tagErotic CouplingsHotel Love Ch. 02

Hotel Love Ch. 02


Linda and Adele both slept for a few hours, jet lagged and exhausted from their sexual activities. But even in their semi-awake state they couldn't keep their hands off each others bodies and their mouths apart. Their kissing acted as a booster to their energy levels

They were unaware of the miniature camera mounted in the ceiling above their head or the others around the room.

In a room near by sat Calton the film director they had befriended on the plane back to London. He had overheard which hotel the girls were going to and rang ahead to make sure they were booked in to the correct penthouse suite.

He watched his two captured girls on a bank of monitors in front of him. The scenes he had watched, the sounds of their orgasms had made him stiff and hungry again for both of them. But he used the time to watch them and record them wisely.

He had fallen in love with Linda, her fiery red hair and her constant hunger for sex excited him. He knew he would never be able to keep up with her demands on his own. So whilst he watched Linda make love to Adele he was busy on the phone ringing around his circle of friends, all of them had a love for hard sex and a willingness to do anything asked of them.

The films of their acts would fetch a high price on the specialist market. A days filming would be edited in to several films. Calton had found what he wanted in Linda and Adele, two girls that would do anything. There would be a large pay cheque for them by the end of the day.

It was time to put his plan in to action. He called room service and got them to deliver a trolley with strawberries and champagne to his room. He then called his friend Darren in to deliver it to the girls room. He was an athletic built Indian who loved to lick pussy.

Darren smiled when he saw the girls on the monitors, they were now both in the shower together, playing with each other's pussies and kissing hungrily. Adele was pressed against the wall. Linda's fingers were a blur as they pumped in and out of Adele's pussy. Her head was thrown back and the water streamed down her body.

Calton turned up the sound on the mixing desk, from the sounds both girls were close to orgasming, just right for Darren.

He pushed the trolley down the corridor and knocked on the door, but he knew they wouldn't hear him. He pulled out his master key and slipped it in to the lock; it clicked and he slowly pushed down on the handle. As the door opened, the noise coming from the shower room amplified, causing his long slender cock to twitch in his trousers. They hadn't heard him enter.

He quickly undressed, just leaving his white collar and black tie on. He padded in to the shower-room with the bowl of strawberries in his hand, his 9" erect cock swinging from side to side.

As he opened the shower door, Adele let out a scream when she saw him standing there, his cock close to Linda. He ran his hand down Linda's back. She pushed her bottom backwards towards him touching his cock.

"Strawberries ladies?" he asked. But they weren't interested in the succulent fruit, they wanted what was hanging between his legs, Linda preferred plums... the two he had hanging heavily below his mighty cock.

She looked over her shoulder. 'Take me honey, give me that stiff cock'

He gripped her hips and Linda guided him in to her hot pussy, she gasped as he slid fully in. Adele held her, kissing her lips and teasing her nipples between her fingers. Darren was fucking her with powerful strokes the water splashing off her back and down between their bodies.

He let go of her hip and smacked her ass hard, causing her to cry out. But still she pressed back on to his cock, she wanted him and every inch of him.

Adele reached down and felt his shaft stretching Linda's pussy lips tight around it. Her finger went to Linda's hard clit and she started to flick it from side to side in time with Darren's pulsating strokes. In and Out deeper and deeper working her harder and harder, faster and faster. She started to cry out as Adele brought her to her peak. Two or three more powerful strokes and he didn't think he would last much longer.

Linda was now crying Nooooooooooooo as she reached back for his balls, Darren cried out Yesssssssssssss as he pushed deep in to Linda's pussy, she felt his balls tighten in her fingers as his spunk shot deep into her wet slit. He pumped in and out a few more times, letting his hot creamy spunk leak out. Adele scooped some up with her fingers and then pressed them to Linda's lips. Her eyes closed as she licked them clean.

The whole scene had been watch by Calton on the cameras in and above the shower.

Darren's cock slipped out of Linda's pussy, he was still semi-stiff, she felt as if her pussy was gaping open, He picked her up and carried her in to the bed room, lowering her on to the bed, her body still dripping wet, he got between her spread legs and his mouth went down on to her pussy. His long tongue was deep inside her licking out his own spunk. His thumbs keeping her pussy open allowing him to see deep inside her.

They kissed. Linda loved the taste of her own juices mixed with his spunk. Darren then returned his attentions to her dripping pussy as he continued to lick out Linda, Adele began to lick and suck on his huge cock cleaning; it with her mouth. She too then kissed Linda. Spunk was like a forbidden drug to her, the more she had the more she wanted. In her mouth, in her pussy, in her arse, covering her tanned skin; everywhere.

Her body tingled from the wild orgasm she had just experienced. She wanted this to carry on and on and on, she never wanted to come back down from the delicious high she was on.

Darren's hands where running over Linda's body, massaging her breasts. Her nipples hard, poking in to the palms of his hands. He kissed her forehead, it sent a shiver down her spine.

Linda lay there looking up into his dark eyes. Adele looked on. Adele had lit several candles around the room. Darren held out his hand and asked Adele to pass him some ice. He took the cube between his fingers.

He placed the cube on Linda's right breast and moved it around in circles moving over her nipple, numbing it to any touch. He took another ice cube from the champagne bucket and pressed it between her pussy lips, pushing it in and then over her clit.

Linda moaned as he teased her more and more. The ice melted on her hot skin. Then he surprised her. He reached across and took one of the lit candles. He held it close to her skin. Close to her breast, the flame flickered and then he tipped it, the wax dripped on to her cool nipple and solidified instantly.

He plucked off the wax, Linda cooed as he took her nipple in his mouth, soothing it and bringing it back up to temperature. His teeth grazed the skin. He sucked and nipped at her sensitive nipple. His fingers were rubbing another ice cube over here clit, then he pushed it up inside her pussy. The coolness mingled with her juices and trickled out and over her rosebud ass.

His fingers circled her ass, teasing it, exploring it, seeing how far she would let him go. Adele was now laying behind him, her body pressed up against his back. Her fingers stroking his cock, bringing it back to life. Linda's ass dilated and his finger slipped inside. He sucked harder on her nipples. He watched as she grabbed the sheets her knuckles turning white as she clenched her fists. Her head shook as he pushed inside her.

He pulled out and moved on the bed, lifting her legs high and apart, pushing them back over her head, exposing her ass. Linda held her ankles, Adele pushed some pillows under the base of Linda's back. From somewhere a tube of lubrication was produced and Adele spread it over Linda's tight arse and the head of Darren's hard cock. He pressed the tip against the Opening and Adele held it in place as he pushed slowly.

Linda was gasping for breath not in pain, then 'pop' he was in. Her opening stretched around his long slender shaft. He pushed a bit more and inch by inch she took his cock until he was ball deep inside her

Adele produced a small vibrator and started to work on Linda's clit as Darren fucked her ass with long, slow, deliberate strokes at first. He looked down in to her eyes smiling as he fucked her. Her eyes watered as the tingling from the vibe on her clit took her to a new high, better than the one before, her body relaxed and he started to fuck her harder and harder.

Her eyes were closed she was moaning and his body took on a rocking action as he plunged in and out of her ass. Linda didn't see her next lover arrive. He just grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her head around until her lips touched the tip of his thick cock. Charles had been sent in my Calton. With his hand tight on her head he moved his hips forward forcing Linda to take his cock deep down her throat, his balls bounced on her chin as he fucked her mouth.

Watching Linda with Charles's cock deep in her mouth sent Darren over the top and he cried out before lunging deep in to her ass and erupting deep inside her, sending another torrent of spunk deep in to her bowels.

He pulled out and Adele and Darren went to take a shower leaving Charles to enjoy Linda.

Neither Charles, or Linda, paid any heed to the sounds of Darren and Adele in the shower as Charles continued to ram his long, hard cock deep into Linda's sucking throat. Her eyes closed as she allowed herself to be held down and taken forcibly by the giant cock that was invading her mouth.

Meanwhile, in the shower, Adele had coaxed Darren's cock back to full hardness with her expert tongue. The sight of Adele, on her knees before him, her blonde hair playing gently over his groin whilst her mouth brought his soft cock back to life, caused him to moan incessantly with the pleasure the sexy blonde was bringing to his whole body. He grabbed her head and suddenly lunged forward, forcing his cock deep into Adele's throat; just as Charles was doing to Linda in the bedroom next door.

Adele began to moan as she dropped her hand down between her long legs and allowed two fingers to enter her wet slit whilst her thumb played over her clitoris. Darren moaned louder and began to thrust in and out of Adele's mouth. She was no longer bobbing her head back and forth; instead Darren was ramming his hips hard and fast as he fucked the tight, wet mouth that was gripping his manhood so hard. He could feel Adele's teeth scraping up the long shaft and he knew he wouldn't be able to take much more without spunking into her throat.

Adele's fingers were going wild inside her wetness as the giant cock fucked her face harder and faster. But she wanted that cock inside her now trembling pussy. Darren wanted the same and, to Adele's pleasure, he suddenly pulled his throbbing cock from her mouth, lifted her to her feet, and backed her against the wet tiles of the shower. Placing his foot inside her open legs he forced them open wider, bent his knees and, as he lifted her body up the tiles, allowed his stiff cock to enter her pussy.

Adele screamed with pleasure as she wrapped her legs firmly around his waist and clung on tightly, with her arms, around his neck. Their lips met and their tongues invaded each other's mouth as Darren began to fuck.

Adele screamed again as her cunt muscles tightened around Darren's throbbing cock. Darren rammed deeper until the whole length of his thick shaft was buried inside Adele's womanhood.

He fucked her.

Deep. Hard. Fast.

His knees began to tremble as Adele screamed at him.

"Fuck me."

"Oh my God yessssssssssss Fuck MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE"

With his thick shaft reaming in and out of her tight pussy while it gripped his cock with every thrust Darren fucked Adele. She screamed. Darren moaned. She screamed louder. Darren moaned louder.

They came.

With his cock thrusting deep into her cunt, as hard as he could thrust it, Darren came. His hot, sticky spunk spurted like Old Faithful as he shot it hard into her wetness. Adele screamed again and her whole body trembled in her orgasm. Her legs almost crushed Darren's waist as they gripped him even tighter. On and on Darren spurted. On and on Adele came. Way past the average eight seconds her body trembled in the best orgasm she had encountered for a long time.

Slowly, very slowly, Adele relaxed her grip around Darren's waist as his cock began to soften inside her until, eventually, they stood hugging each other's trembling bodies. They kissed.

Linda screamed.

Adele and Darren returned to the bedroom to investigate Linda's scream. They smiled as their eyes took in the scene on the bed. Picking up the champagne Darren poured two glasses, handed one to Adele, and sat in an easy chair facing the bed. Adele, putting one arm around his neck, perched her naked body on his lap and smiled as she felt his cock stir, yet again, beneath her.

Linda was on her knees with her face now buried deep into a pillow as she clutched it tightly with both hands. Charles was on his knees behind her and in one hand he held the vibrator, switched on to full power, and was thrusting it hard and fast into Linda's soaking cunt. Meanwhile his face was buried against Linda's arse and his tongue was licking deep into her crevice. With each thrust of the vibe, and with each probe of his tongue, Charles was causing Linda to scream into the pillow held tight against her face. With long, slow, deliberate strokes he teased and tormented the trembling girl when he occasionally held the vibe still. Sometimes whilst it was inside her; sometimes with just the head vibrating against her swollen clit. Meanwhile he continued to flick his tongue in and out of her tight little arse. Again he tormented her by just sometimes allowing his tongue to relax as he licked gently around the small hole of her anus. Other times he allowed it to lick up and down her slit before stiffening it and fucking it into her hole. Linda was in ecstasy and her whole body was trembling as she approached yet another orgasm.

Watching from the chair Adele could feel Darren's cock hardening beneath her and her own juices began to flow again. Both of them wanted some of the action now taking place in front of them. Putting their glasses down they climbed onto the bed and motioned to Charles that they were going to join in. Charles pulled his tongue from Linda's arse, the vibe from her soaking pussy, and within seconds they had arranged themselves in readiness for a foursome with Linda being the central figure.

Linda was moved into a kneeling position with knees open. Darren lay on his back with his head beneath her still dripping pussy, one hand on her hips and the other on his stiff cock. Adele sat partially upright against the head board so that her own pussy was beneath Linda's face and her legs straddled her head. Charles remained kneeling behind Linda with his cock poised at the entrance to her arse.

Charles thrust forward. Linda dropped her face into Adele's womanhood as the scream emitted from her throat. Adele began to moan at the feel of Linda's tongue as it ravaged into her pussy and Darren raised his head and drove his tongue into Linda's wetness.

Linda screamed again into her girl friend's cunt.

Darren licked Linda deeper while he began to wank his stiff cock and Charles, gripping Linda's hips tightly, drove his cock in and out of her tight arse.

The hot air became filled with the moans and the screams of the two couples as they fucked and licked and, in Darren's case, wanked.

In and out Linda drove her tongue into Adele's wetness whilst she lay back against the pillows and prepared herself for yet another orgasm at the hands, or rather the tongue, of her loved one. Back and forth Charles rammed his cock ever faster, ever deeper, into Linda's tight bum hole whilst her cunt was treated to the ravaging of Darren's tongue. The faster he wanked his own cock the faster his tongue drove into Linda's pussy. The scent of sex perfumed the room as the moans and screams of the four participants filled the air.

Darren came first.

Gripping his cock even tighter his hot spunk suddenly shot upwards and landed on Charles's back and naked arse as well as his own stomach. Adele screamed as her orgasm rippled through her body a few seconds later and then Linda screamed once more as she too came again. Charles rammed his cock once more into Linda's arse and it suddenly gushed a hot torrent of spunk deep into her body.

Still coming Charles pulled his cock from Linda's tight bum hole and gripped it firmly to finish the onslaught of his cock with his hand. His remaining cum shot first over Linda's body and head to hit Adele full in the face. The remainder, with less force behind it, splattered into Linda's red hair, over her neck and then onto her naked back. With a smile on his face he leaned forward and began to lick his own spunk from her flesh until his mouth was full. He then leaned forward, over Linda's still lowered head as she licked her girl's pussy clean, and his lips met Adele's as she leaned forward towards him. His spunk was pushed out and Adele delighted in sucking it from his mouth and allowing it to slide down her throat.

With spunk still on their bodies they eventually collapsed in an entwined mass on the thick quilt. The four of them slept whilst Calton wiped the spunk from his desk where he had shot it after his second wank in front of the monitors.

Linda dreamed.

* * * * *

I hope you enjoyed my follow up story, written after several requests from readers. Please feel free to mail me your comments. There is more to come.. or should I say cum? heheheee Stay Safe readers. Linda

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