tagExhibitionist & VoyeurHotel Exhibitionist Ch. 03

Hotel Exhibitionist Ch. 03


Sitting at a table in the center of the crowded ballroom, Kymberly felt she was under a spotlight. It wasn't just the shortness of the red sheath dress she wore that made her feel that way, nor was it that several hours earlier dozens of the people around her had gotten more than an eyeful of Kymberly's athletic, long-legged, busty figure in a skimpy gym outfit in the lobby.

What made Kymberly feel she was under the hot glare of the spotlight was the fact that, under the little dress, which hit her legs mid-thigh when she was standing and showed even more when she was sitting, she wasn't wearing any panties. Her husband Robert had told her not to.

A few days before the convention Kymberly had visited her favorite salon, and she had had every last spec of hair removed by wax. Now, hidden by mere inches of red fabric stretched tightly over her firm thighs, her pussy lay bare and, after her completion of Robert's latest challenges an hour earlier, noticeably moist.

To minimize the risk of exposure, Kymberly sat with her legs under her table, to which she had been assigned with seven other guests. She tried to talk to the person sitting next to her over the din of 600 voices. Most of the other guests sat at their assigned tables, waiting for the first speech of the convention to start, but a few stragglers walked here and there or gathered in small clusters making small talk.

Kymberly had recovered quickly from her nerve-wracking experience in the small ballroom an hour earlier. Her rival pharmaceutical representative, Kristin, almost had discovered Kymberly crouching naked behind the make-shift bar. Kymberly had left the small ballroom with her legs shaking, but they were steadier now. Time had done its part to calm her nerves; a couple of scotch and sodas had done the rest.

Now she sat with her companions at a table waiting for the opening speech to begin. She lucked out with the seating assignments; Samuel Lee, whose business she was trying to solicit, had been assigned to the same table and sat across from her. A few people who worked at his clinics sat with him. To Kymberly's left was a tall, dour, older woman named Gail who worked for the Food and Drug Administration. To her right sat a man about her age, with a small, pinched, nervous face, who worked for Samuel's company.

Gail, the woman to Kymberly's left, complained in a monotone voice about the hotel and told Kymberly that she had been stuck in the elevator for five minutes earlier in the afternoon. It was all Kymberly could do to respond with an occasional, "Really? I'm so sorry to hear that!" She wanted to engage Samuel, but he was on the other side of the table, and he was busy talking to a young blonde woman next to him.

The clock on Kymberly's phone showed that the convention officially would begin in ten minutes. The association direction would kick things off with a short speech. Dinner would follow, and then this evening and over the next day more speeches, meetings, meals, and workshops would follow. Awards would be given out and pious statements about the vital place of pharmaceutical drugs in modern society would be made and broadly assented to by everyone in attendance. But to Kymberly, the official program was just a stage set for the real show, which was sales. Kymberly didn't need to fly hundreds of miles for the weekend to learn about new developments about pharmaceuticals; she could do that in a few hours on the Internet at home. The point to being here was to meet people and convince them to buy what she was selling. Kymberly had been doing that for a long time, and she was good at it.

Kymberly hadn't received any texts from Robert, lately. She was glad to get a break from his games, but the longer he waited to contact her the more she worried about what he would ask her to do, and when.

"Kymberly!" Samuel called to her across the table. "We missed you when you left us on the patio. I trust your family is well?"

"Yes, thank you for asking!" she said. She carried on a conversation with him as well as she could, half-shouting across the table so she could be heard over the noise. She asked questions about him, throwing in a few about his business and plans to open more clinics, and what treatments they offered.

As Kymberly talked with Samuel she saw Kristin, at a table near hers. A much older man with a large mouth was talking to Kristin, but Kristin was staring at Kymberly, her eyes still and wide and dark like a cat's. Kymberly looked away from Kristin, unnerved by her stare, and concentrated on Samuel.

She believed she was making headway when her phone, which lay on the table in front of her, pinged again. Kymberly had switched the phone out of its mute mode so she could hear Robert texting her over the din of the ballroom crowd. It was Robert texting, of course.

"What are you doing now?"

Kymberly didn't want to be rude to Samuel -- already, two hours earlier, on the patio, she had pulled away from a conversation with him because of one of Robert's texts. But knowing Robert, he would be impatient and insistent, and he would leave her no choice but to respond if she wanted to keep up with his game. She did want to, so she would have to find a way of responding without being rude.

A man sitting next to Samuel interjected himself into their conversation, and Samuel turned to reply to him, giving Kymberly her chance to text Robert back.

"I'm at table talking with med clinic owner. Speech to start in 10 minutes."

"You don't have much time, then," he texted. "Excuse yourself and go to bathroom. Take purse and phone."

Robert, Robert, she thought. You are making my job so much harder. But she would do it. With only ten minutes to go before speeches started, she would have no choice.

"Samuel, if you will excuse me for a moment," she said. He nodded at her across the table with a polite smile.

She hurried to the bathroom. Other women seemed to have the same idea; all the stalls were occupied. Kymberly paced nervously outside them until one opened. She rushed in and closed it behind her; then she pulled her phone out.

"What now, Robert?" she texted him.

"You're not getting cheeky, are you? Does my exhibitionist need disciplining when she gets back?"

Kymberly was impatient. "I have no time for text chat," she wrote. "Speech to start soon. What now?"

"Open your purse and take out what's inside."

She did so, and pulled out the small package wrapped in black paper. She tore it open.

It was a vibrator. Kymberly had plenty of experience with vibrators, but she hadn't seen one like this before. It was purple -- Robert and his purple fetish, she thought -- and encased in a soft, almost skin-like material. It was vaguely U-shaped, with the ends wider and more bulbous than the middle.

"You must put it inside you," Robert texted.

"Now? You want me to wear this during dinner? I'm not going to turn on the vibrator during the presentation," she replied.

"You won't have to," he texted. "I will. It's on remote control and I already have synced it with your phone."

Kymberly was amazed at that. "How?"

"I did it when you weren't using it. The vibrator will work if your phone is on and isn't too far away from you. Now put it in so I can test it."

Kymberly didn't know what bothered her more -- that Robert wanted her to wear a vibrator during a dinner surrounded by hundreds of colleagues and customers, or that he had used her phone without her knowing it to set up the vibrator. When she got home she would have to talk to him about his boundaries.

But there was no time to talk to him now. The clock was ticking and the opening speech was about to begin, and she didn't want to walk halfway through the grand ballroom to return to her table while everyone else was seated. She would have to decide what to do now.

"What do I do with this?"

"Insert one end inside you. The other end will rest against your clit."

This was crazy, she thought. The pharmaceutical convention was about to begin and hundreds of her colleagues were sitting down for dinner waiting to hear speeches, and yet here she was, standing over a toilet in a bathroom stall, preparing to put a vibrator in her pussy.

The toilet had no seat for her to sit on. She had to lean against a side of the stall and pull her short red dress up and hold her legs apart. She held the vibrator down and close to the opening of her vulva. The mechanics of the thing didn't look too difficult -- it was clear to her from this angle where and how things were to go.

Kymberly pressed one end of the vibrator into her. She was still wet from before, and it slipped into her easily. She could feel the bulbous end inside her settle against the sensitive flesh of her G-spot. The part that was still visible slipped directly over her clitoris. She took her hand away, and it remained in place, clamping gently but snugly against her sex.

It looked and felt like a snug, firm fit, but Kymberly wondered at once whether, without any panties to help hold the vibrator against her, it might slip out of her as she walked. If that happened in the crowded ballroom, it would be a disaster. She would never be able to face anybody that saw her again. But she thought the risk was small. It fit well, and years of Kegel exercises had given her strong muscles down there that she could use to help hold it in.

"OK, it's in," she texted.

"I'm going to test it before you go back," he texted. "I will start on a low setting. Here goes."

Kymberly waited. Nothing happened for a few seconds, and the wait unnerved her. Then she felt it.

The device vibrated against her G-spot and clit at the same time. The tingling was mild, but her body already was in a high state of arousal from the events earlier in the day. At the first sensation, her body shook involuntarily and a wash of pure pleasure swept over her. Her legs twitched slightly before she recovered herself. Her body continued to shiver after the vibrator stopped quivering.

It was quiet, at least. Kymberly heard barely a whisper of noise when it went off. But if that was a mild setting, she didn't know how she would handle a stronger setting. She didn't know if she could stop her body from shaking, especially under the gaze of hundreds of people around her.

"How was that?" he texted.

"It felt good," she texted, "but I don't know if I can handle it at dinner."

"Yes, you can."

There was no use arguing with Robert. He would insist, and she must either choose to go along or quit. And she couldn't quit. Not at this point.

"OK," she texted, "but please don't set it too high."

"I won't do anything you can't handle," he texted.

That was no comfort, thought Kymberly. But it probably was the biggest concession she could wring out of him.

"I have to get back to my table."

"Go ahead."

She smoothed the hem of the short dress back into place over her hips and thighs and fetched her purse. She stood straight up with her legs apart, steadying herself and testing the feel of the vibrator inside her to ensure it was staying in place. It seemed to be. She hoped it would continue to stay where it was.

She left the bathroom and returned to her table. As she walked she couldn't stop thinking about the vibrator inside her. It seemed to be clamped snugly in place, although she could feel it move a little as she walked. She was extremely wet inside, and the vibrator, though clamped onto her, moved around against her wetness. Her body was filled with nervous tension as she wondered when Robert was going to set it off again.

If I can just make it to my table without Robert setting it off or without it falling to the floor, I'll be thankful, she thought.

She took her chair just as the lead speaker was taking the stage.

Kymberly's chair was to the back of the speaker, so to see him she had to turn her chair sideways to the table, and then turn halfway in her chair toward the stage. But that meant that her legs, which were exposed at mid-thigh in the short red dress, weren't safely under the table. She would have to be very careful to keep them closed together to avoid giving anyone a peek under the dress.

She looked up and scanned the crowd around her and noticed that Blaine was seated at a table not far away, and he was looking at her. Kymberly was sure he was staring at her exposed knees, hoping to see something.

I'm going to have to be careful to make sure he doesn't, she thought.

Kymberly thought about what a crazy day it had been. A little more than an hour ago she had pulled her skirt up and exposed herself to three golfers, and then after that sat naked in a room fewer than 200 feet from where she was sitting. Now she was doing everything she could to avoid exposure while at the same time her pussy was uncovered and stuffed full of the vibrator, which could go off at any second at her husband's whim.

The first speaker was on the stage making introductory remarks and making a half-hearted effort to tell a few bad jokes. The crowd had drunk enough liquor up to that point to applaud the jokes even though they were bad.

Kymberly knew that the crowd's attention was focused on the speaker on stage, not on her. But, even so, she felt vulnerable. In her short dress and exposed legs, pressed tightly together, and her heart still beating faster than normal, Kymberly felt -- accurately or not -- the weight of eyes on her. She glanced at times away from the speaker toward people sitting at the tables around her. More than once, she could have sworn she saw their glances averted when she looked their way. She was sure that many of the people around her remembered her as the woman walking around the hotel lobby in the skimpy gym outfit. Now she was the woman in the skimpy red dress. Kymberly wondered if that's what people thought of her: as the woman who liked to wear skimpy clothes so her colleagues noticed her.

She had no time to finish the thought, because, without warning, Robert sent a signal to the vibrator inside her.


The vibrator was quiet, but not quite silent, and the sound it made seemed to conduct through her body to her ears. Kymberly heard as well as felt it. She hoped it didn't sound as loud to the people around her as it sounded to her.

More noticeable than the sound was the feeling: the swell and pressure of the vibrator as it buzzed and moved on and inside her.

The vibration was only slightly stronger than it had been when Robert tested it in the bathroom stall. But in the cavernous ballroom, with people surrounding her, and with the knowledge that the vibrator lay inches away from the hem of her dress, and with the possibility of exposure to dozens of colleagues and potential customers all around her, the impact of the vibration was twice what it had been before.

The sudden charge against her clitoris instinctively made her want to pull back in her seat. She wanted to part her legs, to relieve her thighs of the vibrator's pressure. She had to fight to keep them closed. She also had to choke off a squeal of pleasure welling up in her chest. She caught it in her throat but not before a high-pitched, barely audible "tweet" escaped her lips, which she did everything she could to keep pressed together. Her body shifted in her seat involuntarily.

Ping. She held her phone in her lap and looked at Robert's test, cupping her hand around the phone to screen the message from prying eyes.

"That was a low setting, darling. They will get stronger."

A low setting. Crap, she thought. It didn't feel low. She didn't think she could take a higher setting in a public ballroom, surrounded by people. Kymberly didn't want to text Robert in the middle of the speech with people all around her. It would be rude, and she would draw attention to herself. But Robert's control over the device inside her forced her to do so.

"This is a bad time for this. Let's wait until later in the evening. Having trouble controlling response."

He responded right away.

"It can't wait. This is part of the game. I will push, and you will have to control your response. You can do it, but it won't be easy. You will enjoy the challenge."

Kymberly wasn't sure about that, but she was sure that Robert wasn't going to stop. She could get up and go to the bathroom and take it out, but if she did so everyone would notice her and wonder why she was going to the bathroom right after she'd just come back from it. And Robert might set it off while she was walking there; she wasn't sure she could stand up straight if it buzzed while she was walking.

But more important, she didn't want to quit.

Robert was testing her, and this challenge, she knew, would be even more difficult than the last one. She was in a room full of people who knew who she was -- people who worked with her, people who competed against her, people whose business she wanted. Robert would push to the edge her ability to remain discreet and to avoid calling attention to herself. She could tell that if he kept pushing up the vibration level it would take everything she had to control her response.

Why did she want to do it? She wondered. It wasn't that she was submissive. Far from it. While Robert certainly was a dominant, Kymberly was far from a normal submissive. She was strong-willed, competitive, and stubborn. She was intelligent, too, and while she didn't make as much money as Robert she felt confident she was as good at what she did as he was at what he did.

Robert knew Kymberly wasn't docile, and she knew it was part of what he loved about her. He liked that she was a challenge, and he wanted to challenge her. And that's how Kymberly took compliance with his games -- not as submission to his will, but as acceptance of a challenge. She wanted to beat him as much as to submit to him. He might get her to comply -- he probably would, she thought -- but he wouldn't wholly tame her. Kymberly Marsh could never be wholly tamed. Not even by her husband Robert.

In that spirit Kymberly, as quietly as she could, thumbed the word "OK" into the phone and texted it to her waiting husband.

The speaker finished to mild applause, and he announced a short break to give people a chance to stretch their legs and mingle before dinner. Kymberly chose not to leave her chair, because she didn't trust her feet to hold her up if Robert set off the vibrator again.

The vibrator. She felt it. She shifted in her seat, hoping that doing so somehow would make her less aware of its grip on the most intimate part of her body.

She scanned the room to distract herself from the sensation and to see if anyone was watching her. No one was, as far as she could tell. That was a relief.

She heard an annoying peal of laughter, and she realized that Kristin had stood up and was standing next to her table. She was trying to carry on a conversation with Samuel, whose bored expression showed he wasn't interested in what Kristin had to say.

"Hello, Kristin!" Kymberly chimed in, trying to feign genuine good cheer.

Kymberly's phone pinged with another incoming message. Kymberly picked it up to read it. She noticed that Kristin looked with keen interest at her phone.

"Your phone seems to be going off a lot," Kristin said. "Sounds like somebody's eager to contact you."

Kymberly tried to read Kristin's face to see what she was getting at. Was it her imagination, or did Kristin mean something by emphasizing her phone going off? Could Kristin recognize the sound of Kymberly's phone as the same sound she heard in the small ballroom an hour earlier? Kymberly didn't think so, but Kristin made her nervous.

Kymberly decided that getting away from Kristin for a few minutes was worth the risk of the vibrator going off again while she was standing. She stood up from the table and walked to the bar. She needed another drink. At the bar, she pointed to the best bottle of scotch she saw and asked for another scotch and soda.

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