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Hot, Yet Romantic


I wish I were holding you in my arms right now, gazing into your eyes, feeling the depths of your soul, speaking volumes without uttering a sound. I caress your sweet face, running my fingers through your hair, massaging your scalp, gently cupping your chin in my hand, tenderly kissing your luscious lips.

Our tongues dance as we kiss, with long, slow, hot, wet, deep, tender, passionate French kisses, hands wandering all over each others' desirous bodies, touching each other in just the right way, in all the special, "secret" places.

As I kiss your neck, my hot, wet, talented tongue on your soft, silky-smooth skin makes you so wet with desire for me. Your nipples stiffen in eager anticipation of the oral, lingual, and digital pleasure they are about to enjoy.

I kiss, lick, suck, & nibble all over your neck, throat, earlobes & jawline. As I whisper in your ear how sweet you taste and smell, how sexy you are, how much you turn me on, how I am going to utterly pleasure you, my hot breath in your ear makes you gush like a geyser between your legs. Your sweet, musky aroma wafts up to my nostrils, driving me mad with pure lust for you.

I lick,suck, nibble down your neck, shoulders, chest, to your heaving breasts, my tongue swirling inward in slow, lazy circles toward your erect, ultrasensitive nipples and engorged areolae. I take a nipple between my lips, sucking gently yet firmly, the tip of my tongue flicking over the tip of your nipple, while my fingers stroke your other nipple, areola, breast. Then I switch, so both breasts get equal oral & manual pleasures.

My fingers and hands continue to stimulate your breasts, as I lick and kiss down your chest, belly, hips, to your inner thighs, teasingly avoiding your vulva, as I inhale deeply of your natural fragrance; it makes me desire you even more!

I lick and nibble down your thighs, knees, shins, to the tops of your feet, sucking on each of yoru toes one by one, the tip of my tongue flicking over the soft, tender tissue in between. I lick your soles, insteps, arches, soles, nibbling up your Achilles tendons, ankles, calves, to the backs of your knees, an oft-neglected, yet exquisitely erogenous zone.

I kiss & lick up your hamstrings, buttocks, back, shoulders, neck, whispering in your ear how wonderful you are; I lick and kiss back down your spine, in slow, serpentine patterns, down to the crack of your ass.

I gently part your cheeks, running my tongue down the crack of your ass, to your sweet, hot delectible little backdoor rosebud. I gently suck on your anus; when your sphincter relaxes, I plunge my tongue in & out , in & out, in & out, over & over & over again, while my thumb makes slow rotations over the hood of your clit, barely grazing the surface, as my fingers slide inside your love tunnel, the tip of my finger finding your g-spot, massaging it gently yet firmly.

My tongue licks up your perineum to your glistening labia and throbbing, white-hot, protruding clit, as I enter your backdoor with the finger that is well-lubed from your sweet nectar. The tip of my tongue flicks over your clit a zillion times a second, like a snake on speed, like a velvet buzzsaw, as you explode in a nonstop series of massive, multiple, magnificent, mindshattering orgasms, each climax more intense and longer-lasting than the previous ones, nanoseconds apart, as you come like a freight train, gushing like a geyser, as I lovingly, eagerly lick up all your delicious love juices, which is a never-ending upward spiral of heavenly delights.

I kneel behind you, rubbing my big, hard, hot, thick, stiff, throbbing cock over your ultrasensitive love button, s-l-o-w-l-y entering your hot, wet, tight pussy, inch by precious inch. You thrust back into me, taking me to the hilt, gasping with sheer delight, as my rock-hard shaft pulls on your labia and rubs against your clit perfectly, while my swollen mushroom finds your g-spot with every stroke.

We thrust together in perfect harmony, exquisite rhythm, as your expert vaginal muscles know exactly what to do, relaxing on the in-stroke, clamping down hard on the out, like a 1000 tiny fists and fingers massaging every square millimeter of my shaft, while your deep vaginal, cervical, and uterine muscles pull my glans inward, as it rubs against your g-spot.

You reach back between your legs, to massage my sack, with your gentle, knowing fingers, the tip of your thumb brushing against the underside of my shaft right where it meets my sack, stimulating me to the max.

I lean down to kiss your neck, murmuring in your ear how good you feel. You tilt your head, so our tongues can dance, as you savor the flavor of your vaginal and anal tastes on my tongue.

I take you over the top again & again, as you shudder in paroxysms of ecstasy, over & over. I pull out of your love canal, and rub my well-lubed head over your anus, while I slide my fingers into your spasming pussy, my thumb stroking your clit.

As your sphincter allows me, I enter your backdoor millimeters at a time, rocking my hips to & fro, back & forth, letting you get used to me. You finally slam your shapely ass back into my belly & hips, taking me so deeply inside, as you gasp with pleasure, while your vaginal muscles grasp my fingers hard, your clit pulsating, your wetness flooding my hand.

You beg me to fuck your ass faster, harder, deeper; I eagerly comply. Every nerve, every cell, every fiber of your body, brain, mind & spirit is on fire for me, as mine are for you as well. My cock, hands and fingers make you orgasm over & over, vaginally, clitorally, anally, uterinely, and mammarily, as my upturned palm is just under your swaying breasts, the tips of your nipples barely grazing the surface of my palm, an exquisite, electric sensation.

Your fingers are massaging my sack, and your thumb is rubbing my shaft, as you feel my urethra pulsing. I am close to coming for you, so you beg me to explode in your mouth.

I withdraw from your anus; as you lay me back, your eager, talented mouth and tongue pleasuring my head & shaft, your fingers & hands stroking my cock and fondling my scrotum. You suck me like a Hoover, your tongue touching me in just the right way, in all the special places.

I explode into your mouth, pumping my hot, delicious load deep down your throat. You savor the tastes of my cum, your anus and your pussy juices all mixed together. You suck me dry; I finally have to beg you to stop, 'cause it hurts so good.

We collapse into each others' arms, holding each other tightly, two bodies so close together, one soul united in exquisite ecstasy, sheer bliss, utter pleasure, supreme satisfaction, passionately kissing, tongues dancing, enjoying the tastes of ourselves and each other on our tongues and in our mouths, knowing that after the briefest of pauses, we will continue to pleasure each other over & over again...

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