tagGroup SexHotel Corruption Fantasy Ch. 02

Hotel Corruption Fantasy Ch. 02


This is the conclusion of my Hotel Corruption Fantasy. This part has the first few rounds of our sexy playtime. Oh, I also noticed that I forgot to mention our ages in the first part so I'll do that now. Countess and Luci (Kitten) are both 21 and Bunny is 19. No adorable, fluffy animals were harmed in the making of this story. Constructive criticism and advice is always welcome. Enjoy!

Your head and shoulders are supported by a mountain of pillows as he continues his attention to your breasts and lets his hands roam over your ribs and stomach. You can feel his wet briefs grinding against your knee and you lick your lips anticipating what exactly this little bunny would taste like.

"Lift your hips, Luci, so that he can remove your panties," I suggest and you both comply.

Now comes the moment he has been anticipating. He's finally going to taste your most intimate of spots. His mouth salivates continuously as he slowly moves down your body, adjusting your legs so that he could comfortably lie between them. Your fingers softly grip his hair as you draw him closer to your creamy center. You can feel his breath hot against your swollen lips as he comes ever closer to you. With a delighted gasp you feel his tongue wide against your pussy. He starts from the bottom close to your asshole and makes his way upwards to your sensitive clit. You gasp and coo as his tongue points and circles around your clit. So close, but not touching. Oh, how you want to feel him against your clit.

"Lick me," you moan, "Suck my clit."

He continues to slowly taste your juices as I instruct him, "Gently lick her clit. That's it. Just like that. Gently now and not too fast. We want this to last much longer. Now ease your mouth around it and barely suck it. Yes that it's. Tease her a little bit."

You're starting to pant now as he works your clit as you try to form words to express what you are feeling. "It feels...so...fucking....good. I love...your hot...mmmm...mouth feels on my...oh yesss... pussy."

You love the way his tongue is driving you wild. But you want more. I know you do. You can feel his tongue sneak it's way inside of you and begin to tongue fuck you. He sticks his long tongue inside of your shuddering pussy and wiggles it around inside almost like a vibrator. On his own, he starts using his fingers now that you are nice and completely wet and beginning to stretch. He takes one finger and rubs it up and down your slit coating it in your juices before slipping it inside.

"You like that don't you, kitten. You love feeling his finger rub against your inner muscles," I teasingly taunt you as I finger my own dripping cunt.

He can feel you already starting to clench tightly around him and he moans deeply. Never in his virgin mind did he think he would be able to fuck such an amazing pussy. He adds a second finger at my request and slowly thrusts them in and out. He gently stretches you open while exploring your honey pot. He wiggles his fingers around until he finds all of your most sensitive spots. You're absolutely loving the feeling of his fingers inside of you. You love how he is able to find new pleasure spots that not even you had found yet. He leans his head back towards your pussy and inhales your scent. Your scent, your taste, the sounds your juices make and your little moans are making him hornier than he has ever been. He glances at me for approval of moving forward, but I shake my head no.

"Not yet. The secret of satisfying her is for you to give her multiple orgasms. That is the only way to completely sate her hunger. And your pussy, my sweet Luci, is such a hungry, purring, kitten begging for some cream, isn't it?" All you can manage is a quick nod and mewling whine as he quickens his movements.

Your legs are quivering and your hips are beginning to rock. You're getting closer now. I tell him to speed up his ministrations and you cry out. Pillows are flying off the bed as your body thrashes and spasms uncontrollably.

"Oh fuck, yes! I'm fucking cumming and it feels so fucking good!!" You scream out as his hand is now a blur as he finger fucks you. Your body spasms over and over again as the pleasure rockets through your body. He continues his movements through your organs until you roll away from his hands in order to regain your composure.

He looks to me for approval and I tell him, "You are a very good boy. We are going to have such a good, long night as long as you can keep up with us." I distractedly giggle as I finger my own dripping pussy.

"Miss Countess, it isn't fair for you to be all alone. If it would please you, may I taste your pussy too so that you can feel good too?" He asks.

I shake my head slowly "Mmm, no, my pet. The first taste of my pussy of the evening always belongs to my beloved kitten, Luci," which adorably causes him to pout, until I continue by saying, "Luci's pussy, however, is his for fucking right now."

He immediately perks up and grins thankfully up at me before returning his gaze to your still writhing body. You are still recovering from your orgasm when you desperately take him by his arm and have the two of you switch places.

As you hover your body over his you lock eyes with him and say in a deep, sultry voice, "You are such a good boy for making me cum so I'm going to return the favor and make you cum down my throat. How does that sound, little bunny?"

His response is to eagerly tear off his soaked briefs and open himself completely to you. You massage his thighs slowly as you take in his cock. It's not very large in the girth compartment, but it is very long; you guess about 8 or 9 inches. With one hand you take his shaft and stroke it while your other hand goes to his balls.

His head rolls back and a long deep, "fuckkkkkk!" erupts from his chest.

He's in absolute heaven and already so close. You notice this and speed up your hand strokes, rubbing his precum around his hole. He gasps that he's about to cum and you angle his cock right into your mouth and suck on his head and immediately erupts and sprays his cum into your mouth. After about five squirts he finishes and you pull him out of your mouth, open and show him his white cum as you swirl it around with your tongue before closing and completely swallowing his load. Once you finish swallowing you open your mouth again to show that you took it all and giggle as he whimpers. You enjoy the taste of his cum. Salty, but not unpleasant. The taste can easily be altered once we adjust his diet.

You return the head of his dick to your mouth and slowly tease him. His head is sensitive and causes his hips to jerk and twitch as you swirl your tongue around him. Tasting him. Loving the feel of him hot against your tongue. You move so slowly; delighting in his frustrated whimpers. You know he wants to go faster. To go deeper. But you don't allow him. To be our sub he must be able to follow our instructions and our lead. That also means that training is necessary for our fuzzy bunny. He cries out for more and begs for you to go faster, to taste more of him, but you continue at your pace enjoying his suffering until he once again erupts into your mouth. By this time you feel that familiar tingling deep inside your pussy. You need to be penetrated. You need this long, throbbing dick deep inside you.

I adjust your positions so that you are on your hands and knees with your ass wagging in the air while he kneels behind you on his knees. For the first time I approach the two of you by walking up behind him and encouragingly stroke his hips and ass. I lean into his back and he can feel my nipples tickle his shoulder blades. I nibble on his shoulder and his head to rolls to the side giving me full access to his neck. I nibble and suck his sensitive neck until you chastise me from below. Your pussy juice is continuously dripping down onto the sheets, begging to be entered. I reach both hands around him and slip on the condom we had selected for this special occasion. I give his hard cock a few strokes before showing him where your hole is. One of my hands is on his cock while the other caresses your hip lovingly. I know how long you have been waiting for this. A real cock is only moments away from entering you and I know how much your going to absolutely love it.

With my own hips I nudge him closer until the tip of his shaft touches your slit. You beg for him to enter you. You want to feel him deep inside you. I nudge him closer and his head slips inside. You gasp as you feel it slightly stretching your entrance, but continue to force your hips backwards trying to suck more of his cock inside of you. He continues his gradual journey to your core until you feel his balls press against your ass. He's completely inside of you now. You feel so full.

"How do you feel, kitten?"

"It's tight, but he feels so fucking good." You are continuously moaning as he pushed deeper and deeper towards your core.

I gently pull his hips backward until only the tip remains inside before allowing him to sheath himself within you once again. You both are moaning and panting now. You both love how amazing this feels. I step back and allow him to move on his own. He starts slowing at first, but gradually begins to thrust harder and faster depending on your breathy urgings. I watch as he enters you; your hips synchronize with his like an erotic dance. You turn your face towards me and hold your hand out beckoning me to come closer. I kneel at the side of the bed and take your hand in mine and lovingly leave butterfly kisses along your palm and wrist.

I ask you, "How are you feeling, kitten?" but all you can do is smile and giggle innocently between your moans.

Your eyes are filled with so much pleasure, but you are upset. You notice that I am being left out and this simply won't do. You motion for me to come onto the bed and lay in front of you. I smile knowing it's always been a fantasy of yours to eat me out while you are getting fucked. I strip off my remaining clothes and position my wet pussy right in front of your face. You move closer and inhale my scent and groan. You waste no time and immediately dive in and begin feasting on me. I sigh as your mouth and tongue go to work on my swollen and neglected lips. It doesn't take you long to work up a good rhythm between your tongue and his cock still thrusting into your delighted pussy.

I watch the two of you indulging in your pleasure and it only makes me hotter. I encourage both of you and tell you both how incredibly sexy you are and how amazing it feels. I feel you sneak your fingers inside of me and finger fuck me as you suck my clit. The faster he thrusts his cock the faster your fingers and tongue move against me. We are all extremely close by this point and fuck as fast as we can. Our voices and the sound of wet skin slapping against each other gradually become louder and louder until all three of us explode in unison.

You and I are thrashing and grinding while he slumps over and kisses your spine. Once the aftershocks decline he removes his cock from your still spasming pussy and tears off the condom and throws it away. Weakly, he stands and goes to the bathroom to retrieve two wash clothes and tiredly cleans both of us. Finally, finding the strength, you crawl up next to me and snuggle against me. Your legs are still open just enough for him to clean you. You nuzzle your face close to mine and kiss my cheek, thanking me for the experience. When he finishes, he crawls in between us and nuzzles into our heated bodies. You and I chuckle at how adorable our little bunny is and lightly stroke his hair and back.

"Countess? Does this mean we won't play anymore tonight?"

I look into your eyes then his and whisper, "Don't worry, bunny boo, this is only the beginning of our playtime."

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