preferred to trim their pussy hair short or go bald eagle, so the sight of his Mom's hairy bush excited him. Danny found his cock getting hard in his pants.

" Danny, is that you?: Mom called out as she submerged herself to her shoulders in the hot tub.

"Yeah," Danny answered as he opened the French doors, hoping to get another quick glance at his mom breasts before he went to bed. " I was just making a sandwich and heard a noise on the patio and thought I should investigate it." Danny said. He kept walking toward the hot tub, hoping she wouldn't tell him to go away before he got a look at her huge breasts just one more time.

"No, its only me. I couldn't sleep and I thought I soak in the hot tub for a little while to relax," Maria answered. "will you be a good boy and hand me that towel over there?" She asked as she pointed to a deck chair.

"yeah, sure, Mom," Danny agreed, as I got the towel. He didn't reach out and hand it to her. Instead , he walked right up to the hot tub. "Where do you want me to put it?" he asked.

"I'll take it," she said stand up in front of him. Danny had a perfect view of Maria's sexy body now almost in arms reach. She took the towel and turn around placing it on the other side of the hot tub. She turned back around and Danny's eye followed his Mom's big beautiful breast as they disappeared back into the water. " you're staring, Danny." his Mom said.

Embarrassed Danny said, "Sorry Mom, I guess I never thought of you as a woman before."

"Gee, thanks there, Hon." His Mom replied.

‘No that's not what I meant, I guess I always thought of you as a Mom, not as a sexy, beautiful woman." Danny corrected.

"Thank you, Danny, I haven't felt that way in a long time." Maria said blushing a little. After what seemed along time with neither of them saying something Danny turn to go. Maria stop him, "Wait, wouldn't you like to have a relaxing soak after a hard days work, Baby?"

"Sure, Mom, I'll go get my trunks." Danny replied, hoping the time in the house would help him get rid of his grow hard-on. "Come on you got to see me naked. Don't you think you think that I would like to see a husband young man naked, even if he is my son."

Embarrassed again Danny replied, "Mom, I hate to say this but seeing you naked gave me a hard-on." he wait for her to reply, figuring she say something like he should go inside and forget this happen, or worse he was sick, but instead.

"First, it perfectly nature of a man to get a hard-on at the worse time. Second, Now that we living together it important that we are not nervous around each other. So maybe, just maybe if I get to see you naked like you saw me than maybe we will not be. Third, I have seen a few hard-on in my life. I am not a virgin you know. Finally, You enjoyed looking at me naked. And like I said a moment ago don't you think I would like to see a handsome young man naked too. So go ahead a strip and get in here with me."

Danny stood there listen to his Mom talk a little stunned, a little amazed but very happy.

After a few moments "Are you going to take your clothes off or may I going to have to undress you like I did when you were little?" Maria said stand up again show of her body in all it naked glory. Danny's only answer was a big grin.

Maria took this grin for an answer. Danny watched as his mom climbed out of the tub. Maria wet hands felt good on Danny's hot skin. She removed his shirt and ran her hands over his bare chest. Her nails teased his nipples. Then Maria squatted down and unbuckled his belt. Danny held his breath as his Mom unfasten his pants and unzipped his pants. Danny hard cock popped out almost smacking his Mom in the face. "sorry, I should have warned you I don't wear underwear anymore." Danny said turning a little red. Maria only laughed.

Danny calmed down a little till he noticed that his Mom was inspecting his hard cock. "see something you like?" he asked.

"Your cock is much bigger than your father and his brother and I do believe my brother too. And he had a monster cock" Maria answered as she touched her son's cock for the first time. Danny almost moaned as his Mom wrapped her hand around his hard cock.

"You…you …saw all their cock, Mom?" Danny asked as his Mom slide her hand up and down his cock.

"You know I had the pleasure of seeing your father's cock all the time, not that that was a pleasure. As far as his brother, your uncle. That was after one drink to many one night. Might sound weird, but my brother's cock I saw all the time growing up. He used to have me watch him play with himself until he shot off. It was our secret." Maria said slowly jerking her son's big cock. "I haven't thought about him since he died. This beings back a lot of memories." Maria released her son's cock , stand, turned, and walked back to the hot tub.

Danny stood there, amazed watching his Mom's naked ass climb into the hot tub. "So are you going to join me or not?" asked Maria.

As Danny climb in to the hot tub, "You watched your brother playing with his cock?" Danny repeated a little stunned.

"There's nothing wrong with that," Maria said as settled into hot tub, closing her eyes. "In fact it was kind of exciting."

"why are you tell me this?" asked Danny.

"simply I what you to fell comforted with me so I want you to knew your not the first blood relative to get a hard on around me." Maria answered as she continue relax in the hot tub.

For about ten minutes neither one of them said a word, then Danny asked "what would you say, if I said that I would like for you to watch me masturbate?"

Maria open her eyes and looked at her son for a moment, "Sure, Danny. Go ahead and stroke that big cock of yours. I'd love to watch you play with it."

Danny sat up on the edge of the hot tub and grabbed his throbbing cock and started to slide his hand up and down. Maria's eyes followed the motion of her son's hand as he slide along the length of his big cock.

" I what to see your body." Danny said. Maria slowed stood up in response to her son's wishes. Danny watched and tried to memorizes ever detail of his Mom's as she stood, the look on her face, the slight blush to her skin, the way the droplets of water rolled down her breasts and off her nipples. The curves of her hips and the matted hair covering her pussy lips.

Slowly Danny jerked on his cock as it throbbing in his hand. His Mom naked body in arms reach. " please, will you spread your legs so I can see your pussy better? He asked.

Maria again did say a word but again responded to her son's request. Spreading her legs wide so her son could stare at the pussy he came out of. She didn't have to be told what to do next she reached down and spread her lips open for Danny's eyes to feast on her pink wetness.

Danny pumped his cock faster as he stared lustful at his spread pussy. Danny didn't remember moving but the next the he knew he was standing in front of his Mom his hard cock jutting out between them almost touching her wet body. He cupped his Mom's heavy breasts. He squeezed them and pinched her hard nipples, twisting they just a little. Maria shuddered under her son's touch.

"you like this?" Danny stared at his Mom.

Danny twisted his Mom's nipples a little more and then pulled on them. Maria trembled and then blew a breath out as her head tilted back, her eyes closed and her mouth went slack.

"Yes,… baby,… I do." Maria have moaned. Danny never wanted a woman as much as he wanted his Mom at this moment.

Danny twisted his Mom's nipples a little more and then pulled them out toward him, and Maria trembled a little harder. She clearly liked having her tits fondled, even if he was a little rough.

" You like my hard cock, don't you, Mom?"

Maria nodded and then slowly said, "Yes."

At this moment Danny thought that if he wanted to he could push his Mom back on the deck and slam his cock into her wet pussy. That thought made his cock jump. But what if she was just caught up in this game like he was and when he started fucking her, and she freaked. He be raping his own mother. With that thought in mind he quickly decide to wait until she asked for it then. Then he fuck her like she had never been fucked before.

Maria gasped as Danny rolled her aroused nipples hard between his fingers. Danny swear his Mom had a little orgasm as he kneaded her nipples. Maria gasped when her son pinched her nipples and then licked her lips while her body started to tremble in front of her son. Maria traveled up her son's leg, and gently tenderly she fondled her son's balls. Danny took his Mom's hand off his balls and wrapped her fingers around his cock. Placing his hand over hers and guided her in how he like for her to stroke his cock.

Maria quickly caught on to the rhythm and pressure her son liked. When Danny removed his hand from hers he moved back to her breasts, caress them and then pinching her nipples. Maria's body trembled as she stroked her son's hard cock. They both started to make little sounds of pleasure as they continue touching each other. It didn't too much of this before Danny began felling that hot tingle in his groin, signaling an impending orgasm.

" Faster!" Danny gasped, "I'm gonna come!"

Maria's hand picked up speed. Her face was half hidden behind her hair as she focus was on watching her hand as she stroked her son's cock. Maria licked her lips and grinned as her son's cock throbbed in her grip. Danny was trembling all over and his knees were shaking, while his mom tugged on his balls as her other hand whipped up and down his shaft. Danny knew he was going to come and came hard but his first shot of cum caught them both by surprise. A large glob of cum hit Maria squarely between the eyes. As it began to drop down the front of her nose, Danny continue to shot soon his Mom was taking a facial cum bath. It was like something out of a porno. Maria didn't seem to mind because she didn't stop stroking or lt go of her son's cock as cum poured out, flying in thick spurts, across her face. Some went in her mouth when she licked her lips, as other loads splashed across her nose, cheeks, and even her hair. It just kept pouring out of him in thick waves like he had never come before.

Some of his cum, as Maria tugged on his cock, splashed down across her neck to run down across her breasts. When she had gotten everything out of him, Maria let go and slowly licked her lips, tasting her son's thick cream. Danny lean against the side of the hot tub shaking so hard, and his Mom sat there like nothing had happened. "Sorry Mom, I didn't mean for that to happen." Danny said, a little embarrassed.

"I'm not mad, baby." Maria said. She scope some of the cum of her breasts and licked it of her fingers. "you taste wonderful, Hon. Just next time... That is it there is a next time keep it on my tits and out of my face." Maria stood, turned and reached for the towel. In this position Danny had a beautiful view of his Mom's puffy pussy lips. " your turn, Mom." Danny said.

"what did you… sayyy." Maria almost screamed as her son finger slide between her wet pussy lips and his thumb found her engorged clit. Maria gasped in pleasure as her son gently worked over her pussy. Danny's finger slide in of out of his Mom's pussy making a soft , wet noise. "Stop, please … you shouldn't… please…" Maria gasped.

Danny pulled his finger from his Mom's wet pussy and Maria growled, "what …what are you doing?"

"You said stop, so.." Danny started to say. "forget what I said and get your finger back in me." Maria ordered.

This time Danny shoved two fingers deep in to his Mom's pussy making her moan. Danny finger fucked his Mom and soon she was thrusting back against his hand. Her breasts began to swing as Danny pumped his Mom. Danny rotated his finger in his Mom's pussy taking his thumb away for his Mom's clit and began rubbing her asshole with his wet thumb.

Only once before in her lifetime had someone played with her asshole and that encounter end with her being fucked in the ass, and she had loved it. Maria moaned her approval. "shove that finger up my ass, son,… fuck my ass, too."

Danny was a little surprised how easy his thumb slide in his Mom's ass but he loved it. Maria bucked back against his hand even harder. "yesss, that feels so good, Danny! So goood, don't stop, faster…faster.. Yeess

I'm comiiiinnngg!" Maria about screamed. Maria went limp on the deck as Danny pulled his wet finger from her. He first brought his fingers to his nose to inhaled his Mom's scent and then to his mouth to taste her.

Danny sat and waited for his Mom to calm down and when she did she sank back down into the hot tub next to her son and rested her head on his shoulder. After a moment Danny took her hand in his and said, "I 'm not stupid Mom, you wanted this to happen and I glad it did but what made you do this?"

Maria sighed "remember a week ago you got a phone call from a woman name Sara."

"sure, but what does that have to do with this." Danny replied.

"Well, I didn't get of the phone I listen in and heard the two of you having phone sex. I heard her tell you how she was touching herself and when you said you were doing the same thing. I took the wireless with me and sneak up to your room. The door was open enough for me to see you playing with your cock. I watched and listen to the two of you getting off. It made me so wet that I when to my room and stripped and played with myself till I exploded. That's the first time since my brother died that I came. Your father a great man but was a lover he sucks." Maria finally stop for air.

"So you and your brother were lover, huh?" Danny asked.

"Yes" Maria said.

"Are we going to be lovers, Mom? Is that what you what?" Danny asked almost holding his breath as he waited for the answer.

"I don't know, Danny." Maria said looking into her son eyes. "This was incredible but I don't know want.

I'm so sorry, son. For that."

"it already we'll figure this out," Danny wrapping his arms around his Mom, holding her. "we'll figure it out."

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