Hotel Fun


First of all, a little about myself. I'm a happily married man in my late thirties. I love my wife but since the kids have come along we find less and less time for sex. My wife is often tired and we just seem to have gotten out of the habit of doing it. I've always enjoyed sneaking lustful glances at good-looking women over the years and I find myself doing it more and more now. I love imagining having sex with them, wondering what sexy underwear they have on, how they will sound and act when I fuck them. Of course, I'm too shy to do anything about this and have long since resigned myself to just wanking whilst indulging my fantasies.

I was working away from home again. I'd had a long, hard day with a demanding customer and was feeling tired and stressed when I reached the hotel at about 8:30 PM. The girl on the reception is a pretty young brunette – East European judging from her accent. She gives me a lovely bright smile as she welcomes me to the hotel. Elena (according to her name tag) is wearing a tight white blouse with the top couple of buttons undone revealing a hint of cleavage. A little silver cross nestles between the swelling of her tits and jiggles slightly as she types my details into the hotel system. Just looking at this girl was making me horny – I resign myself to another evening of wanking in my room.

Just as I turn away from the desk to go to my room I catch sight of this really gorgeous-looking girl walking into the hotel. She has shoulder-length blonde hair, and a figure and face to die for. She's wearing a dark business suit – short skirt and a buttoned-up jacket that looks to be hiding a great pair of tits. But it's her legs, clad in sheer black stockings (I imagine, not tights) and the killer black, shiny, fuck-me heels that really hold my attention. She clicks her way across the foyer towards reception and I watch her furtively from by the lifts as she checks in. I've found my material for a good wank tonight!

I go up to my room and change out of my suit into jeans and T-shirt. I flick through the pay movies menu to see what porn was available but it looks to be the usual hotel fare – crap movies with no plot and all the juicy penetration and money shots cut out. I have a look at the room service menu but nothing takes my fancy.

"What the heck," I think. "I might as well go down to the restaurant and eat there - I can always do a bit of harmless people-watching".

The restaurant is pretty packed but the maitre'd manages to find me an empty table. It's in a corner with a good view of the restaurant. I have a look round but don't see any totty I can watch and fantasise over discreetly. I order my meal and sip a drink waiting for the first course.

Then, in comes the blonde girl I saw earlier at reception. She is still wearing the same business suit and still looking stunning. I give my cock a surreptitious stroke through my jeans as I watch her standing there waiting for a table. I would love to be able to explore her body – run my hands up those sheer stockings and rub my fingers over her pussy, tweak her nipples and make her gasp. My cock is growing in my jeans as I think about what I'd like to do to her. The maitre'd comes over and I can see him shaking his head. I look around – all the tables are occupied. She looks put out but carries on talking to the maitre'd. Just then my first course arrives and I start to eat. When I look up again I see her and the maitre'd just a few feet away from my table. "Excuse me sir," says the maitre'd. "We are very full tonight as you can see. I was wondering if you would mind sharing your table with this young lady?"

"Err... no – of course not", I stutter out, taken by surprise at this.

"Thank you very much sir," he says and pulls back the chair opposite me to allow the blonde to sit down.

"This is really good of you" says the blonde, flashing me a nice smile.

"No, not at all" I say and return to my starter as I don't want to appear to be leering at her. My cock is still pretty hard in my jeans. I adjust the napkin to make sure no-one can see.

Whilst she's examining the menu, I chance a couple of glances at her. Close up she is still gorgeous. Early thirties, I would guess. Blue eyes framed with long black lashes. Flawless complexion with expertly applied make-up. Deep red, full lips. Her tongue darts out and licks her lips as she peruses the menu. My cock gives a little twitch as I imagine that tongue slurping over my knob. She's bent slightly forward and I can see she has a white shirt on under her suit jacket. The top couple of buttons of both her jacket and blouse are undone, revealing a deep cleavage. My hard-on is showing no signs of disappearing as I entertain thoughts of nuzzling what looks like a nice ripe pair of tits. Her fingers are long and slim with long polished nails but I feel a slight pang of disappointment as I notice the plain gold ring on her left hand. Married! Just my luck. I consoled myself with another leer at the soft, creamy fleshy revealed by the undone blouse just as she raises her head from her menu and clocks me staring. Bugger! I can feel the colour rising in my face. She smiles a little and then asks, "What's that starter you've got? It looks tasty".

"Um, err, um," I stutter as she carries on smiling and looking straight at me.

"It's just tomato and mozzarella," I eventually manage to say. "But pretty tasty".

"Mmm – it looks pretty tasty to me" she says – looking straight at me, not the plate.

I just look at her lost for words. Somehow I feel that she knows I've been fantasising about her and it has completely fazed me.

She laughs and says, "Anyway, I'm Angela", holding out her hand.

"Rob – pleased to meet you", I respond and shake her hand. Did I imagine it or did she hold the handshake slightly longer than necessary?

Just then the waiter came and took her order. The rest of the meal passed without incident. We made a little small talk about our jobs and our families. She confirmed that she was married, "to Des, although I am very independent. I certainly don't tell him everything I get up to." she says with another cheeky smile.

We had nearly finished our meals and ordered coffee to finish. Angela reached over for the sugar and knocked a spoon of the table. "Oops! Clumsy me!" She said but made no move to pick up the spoon.

"Hang on – I'll get it."

I bend down to retrieve it and get a great view of her slim, shapely legs. As I pick up the spoon Angela uncrosses her legs and, just for a second, I get a great view up her skirt. I can see the lacy tops of her hold-ups clinging to her thighs and what looks like a glimpse of silky black panty further up. I pretend to fumble around for the spoon and am rewarded as she parts her legs a little further and shifts forward on her seat. Now I'm 6 inches from her knees and staring straight up her skirt. I'm so close I can see how the tops of her hold-ups are digging into the soft flesh of her tanned thighs. The material of her panties is black and shiny and is pulled taut over her mound. I stay down there drinking in the sight in front of me, my cock throbbing uncomfortably in my jeans, made worse by my doubled-up position. How long I would've stayed down there I don't know but I'm brought out of my reverie by Angela's cough.

"Have you got lost down there?" Angela inquires.

I jump and bump my head on the underside of the table in my haste to get up.

"Here you are", I say, handing her the spoon, blushing madly.

"Hmm, you look kind of flushed. I wonder what caused that?" giggles Angela.

It's difficult not to come to the conclusion that she engineered the whole episode to give her an opportunity to flash herself at me. I'm going to have a glorious wank over her tonight when I get back to my room.

"Hmm, they don't have any sweetener here" Angela comments and reaches for her handbag. She opens it, rummages around for a bit then retrieves her packet of sweeteners and drops a couple in her coffee. Looking at me she brushes her arm across the table, sweeping her handbag off it and onto the floor.

"Oh dear – I'm so clumsy!" says Angela grinning at me.

There is no way that wasn't deliberate I think to myself as I get under the table. Eagerly I look at her legs but they are crossed this time. The bag is lying right by her feet. I reach forward to retrieve it and hear the murmur of nylon as she uncrosses her legs. Grinning I look up and soak up the wondrous view again. Now I know what her game is, I feel a little bolder and stay squatting under there gawping at the view. Angela's hands appear and reach out for the hem of her skirt. Slowly she eases her skirt up her thighs until it is all gathered around her waist. Only the table cloth and her napkin are stopping the other diners from seeing her glorious legs in their entirety. A second later she slowly swivels her knees wide apart and scoots forward to the edge of the seat. One slender hand moves down to her crotch and a well-manicured nail is gently dragged across the sheer material. I'm wondering whether I dare reach out and touch her stocking-clad legs and work my way up to the top when I hear Angela's voice.

"No, I'm fine thanks. This gentleman is just retrieving my hand bag."

Quickly I shuffle back out from under the table, pass Angela the bag and regain my seat. The waiter is standing by our table asking if we would like anything else. I am bright red with embarrassment at the situation but again Angela appears totally unconcerned.

After the waiter brings our bills and we pay I'm in a dilemma. I can't get up and leave before she does because my cock is still standing to attention. Angela sits looking at me for a moment and then says "I think I need a nightcap. Care to join me?"

"Umm, sure" I say, still wondering how I can get up without everyone noticing the tent in my trousers.

"Meet me in the bar," says Angela, "I'll be there in a few minutes – I just want to freshen up".

With that she gets up and leaves. I watch her totter out on her heels and wonder what will happen later. After a couple of minutes my hard-on has subsided enough for me to leave too. I go to the bar and, sitting on a stool, order a beer. The bar is pretty empty – just a few couples here and there. Fifteen minutes pass and I'm beginning to think she's stood me up when Angela walks back in. My jaw drops – she has changed out of her classy, sexy, yet restrained business suit into a little red dress. It has thin straps and a plunging neckline. The silky material is tight over her full breasts (I can see a faint outline of her nipples and wonder if she has no bra on) and then flares into a very short mini-skirt. She still has stockings and her high heels on.

"Do you like my dress Rob? I just bought it for my husband today. Do you think he'll like it?"

"It's gorgeous. You have a lucky husband"

Angela smiles and does a little twirl for me. The skirt spins out a bit and I get another glimpse of lacy stocking-top. My hard-on is beginning to come back.

"You don't think it makes me look like a little slut do you?" asks Angela.

"No, no not at all"

"Hmmm, that's a shame" she says with a little smile. Again I am at a loss for words.

"Let's go and sit over there" says Angela indicating a quiet corner. "Can you get me a Barcardi Breezer?"

I bring the drinks over. Angela is sitting on one side of the table. I sit next to her. Our knees are almost touching. She takes a cigarette out and places it between her full red lips. I watch fascinated as she lights it seductively. She inhales deeply and blows the smoke towards me. The filter of her cigarette is wet with her saliva and for a second a thread of saliva stretches between her moist lips and the cigarette.

She stretches deeply and says "Oooh – I need to relax. It's been ages since I've had a fuck. That's my favourite way to relax"

I nearly drop my beer in shock – did she really just say that?

"Do you like to fuck?" she asks?

I just stare at my beer in embarrassment.

"Hmm – I reckon you do," Angela continues, ignoring my discomfort. "I saw that hard-on of yours earlier".

I look up and she's grinning at me.

"The last fuck I had was yesterday. This guy picked me up in the bar at the hotel. Took me to his room and fucked my arse off. God that was good".

"I can't believe you're telling me this," I say. "Girls like you don't tell me that sort of thing."

"Well tonight's your lucky night then Rob!"

Angela leans forward over the table and gives me a great view down her top. Her tits look full and completely unfettered.

"I love fucking. Any where, any time, any place. Look – just talking about it has made my nipples stiff" she says.

I follow her command and see that she is right. She casually rubs her tits through her top and moans quietly.

"But, what about your husband?"

"Oh – he doesn't mind. He loves to hear all the details of my , err, escapades, when I get home. Of course sometimes I just tease men. I love to show off, and get so turned on when they're turned on".

She looks down at my lap, grinning, "Like now."

There's no mistaking the tent my cock is making in my jeans. I'm beginning to get over my shock and embarrassment.

"Christ – you really are a little tease Angela".

"Mmm – you better believe it".

She downs her drink and stands up.

"Right. I'm off to my room. Come on" says Angela and begins to walk out of the bar.

I just leave my beer and follow her out – still not believing this is happening. She starts walking up the stairs then stops and looks down at me. She has one leg 2 steps higher than the other and I'm staring right up her dress. Her black lacy stocking-tops look great stretched over her taut thighs. Her thong has almost disappeared between her cheeks.

"Just checking you're enjoying the view Rob".

"Oh yes – absolutely!"

Angela sashays along the corridor to her room. Standing outside her door she drops the key.

"Oops! Silly me" she says as she bends over to pick it up.

Her feet are about 2 feet apart and she bends right over at the waist to pick up the key. Her dress rides up and I get another glorious view of her arse. This time I can see even more of her exquisite arse and my cock is just bursting to escape the confines of my jeans. She stays like that for 30 seconds or so, gently rubbing her arse and running a finger over the silky material of her thong. I am itching to touch and stroke her but still can't believe this is happening. She straightens up slowly, slides her key card into the door and walks in. I follow – well who wouldn't?

In her room, she walks over to the desk and picks up a camera.

"I want some pictures of me in my new dress for hubby. You can take them" Angela says, throwing me the camera.

"Ok," I say and start taking pictures as she poses for me.

The first few are just of her standing at different angles but then she starts to bend over and show more and more of her stocking-clad legs. She bends over again from the waist and I take a couple more. Then Angela spins round and lowers the straps of her dress. Her tits swing free and they are truly great – 36DD I reckon and very firm. Her nipples are standing proudly erect.

"Forget the fucking camera Rob. I need you to suck these," moans Angela, cupping her tits and offering them to me.

My earlier hesitation has gone now and I walk right over to her and grab handfuls of her ripe breasts. I squeeze them and tweak her nipples. She moans appreciatively. I bend down and gently lick and suck each nipple.

"Oh yes Rob – suck and bite them babe!" she orders.

After a few more seconds of this Angela steps back and kneels down in front of me.

"I want to see that cock of yours now."

She unbuckles my belt and tugs the zip down over my hard-on. Pre-cum has been oozing out of my cock for ages and the front of my boxers are slick with it. Angela starts to lick it off. My cock twitches as I feel her tongue through the fabric.

"Mmm – tastes good," says Angela. "I love the taste of a man's pre-cum almost as much as his cum" she adds, grinning mischievously.

Then she grabs my boxers and rips them down. My cock springs free and she examines it for a few seconds.

"God – I just love cocks!" she exclaims. "Big ones, small ones, black ones, white ones. As long as they're nice and stiff for me!"

She runs a red fingernail down my shaft to my balls.

"Oh Christ – you little slut. You've made me so hard!" I grunt.

She licks her lips and takes the head into her mouth. I gasp as she swirls her tongue over the glans and down to the frenulum. Slowly she eases her mouth down my shaft, licking and sucking. She takes my full length down her throat and stays there for a few seconds as I enjoy the exquisite sensations of her tongue, mouth and teeth on my cock. She pulls back and spits hanging strands of her saliva onto my knob. The hot spit dribbles down my shaft and over my balls.

"Got to make him nice and wet" grins Angela as she repeats this and noisily slurps up the spit as it drips off my balls. I've never had a blow job like this before – the feeling is just so good. Angela has got me so turned on that I need to release fast. I grab her head and roughly jam my cock into her mouth. She makes a muffled noise as my cock slides back down her wet throat. I fuck her face harder and harder. She is moaning and gagging slightly, saliva running down her chin and her red lipstick is getting smeared all over her lips as she stares up at me with her big blue eyes. It doesn't take long before I feel my orgasm approach. I speed up and am slamming into her so fast my cock looks like a blur.

"Arrrghhh!!" I shout as I come.

Angela rips her head from my grip and milks my cock with her hand as I shoot my load. 1, 2, 3 thick strings of cum spurt out and splat on her face. My cum is all over her face – on her lips and cheeks, eyelids and hair.

"You dirty bastard – I just love it when a man comes all over me like that," she says thickly when the spurts subside and my cock stops twitching in her hands.

I step back, panting slightly as I take in the sight of the dirty slut I've just cum all over. She scoops up the thick ropes of cum off her face with her fingers and lets gobs and long strings of my sticky, slippery cum drop into her mouth.

"Mmmm – I just love the taste of it".

I am so turned on it's unbelievable – my cock is still rock hard as she slurps the last few drops from the head. Angela looks at me as she lazily dribbles bubbles of cum and spit out of her mouth. It drips obscenely off her chin, splattering on her tits and thighs as she sits in front of me.

"Christ – you dirty fucking bitch. That is so horny!"

"Mmm – I know" says Angela grinning at me and rubbing my cum into her skin.

I stagger back into a chair, stunned by what's just happened. Angela jumps up and runs to the bathroom. She emerges 5 minutes later and has cleaned up most of the spunk off her face and re-applied her lipstick. There are still gobbets of spunk in her hair and on her tits.

"Right you dirty fucker – it's time you made me cum," Angela commands as she lies back on the bed.

She opens her legs wide and beckons me towards her. I'm on the bed in a flash and start to fondle and lick her legs. I run my tongue up and down her stockings up to her thigh – soaking them with my spit.

"That's enough – play with my pussy!" she demands after a few minutes.

I move up and start tonguing her through her silky thong. It is already soaking wet with her juices and I get my first taste of her pussy. I lick harder and harder and Angela starts to moan and writhe underneath me. After a while I pull her thong to one side and begin a sustained assault on her clit which is standing out in a state of obvious arousal. It doesn't take long before she has wrapped her long stocking-clad legs around my neck and yelled her way to her first orgasm.

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