1: Room Service

Beth and Nick checked into their room late that night.

The hotel was the last tall building at the edge of downtown, and they were on a high floor. Keeping the room's lights dim, they had drawn the curtains wide open to look out over the city lights.

The only building even close to the same height as the hotel was an old church tower covered in scaffolding across the street. Its peak was maybe two stories higher than their room. It was slightly off to the side as you looked out the window, and didn't block their view at all.

Beth was inspecting the large bathroom. "Bathrobes," she said. "They look really comfy."

Nick had kicked off his shoes and tossed his jacket on the small sofa and stood at the window, looking out. "Let's call for room service," he said, "We can pull that coffee table over and eat at the window."

He set the coffee table in its new location, then called room service. Beth meanwhile undressed in the bathroom and put on her robe. It enveloped her, and only her bare calves and feet suggested that she was nude underneath.

"Let me get you fitted for your robe," she said, and began to slowly undress him. "Hands to yourself," she warned. He obliged, and put his arms behind his back.

She knelt before him. First, socks. Then she stood. Button-down shirt: slowly, button by button. Tee up over his head. Belt unbuckled. Quick tug at his jeans' button fly. Pants down and off. She knelt again to help him step out of his jeans.

Only boxers left. He wasn't completely hard, but the boxers were tenting out. Her face was right at his fly. She parted it and peeked in. The shaft was arcing, but the tip was caught below the fly's opening.

She hooked the waist band, and swiftly pulled his shorts down. He stepped out of them. His cock rose with each heartbeat as she breathed warmly on it. She opened her mouth wide and encircled it without touching it at all. Then she slowly closed her mouth around it, holding it in her mouth without moving. It throbbed with his pulse, growing larger and larger.

She held it like that for a long minute. She loosened the sash of her robe and tugged it slightly, giving him a better hint of her cleavage.

Then with no warning, she started bobbing and sucking frantically. He gasped and nearly lost his balance. Her breasts shuddered with her movement, parting her robe a bit more.

He found himself much closer to climax than he expected. "Careful..." he said. "Don't spoil your appetite."

She took the hint and pulled away. "Do you need a snack before dinner?" She sat down onto the bed and, keeping the robe closed, pulled it open enough to expose her pussy, then lay back.

He knelt down at the foot of the bed, ran his hands up her thighs, and licked his way up to her pussy. He grooved his tongue in the crevices between each lip, then straight up her slit to her clitoris. Flicking briefly, he then closed his mouth over it and pulsed the flat of his tongue against it rapidly.

She loved being eaten, and he brought her to a quick climax. As a reward, she offered to give him a massage.

"Lie on your stomach," she told him. He stood up, his cock still hard. "Well," she added, "as best you can..." And she went into the bathroom for her oils.

He pulled the bedspread off, and then the blanket and top sheet.

He tucked his erection up against his belly and lay down.

She massaged his shoulders and neck, then worked down his back. She did each arm in turn, then moved on to his bottom and thighs.

She reached his feet, then gently whispered, "Okay, roll over." He roused himself groggily and rolled onto his back. His cock was soft again but still plump. It flopped to one side and lay on his left thigh.

The room was very dimly lit but she draped a washcloth over his eyes anyway, to help him relax, and began working on his chest. She had made her way down his torso and was working the top of his right thigh when there was a knock on the door.

Room service. She'd completely forgotten.

Nick was breathing deeply and steadily, giving no indication he had heard the knock. He had fallen asleep again.

She had long since shed her robe, and she put it back on as she walked to the door. Through the peephole, she saw someone in a waiter's uniform with a rolling tray. Waitress, actually. She was an older woman, possibly in her fifties, easily twice Beth's age.

Beth looked back at Nick, sprawled on his back, shining with body oils, cock flopped to one side. She briefly considered grabbing the other bathrobe and draping it over him, then decided to show him off to the waitress.

Deep breath, then she pulled the door open.

"Room service," the woman said. She had a husky voice and a no nonsense face. She rolled the cart into the room and barely did a double take when she spotted Nick on the bad. "Hope I didn't interrupt anything," she said. She was unfazed. She'd probably seen lots of kinky behavior before.

Beth spotted the name tag. Rose.

"Just there on the coffee table," Beth said. "No, not interrupting. Just giving my boyfriend a massage."

"Lucky girl," said Rose, taking in Nick's trim, sleeping form and his thick and shapely cock. "Lucky boy," she added, giving Beth a once-over. Even in a heavy robe showing very little cleavage, Beth's breasts were obviously large. The sash, bound only loosely, nevertheless accented a narrow waist and wide, well balanced hips. "I see a happy ending for you two. Well, certainly for him..."

Rose set out the meal on the coffee table, with the occasional glance at Nick and Beth, then she handed Beth the tab. Beth scanned it, and noticed Nick had ordered a bottle of champaigne. "I don't see the champaigne," she said.

Rose looked back at the table, and at the tab. "Oh, I'm so sorry. I'll get it sent up right away. Ten minutes, fifteen at the most."

Rose rolled the cart back to the door, which Beth opened for her. Rose gave Beth one more once-over, lingering for a meaningful fraction of a second on Beth's breasts, then she met Beth's eyes. Then she left.

Beth closed the door, and resolved to expose herself to Rose when she returned with the champaigne. She turned back to Nick, shedding her robe, and picked up where she had left off. She moved down the right thigh, and started up the left.

When the knock on the door came, she went to the door naked and pulled it open without checking the peephole first. She wiped her oily hands on her boobs, making them glisten. The energy with which she'd opened the door caused her enormous boobs to sway and jiggle fluidly.

Instead of Rose, a young waiter stood there. He couldn't have been more than about nineteen, possibly younger. Beside him, a bottle of champaigne in an ice bucket and two flute glasses sat on a rolling tray.

"Room Ss..." was all he could manage to say.

They stood looking at each other. His eyes grew wide and locked onto the sight of her massive and shiny boobs. He scanned down her form, taking in the narrow waist, dark bush, wide, curvy hips and surprisingly long and tapered legs. While he was looking her up and down, she glanced at his crotch and noticed a very prominent bulge was already making itself apparent.

"Oh. Hi, yes," Beth stammered, "Just, ah, over there." The young waiter wheeled the tray in, and gasped quietly when he spotted Nick's sleeping form on the bed.

"Please be quiet, my boyfriend is asleep." Trying not to stare at either Nick or Beth, the boy unloaded the champaign snd glasses onto the coffee table. There were also two slices of cake. "Compliments of the manager, for the oversight," he whispered, indicating the cake.

His trousers were slightly baggy and pleated, and they allowed the bulge to grow into a very noticeable protrusion. She was already standing naked in front this young man. Beth decided to throw caution to the winds.

"Did Rose send you up?" she asked. He nodded. Beth smiled. Rose was hazing this poor boy.

"Do you want to stay for a few more minutes?" she asked. "I was just about to finish my boyfriend's massage. You can watch if you like."

"Oh god," the boy sighed, staring at Beth's naked form. "I don't know..."

She looked at the hard bulge, guessing he was completely erect, and then at his name tag. Eric. Then she looked him in the eye, and said softly, "Actually, Eric, my boyfriend is out cold for the time being. He can wait. Let me give you your tip."

She walked up to him, took his hands and placed them on each of her breasts. "Go on," she whispered. He started kneading them in his hands, caressing her nipples. She unzipped his pants and eagerly pulled his erection out. It was smooth, as if it were fuller than the skin could accommodate. A little thinner than Nick's. She stroked him slowly and lightly, then as his breathing quickened, she sped up. He was young, and eager, and she could tell he wouldn't last very long.

She tightened her grip and stroked faster. He had stopped kneading her boobs and simply clenched them, all his attention on her hand around his cock. His eyes unfocussed. Involuntarily, he started bucking his hips. She dropped to her knees and after only a few more strokes, he sighed, "oh shit," and started coming all over her breasts. Each shot was strong and thick. She held onto his shaft, feeling him throb in her hand, then caught him up into her cleavage to feel the last few pulses.

"Okay, sweetie, can you go get me a hand towel?"

Eric hurried off to the bathroom, his young cock still hard and sticking out of his pants. He came back and she towelled off his cum. He watched her, transfixed. She noticed his erection was showing no signs of flagging yet. She glanced back at Nick, still asleep.

"Here," she said, still kneeling. She took him in her mouth and sucked him hard.

In no time at all, he started coming again. "Ohh," he whispered. She pulled away quickly so he wouldn't come in her mouth, and she milked a few more gobs out, oozing onto her breasts and the floor.

She finally felt his cock soften somewhat. "Oh my god," he said breathlessly.

"Touch me," she suggested. He leaned over and lifted her boobs, massaging them one at a time. He rubbed his own cum around.

She kept holding his penis, just feeling its solidity, and then it started filling out again.

"It's like a stunt cock," she giggled as she stroked him into another full erection. She jerked him off fast and hard, keeping up the same pace for five or six more minutes. He actually whimpered for most of the time, then sighed heavily as a third orgasm — this one very weak, with almost nothing coming out — shuddered through him. "I can't stop touching it," she said, stroking him even as he began to wilt. "You've got a lovely cock, Eric. And it performs extremely well. "

"I gotta sit down..." Eric collapsed on the couch.

"Do you have anything else for me?" she asked, after she had finished wiping them both off again. She set the cum-covered towel aside and took his softening cock in her mouth. She loved the feel of a soft penis almost as much as a hard one. She just held it in her mouth. This time, he didn't get another erection.

She stood up, leaned over him and mashed her breasts in his face. "Thank you," she whispered. "This was fun. And thanks for the cake."

Eric stood up slowly, tucked his dick into his pants and weakly dragged the cart to the door.

Still naked, she held the door open for him. Just as Eric wheeled out, an older man, in his seventies, dressed for an evening out, walked by. Beth was fully visible and the man slowed and took her in. She smiled at the man, and shrugged. The man glanced at Eric, who looked flushed and exhausted, his fly still gaping open. The man smiled and, with one last lingering look at her delicious figure, walked on.

Beth closed and locked the door, and went back to the bed, and knelt down between Nick's spread legs. She took an oil bottle and squirted some into her hand and began rubbing it between her breasts. She leaned over and carefully took Nick's cock into her mouth. Nick groaned faintly and stirred. She sucked on him gently for a few minutes and revelled in the feeling of him grow larger and larger in her mouth. He shifted and pulled the towel off his face.

"Oh Beth," he said, "how long was I asleep?"

She just looked at him and placed his cock between her oiled boobs and began rocking up and down. After only a few minutes, he started coming. She held still, her boobs enveloping his cock completely, enjoying the feeling of his throbs. Some stronger spurts managed to maked it up and out of her cleavage.

"Sorry I didn't last longer," he said after she had cleaned up. "Are you sure you didn't want more?"

"I've already had enough for tonight. And there's always later..."

They settled in to their dinner, still naked. A few times as they ate, Nick grew hard again, then subsided. She loved watching it ebb and flow like this.

They sipped at the champaigne after eating all they could. The dinner cluttered the table, and Nick suggested they set everything but the champaigne and cake outside the door. "I'll go open the door," he said, "and you set everything out."

Naked, he went to the door and pulled it open wide.

"No, no," she protested. "I'll hold the door. You're the man, you should do all this work." She held the door, and stood behind it a bit, so only one boob at most would be visible to the odd passerby.

Naked, and sporting the beginnings of a new hard-on, Nick shuttled the plates out into the hall. He would step deliberately out into the middle of the hall and ceremoniously set a plate down to the side of their door. Then he'd look up and down the hallway. It was very late, and they knew it was unlikely anyone would be out.

Despite all the walking back and forth, his cock had grown almost fully erect. At its hardest, it would stand curving upwards slightly. Right then, it still had a droop to it. Beth liked it like this, since the droop made it seem larger, heavier, as though it were too big to rise any higher.

Nick was on his last plate just as they heard voices in the distance. What sounded like several women's voices, drunken.

"Go on," Beth nodded.

Nick sighed, braced himself, and strode out into the hall with the last few things.

"Oh!" Beth heard one of the women exclaim. "Is he for us?"

Nick turned facing them, jiggled his hip once to get his erection to shake, then solemnly bent down to put the things in his hands down on the floor.

He stood again and by then, the women were at the door.

There were two of them, older by only a few years, in light summer dresses. They were clearly drunk, standing arm in arm for mutual support.

One was very dark skinned, Caribbean or Middle Eastern. A round face with very full lips. Dark eyes set wide apart. Round body, very compact. She was barely five feet tall. She was very busty and showing a lot of cleavage, though not nearly as ample as Beth. Her breasts, despite their size, were still quite firm, and she clearly was wearing no bra or support of any kind. Her dress was short, displaying shapely but rather thick legs. Very curly hair, deep brown, held back in a ponytail. She had been wearing very sharp high heels, but she was now barefoot and carrying them by the straps.

The other was shockingly tall, a foot taller her girlfriend. She was fair skinned, with a long, chiselled face framed by straight blonde hair, almost white, that fell to her collar bones. She was thin, with only the faintest curves, and her boobs were small and solid looking, like apples. Her nipples were very hard and prominent. A long athletic body under a very skimpy dress held up by the finest of speghetti straps. And she had stunning legs. Long, lithe, powerful. Even in sandals, they seemed taut, as though she were standing on point. She seemed to be nothing but legs.

"Oh my," said the tall one, tearing her eyes away from Nick's cock and spotting Beth hiding behind the door. "Did he lose a bet?"

"Or win one?" the dark one added quickly. They both giggled.

"Can I touch?" Tall asked, looking back down at the erection before her.

"Can I come?" Dark asked, her hand already finding its way to her crotch. She stepped back to lean against the far wall and hiked up the hem. No panties. A trim bush. Her eyes locked on Nick's cock, she started masturbating rapidly. By the wet smackings her fingers were making, she was obviously already very horny.

Taking no notice of her friend, Tall reached out and started grabbing at his cock with both hands, like she was trying to pick up a baseball bat. She was unsteady without the friend to lean on, and she only managed a few sloppy tugs before staggering back to lean on the wall next to Dark.

"Come on," Tall said, "the guys are waiting. Wait," she looked around. "What floor are we on? Isn't this supposed to be the floor with the roof terrace?"

"Keep going up," Beth said from behind the door.

"Come on..." Tall said to Dark. "Come up to the roof later, if you want," Tall added as she pulled at Dark, who had now hiked her dress up over her boobs, where it rested. She was still trying to rub herself as she was dragged away.

Nick watched Dark's lovely bare ass and juicy curves recede, then stepped back into the room. Beth closed the door.

Without a word, Nick dragged Beth to the bed, threw her down and mounted her swiftly. He slid in with no resistance, ramming her again and again. She came quickly, and Nick followed seconds later. They lay like that for a few minutes, feeling him shrink, then Nick got up slowly, turned off the few lights that were on, and came back to the bed.

They left the curtains open when they went to sleep, so they could have that amazing view all night.

2: Late night

Deep in the night, nestled against each other, Nick's cock was snug against her ass. Beth shifted slightly. Nick woke a little from the movement. He moved a little, too, and found himself getting hard. She shifted again, and he found she was just moist enough so he could ease his not yet completely hard cock into her pussy.

He pushed gently at first, then thrust a little more assertively. She pushed back, but he couldn't tell if she was awake or not. He held still and felt himself growing in her cunt. He began moving very slowly, making the smallest movements. She rocked very slightly with him, and moaned quietly. Was she waking up? He said nothing, but kept up the subtle thrusts.

"Oh, that's nice," Beth sighed.

"You're awake?"

"Of course I am. *I* woke *you* up." She clenched her cunt muscles as he thrust, and then she whispered, "Please..."

He pushed into her again, then held still and they both felt him begin to throb. She felt jets of his cum deep inside her. The feeling of it, the thought of it, tipped her in to her own orgasm, which felt to him like his cock was in a sucking mouth. They let their waves of climax ebb, then fell asleep with his softening cock tucked in her.

3: Morning

The next morning, Beth woke first. Nick was still asleep, lying on his back, naked. At some point, they had kicked themselves free of the sheets, or perhaps they'd never bothered with them; she couldn't remember. His cock, powdery with caked and dried fluids, was rock hard and he was snoring gently.

She got up, also naked, her enormous breasts swinging. She walked over to the window, absently running her hands over her breasts and belly, feeling for any dried cum she might have missed last night. She lifted her boobs one at a time. Under one of them, she felt a little patch. She scanned the horizon, then took in the city as she licked two fingers, rubbed at the dry cum, and licked her fingers again, until she'd gotten it all up.

She leaned over a bit and found that Nick's jizz had run down her thighs. She was stucky and her thick pubic hair was clotted with dried cum. She would need to shower soon.

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