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Hot Vacation


a true story

It was one of the warmer Augusts here in Southern California that I can remember. My lovely wife and I were both eager to escape from our jobs and head off for a long over due vacation in the mountains. The mountains were where we felt like we belonged. We surely didn't feel we belonged here in this push and shove city where if you didn't work a minimum of 50 hours a week, you just weren't part of the team and were made to feel substandard and lazy. We were desperate to leave all that behind us, if only for a couple of weeks. We'd let the system beat us down and demoralize us.

We spent Friday evening after work rushing around trying to pack the truck with camping gear and provisions. There seemed no end to all the loose ends that need to be dealt with when you plan to be out of touch for two weeks. The atmosphere at home wasn't much different than the rat race we'd let consume us over the last year.

We were the ideal couple in most people's eyes. We were soul mates, lovers and best of friends. Most of the time our passionate little world was well defended from the ugliness out there.

We weren't at our best that evening. We were critical, impatient and downright grouchy. The trip wasn't sounding like much fun. For some reason we were burdened by all the stuff that we felt we were leaving undone. We were sure the world would crumble without us.

Luckily, we had made expensive reservations for some white water rafting and felt that we had to go through with it. We packed and sniped at each other until late in the evening. We quietly went to bed and slept.

The next morning, it all started again. We ran around trying to finish getting ready and trying to stay out of each other's way. It wasn't till mid morning that we finally headed off down the road in a truck with no air conditioning and a forecast of temperatures in excess of 100-degrees.

We drove six or seven hours through the Southern California desert stopping only for gas and a quick fast-food lunch. The drive was, as you can imagine quite miserable. I think we both spent much of the drive thinking about our jobs and the mess that would be waiting for us when we returned to them. What were we doing out here in the middle of the hot desert?!!

When we finally arrived at our destination, we decided to find our campground and call it an evening. We were surprised to find the campground almost deserted. There were a few people, but everybody was spread out. I think everybody in the campground probably had a bathhouse to himself or herself. Like everyone else, we decided to make as much room between humanity and us as we could. We sat up camp quickly, Then sat around the fire ring eating cold sandwiches. "To damn hot for a fire!!!" It soon began getting dark, I guess it was probably around 8 O'clock. The darkness brought some relief from the heat, but it still wasn't comfortable. We were still questioning why we'd come.

After a short period of staring at the empty fire ring in dull silence. My lovely wife stood up, walked over to the truck, pulled her bathing stuff out and said that she was going to take a shower.

She asked, "Its kinda dark, do you want to walk me to the shower?"

I said, " sure, I could use a shower too."

We walked down the little trail to the shower and found it completely deserted.

The showers were in this little cinder block building with a men's side and a woman's side. Each side had been designed with a small restroom area and one huge shower. The lighting was very inadequate and we had only one flashlight.

We were standing in the doorway of the woman's side when my wife said. "Looks like nobody is here, Why don't you take a shower with me?"

That was the very first hint of how fun the trip was going to be. I of course jumped at the idea, but I could never quite be sure her invitation meant what I hoped it meant.

The shower was actually a large concrete room with a showerhead at the one end and bench seating attached to the wall and wrapped around one of the corners at the opposite end. There was no door, just an opening into the restroom area.

We put our stuff on the bench, and she started to disrobe. I just stood and watched. I always enjoy watching her undress, She is so damn beautiful.

She is Filipina/Latina, which gives her a very different look. Everywhere we go people are always trying to guess her ethnic roots. Usually they guess Polynesian. I can see that, with her long beautiful silky dark brown hair and perfect brown skin.

You could put her in nothing but a grass skirt and you would think I had kidnapped her off of one of the pacific islands.

She was gloriously naked now as she turned to me with her hands on her hips and said, "Well, aren't you going to take a shower?" I quickly undressed, as she figured out how the water worked. As I remember, hot water was completely unimaginable since what came out of the cold water tap was luke warm. The water felt great, we both just stood there for a time enjoying the water mixing with the night air to cool us down. The longer we stayed there, the more relaxed we became and the less worried we were about getting caught.

My wife picked up the soap and proceeded to wash me from head to toe. She touched every inch of me except the one part of me that most desired to be touched. That part stood stiff, swollen and throbbing, impatiently waiting his turn. For some reason, the soap we were using made a great deal of suds. This inspired my wife's creative side. She proceeded to shape the suds into various designs on my chest and then stepped back and giggled at her artistry. All the while ignoring the throbbing weapon that was aimed right at her.

When her game was over, she handed me the soap and said. "It's your turn"

I leaped at the opportunity to explore her glorious treasures. She teasingly waved a finger at me and cautioned restraint. She encouraged me to go slow.

Wow, this was fun. I attempted to follow her lead; I turned her around and started washing her beautiful satiny shoulders and neck. Then, I slowly washed her arms all the way to her fingertips. I moved downward from her shoulders, scrubbing, massaging and planting kisses as I went. Not missing a spot. I dropped to my knees and placed both my hands on her firm ass cheeks. I kneaded them firmly and then gently nibbled on them. I moved to her beautiful well-shaped thighs. She slightly parted her legs to allow better access.

As I washed the inside of her thighs I tested the rules a bit and stretched out my index finger and gently stroked her beautiful pussy, focusing on her clit. She moaned in approval and let me continue for a few moments.

She then shifted and said "now now, not so fast" in a teasing tone.

I continued on and washed her legs and beautiful feet. I turned her around and washed her face and alternately kissed her delicious lips. I kissed her passionately then continued downward washing that glorious neck. . I lingered awhile washing her perfect breasts. Her nipples hardened.

I decided to get artistic myself. I remember making her a bikini out of nothing but soapsuds. She once again counseled moderation as I covered her pubic hair with soapsuds. I stepped back and admired my work; we both laughed out load.

The magic was back!!

She gave me a sexy smile and once again took control of the soap saying that I obviously couldn't be trusted to go any further.

I stood back and watched her wash her beautiful pussy and her legs. She looked up a few times to make sure I was paying attention.

My cock stood patiently at attention this whole time, begging to be noticed.

Once she finished washing, I wasn't real sure what she was going to do.

With soap in hand she stepped up to me and put her soapy hand on my throbbing dick. "At last!!!!" She wrapped her fingers around my swollen cock and started stroking me with long deliberate strokes. She enjoyed the power she had over me at the moment. I tried to stand straight and motionless. She would occasionally look up at me with a devilish smile. I was in heaven.

She then put both hands on me and continued to stroke me faster and faster. I felt I was close to cuming, but was spending allot of energy just standing.

She all at once stopped her stroking and turned to the water to rinse the soap from her hands. She cupped her hands together and filled them with water. She turned back to me and splashed the water on me to rinse off the suds that covered much of my body. She repeated this again and again until I was completely rinsed.

She placed her hand around the base of my cock, bent over and sucked about half of my throbbing post down her throat. My GOD!!!! that felt good. She slid her lips up and down my shaft and occasionally twisted her head from side to side. I was overwhelmed with pleasure. She pulled her beautiful lips off my cock and proceeded to lick the underside of it from base to head.

At this point she stood up straight and again gently stroked me. She looked up into my eyes and said "so?" With one word and a look I knew what she was saying.

She was handing control over to me. She was saying "get creative and please me. "

I immediately bent over her. I put my hands on the back of her thighs and raised her straight in the air. We could now look at each other eye to eye. She wrapped her legs around my waist and her arms around my neck. I could feel the heat of her pussy on my stomach. We kissed passionately. I took three steps forward and pressed her back against the cool brick wall. My lips clamped on to her delicious neck and nibbled up and down. I moved her hips with my arms to align her sweet hot pussy with my stiff heat-seeking missile. I rubbed and poked my dick against her pussy until I found my delicious target and pressed myself into her. I felt her stretch around me. In three of four strokes, I was all the way in her. My balls pressed against her ass.

As I looked into her lustful eyes, I started taking long strokes in and out of her. She was so incredibly wet. The playful smile was gone, It had been replaced with the serious lust filled look of a wild animal.

I had been teased to long, I now fucked her hard and selfishly. She held tightly to my shoulders, her breasts pressed against by chest. Our bodies slipped almost frictionless against each other as I fucked her. Our skin was well lubricated by the water and the soap.

I now supported almost her entire weight (barely 100 LBS) with my arms. The water from the shower was beating down on us. I fucked her hard using every muscle in my body. My hard throbbing cock sliding deep into her cunt.

My shoulders started to feel the pain of exhaustion. My arms were week and started to betray me. I cursed them, I didn't want to stop. She was just getting started. With the strength I left. I carried her over to the benches that were attached to the wall. I sat her feet down on the bench.

In the process of rearranging ourselves, my dick reluctantly slipped out of her. Her pussy was now to high for me to reach, she put her toes on the edge of the bench, bent her knees and slid her back down the wall. She grabbed my throbbing cock and guided me into her. I pushed it up her deep and hard. I again started to fuck her.

I was close to cumming and from the look on her face she was ready too.

I picked up the pace and was slipping in and out of her at a feverish rate. It was now time to let loose, and I did!!!

I started shooting my cum straight up into her. Her sweet pussy clutched at my cock again and again.

Once the orgasms were over, She stood up straight and I collapsed onto her. My head right between her beautiful breasts. We wrapped our arms around each other and struggled to get our breath back. I looked up at her and kissed her. Our eyes met and we both grinned from cheek to cheek. A few minutes later, we were back in the water splashing each other and showering off again.

I surveyed the room for how we could have improved our action. I told her that I had some other ideas. She gave me a playfully disgusted look and called me a nasty boy.

We finished our shower, got dressed and went back to the campsite. The grumpiness was gone and we didn't give a damn about the jobs we'd left behind. We were the playful lovers again.

Day 2

The next morning we got up early and met up with the rest of the folks that were to go whitewater rafting with us. We were given the option of taking one of the kayaks or riding in the bigger raft. I opted for the kayak and she went with a group in the raft. It was great fun. We all traveled down the river at the same time, so it was easy to keep an eye on how each other was doing.

At one tricky bend in the river, they lost control of the raft and several people got bounced out. My wife, being one of them.

It was nerve racking for a few moments, but we were able to get everybody to shore safely.

I'll say again that my wife is a beautiful woman, the perfect picture of a Polynesian princess. She made the best of this very sexy one piece black bathing suit, but usually wore a tee-shirt over it.

As she stood on the shore with the others, she was of course very wet and cold. I remember the picture perfectly as she pulled off the tee shirt revealing her every curve.

Her cold nipples stood out distinctively and the shape of her bush was obvious. Every curve was highlighted. Every man on the river that day was pleasantly stunned.

From the other side of the river I watched a buff young tour guide reluctantly hand her a towel. I was incredibly proud of her at the moment. Especially as I remembered the night of passion spent fucking this woman the night before. The other men could only dream about it. At the moment, I was sure that they were all dreaming just that.

The day had been great fun. There were no more doubts as to whether or not we should of come or not. Throughout out the day at every chance I got, I would tell her that I really felt like a shower. When she didn't ignore me. She would give me that you must be crazy look.

That evening back at the campsite, we made some dinner and discussed plans for the next day.

She got up and said. "So, are we going to take a shower?"

I immediately gave her that hungry animal look.

She waved her finger at me and said " I said a shower! you naughty boy, You're going to have to behave".

I of course had no credibility at the moment. I would promise anything. But, She knew that.

We once again took the hike to the woman's showers and once again it was deserted.

We stripped down and got the water running. Like every time I get the opportunity, I marveled at her nakedness. I thought about the fantasies she had fired up in the men back at the river. I was hard before I got my pants off. " Damn. I'm a lucky man." I thought to myself.

She took the shower pretty serious and got down to washing herself and her hair. I was left to fend for myself. Although I was on my best behavior my cock once again stood at stiff attention. She gazed at my throbbing soldier a few times and just shook her head at me.

I did get the opportunity to wash her back and shoulders, but she took over after that.

Once we were finished showering, we dried off and stood there naked. I felt that we were at a point were things could go either way. I was desperately thinking to myself, " come on, give me the signal!!!"

She looked around the room and said with a naughty smile. " Ok, what was that great Idea you had?

Yes!!!!! I screamed in my head!!". I smiled at her and told her to "come on".

I lead her over to the corner of the room where the benches met at a 90-degree angle. I helped her up on the bench.

She started to get into the position that she had been in the night before, but I held her hips and twisted her around to where she was facing the corner.

She said in her sexiest voice. "Oh, you nasty boy!!".

I took her hands and placed one on the windowsill and the other on a towel hook. She moaned in anticipation. Starting at her shoulders, I started planting kisses everywhere. My hands reached around her and fondled her perfect breasts. She moaned in approval. Her beautiful wet skin glistened in the moonlight. I then slid one hand down her abdomen and parted her pussy lips as I stroked her clit. She ground herself on my fingers. My stiff cock rubbed on her leg.

I could already tell that she was really horny. She moaned and moved more than she normally did. She reached down between her legs in a search for my cock.

I made sure that she found it. She stroked it a couple of times and then pulled me too her pussy. God I was hot.

I was not going to show any mercy, I needed to fuck her bad.

She placed the head of my dick on her cunt and started pulling me inside as she bent her knees to ease herself down on me. Her hot pussy felt so incredible. I looked forward to a second night of fucking this incredible Cunt.

I slipped in her quite easy since she was so hot and wet. Damn!!!!!! I thought. I was about an inch short of being all of the way in her.

We tried to adjust, but weren't having much luck until, in a stroke of genius I lifted my right foot and placed it on the bench beside hers.

"OHHH!!!" she said as I slipped easily all the way up her.

My balls pressed against her clit and her sweet pussy lips were at the very base of my cock.

To this day I shudder when I think of that one moment, slipping all the way up her.

Just as I was prepared to start fucking her hard, she said "Wait! Let me do it, stay still."

It was a shock to my system, but I always love it when she gets creative.

I said, "Ok, baby".

She started to move. Oh god this felt great.

She was in this position where she didn't have to carry her weight with her arms. She just used them for balance. Her knees were only slightly bent and didn't have to do much of the work. She found that she could just rock back and forth using mostly her hips. She was thrilled.

She was experiencing a sense of freedom that she'd never felt before. She was so excited. On other occasions she would often start out full of fire but would soon get tired and signal me to take over. I was sure that this again would be the case.

Something was different this time. She found her rhythm.

Again and again she plunged herself down on me pulling her sweet pussy all the way to the head of my dick and then plunging herself down again to the base. She became more and more confident, more and more comfortable, Hotter and hotter.

I was wondering when she was going to let me take over, but she fucked me and fucked me. My dick felt so hard and so huge as she selfishly pleased herself.

It all felt so good that I couldn't just be a bystander and tried to start matching her rhythm by ramming my throbbing dick in her pussy.

She abruptly said " NO!!!, stay still!!!"

I once again followed orders and stood there stiffly, allowing her to use my cock for her pleasure.

I'd never seen her quite like this. She was lost in some sexual abandon.

I loved watching her loose her self, but fought my selfish desire to take over and finish her immediately. I knew this was special for her and struggled to do it her way.

She changed her rhythm. She pulled her pussy all the way to just below the head of my dick and took three or for short strokes as she squeezed tightly. She would then take one long deep stroke all the way down my shaft. Time and time again she repeated the same sequence. I don't know how I held on. I was going insane with pleasure. All at once, she stepped up the pace. She was now whimpering and taking the full length of my dick with every stroke. The sounds of hot sex echoed off the concrete walls.

She slammed herself down the base of by dick and let out a sharp and loud Ohhhh!!!!

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