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Hot Wife Jewelry and Trophies


The following is one of a series of stories and essays I wrote called "The Hot Wife Sagas". These writings provide me with a way of sharing my thoughts, ideas, experiences and fantasies about the swinger and hot wife life style which I enjoy reading about and exploring whenever I can. I hope you enjoy my writings.

I have read so many posts and entries that the symbol of a hot wife is the ankle bracelet. Supposedly, married women wearing an anklet on her right ankle, means she is a hot wife and she is available. My wife knows I love ankle bracelets and always wears them on her right side. I'm skeptical of claims that it's universally accepted that it's a hot wife signature, but I do love her wearing any kind of jewelry especially if gets our own sexual imaginations going.

One of our favorite items is a charm vessel or container that my wife wears on a wrist bracelet. This is a small piece of jewelry that has a top that screws off and she fills it with cum from her various playmates to remember them by or to have some of their mojo if you will. We found something on the web just by accident called "Cylinder Cremation Jewelry" which is actually for the ashes of loved ones or pets that have died and of course being of warped minds and morals we came up with another unique idea for some other uses for them. My wife now has a number of these cum filled vessels to remember her favorite guys by.

Only the men she has bareback sex with get put into that special hall of fame. After she fills one of the vessels with his cum I add it to her wrist bracelet. She loves to wear it out in public and to wave it in my face when we are out with our friends at a bar or restaurant and give me wicked little smile to remind me of her naughty little secret.

Sometimes she will wear the recently filled vessel on a waist chain for a few days if it was a special guy or situation like a black guy or much younger guy. She will wear the vessel hanging down in the front inside her panties next to her clit with the cum of her new guy bumping up against her clit all day long just to remind her of how good he was and just what a naughty girl she is.

One of our favorite things is she always has an empty charm vessel on her bracelet to symbolize the next conquest. It is always there ready to be filled by the right stud. When we go to the beach, the mall or anywhere out in public we both love to point out good looking guys that she might choose to fill the empty vessel. I love acting as her wing man pointing out any good candidates I see and talking about how he might be in the sack.

At the end of the year we retire the bracelet and start a new one for the upcoming year with an empty vessel ready to be filled. We keep the bracelets from the previous years in a special jewelry box in her trophy case. We keep track of which vessel goes with which guy and sometimes go back and look at the pictures or other items she has related to that guy. We both usually end up getting very horny and having great sex together while reminiscing, seeing and touching these physical items,they really get our minds racing and our juices flowing.

One of my fetishes I guess you would call it is I love the image of my wife's wedding ring covered with another man's cum. The thrill of watching my wife stroking her lover's cock with her wedding ringed hand, making him cum onto her left hand, the anointing of the wedding ring - with large amounts of her lovers semen! I find the symbolism is very exciting. My wife is very attached to her wedding ring and does not care for idea so as a result I bought her a backup wedding ring what I call her slut wife wedding ring. When we go out and she has had more than a few drinks she will give me "the look" and turn her wedding ring upside down to ask me if it's alright for her to play with a new guy she may be flirting with. Of course I always say yes, and she then takes her regular wedding ring off and puts her slut wife ring on and then proceeds to see where the night will take her.

I see a lot of stories about women who enjoy going out cock hunting or to play as a hot wife not wearing any panties. My wife is not one of these women. For whatever reason she does not feel comfortable doing this. She is ok wearing crotchless panties, thongs or G-String or sheer panties. As a result of this we have some crotchless panties that are used as trophies to be given away to the guys that she plays with as mementos or keep sakes to remember her by.

These types of panties are a lot of fun because they allow easy access to her toy box for both finger fucking, going down on her for good face fuck or drilling her in some restroom or secluded area or not so secluded area where he can just lift up her dress and pump away. For my part in the process I bought her some personalized crotchless satin bikini panties with her name on them. She wears when she goes out and she thinks she may be getting lucky. Most guys like the idea of having her panties to keep, some have a fetish along those lines and for some it just a status symbol like the "panty raid" they may done back in college. In any case she likes the ideas that he will remember her and the sex they had was something special.

She also carries an extra pair of dark satin panties with her in her purse to ware after having sex to catch the cum dripping from her pussy from the guy she just had sex with. This is one of her trophies to remember her adventure with her new boy toys. We sometimes silk screen the cum filled panties with the date and the guy's name to keep track of the trophies. I put them in a large zip lock bag and add them to a fancy box we use as her trophy case were it is enshrined as proof of her beauty, sensuality and power as a women. She also gets the guys underwear sometimes which we also put into the trophy case. We enjoy going through the trophy case on a regular basis and replaying all the memories of the various guys she has tried out and added to her sexual resume. We always end up having mind blowing sex long before we ever get through all the items in box. It has provided hours of fun and simulation both for us.

A lot of our "Hot Wife" activity is actually more a matter of swinging with another couple that we play with on a regular basis. We just feel much more comfortable doing these things with people that we know and trust as opposed to going out trying to find strangers to play with. This particular couple shares most all our same little fantasies and we all respect each other and never judge or get mad with one other. The other husband dates my wife and treats her like a "Hot Wife" and I do the same with his wife. We all enjoy the hot wife fantasy and do a lot of role playing and swapping based upon that whole scenario. Sometimes we soft swap and sometimes we take it to the limit where we get as kinky and as outrageous as we can.

One of the things we enjoy about the hot wife experience is the whole power exchange thing, him surrendering his wife to me as sign of my masculinity and power as a man and then me doing the same offering my wife to him. I bought an ankle bracelet with my name on it and we have a little ritual or surrender ceremony that we go through sometimes. He puts my ankle bracelet on his wife's ankle to symbolize him giving up her body and his martial rights to me. I do something similar offering my wife to him and then he accepts her and acknowledges the value of my gift. This giving up or accepting power is a very erotic thing for both us especially when we make into a ceremony or ritual. We enjoy both the dominate and the submissive roles and the wide range of emotions that go with it.

I hope you enjoyed reading about our games and how we like to add a little additional spice to our already great sex life. Feel free to try out some of these things I mentioned and see if they add a little something special to your sex life as well.

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